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Coco Palms: Stop harassment of Kiaʻi of Wailuanuiahoano now!

Lineal descendants of Wailuanuiahoano have returned to their ancestral lands, which are just mauka of the old Coco Palms Hotel that was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki.  Under their care, the lands and waters are healing, and fragile native species are thriving.  They have removed tons of hotel trash, cleaned the auwai (waterway), and protected ancient burials and native birds such as koloa, aeʻo, ʻalae and others. They have stood against the raging drug epidemic on Kauaʻi, and revitalized Wailua. This is part of a new era of peaceful, assertive, pono native reclamation and caretakership of ancestral lands, which has true potential for healing of lands, water and serious community issues, many of which originate with "legal" theft of lands to begin with.  It has the potential to help overcome the despair that is at the root of the drug epidemic amongst young kanaka.  It has the potential to begin the healing of the harm done by 125 years of brutal occupation of the rightful Hawaiian Kingdom, to begin the restoration process, and thereby to help to establish peace in the Pacific region and the world.    Unfortunately, since their return, they have been harassed nearly constantly. They have been accused of trespass on their own ancestral lands, as well as physically intimidated and harassed.  Death threats, extrajudicial police and courtroom abuses (including the detainment of an elderly mother of a Kiaʻi, wrenching her arm and then physically dropping her from a height of about 4 feet on a wooden bench in a courtroom, without disciplinary action to the bailiff or judge), community members bought out by CPH, false news and constant intimidation have plagued their efforts. This needs to stop.This harassment and persecution of the lineal descendants of the area originates from efforts to re-develop Coco Palms by Coco Palms Hui, LLC, which is led by Tyler Greene of GreeneWaters, Inc., and is backed by Hyatt Corporation, who have planned to bring 172 wealthy immigrant "investors" to Kauaʻi for about $500,000 each, in exchange for green cards.  As this EB-5 process is known to bring in drug cartel (who can afford this), and certainly contribute heavily to kanaka displacement, there is serious concern.  Greene has said his development "mantra" for the Coco Palms project is to "honor the past and celebrate the future".  Which he apparently believes means as forcible removal of ancient peoples and real cultural practices, unprecedented traffic, destruction of native waterfowl habitat, and displacement of the local population, possibly with foreign drug-associated investors. Coco Palms Hui needs to understand: these are sacred ancestral lands, and the Protectors of these lands will never go away.  Attempts to remove them by force would never be forgotten on a small island like Kauaʻi, and would only severely blemish the history of Coco Palms.  Any tourist who cares about authentic culture whatsoever  would BOYCOTT such an audacity.  THE PEOPLE OF KAUAʻI AND THE CONSCIOUS PEOPLE OF AMERICA WILL MAKE SURE THAT THEY DO.  Anyone claiming true cultural expertise would OPPOSE such wrongs against Kauaʻi's Original People for all time.  In light of the worldwide media fiasco created by Mark Zuckerberg's Quiet Title attempts,  Coco Palms Hui needs to learn that the Kanaka o Hawaiʻi have had enough of being bullied.   WE CALL ON COCO PALMS HUI, HYATT AND KNHCC TO PROTECT REAL CULTURE, AND THE PEOPLE OF THE LAND.  DROP ALL CHARGES, STOP ALL HARASSMENT, REVERSE EJECTMENT ORDERS, AND TAKE A VISIBLE STAND FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE LINEAL PROTECTORS OF WAILUANUIAHOANO.  "HONOR THE PAST AND CELEBRATE THE FUTURE" IN A REAL WAY! We call on the transitional governments of the State of Hawaiʻi and the County of Kauaʻi to act in accordance with Hawaii Revised Statutes, section 5-7.5, the "Aloha Spirit Law", and disallow any government interference with kanaka return to these and other ancestral lands.  We urge the Governor of the State of Hawaiʻi and the Mayor of the County of Kauaʻi to acknowledge the ILLEGALITY of their own governments, as part of the forcible occupation of Ka Pae ʻAina o Hawaiʻi for 125 years, and to begin the process of healing and restoration that will result in our freedom and demilitarization. We call on the Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Issues and the Human Rights Committee of the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights at the United Nation to investigate this matter, to inform all relevant international bodies, and to advise us and the United States on the most peaceful means to end the US Occupation of our land and restore Independence to Hawaiʻi.   We call on the PEOPLE of Hawaiʻi and the world to stand strongly against the wrongs that are being done.  KAUAʻI AND THE WORLD WILL NEVER FORGET THE ABUSE OF KANAKA IN WAILUANUIAHOANO, and as such, THIS HOTEL WOULD BE A FAILURE.  Coco Palms Hui knows this, but would still collect the investment monies as long as the hotel is built.  The 172 EB-5 applicants need to know that they are being ripped off!!  But they do not, so we need to make our voice LOUD AND CLEAR.   COCO PALMS HUI, STOP THE ABUSE OF KANAKA NOW!!! All Hawaiʻi is standing together in the protection of Aloha ʻĀina, for the well-being of future generations, and we invite you to stand with us, not against us. Aloha!!!

