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Stop from operating-A website where users can rate their experiences with prostitutes, who appear to be under-aged girls, trafficking victims & victims of rape #shutdownpunternet is an unregulated website where punters* can submit reviews of their encounters with prostitutes. Many of the women being reviewed appear to be underage, victims of trafficking and victims of rape. The website encourages punters to report women who appear to be trafficked, but when the website owner was asked what PunterNet has in place to ensure that trafficking is reported effectively; he failed to respond.  *Punter=A person who visits a prostitute To reiterate: I respect the right for a woman to do what she wants to do and I respect the right of a woman to work in the sex industry. I believe that a woman working in the sex industry should be able to make a platform for herself  and that no one should create that platform for her and scrutinise her in any way.  A large number of quotes  suggest that the women being reviewed are under-age: "I like nothing more than a young and 'under-worked' body and f***y and this does not usually cause any problems through inexperience", victims of trafficking: "she was just too inexperienced and unskilled, coupled with a crap attitude. After seeing the very cute Consuello the previous week (from the same stable), I had hoped for better. There seems to be a group of early twenties Spanish girls being rotated around the country on this well-known listing website, as the girls appear in Sheffield, Norwich, Peterborough, Derby, Nottingham etc" and victims of rape: "I went straight for sex, she was completely unresponsive, even complained about pain as I am too big (which I hope to be, but i'm not) I managed to finish, just to have my money's worth".  Signing this petition will help to stop the expansion of a network that puts women in danger, " He had the attitude that he could pummel the girl for as long and as many times as he wanted within an hour (not caring wether he hurt her or not)". Many of those who use the website are unable to recognise the signs of women being coerced into prostitution, "I asked for a rubber put it on and went in. She didn't enjoy what was happening and had her face all screwed up and eyes tight shut". The website promotes a mob mentality of acceptance to pay for the right to be violent to women, "She seemed to be perspiring and quite agitated, but I was not now going to stop until I came". Its existence open doors so that other Punters know which women they get away with abusing more easily.  The petition alongside a large list of quotes indicating rape, trafficking and under age prostitution were sent to David Cameron's office. The Home office replied and decided not to "ban the advertising of sexual services" and where a website is thought to be acting illegally they "would expect the police to investigate and the Crown Prosecution Service, where appropriate to prosecute". However, PunterNet is unlike any other sexual service provider because prostitutes are not advertising themselves-Punters are advertising them and exposing those who appear to be underage, victims of trafficking and rape victims. This makes it easy for these women to be found, used, harmed and rape; with their locations and contact numbers visible at all times. Reports can also be submitted anonymously, meaning that some of the perpetrators of violence can never be brought to justice. This response is despite the controversial direct field reports that were sent in the original letter to David Cameron's office:  WARNING: Reports contain language that certain readers may find offensive  Evidence of violence:  In response to negative feedback a working girl writes, "You wanted to stick your finger all the way up my bum which is not comfortable for me. It's also not comfortable the way you tried to stick your fingers up the other place either in a non gentle manner. " Working girl in response to negative feedback: " it was too painful for me and I couldn't persuade you to alter things." Punter: "The agency then said even though I'm a regular and a good client, I won't get even 1% of the money back and went on saying she is hurt, she is bleeding and need to go to the hospital..LOL.." Punter: "She seemed to be perspiring and quite agitated, but I was not now going to stop until I came. This happened about five minutes later and once I had come, she got off me and left the room. " Evidence of trafficking? Punter: "she was either drunk or on drugs. I'm no doctor and she may have had a medical condition for all I know, but she was very vacant with eyes rolling and then involuntary body movements. All whilst looking off into space. Breathing deeply and not being able to sit or stand still."  Punter: ""******'s purple site profile was authored by the same guy who has written a number of other misleading profiles on Thai 'indies.... Several other Thai 'indies' with similar profiles also have rooms in the same building and since the author also runs a second-rate London oriental agency, I have to wonder just how independent they are." Punter: " the girl seemed distinctly contemplative, almost with a resigned felt palpably like a violation rather than a service....She is not linguistically proficient and I shared no foreign language in which I could converse with her.  