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Hon. Liza Harvey MLA

  • Minister for Police; Road Safety; Training and Workforce Development; Women’s Interests

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Petitioning Mark McGowan, Hon. Liza Harvey MLA, Scott Morrison

Help to Make Airsoft legal in Australia

What is Airsoft? Airsoft is a competitive team sport played with replica firearms that shoot small plastic pellets. The aim of the game is to eliminate other players to win the game. It is very popular in Europe, America, Russia and many more places.  Airsoft in Australia Airsoft is currently illegal in Australia, and that is what we are trying to change. It isn't the sport itself that is the problem, it is the guns. Paintball guns are completely legal in Australia, even though the projectiles are much larger and shoot more than 10 times faster than Airsoft BB guns. The sport is only illegal in Argentina, Canada, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore and Australia. Numerous attempts have been made to change the laws on Airsoft, but all have remained fruitless. The benefits of Airsoft Since Airsoft is a physical sport, it can be played professionally in Australia, and we can even host major Airsoft events with players from around the world competing. The sport can get many people to be more active, like kids, teens, and adults who stay indoors playing video games. Why sit on a computer in the dark all day, when you can go outside and do the real thing with your friends in person? The sport can compel people to start small businesses in the sale of Airsoft guns and gear, and allow some of the larger international Airsoft businesses to set up retail stores to sell their products in Australia. What we want to change We would like to allow airsoft firearms to be legally imported to Australia, and to allow the legal purchase of said Airsoft firearms by people ages 14 and over. This will allow teens to get involved with the sport and get more active. Requirements for Legality Amendment of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 as follows: - Importation of Airsoft devices of any appearance should only require the Police Certification Test to be satisfied; - Importation of Airsoft devices of fully automatic firing capability should only require the Police Certification Test to be satisfied; - Airsoft devices of all types of propulsion should be exempt from the Safety Tests; - Airsoft devices should be exempted from having a unique serial number.

Charlie Donald
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Petitioning Hon. Liza Harvey MLA

Stop Supporters of 'Legal Rape' Roosh V Advocates meeting in Perth

Supporters of known 'legal rape' advocate and 'neo-masculinist' misogynist creator of 'Return of the Kings' Roosh V will congregate for the first time in Cottesloe, Perth, this Saturday. According to the Australian - "Women, transgender men and homosexual men are banned from the meeting of “neomasculinist” supporters, who have been urged to travel in pairs or groups using indirect routes to avoid “green-haired female activists or male feminists” following them." The "tribal meetings" will occur on February 6 in Perth as well as Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, as well as in 43 other countries. Australia already has a widespread problem with rape, abuse and violence against women and does not need any more encouragement to harm women from people like Roosh V and his followers. What these men are advocating is, and should legally be considered, a hate-crime. Not only should the police stop this event from occurring - they also need to inspect the men attending this event. 1 in 5 women will get raped in their lifetime and the large majority of the perpetrators will be men that they know.  We need to send the message that rape is not ok, that supporting a misogynist like Roosh V is not ok and that violence against women is not ok! Sign the petition to let the WA Police Force know that we are absolutely livid that this sort of misogynistic form of terrorism will occur this Saturday. It should not be allowed or acceptable in Perth or Australia in general. We want this event to be cancelled.

Jake McLaren
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Petitioning Australian State Coroners, Michael Keenan MP, Peter Malinauskas MLP, Mark Ryan MP, Troy Grant MP, Lisa Neville MP, Mick Gentleman MLA, Rene Hidding MP, Michael Gunner MLA, Hon. Liza Harvey MLA

Stop More Police Like Us From Killing Themselves - Urgent Enquiry Into Police Suicide Now

