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Hillary Clinton is a former United States Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady of the United States.

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Petitioning Francisco Obadiah Campbell Hooker

Free Jason Puracal, an Innocent American in Nicaraguan Prison

Jason Puracal is an American citizen who is literally fighting for his life in a maximum security prison in Nicaragua. He has been wrongfully imprisoned there since November 2010 - sentenced to 22 years on sham charges of drug trafficking, money laundering, and organized crime. Not one shred of evidence was found linking him to any of these illegal activities. After nine months of unlawful delays, on August 29, 2011, Jason was declared guilty in a closed door trial that barred the media and family members from attending. Today he struggles to survive in a deadly prison called La Modelo. Jason has repeatedly declared his innocence and the prosecution’s own witnesses at trial demonstrated that he did not commit the crimes with which he was charged. The police witnesses testified they never recovered any drugs in his possession or in his office, home, or truck. The independent California Innocence Project, which reviews some 2,000 cases from inmates claiming wrongful conviction annually, chose Jason’s case as one of 10 it agreed to work on this year. Right now Jason is languishing in a small, filthy cell with seven other men. The prison officials have denied him edible food and drinkable water on a daily basis. As a result, he has lost more than 30 pounds. A hole in the corner of the cell serves as toilet, sink, and shower drain. Exposed electrical wires frequently spark inside the cell. Also, an inmate was recently murdered by another inmate just feet from Jason’s cell. Wrongful convictions occur in every criminal justice system around the world, but if we, as a global neighborhood, shine a light on the cases, perpetrators (such as the Nicaraguan police and convicting judge, in this case) will think twice before wrongfully convicting another innocent American. We ask you to sign this petition to demand that the Nicaraguan Government will both ensure the case is thoroughly and independently reviewed by prosecutors, and immediately improve the conditions under which Jason is detained. Jason's family is struggling financially to keep their defense effort alive. After you sign this petition, you can donate at:" __________________________________________________________  

Janis Puracal
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Petitioning Hillary Clinton, Democratic National Committee

Hillary Clinton should step down in favor of Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic Candidate

We, the undersigned, respectfully request Hillary Clinton to step down as the Democratic Candidate for President, or request that the Democratic National Committee remove her, in favor of Bernie Sanders.  PLEASE SHARE ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER! Use #DropOutHillary #SwitchToBernie The FBI has just re-opened its investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. Director Comey would not reopen the case now unless he believed new evidence was compelling and significant. Hillary must step down and let Bernie run. Can candidates be changed? Yes. When you vote for President, you're actually voting for electors to head to a convention to then vote for President. Those electors are pledged to a candidate, however if that candidate drops out they can vote for someone else. These electors are usually very faithful to the party they represent. So if the Democratic Party announces they are running Bernie Sanders, even though the ballots say Hillary Clinton, the electors can choose him for President. More info:   Hillary Clinton is dropping in polls vs Donald Trump. Some latest polls have the candidates tied, while the latest LA Times poll shows Donald Trump in the lead.  If it weren’t for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would be the least liked Presidential candidate in the last 10 election cycles, and her favorability rate continues to fall. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the nation.  "Most voters who would back Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton say their vote is meant less to support their candidate than to oppose the other one. There is no precedent for this in recent decades.". The people will not be voting for Hillary Clinton, they’ll be voting against Trump. Would it not be better to have a candidate that energize people to get out and vote? Polls show without exception that Sanders beats Trump more than Hillary."Bernie Sanders polls extraordinarily well among independent voters and new voters. In fact, he’s the only candidate this year who polls consistently stronger among independents than Donald Trump", which is particularly important as Independents are now the largest political affiliation group. Hillary Clinton and her campaign has shown a shocking lack of respect to Bernie Sanders and his supporters, and because of that nearly half of Sanders supporters won’t support Hillary Clinton. However, the democratic candidate will need these people to vote for them in order to win the election. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders inspires people, he raised over $200 million from people with an average contribution of $27 and brought out hundreds of thousands of people out to see him speak. He brings an energy and invigoration to the Democratic Party that Hillary Clinton simply cannot. This is the sign of a strong candidate. The recent DNC email leaks and Podesta Email leaks from Wikileaks have shown that the DNC actively tried to work against the Sanders campaign. It is clear the DNC Chair and DNC staff did not remain neutral throughout the primary process as they should according to Party Rules, which leads to the conclusion that Bernie Sanders more than likely would have earned more delegates to the convention. The process has been rigged against Bernie Sanders, in favor of Hillary Clinton. For the sake of the party, it is simply not acceptable to let this type of action be rewarded. While the case has been re-opened, the previous conclusion of the FBI investigation into Hillary's emails showed that Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless in [her] handling of very sensitive, highly classified information". These findings will be forever detrimental to any claim of national security experience by Hillary Clinton. It in fact shows that she has poor judgement, which would be a bad quality for the President of the United States. It has also been revealed that Hillary has a private and public position on many policies areas. She is publicly against the TPP and marriage equality, but recent email leaks has shown she is most likely going to support the TPP if she was President and personally doesn't believe in marriage equality. We therefore request: #DropOutHillary and #SwitchToBernie Can candidates be changed? Yes. When you vote for President, you're actually voting for electors to head to a convention to then vote for President. Those electors are pledged to a candidate, however if that candidate drops out they can vote for someone else. These electors are usually very faithful to the party they represent. So if the Democratic Party announces they are running Bernie Sanders, even though the ballots say Hillary Clinton, the electors can choose him for President.