I may well have misread the girl or perhaps she is being forced into this prestigious industry by outside agencies. I saw no physical signs of enforcement or abuse. I am, however, very naive about such events and would be unsure to comprehend any signs, if I were to be confronted by them." Punter: ""I have come to the realisation, at great expense, that these Polish girls are verging on being scams. They are run by faceless pimps that want the girls in and out of your room or home as quick as possible so that they can drive them to their next booking (they advertise as covering a lot of areas around London). I wouldn't go as far as saying they indulge in human trafficking but to them the girls ARE easily replaceable commodities" Punter: "Guys, you need to stay clear of this woman, for the sake of your wallet, but also for her sake, as she’s clearly as cut out for her chosen profession as a dolphin is for stock car racing. I even entertained the possibility that she was being coerced into her non-chosen career, and briefly considered calling an 0800 number to report possible trafficking." Evidence of underage girls: Punter: "******** was a bit too mechanical for my liking, just went through a routine ending with doggy and her going uh uh and watching the TV. This is not the place for a girl of this age" Punter: "OK, I like nothing more than a young and 'under-worked' body and f**ny - and this does not usually cause any problems, through inexperience." Punter: It’s a bit like being with someone’s teenage daughter…if you like hot young bodies Punter: "the complete and utter lack of any sort of technique/charm/sexual allure evidenced by this young lady in the bedroom as you suck, tug and thrash away to your inevitable climax. It is like you have entered a sexual black hole, which sucks all the desire out of you and propels it a billion miles in the other direction" Punter: If you want to try a fresh, young (says she is 18) and pretty girl is ok, but maybe as she just started to work, is quite passive, scarcely kiss without tongue, doesn't want to be kissed on the neck or ears...She really can't speak a work of english (is romenian) Evidence of women with health problems: Punter: Has quite a few self inflicted cuts on her left arm, said she had 'stuff' in her head when she was younger. Punter: "She complained she was cold, yet it was a lovely late summer/early autumn evening and quite balmy outside. I think she was stoned as she sounded woozy, looked sleepy and very nonchalant." Punter: "one looked as if she was on drugs, the other was just abit more up for it, went for her." Punter: "She looked spaced out, drugs or drink possibly. She also asked me if I did drugs which was a bad sign. "  Will you help me to: ●Stop an unregulated website where a large number of women are being reviewed by Punters without their consent. ●Stop the locations and telephone numbers of alleged under-age girls and trafficking victims being displayed 24/7. 

Trishna Datta
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Civil Law USA needs your help - Update "SPOUSAL MAINTENANCE" statute. SIGN & SHARE

LIKE & SHARE    The current statute for review - The story behind the statute:       In the past, most alimony awards provided for payments to former wives by breadwinning former husbands. As the culture has changed, so that now most marriages include two wage earners, women are viewed as less dependent, and yet the courts have failed to update outdated laws and merely rule based on "suggested formulas" and "statutes" that actually do more harm then good, for both parties and the family as a whole.                  If you are seeking a divorce in Colorado or another "statute" state and you are going for "spousal maintenance" the court webpage provides you and your legal council with calculators to help prove your need in numbers prior to trial.  With our courts taking 9 - 18 months to even go to trial or before a judge you will have plenty of time to secure your "calculated financial revenge".  Both men and women fall victim to these court rulings. (Although more often then not it's men who receive the order to pay)  This suggested statute leaves no recourse when the ex-spouse decides to move forward in cohabitation, or conceals income  from the courts.  Even with proof the courts in Colorado turn a blind eye and default to the "original order".   - Cohabitation is a living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage. Couples cohabit, rather than marry, for a variety of reasons.  Top reason to keep their ex-spouse making payments. -  Great Article that aligns with others having the same opinion, and what they did to create change and equal rights- Here are the stats-        Re-marriage after divorce has declined more then 40% across all states and the rate is even higher in Colorado since this statue has been introduced. Reason for the decline is because this is only one of two ways that the payer can stop "payments".  This proves that is not just a personal problem, this is becoming an epidemic that many people and families face.         The increase in self inflected death, more commonly known as suicide has increased more then 25% among male payers that have high dollar payments and long term payment obligation.   Leaving the "receiver" without any support and many children fatherless.  This has to be stopped.           