Hui o Wailuanuiahoano
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Stop wiping! Start washing #InstallShattaf in bathrooms around the world in 2019

Arabic / English You might want to take a seat while reading this.  There’s an issue that has been in headlines all over the world this year and needs to be addressed immediately - Do you #WashVsWipe? Join our campaign that demands that major hotel chains, airports, restaurants, gas stations and retail outlets across the world to #InstallShattaf Pronounced, Shat-taf, it is a hose with a nozzle that sprays water for post-toilet usage.  Think of it as a shower head, but upside down. You wash your hands with water, you wash your feet with water, and you wash your food with water - why would you not wash “that” area with water?! Using water to wash up after using the restroom is common culture habit in Eastern countries from the Middle East to parts of the greater Asian nations including India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.  The usage of toilet paper alone is inefficient and simply not enough to sanitize yourself. Populations that collectively make up almost 1/3 of the world use a form of water to clean up, whether it be a sprayer connected to a toilet seat, a jug of water, a hose or more commonly a separate bidet basin.  The production of toilet paper is killing the environment as it takes 37 gallons of water to manufacture a single roll. We need to change that! But we need your help. Watch the video and sign this petition.  We need to get major hotel chains and airlines to acknowledge this as a huge hygienic problem and #installshattaf before the end of the year!   We need your votes to activate this petition.   

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For hotels to provide portable locks or door alarms for persons with disabilities

Kyin Carter is a 12 year old autistic boy that has gone missing while visiting Hammond, Indiana for a family event. They were staying at the Best Western Hotel.  Kyrin due to his autistic triggers, was able to leave the room and run out of the hotel. He is still missing . I am the parent of a non-verbal autistic child. I have had to travel for medical travel with my mother to stay at hotels in Rochester, Minnesota and Baltimore, Maryland.  During my travels I've often run into adult children having to run around the hotel to locate an elderly person who has wandered or a parent searching for a toddler who turned the door knob and ran out of the room. As an autistic parent,I have had to travel with portable door alarms and locks. I've had to move and arrange hotel room furniture to block access to a door. The sliding lock on the door is not enough. If a hotel can offer as a courtesy to guests a loaner extra door alarm, or portable lock just as they provide extra rollaway beds or portable cribs it can mean the difference in alerting someone if a door is opened when it should not be. It would be ideal if certain rooms would be equipped with a special lock a that can be used in addition to the existing door locks. This would need to be researched as there are many options available. Keeping in mind, the need for emergency access into a room for hotel staff and rescue resources.  If there were an extra alarm, or lock, or something else not yet thought of, it would help in pausing or averting the wandering of a child or disabled person of any age.  