Mary Chatter
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Petitioning Charles Schumer, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Fish & Wildlife Service, Animal Planet, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ellen Jaffee, Andrew C...

Create more marine protected areas to reduce effect of overfishing on oceanic ecosystems

Overfishing occurs when more fish are caught than the population can replace through natural reproduction and it is a serious issue that is often ignored. It is a problem within the United States but even worse outside of it. Some stocks of large fish have decreased by about 90% in the past 60 years. Overfishing leads to so many deaths of fish (especially large fish) that the oceanic ecosystems are being negatively impacted. By protecting more areas in the ocean and creating more "no fishing" areas across oceans, the effect of overfishing would be reduced and fish populations may begin replenishing themselves. More than 85 percent of the world's fisheries have been pushed to or beyond their biological limits and are in need of strict management plans to restore them. The creation of more "no fishing" zones would only be a step towards stopping overfishing and its harms. Overfishing is an issue that affects everyone, not only fish; it is in everybody's best interest to keep the fish populations healthy. 

Allison King
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Petitioning United States Congress, Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, Phil Roe, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, John Duncan, U.S. House of Representatives

Abolish the SSDI work credit law for lifelong illness patients

Hi my name is Nikki and I currently live with Cystic Fibrosis. I decided to write this petition because I need your help to fight for our well being. I was born with CF. There has never been a day where I was not sick.   I had few opportunities to work in high school because trying to balance high school and a terminal illness was hard enough. I was in and out of the hospital for 2 weeks at a time, 3-4 times a year. I was forced to get my GED. But that's not the problem here. Being that I never worked, I never earned credits towards Social Security Disability. I never had the opportunity to. And I still don't. So when I hit 18 and my mom's income no longer counted for me, I was stuck getting a minimal Supplemental Security Income check monthly (which is for people of "low income") of $650. If you haven't worked a certain amount of years, then you do not qualify for disability checks. And we all know that $650 barely enough to pay for 2 utility bills. Especially here in TN. I have tried to work. When I do, they cut my SSI. Then when I'm in the hospital and can't work I'm stuck living without income until the SSI office can catch up with it. Which takes 2-3 months. I can't keep a job long enough to earn SSDI credits. So I'm stuck. Like many, I will forever be stuck. A majority of Cystic Fibrosis patients were diagnosed at birth. So they are in the same sinking ship that I am. Unlike most typical disability cases, we didn't work 20 years then go out on disability for a hurt back. We were always sick and always will be. But the last time I checked, we are in fact DISABLED but apparently that's not enough to earn a disability income. And SSI is simply not enough to sustain ourselves. It's especially important to make sure we have enough money for when we undergo and recover from a lung transplant which a majority of us will get. During this time a CF patient will not even be able to leave the hospital for weeks even months. How can we fight to get out of this everlasting circle of poverty? We must find a way for Cystic Fibrosis patients and other terminal illnesses from birth to get a different consideration when it comes to social security. There must be a way we can get a bill passed that allows us to receive more than what we do, without work credits, since we're not given the chance to earn them ourselves. Please sign this petition so we can start a conversation with the law makers about the changes that need to be made. We need your help. We want a chance to live a normal life like everyone else, but are unable to because of this Social Security Disability law. 