The children of divorce already suffer the most as they are the innocent parties, often caught in the middle of it all.  Studies show where there are long term payments (beyond 3 years) ordered,  the division amongst one parent and the child actually occurs.  Children are often caught in the middle of a "never ending" divorce/financial war.  Generally,  it is the payer who also suffers this loss. The receiver is known to play the victim and the payer is painted as the bully.   The resentment caused for the long term financial punishment awarded by the courts aids in painting this picture of the payer.  Children tend to err to the side of the protecting the "victim" parent that paints themselves always in need, ultimately  cutting ties with the payer "bully" parent.  This is not putting "families" first.  About Me -     Myself, the author of this petition am a woman. I have suffered through divorce, like many others in this country.  I was a single mom of two for almost four years. During that time, I never asked for "spousal maintenance" and rarely received ordered child support from my ex-husband to support our kids. I personally struggled through every level of heartache one can imagine.  I could not afford and attorney and had to do all my filings, pleading etc on my own. Walking through those first few years I thought somedays I would literally die from a broken heart or stress. Looking back, I would not have changed a thing. It made me stronger, a better mother, and a better wife now to my current husband.  I want to make one thing very clear on my position.  I am not arguing or minimizing that support when needed should be ordered. There are many situations that this does apply and is fair.  Families that choose for one spouse or the other to stay home recognize that it is a job often more challenging than going to work outside the home daily, and that the need to provide updated training or work skills should be awarded.  Or the spouse that is disabled.  I am speaking to a much larger problem in my home state of Colorado and across our country.  Our Personal Story-   My husband was ordered and pays his ex-wife 40% of his income for 12 years, (some get this order for life). In addition, he is also paying 33% of military retirement to for life.   During marriage ex-wife worked full time and was the primary bread winner.  Ex-husband was active duty Army. Both always worked full time, and had only one minor child together.  This spouse while active duty having served 20 years, did less then 2 years deployed. They were married 13 years of his military career, and only one year during the marriage was he deployed.  Ex-wife had an affair, which lead to the separation/ then ultimately divorce. In 2011, the couple separated. Neither party filed for legal separation. The reason for divorce is not accounted for in Colorado, because it is a no-fault state.   During the 4-year separation ex-husband left ex-wife all assets (cars, 401K, furniture, house) ex-husband voluntarily paid bills for the ex-wife and minor child without a court order. Little did he know he was committing financial suicide. He also worked diligently to paid off all joint marital debts totaling close to $80,000.00. While making his own major lifestyle sacrifices, living in a friend’s basement driving a 21-year-old car. During this time, his ex-wife manipulated the child and played the victim, refused to work to her full potential.   Ex-husband filed for divorce in the mid-year of 2014.  This was the year that the court adopted the new "statue/guidelines" for all spousal maintenance as a formula. So, the above facts, including the reason for divorce were all ignored during the hearing and "suggested statute formula" is now in place.     The court systems made it very easy for her to calculate her new. "spousal maintenance" income prior to the hearing. At the time of hearing the ex-wife made sure to be unemployed "but looking” claiming to be in a destitute financial situation, stating she should be able to work and be on her feet within the year”. During the trial and months prior her boyfriend at the time and "now fiancé" was contributing more than $5,000.00 per month into her bank account. That money along with her ex-husbands total debt payoff, his asset relinquishment, and payments made for 4 years of separation were NOT accounted as income but as “gifts” to the ex-wife.  As of today, (almost 3 years later) she does co-habituate in TX. To friends, family and her ex-husband claiming to be "engaged" To the court "single and in need".  She stated to the ex-husband that she would continue to do so until the money runs out, at which time then she will remarry.  Unfortunately, this is the case for many families in Colorado and across the USA.       Fast forward today Oct 16th, 2017. Ex-husband filed modification for spousal maintenance based on the, lack of need for support and co habitation in Feb 2017.  The ex-wife waited more than 6.5 months to comply with supplying documents required by the court, (she has an attorney, and docs were to be completed within 30days) thus allowing her time to paint the picture of "single/ in need" again. Although, nothing she submitted is worth any value of actual bills, etc. The court has failed in holding its own deadline dates / discovery documentation seriously for accurate and fair trials.        