For too long, management of Australian Police Forces have silently accepted disproportionately high suicide rates amongst our troops - higher than the Australian population. We demand a national Coronial enquiry, seeking answers in a State by State basis.  We want to learn what are the primary stressors amongst our Police, what is/can be done to minimise this, and greater support services for our Police. Some quotes from concerned Police across Australia: “F*** You Police” - this was the last social media post of a SA cop who tragically took his own life just days ago. "Suicide and bullying are rife within the police force. I’ve served as a cop for 11 years now - I’ve battled first hand the toxic “suck it up princess” internal culture. It’s destroying, and costing lives." "I’m proud of my job, for keeping our communities safe from crime. We lock up murderers, protect domestic violence victims, and remove kids from horrific abuse. But what I’m sick of is the bureaucratic crap, intimidation and abuse of power that goes on internally." "Stop sweeping the fact police are killing themselves under the carpet. This is too important. My colleagues are dying around me. For too long now, management of Australian Police Forces have silently, knowingly, accepted horrifically high suicide rates amongst our troops - disproportionately higher than the Aussie population." I am starting this petition on behalf of myself and colleagues who are seeking an enquiry into the cause of suicides by Police in each Australian State. We need to learn what the primary stressors are among our Police to then decide how to minimise more tragic deaths from happening. The 'Thin Blue Line' is getting thinner -  Please help protect those who protect our community by signing and sharing our petition.

Shaun Ahearn
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Petitioning State road safety and transport ministers, Luke Donnellan, Duncan Gay, Rene Hidding, Peter Malinauskas, Hon. Liza Harvey MLA, Meegan Fitzharris, Michael Gunner, Liz Harvey

Cyclist passing rule endangers motorcyclists

Road rules that require motorists to give cyclists room when they pass and allow them to cross solid white lines and painted traffic islands are endangering motorcyclists’ lives. While the rule stipulates that they can only cross unbroken lines if it is safe to do so, it seems to embolden drivers to cross the lines even when motorcycles are approaching. It is well documented that drivers don’t often see motorcycles or at least don’t look for them or see them as a threat. Drivers wouldn’t cross white lines to pass a cyclist if a truck or other vehicle was approaching, but they seem willing to do so when a motorcycle is approaching. We understand that the 1m and/or 1.5m passing gap around cyclists is designed to protect a vulnerable road user group. However, the safety of one road user group should never be achieved at the expense or risk of other road user groups; in this case, motorcyclists and scooter riders. The rule should be changed to prevent drivers crossing any unbroken painted lines, or at least, signs allowing motorists to pass cyclists should include a warning to look out for motorcyclists. For more details on a particular crash leaving a woman permanently disabled, read this article:
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Petitioning Justin Trudeau, Environmental Protection Agency, CBC/Radio-Canada, Justin Bieber, Hon. Liza Harvey MLA, Jan Norberger MLA, United Nations Environment Program, United Nations

No Confidence in John Horgan - Remove him from Office

The people of Canada call for a vote of no confidence to remove John Horgan from office. His office has admitted to deleting emails, ignoring phone calls and lying to the people while disregarding the mass outcry for protecting ALL of our old growth, not just a small part of it. Over 91% of British Columbia citizens want ALL of the old growth protected and John Horgan is shirking his responsibility to represent the people’s wishes and use our resources wisely. It is a well known fact that old growth offer more economic and environmental value than replanted forests. It is common sense that logging could take place in the planted forests which are there for the sole purpose of being harvested and there is no reason beyond greed to harvest old growth. John Horgan is abusing Indigenous with ongoing injustice, he is promoting and allowing police brutality and arresting peaceful protestors without even giving them the choice to leave. This is obvious blatant abuse of power and needs to be acknowledged. This has gone on too far and needs to be rectified with justice, the abuse of power and resources needs to end. The abuse of Indigenous needs to end. John Horgan is a disgrace to our country and a failure as a Premier who needs to be removed from office immediately.  

People of Canada
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Petitioning Hon. Rita Saffioti MLA, Hon. Liza Harvey MLA, Hon. Donald Punch MLA, City of Bunbury, Colin Spencer, Jason Gick

Save the Tuart Bushland from development!