Nikki McDonald
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Petitioning Eric Hirschhorn

U.S. Treasury and Commerce Departments: Stop Silencing Syrian Voices! #FreeSyriasNet

Every day, Syrians are risking their lives to broadcast pictures and videos of the uprising -- but because of U.S. sanctions on Syria, they don't have access to essential technologies that would protect them from being spied on and tracked down by the Syrian government - often with the use of computer viruses. By easing current sanctions, the U.S. can help Syrian activists share information more safely. Because of U.S. sanctions, Syrian people are denied access to tools important to their online safety and security, such as anti-virus software and automated security updates. Syrians can't make purchases in Apple's App Store for their Apple products and it isn’t even possible to target Syrians with online advertising and PSAs on platforms like Facebook. Widely used products like Java, Yahoo Messenger, and mobile app stores like Google Play, which host important tools such as the Guardian Project's popular anti-censorship tools, do not have essential automatic security updates. Western governments and private corporations have publicly committed to helping Syrian activists, but the reality described by activists on the ground—and documented recently by the Washington Post —does not always match the rhetoric. Recent statements from the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) have made it clear that it is U.S. Government Policy that these tools should be available.  Yet many vital platforms and tools remain inaccessible, because the sanctions are too complex and most companies fear harsh penalties of up to $1m per infractions.  As Syria undergoes unprecedented political upheaval, there is an opportunity for the Departments of Commerce and Treasury to review existing export controls, examining current language and licensure mechanisms, to address the concerns of private companies and reduce the barriers to licensing.  We ask that Commerce and Treasury consider:   • Granting a new general license to provide broader, clearer, and more explicit exemptions on personal communications and security technologies, balancing legitimate concerns over cryptography and financial transactions with the need to protect the safety of at risk populations.   • Streamlining the licensing process for both companies and non-governmental organizations, and offer clearer formal and informal guidance to companies on licensing procedures.  Please join me and other human rights advocates from Syria and across the world in calling on the U.S. Departments of Treasury and Commerce to rise to the challenge.

Dlshad Othman
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Petitioning Michelle Obama

Help Save Our Home

We have been good customers for many years and didn't miss mortgage payments until Wells Fargo refused to accept payments after an unemployment deferment when my wife lost her job.  Wells Fargo employees never disclosed the program for deferred balance repayment until after it was too late for us to qualify for it. The bank has refused to accept any payment from us unless we pay the entire overdue amount, which has continued to grow because Wells Fargo won't accept our payments. If we'd had thousands of dollars to pay the deferred amount, we wouldn't have needed the deferment.  Mortgage attorneys have refused our case because we have equity in the home of over $100,000 and it is known that Wells Fargo refuses to modify loans for people with equity or that have completed more than half the term of the loan because the bank has no vested interest in the homeowner keeping their home. The bank will make more money by selling the home from under the homeowner so they refuse to modify the loan and simply wait out the appeals process until the homeowner has exhausted all their options. Then Wells Fargo makes a great profit and the homeowner is left with nothing. With all of our appeals to the bank and the State exhausted, we are left with wiping out our retirement savings to save our home and with the bank dragging their feet on giving us a catch-up amount for the loan we don't even know if we'll have enough doing that.  Federal programs enacted after the bank bailouts were supposed to be designed to keep hard working families in their homes. We need help and our calls to Representative Barbara Lee, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Senator Dianne Feinstein have resulted in no substantive action. Now we need help from the customers of Wells Fargo and community at large to keep our home. My wife, son, and aging mother all need a place to live. Please help!