Joanna Marie
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We NEED change! Too many women have experienced sexual crimes and WE NEED ACCOUNTABILITY

Something is wrong! My story is not unique!  Most women have their own experience and story.  So often these experiences are never spoken of, never reported and we drown in grief and shame of what has happened to us and what people would say or think if they knew. Enough is ENOUGH!  We need change and this will not happen by being quiet. I’m a 37 year old woman, married for 15 years, mum to 2 beautiful children and a few short weeks ago I was in quarantine due to travel restrictions (thanks Covid 19) away from my family, alone at a 4 star hotel in the Maldives. On my third night on the Island where I was staying I was sexually assaulted by a staff member of the hotel.  This was 1 of 4 incidences in a matter of days I came to find out, mine being the most serious.  Upon looking deeper there are other crimes of this nature reported recently at this resort. Traumatized and afraid to report what had happened, my attacker came banging on my villa door the next day in an attempt to gain entry and assault me again.  The next day - afraid, I reported what had happened to the management of the hotel.  The manner in which the hotel had handled this is abysmal and I’ve shared more about this on my Facebook page:  Stepping forward against sexual abuse towards women and children. THIS has HIGHLIGHTED the dangers people face and this petition is a CALL to ACTION in your life and area of influence. This is an important message and we need to talk about this - heinous crimes are being committed on a daily basis in our societies against eachother and we are not acknowledging this and speaking up about this enough. This is a topic for professional environments, discussions with friends and family and it is about the cultures we create, cultivate and TOLERATE! We NEED to call out people, organizations and environments that facilitate and tolerate abusive behavior. Will you step forward in your area of influence? Sexual harassment, sexual assault or sexual abuse is something most women and children will experience at least once in their life.  

Laura Burns
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Breast Milk as an Infant's Human Right - Adopt UNICEF's Code to Support Breastfeeding

Rates of breastfeeding in the United States vary widely because of the multiple and complex barriers mothers face when starting and continuing to breastfeed.  In the U.S., 75 percent of mothers start out breastfeeding; however, only 13 percent of babies are exclusively breastfed at the end of six months.  These rates are significantly lower for African-American infants.  Research indicates that advertising infant formula can deter exclusive breastfeeding and the effect may be stronger among women who do not have adequate resources and/or support to successfully provide breast milk.  With this Call to Action, the Surgeon General seeks to make it possible for every mother to have breastfeeding support and infants to have access to breast milk. Colostrum Coalition has a strong mission to increase breastfeeding rates and eliminate racial/social disparities in breastfeeding education and support.  Colostrum Coalition serves neonatal infants, adoptive and foster families, marginalized families, and LGBTQ families to provide breastfeeding support and resources that are unbiased and represent diversity.  This Call to Action will cultivate high quality, culturally responsive, breastfeeding awareness that support every infants' basic human right to receive breast milk.

Colostrum Coalition
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Tiny Smiling Faces Request all hotel brands to help COVID Relief Efforts in South Gujarat

More than 50% of the hotels are owned and operated by Asian Americans from South Gujarat.  Most of the hotel owners are within 30 Miles of Bardoli.  The magnitude of the crisis in India has been beyond imagination due to COVID 19.  Many local charitable hospitals are in need of financial support,  Many have mounting medical bills that have put extreme strain on their families, Many families have lost their loved ones who are the bread earner in their families.  Many children have lost their parents.   Being a true partner, we request all brands that have benefited for many years to come help support our region of Bardoli which is heavily devasted.   Please contribute through Tiny Smiling Faces a 501-C-3 Foundation that has been engaged during this crisis with help through their volunteers.   In the past 30 days, Tiny Smiling Faces have executed through all their resources and volunteers in India all of the following 1.  Purchased and received  Oxygen Concentrators and distributed them to multiple Covid Isolation Centers, hospitals, and spread them out through multiple villages. 2.  Purchased Ventilators for 3 Hospitals 3.  Purchased Bipap machines for 5 Hospitals  4.  Help get started with two free transportation vans one in Bardoli and one in Vansda and looking to add one more in Kamrej 5.  Help provide over 1000 daily meals to multiple Covid Isolation Centers and Covid hospitals 6.  Help provide N95 Mask and other medical equipment as support to people who have been infected with COVID 19 7.  Help make arrangements to refill Oxygen Tanks 8.  Help provide additional funds and show appreciation for Frontline Heroes who are daily risking their lives. We need additional funds to help continue many of these programs and also like to add programs that would help people who have big medical bills and help provide financial support to children who have lost their parents. Time is of the essence and we request a fast, large contribution asap. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND SEND IT TO ALL HOTEL OWNERS.  

Tiny Smiling Faces
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