RE: DALYELLUP BEACH ESTATE: proposed Greenpatch Development, Structure Plan No: 11453P-SP-04B (Lots 9105, 9076 and 8019.) Concern over the proposed Dalyellup (greater Bunbury/ Shire of Capel WA 6230) Greenpatch Development - precious Tuart bushland at risk to the developers! Preston River to Ocean Regional Park land area to extend and cover the Greenpatch - Lots 9105, 9076 and 8019. Kept as a natural buffer, due to: • loss of natural vegetation and habitat; • community health concerns, proximity to the Dalyellup Waste Water (sewerage) Treatment Plant (WWTP) including the Dalyellup Waste Residue Disposal Facility (DWRDF) and; • sustainable planning concerns. 1. Loss of natural vegetation and habitat - Critically endangered species reside here.2. Community Health Concerns - including radiation, soil/water contamination and high levels of Chromium.Concerns as to why? - A Detailed Site Investigation and a Health Risk Assessment of the Greenpatch have never been carried out. 3. Sustainable planning concerns.4.The lots in question are zoned ‘Urban’ under the WAPC’s Greater Bunbury Region Scheme (GRBS) which traditionally is defined ‘for residential development and associated local employment, recreation and open space, shopping, schools and other community facilities’. 5. Population density. Please consider this a legacy you will create to leave the future generations of Western Australia. Please be the change we know that you can be.

Get Ya Rocks Off Crystals
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Thank you for your interest in workers’ compensation for serving and retired Western Australia Police officers. As you may be aware, WA Police officers who are injured in the course of their work are not covered by workers’ compensation legislation. However, they are in receipt of entitlements in their Industrial Agreement, the Western Australia Police Industrial Agreement 2014. The entitlements under the Industrial Agreement are administered in a similar manner to workers’ compensation and could be considered an employer-funded and managed workers’ compensation scheme for police officers, even though it does not include lump sum settlements on medical retirement. The Agreement provides: · payment of reasonable expenses related to an injury or illness that is work related or incurred travelling to or from a place of duty. · sick leave entitlement of up to 168 days in a calendar year. The Commissioner may also exercise his discretion to extend leave for any other period, which is always granted for a work related illness or injury. · reimbursement for most non-work related medical expenses, which is not provided under the workers’ compensation legislation and is an extra entitlement available to police officers. In relation to police officers who leave the agency and who have a work related injury or illness, there is provision under the Police (Medical and Other Expenses for Former Officers) Act 2008 for the ongoing payment of medical expenses related to that injury or illness. The Liberal National Government is committed to progressing a suitable Workers’ Compensation scheme for police officers. As such, WA Police is considering a range of options to manage and assist police officers who are ill or injured, including coverage under the current workers’ compensation legislation. WA Police are engaging with the WA Police Union in regard to the development of a workers’ compensation scheme. In addition, amendments to the use of “Loss of Confidence” provisions in the Police Act 1892 are also being considered, so that alternative provisions are available to medically retired police officers. Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention and I trust this information is of assistance. Liza Harvey MLA Deputy Premier; Minister for Police; Road Safety; Training and Workforce Development; Women’s Interests’

6 years ago
Stop Supporters of 'Legal Rape' Roosh V Advocates meeting in Perth

To all petitioners, I acknowledge and share your distain for the views expressed by Daryush Valizadeh and his followers on the ‘Return of the Kings’ website. Advocating violence against any person is abhorrent. The views expressed on this website have no place in modern society. I understand that Mr Valizadeh has not been provided a visa to enter Australia and consequently did not attend the controversial ‘Return of Kings’ Meeting planned to be held in Perth last weekend. WA Police were aware of reports stating that supporters of ‘Return of the Kings’ had been invited to attend a meeting in Perth. WA Police were prepared to attend and manage any incident that might have arisen out of such an event. This matter will continue to be closely monitored by WA Police and any breaches of the peace generated by the ‘Return of Kings’ website or its followers will be swiftly addressed.

6 years ago