Troy Wilson-Ripsom
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Petitioning Casa de Su Majestad el Rey, p, Cristina Cifuentes, Mariano Rajoy, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Manuela Carmena, Comunidad de Madrid, Defensor del Pueblo, VATICANO, PapaFrancisco ,...


Tras una infancia y adolescencia marcada por graves problemas familiares y siendo víctima de diversos maltratos /abusos a raíz del divorcio de mis "padres " me encuentro por segunda vez en mi vida en una situación horrible en la que se me está maltratando a través de mi hijo Thiago . Desde que nació mis padres no me han dejado vivir en paz y armonía mi maternidad. Mi padre en el año 2010 me amenazó con denunciarme a fiscalía de menores en Galicia y con sus múltiples amigos /contactos como jueces y políticos ya que no quería obedecer sus ordenes de vivir en Galicia controlada por el. Mis padres no han sido para nada los mejores padres del mundo, todo lo contrario. Iniciaron una persecución hacia mi persona con denuncias diarias para quitarme a Thiago y desprestigiarme como madre. Una completa obsesión y persecución. Todas estas denuncias llegaron a la comunidad de Madrid donde yo residía y saltaron las alarmas. Cómo puede ser que unos padres denuncien a su propia hija? ,aunque entre ellos siempre existieron múltiples denuncias así que la "demanditis " es algo muy normal para ellos más aún siendo mi padre abogado /político y mi madre medico y viniendo de una familia formada por figuras políticas importantes. He tenido una gran carrera profesional como modelo internacional, actriz ,diseñadora,manager. El ser una figura pública no me ha beneficiado ,me acusaban de haber sido Miss Galicia 2000 y modelo y de ser un trabajo incompatible con mi maternidad. En esos años (2010-2013)mi madre tuvo una orden de alejamiento que le impedía acercarse o comunicarse con mi hijo y conmigo. Aún así (el dinero,corrupción y contactos lo hacen todo )la comunidad de Madrid estuvo a punto de retirarme la tutela de Thiago, pero jamás lo hizo. Se demostró que era un expediente totalmente irregular ,que yo era una buena madre y se dio carpetazo y se cerró esta pesadilla. Adjunto links de esa época : Como podéis ver todo se solucionó y a raíz de mi entrevista con interviu me reencontré con mi primer amor. Pusimos tierra de por medio y nos fuimos a vivir a EEUU, país originario de mi pareja. Deje presenciadas a mis abogadas en España. Los escritos obsesivos de mi madre seguían llegando y me "ordenaba "asistir a un psicosocial en Madrid cuando yo estaba embarazada con un embarazo de alto riesgo y a raíz de este segundo embarazo me detectaron una mutación genética de la protombina que acentuaba mus problemas de coagulación sanguínea. Una enfermedad tromboembolica que me impedía y máxime en un embarazo y posparto donde la mujer debe estar relajada andar con juicios y sometida a tal tensión y vuelos. Mis abogadas presentaron toda la documentación pertinente justificando mi imposibilidad para viajar a España. Estábamos todos tranquilos y felices en New Jersey. Thiago estaba seguro . A raíz de mis problemas de salud traté de hacer las paces con mi madre ,lo que yo no sabía es que por detrás de nuestras espaldas y aprovechando que sabía venia a España por temas personales y profesionales recurrió una sentencia de 1 instancia donde el juez le dijo que no le daba la tutela del niño y tampoco me separaba de el. Mis padres junto con su abogado empezaron una campaña de escritos llenos de injurias y calumnias y de una gran maldad demandando a la comunidad de Madrid que sin yo saberlo ha estado desde el 2013 defendiendome y luchando contra mis padres y su abogado,el cual me ha acusado de graves cosas ( me reservo las acciones legales penales correspondientes por ahora ). El 23 de mayo de 2016 voy a denunciar el extravío de una cartera a las 17 horas y me tienen con mis 2 hijos circulando de dependencia policial a dependencia policial hasta las 4 de la madrugada! Ya que según ellos tenia un dispositivo de búsqueda de domicilio y engañandome me dijeron que tenia que ir a la última a dar mi dirección y ya me podía ir a casa con los niños. Esta última dependencia policial era el GRUME