In August of 2017, 7 months after filed for modification, (has yet to see a judge or have a trial) he is now been diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer,  and is undergoing treatment. The ex-wife has been relentless through this process filing after filing.   The most recent filing she stated, " from what she has been told, his cancer is not that serious".   He is undergoing chemo weekly and radiation daily.  Has lost over 30 lbs and has not been able to eat even soft foods in over 35days. She is also filing to "rebuttal" any and all documentation of his caner, the severity. Trying to minimize the long term impact this will have on is health and ability to earn "her money".      Per the current statute and court order, the ex-husband has no relief to this continued abuse from what spousal support is causing. Even if he fully recovers he has to suffer 10 more years working a high stress job,  he does not have the same rights and privileges as the ex-wife.  Unable to move on with his life, he is bound by earning potential, not quality of life.   This is so far from that which maintenance was designed to do.  Help the spouse in need, allowing them time to get on their feet. He has now paying ex-spouse (already 8 years,  10 more to go), has been stripped of the rights to focus on his own health, right to privacy without fighting the ex-spouse for relief from monies he is not currently earning, and is unable to pay. While racking up major medical bills now suffers hefty attorney fees along this already difficult journey.  Adding more financial stress and harm to the payer.      The ex-wife has had more than enough time and money to get back on her feet, she is also in good health. In fact, she travels regularly, despite being so destitute.  Their child is now grown, no longer a minor and ex-wife has been engaged and living with her significant other for last 2 years.  The ex-wife has made no effort to support herself or earn more money, because when she does the "payments stop". Thus holding the payer financially hostage.  UNEMPLOYMENT DOES NOT ALLOW THIS TO TAKE PLACE. TO RECEIVE PAYMENT BENEFITS YOU MUST BE ACTIVELY SEARCHING FOR A JOB, DOCUMENT PROOF AND BENEFITS ARE TIME RESTRICTIVE.            I am petitioning the court change the, "suggested statute “surrounding spousal maintenance to align with the intent for which is was designed.  To help families dissolve the marriage and give both parties a chance to recover, and to rise to each parties’ full potential for being self-supporting.  To be held harmless of the marriage obligations to a party they are no longer married too.                                       The current laws "statutes" are limiting and harmful at best.    THE SOLUTION-   - There should be a short-term limit on which a one ex-spouse is obligated to pay the other ex-spouse.  Three-year max payable term, is enough time for any persons to receive skills and training necessary to support one’s self.  This should be based on case by case, not a "one size fits all statute" Taking into consideration documented facts, joint debt, physical health, child support, ability to work, division of marital assets, skills needed to obtain more or current training to aid in full earning potential.  One former spouse should not be a financial slave to the other. Three year term stops the abuse.  - The "lifestyle of the marriage" should be removed and not considered, when ruling. It is divorce, each party should be held responsible and accountable to adjust as necessary to becoming a single person. Working towards self-sufficiency in meeting their own needs, holding the other party harmless for their needs.  No one should be forced to support a former spouse for long term. Dissolution by definition is the act of officially ending a marriage, organization, or agreement. The process of making something end or disappear.    - The "until death or remarriage" clause be removed. The traditional institution of marriage has changed drastically over the last 5 years.  We need to protect ALL parties through divorce and separation.  If the parties in the case are deemed in need of support they should not lose support for cohabitation or remarriage.  This will also aid in the ability of all parties to move forward freely in their own lives.  This will solve the problem within the civil courts being "bogged down" by filings trying to prove cohabitation in order to terminate maintenance. Allowing the court spend its time being more effective in its use of time.  *** The receiver should not be punished for getting remarried because the ruling was based on true need, not a standard formula of "one size fits all". Likewise, the payer should not be punished for long term payments when the receiver is co-habituating, and the courts continue to fail to recognize this as the “new way around", termination of maintenance.  This statue is simply outdated, bias and harmful to all parties.  With a max term of 3 years the court can rule in favor of what support was deigned to do, enable all parties to recover from divorce and become self-sufficient.       Thank you for taking the time to read this, share this and sign this... It takes all of us to make a change.  It's time to stop the injustice, stop allowing people to take advantage of the system. Let's help create laws that support Equal rights for all!      