donde me encontré con una señora que actuó violentamente ,coaccionandome y obligándome a dejar a mi hijo mayor allí sin darme ninguna tipo de explicación y diciéndome que ni era parte! (Si soy la madre por Dios!). Thiago rojo como un tomate y llorando y su hermano corriendo detrás de el a las 4 de la mañana y yo le dije a esta funcionaria que no pensaba dejar a Thiago allí a lo que me contesto con la amenaza de enviar a una patrulla y detenerme a lo cual yo respondí que perfecto y ella para quedarse con Thiago me amenazó con quitarme también al pequeño.Fue una retención ilegal ,no estaba nada notificado ni lo está a día de hoy y había que ejecutar la orden ,es decir dar parte al juzgado y darme X plazo para "entregar "a mi hijo. Vulneraron todos nuestros derechos y ni escucharon las plegarias de Thiago. La ley 8 / 2015 nos dice que los niños tienen derecho a ser escuchados desde que nacen en presencia de expertos y se actuó a las espaldas de mi hijo provocandole un trauma irreversible. Me tratan de tranquilizar y me dicen que acuda a las 9 de la mañana a fiscalía de menores que me devolverán a Thiago y a las 8 allí estaba yo y el fiscal me explico que el grume no me dijo la verdad y que Thiago no había dormido ahí y que estaba en un centro de acogida que no tenía claro cuál era pero suponía podía ser Isabel Clara Eugenia ,centro denunciado por múltiples personas entre ellas Isabel Serra diputada de podemos. Sin haber dormido de ahi me fui al juzgado 27 de familia y a un montón de instituciones que tenían un gran secretismo y decían que yo no era parte del procedimiento pero gracias a Dios me encontré a una funcionaria muy buena que me explico que esto venia de mi madre. Pasan los días y yo tratando de averiguar que estaba sucediendo. Resulta que en marzo del 2016 (toda esta información nadie me la notificó ,se obtuvo gracias a una persona a la que aprecio mucho )el procedimiento entre mi madre y la comunidad de Madrid gracias a las reiteradas denuncias de mis padres y su abogado va a segunda instancia y a saber quienes son todos los involucrados ya qye aparece un juez penalista de guardia y me castigan por no haber acudido al psicosocial y en contra de los informes positivos de la comunidad de Madrid y del colegio OBLIGAN a la comunidad de Madrid a tutelar a mi hijo ,lo cual reitero a día de hoy sigo sin recibir ninguna notificación. A mis padres y su abogado les salió mal la estrategia ya que no le dieron la tutela a mi madre y el niño fue a un centro de acogida del cual también sin notificarmelo lo cambiaron a otro centro de acogida. Estamos destrozados. Es la peor pesadilla posible. Hay un presunto delito de prevaricacion y de retención ilegal. .Delito de falta de objetividad y no se ha tratado a Thiago como sujeto de pleno derecho, se le ha separado de su hermano! Y su madre y familia sin ningún fundamento lo cual es maltrato y máxime cuando mi hijo llora y ruega volver a casa. Mi niño ya no tiene su mirada alegre y pícara. .Está destrozado,mira al suelo, tartamudea, se hizo pis un día al verme de lo asustado que estaba sin mi,le veo 1 h a la semana y los hermanos cuando se ven están tan felices y cuando se separan nis quedamos los 3 destrozados y llorando. Quiero dar gracias al nuevo centro de acogida donde nos están ayudando mucho y están impactados con nuestro caso y desean que Thiago vuelva ya. El niño llora ,ha gritado y golpeado cosas porque ya no puede más. Por algún lado tiene que salir todo el dolor ,impotencia, tristeza que siente. No se como mis padres /su abogado aun no retiraron las denuncias porque que estén en la playa mientras su nieto esta en un centro de acogida y su otro nieto e hija están pasando un calvario no tiene perdon de Dios. Evidentemente tomare las acciones legales a su debido tiempo. Mientras os ruego encarecidamente que firmeis esta petición y ayudéis a Thiago a que vuelva a casa con su hermano y madre. El esta deseando dar carpetazo a España y volver con sus amigos a New Jersey. A todas las madres, mujeres, hijos ,compañeros de la moda, periodismo, sector audiovisual, a todos os pido empatia y #todosconthiagocalaza #todosconthiago. Aquí os dejo los links de el ahora: Atentamente María Calaza .

Maria Calazza
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Petitioning Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Supreme Court, Department of Justice, James Comey, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, FOX News, ...

Stop the violent, terroristic rioting ("protesting")!

*This excludes peaceful, non-paid protesters.* Our cities are being destroyed by paid "protesters"/rioters. These individuals should be arrested for hate crimes and treason for attempting to incite a civil war. An investigation needs to be opened into who is funding these anti-America activities (the violent rioting/”protesting”) and these individuals/organizations should be charged for hate crimes and treason as well as be labeled as hate groups. They should be investigated and charged for inciting civil unrest with the intention of initiating a civil war. We are calling on the government to act before more violence and additional murders, such as police officers murdered in multiple cities, take place. There is no place in our country for this lawlessness, bullying, and hatred. Every citizen deserves to be protected, feel safe, and treated fairly.

Stop The Hate
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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives, Sylvia Garcia, Michael McCaul, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Protect victims suffering abuse by Narcissistic Personality Disordered individuals.

The #shaneslaw committee had included the identity of the victims on this petition and received an overwhelming response from so many other victims, supporters, and groups that are in support of this law.  We are also now inundated with communications from various media outlets and supporters, as well as others seeking help.  So, for no reasons other than to protect the surviving widow as much as we can, for us to filter communications, and to allow her to continue mourning in peace, we removed personal identifying information.        Any and all communications by State and Local Representatives, Media,   Mental Health Organizations, Legal Support and Supporters can be made   directly to this email:   Learn more: NPDAWARENESS.ORG   --------------------------------- On March 14, 2016, a Spring, Texas resident resident, and United States Air Force Veteran, took his life after suffering over a decade of abuse from an Narcissistic Personality disordered individual (determined by researching specific patterns of behavior exhibited by those with this disorder).  Both the victim and his new wife became targets, being harassed only to make their lives as difficult as possible.  When the abuser could no longer get a response from the target, the harassement was then directed to another closest to the victim.... his wife.  The victims fought hard within the legal system to end the abuse, but were repeatedly told nothing could be done unless there was a threat of death involved. They suffered through smear campaigning, stalking, online harassment, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, displaying of personal, medical, and financial information online, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, intimidation, job loss, hacking, credit monitoring, accessing of credit/auto accounts, and so much more.  When the abuser gained access to a personal cloud acct while the victims were vacationing, a folder containing incriminating evidence against the abuser was deleted.  Fortunately the missing information was backed up through another device and all was retrieved intact.  The abuser constantly made threats of litigation of defamation against the victims, but the victims were never worried about the latter.  As the saying goes... Its not defamation if its the truth....and can be proven!   The worst part is that the abuser also claimed to be the victim (which is a typical behavior of Narcissistic Personality disordered individuals). Despite the mounting evidence collected by the victims, neither the law nor the courts would or could help, including a suit filed by the victims against their abuser.  Even with standing legal documentation in place, the harasser continued their behavior.  The victims were told to "continue documenting, collecting, and make reports."  Even during this time, the victim had been threatened by his abuser that his long time career in IT would be in jeopardy as well as his financial well being for his refusal to communicate with his abuser.  The abuser followed through with their threat.  A "complaint" was made to his employer just 5 days after his decision to go "No Contact" with his abuser.  He felt he was wrongly terminated based on misconstrued information based on "half truths" by his abuser.  The victim already under mental duress became even more agitated. The victim, an Air Force Veteran, already aware he had been suffering from PTSD as Late-Onset Stress Symptomatology (LOSS), became even more depressed and mentally stressed from the continued harassment and smear campaigning of his personal and professional reputation as well as his wife's.  