Niki Davis
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EVACUATE GHANAIAN STUDENTS TRAPPED IN CHINA NOW! #SaveAlife PETITION TO THE PRESIDENT OF GHANA: The sheer abandonment by the government of Ghana to the Desperate Cry for Help and to the urgent Needs of Ghanaian Students and Scholars trapped in various cities of China, in the wake of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) epidemic, is highly inhumane. It is always the duty of any government, anywhere in the world, to protect and defend their nationals and citizens, particularly when these citizens are threatened with imminent death or danger. #SaveAlife It is important to note that there are about 6400 registered Ghanaian Students and Scholars currently in China, with about 90% of these hardworking students not on any form of state support or government scholarship, either from the Ghanaian or Chinese government. These students and Scholars are classified as international students by the Chinese government and are not allowed to undertake any full-time paying work or permanent jobs and are therefore faced with the reality of poverty and hardship. This has led to difficulties raising money for Food and Medical Equipment to ensure their safety because they can't work. The strict restrictions on people’s movements meant that our helpless and vulnerable members (students and scholars) in China, are now heavily suffering from psychological and emotional trauma and are facing imminent death. Our members have no money left on them as a result of the lockdown and restriction on movements. The students and scholars currently in China are Not allowed to go out and look for help or assistance, as many of them are forced to fast or live without food for days. “I just want to die because the pain is too much for me” these are words of a young lady from Wuhan.   #SaveAlife unable to access some of the protective clothing. With about 10,000 Ghanaian Students within the Asian subregion China, Japan, Korea urgent help is needed to meet their basic needs. In reference to the recent Novel Corona Virus, now known as COVID-19. An outbreak, which has become a global concern leading to the World Health Organization to declare it "Public Health Emergency of International Concern". Currently, a total of about 60,000 cases have been confirmed as COVID-19 (Corona Virus) in China with a further 16,000 under suspicion. More than 20 countries have also been hit with lesser numbers of infection and total recorded death so far is over 1100. This has led to some Cities within China to be shut down with Students unable to move to get food, facial mask and other basic needs to enable them to survive.  As of February 17, 2020, confirmed cases in China, which included cases confirmed in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR; CONFIRMED CASES – 78,86400 RECORDED DEATH – 1,667 SUSPECTED CASES – 19,000 WUHAN CASES – 38,000 WUHAN DEATH – 1300 With an estimated transmission rate of 4% and a fatality rate of 3% averagely, it’s becoming increasingly worrying so much so that all actions directed towards the safety of our members ought to be done with immediacy. Please #SaveAlife Our records indicate that there are over 400 Ghanaian Students and Scholars currently residing in the Hubei province of China, the most affected province in China, with the Wuhan region recording over 1000 Deaths.  #CoronaVirusAppeal There is a massive shortage of preventive medical apparatus for protection, such as prescribed Facemasks and Sanitizers - these when properly used, could prevent people (students) from being infected with the dangerous COVID-19 virus and protect them from dying in China. Without these medical facemasks and sanitizers, one cannot go out to even buy food or get drinking water. Our members have desperately requested for medical facemasks and sanitizers from the Ghanaian mission (embassy) in China but have received none. #CoronaVirusAppeal  The Ghanaian government through the Ghanaian embassy in China, formally delivered the “Bad News” we all feared, and through the presidents of the National Union of Ghanaian Students in China (NUGS-China) and his executives that there will be no Government Evacuation for Ghanaian students and Scholars in China. As the Ghanaian authorities claimed it was better for our students to remain in China, than evacuating them to safety in Ghana. According to the Ghanaian Minister of Health, the Healthcare provision and Medical facilities in China can help better take care of our students or even cure them, should anyone get infected with the COVID-19 Virus.   