With the victims wife having never met the abuser, she also became a victim of  smear campaigning by the abuser as well.  All the while, the abuser was claiming to be the poor victim of stalking and harassment despite evidence to the contrary.  The constant onslaught, psychological toll, with no relief from law enforcement or litigation was more than they could bear.  The victim felt the only thing he could do was to take his own life to be at peace and protect his wife.  By the time the victims were beginning to see a crack in the abuser’s carefully planned torment, it was too late.     "People need to become aware that this type of evil lurks among us. It is very real! In fact 1 in 20 are Narcissistic Personality disordered. They are your neighbor, your parent, sibling, friend, and even your spouse. This type of abuse exists right under everyones noses. The abuse by NPD disordered individuals needs to stop! The law needs to recognize this abuse and hold these individuals accountable for their actions, the law needs to at least do something to protect the victims now! Law enforcement, lawyers, judges need to be educated on this form of abuse and the life-long lasting and devastating effects on the victims. No one should have to feel that ending their life is the only way to escape their abuser! Ever! Lets not let the lives of the many victims that have also lost hope of getting help from the legal system, be in vain. We must speak for them and let their stories be heard! We must protect and save those that are suffering now and the future victims of these disordered, destructive individuals before its too late."   ~Mrs. S, Widow of Victim/Survivor   The Victims: Victims suffer through smear campaigns, stalking, having to relocate many times, online harassment, cyberbullying, intimidation, job loss, cloud/email hacking, credit monitoring, accessing of credit/auto/financial accounts, and much more. The worst part is that the abuser claims to be the victim (which is a typical behavior of Narcissistic Sociopaths). Victims suffer depression, anxiety, ptsd, and sadly some take their lives because they cannot escape their abuser.   The Abusers:  Stay just borderline of the law to not get caught. They harass, torment, gaslight, project blame on victims, character assassination/smear campaigning, alienate victim from close friends, family, any possible support system, accuse victims of doing to them what they are in fact doing to the victim, false police reports, sets up victim and then accuses them of physical abuse, points the victim as crazy, bipolar, abusive, alcoholic to make the victim look as the bad guy.  Recruits "flying monkeys" which unknowingly take part and become enabler of the abusers behaviors, Utilizes the legal system to further harass their victims for no basis other than to continue harassing the victim, and keep the "drama" going. These individuals will do any and everything possible to keep their victims silenced so that they are not exposed for their horrid abuse.   Narcissistic Sociopaths are master manipulators and pathological liars, they will lie just to lie.  Law enforcement, Lawyers, Judges do not have the knowledge or understanding of Narcssistic Personality Disorder individuals  and are unable to recognize they are dealing with cases that involve the NPD disordered.  Therapists even find themself manipulated.  Because the Narc believes their own lies, they are known to even pass lie detector tests.   There currently are no laws for officers, lawyers, judges to hold these criminals accountable for their actions.  Something needs to be done to prevent these predators from continuing their reign of terror on their victims. The victims are helpless in this type of battle.  These individuals are disordered, cannot be fixed, and their only motive is to "Win" no matter what.  Things need to change!  Narcs should have to stand before a judge to face criminal charges for their actions, permanent protection for the victims so they can escape these abusive situations, and the right to live a life free from their tormentors, and heal.     ------------------------------ According to experts, Narcissistic Sociopaths comprise 3% to 5% of the population, or up to 1 in 20 people, much higher than one might realize.  This means that up to 15 million people in the United States display symptoms of these disorders, with millions more being affected negatively by Narcissistic Sociopaths. What is a Narcissistic Sociopath? A Narcissistic Sociopath is a person diagnosed with comorbidity (or simultaneous presence) of both Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASP) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).  