This is in direct contradiction of information and given to our defenseless and anxious student for week, promising them that, all students from Wuhan and Hubei province will be Airlifted from China and to Ghana, where they will be quarantined for 14 days before accessing each one of them to be released and allowed to join the anxious families, waiting eagerly to welcome them. It was nothing but #FalseHope. Most of these students and scholars are very young, with some aged 18 and with no family or relative in China. It is a very difficult situation for all our members in and most of our have given up or in the process of giving up hope. IT IS A DESPERATE SITUATION FOR OUR MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES – Which require immediate action and urgently demands everyone’s attention and involvement, PLEASE!   #SaveAlife OUR PETITION TO H.E. THE PRESIDENT OF GHANA:   The Global Union of Ghanaian Students and Scholars (GUGS) is, therefore, calling on the good people of this world and the general public, to kindly join our call to. the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Ado and his Government (executives) – to have mercy on our helpless students and scholars currently studying in China, by fulfilling the initial pledges made to our members and with immediate effect, Evacuate our helpless students and scholars from China and to Safety. Ghanaian authorities should Not delay the process of evacuation or wait until our students and scholars are infected with the dangerous COVID-19 (coronavirus) before they act.  #PleaseActNOW THE TIME TO ACT AND SAVE OUR STUDENTS’ LIVES, IS NOW – PLEASE, - ACT NOW!!!   Our students have not been allowed out (confined to their rooms) for more than 2 weeks and this scary situation is taking its toll on our exposed and frightened members – as our students and scholars hear, and watch neighbors and colleagues die helplessly. Most have Not been eating well or at all, for days and unconfirmed reports reaching us today indicates, that some students and scholars are on a “hunger strike”, threatening to take their own lives by committing suicide, as they claimed they have no option but to die. This is our interpretation, amounts to neglect, cruelty and inhumane treatment of Ghanaian youth, begging their government to help keep them alive.      This is a very painful needless price to pay by innocent, terrified yet loyal Ghanaian youth (students and scholars). Ghanaian Students, Scholars, and Academics, within this landlocked province, particularly those in Hubei province, are at high risk of contracting this fatal disease caused by the 2019-nCoV. The mortality rate in Wuhan city, Hubei Province is estimated at 4.9%, the highest of any city affected by this outbreak. Moreover, total restriction on movement, city lockdowns and ‘disease-scare’ has descended heavily on the mental health of our students and scholars within the Hubei Province. In the interest of welfare and wellbeing to citizens, nations like France, Switzerland, Russia, and Libya among others, have all evacuated their nationals from the province and to safety, as a result of the outbreak. #CoronaVirusAppeal As such, the leadership of the Global Union of Ghanaian Scholars (GUGS), the umbrella body representing Ghanaian Students’ and Scholars in the diaspora, would like to demand the following from the Government of Ghana, with immediate effect: A)     Evacuate students and scholars from affected provinces to a place of safety and security, if the promised and necessary quarantine/treatment facilities are not available. #CoronasViruAppeal B)      That this is treated as a matter of urgency at all levels of government. As individuals, there is very little that these vulnerable students can do in a challenging situation such as this. As a nation, we cannot fail the future citizens of our country. #SaveALife C)      That relevant government stakeholder (Ministry of Education, Diaspora affairs directorate, the Ministry of Health, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Getfund Diratraite and the Scholarship secretariat) put in measures to immediately address the wellbeing and support needs of students within lockdown regions who have limited access to basic needs. We are therefore calling on the President of Ghana, H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo, and His government, to urgently intervene on behalf of these vulnerable, helpless students and Scholars trapped in China, with immediate effect, Evacuate all Ghanaian Students and Scholars from Wuhan region in China to Safety as a matter of urgency NOW!!!. #CoronaVirusAppeal We are hereby humbly seeking emergency support and donation to help cater for Ghanaian students and scholars in the Epicenter of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak and other cities and in some other countries that are hit massively by this unfortunate outbreak. Please DONATE generously to support our campaign and to help SAVE A LIFE. Thank you for unconditionally supporting our petition to the president of Ghana and the campaign to evacuate our students and scholars from China, to safety and to save their lives. We are grateful and appreciate your kindness.   #GUGSCampaigns   –   #SupportOurStudents  

Global Union of Ghanaian Scholars (GUGS)
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EQUALITY =. A person + a person = people.  Does not matter which person gets pulled two at random they equal two people no color race religion creed or age    The only difference we should see is raising the young ones the children up to be what we should have already been.   DIVINE RIGHT TO DECIDE WITHOUT FEAR = I should not fear persecution death punishment or any other harm to myself nor my family for what I choose to believe because it is MY CHOICE TO DECIDE FOR MYSELF.  If I want to live a loser life.  If I want to be a winner my choice.  Simply put it this way you can color a white sheet of paper blue and demand that piece of paper be blue because you wanted to change it,  it was given its right at creation to be as it is and for no other to decide but itself or OURSELVES.   THE PROTECTION OF ALL LIVING THINGS ON THIS PLANET.  We are here to be caretakers for the lesser we were educated for this reason.  There is a circle of life and we are in it but that does not give us the right to take advantage of anything on this planet what we eat what we take we must also replace with an equal giving upon what we take.  HOW COULD NOBODY SEE. HOW COULD NOBODY UNDERSTAND.  WE ARE NOT OUR ENEMY.  SIMPLY MY NAME IS MITCHELL GLENN RAY. TO TRANSLATE CLOSE TO GOD IN THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS. FURTHER. CLOSE TO GOD OR GODS IN THE PLAIN OF EQUALITY.   SHALEMS IN SHAVVEH AND THEN YOU WILL SEE WHAT WE CAN BE THANK YOU.   

Northstar: Helping kids find their true North
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Remove the Super Bowl 2015 Commercial

Your opinions matter to us. And we listened. We previewed GoDaddy’s Super Bowl spot, featuring a puppy named Buddy, on a popular talk show and, shortly after, we heard from you on that you did not like the ad. As such, we decided to immediately pull the ad in question. Now that the Super Bowl is over, we wanted to make sure to let you, the signers of the petition, know about our action. We’ve made a tremendous amount of progress over the past two years, advancing the GoDaddy brand as a company that cares a great deal about small business and is in their corner to help them succeed. People increasingly know who we are, what we do, and who we do it for. At the end of the day, our purpose at GoDaddy is to help small businesses around the world build a successful online presence. We hoped our ad would increase awareness of that cause. However, we underestimated the emotional response. And, we heard that loud and clear. The net result? We pulled the ad from the Super Bowl, and you may have seen our new commercial, which focused squarely on our customer, the small business owner. Finally, rest assured, Buddy came to us from a reputable and loving breeder in California. He’s now part of the GoDaddy family as our Chief Companion Officer and he lives permanently with one of our longtime employees. Thanks again for expressing your concerns.

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