Both disorders are described by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM V) as personality disorders with impairments in personality functioning with the presence of pathological personality traits.People displaying NPD are characterized by their excessive and persistent need for others’ admiration and positive reinforcement. They generally have grandiose opinions of themselves, and believe they are superior to other people. Narcissists are also frequently convinced that they are above the normal responsibilities and obligations of everyday life, so they usually have significant difficulties maintaining employment or relationships as a result.Narcissistic Sociopaths present a noticeable lack of regard for the rights of others, and a tendency to regularly violate those rights.The goal of the Narcissistic Sociopath is to see that their victims’ personal and professional lives are utterly destroyed and left psychologically damaged (most will suffer from PTSD).  Once the damage has been accomplished, they redirect their efforts to the next unknowing victim.  The Narcissistic Sociopath is cunning and conniving, and will work just inside of the law and even use the law to harass, hurt, and often destroy, their victim. Unfortunately, the victims are often unable to receive help or protection from any legal entity or law enforcement provider.  THIS INJUSTICE HAS TO BE CHANGED!  With your help, we would like to create new laws, giving protection for victims, and forcing abusers to face criminal charges.  No one should ever have to feel that taking their own life is the only option to be free of their abuser.To prevent this type of abuse happening to others, the following are proposed as Shanes's Law:  1. Immediate and Permanent No Contact restraining/protective orders in place to protect victim for life. (Abusers attempt contact to reenter victims lives after 1, 5, 10 years or longer, for Narcissistic Supply).  Supervised child exchanges for those having to co-parent with an abuser. 2. Abusers to face criminal charges, up to and including jail time and no access to online services. (To prevent hacking of personal/financial/credit accounts, cyberstalking, online smear campaigning, harassment, and attempts to locate and monitor the victim). 3. In the event that a victim's death/suicide is a result of NPD abuse, i.e. verbal, mental, physical, stalking, harassment. Abuser is to be held accountable and charged for murder/manslaughter.  The law below needs to apply for ALL states! (Example: ****An involuntary manslaughter charge can be brought in Massachusetts when someone causes the death of another person when engaging in reckless or wanton conduct that creates a high degree of likelihood of substantial harm.)     4. Inability for abuser to use the legal/court system for frivolous charges, false accusations, or using the legal system to further harass their victim/s.  Thorough investigations required. (Narcs accuse their victims of doing to them, what they are, in-fact actually doing to the victim. Narcs also tend to manipulate their own attorneys.) In the event abusers do not abide by standing legal agreements, stiffer punishments for not doing so.  (Narcs do not abide by rules or laws, because they truly believe laws do not apply to them. This is why they continue to harass, stalk, and abuse even with standing legal orders in place.) 5. When NPD abusers behavior contributed to loss of employment for victim; restitution to victim/surviving family for loss of income, potential income, and all that is included when employed. i.e. retirement, pension, etc.  Please help by signing and sharing this petition.  Help save a loved ones life from their abuser!     >>   Email:   #shaneslaw #abuse #npdawareness #mentalabuse #emotionalabuse #gaslighting #ptsd #cptsd #narcissistic #personalitydisorder #sociopath #manipulation #stalking #cyberbullying #bullying #nocontact #protectvictims #criminalbehavior #flyingmonkeys #laws #stalkinglaws #harassmentlaws #smearcampaign #psychologicalmurder #manslaughter #hacking #restrainingorders #protectionorders #jailtime #intimidation #jobloss #lossofchildren #creditmonitoring #financialaccounthacking #tellyourstory #beheard #beasurvivor #beafighter #bestrong #dontbesilent #exposenarcissists 

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Petitioning Donald Trump

Sanders/Trump Debate Before June 7th #SandersTrumpDebate

Hillary Clinton famously said a presidential candidate should be "willing to debate anytime, anywhere." More recently, she promised to debate Senator Bernie Sanders in California ahead of the June primary. If Hillary Clinton will not participate in the final DNC-sanctioned debate, will Donald Trump debate Sanders before June 7th? Mr. Trump might attempt to build a bridge to Bernie's supporters in case Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. Senator Sanders wishes to demonstrate what a Sanders v Trump election would look like. Both candidates wish to share their platforms with as many Americans as possible before the General Election. Sign for a #SandersTrumpDebate!

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