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  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Farming, Food and the Marine Environment

Member of Parliament for Camborne and Redruth and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Farming, Food and the Marine Environment

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Stop slaughter abuse. Save innocent animals from unlicensed death at UK slaughterhouse.

Stop animal slaughter abuse. Save innocent animals from un-stunned, unlicensed killing at UK slaughterhouse, Burnley. One of Britain's largest halal slaughterhouses is under investigation over allegations of animal cruelty. All the animals at the Halal Slaughterhouse, Burnley, are meant to be killed under Halal Law, quickly by a single cut from a surgically-sharp knife, however, no animals were shown to be killed in the correct manner.  Undercover footage shows a slaughterman hacking at sheep's necks, after throwing them into a blood covered conveyor belt. The hidden cameras show disturbing and illegal behaviour as the sheep's necks were slit several times and sheep were seen having fits and attempting to escape after several throat hacks, instead of dying an instant death.  Sign this petition to campaign for animal rights and against illegal slaughter.

Charlotte Kiel
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Protect crabs and lobsters from pain under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (England and Wales)

Scientific evidence has now demonstrated that crabs, lobsters, prawns and crayfish are highly likely to experience pain and even emotional anxiety[1]. An EU panel has stated that many of the ways in which these animals are currently slaughtered are inhumane[2].  They are often simply torn apart or boiled alive. Boiling alive can take them around 3 minutes to die[3], something which would be considered completely unacceptable in a vertebrate animal like a pig or chicken. Moreover, live crabs have been found for sale packaged and bound tightly in plastic to be slaughtered at home by the customer. Authorities were powerless to prosecute because crabs aren’t currently covered under animal welfare legislation. Given the latest scientific evidence we believe this is unacceptable. We’re taking action. Please join us! Our aim is to get the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (England and Wales) to include decapod crustaceans e.g.  crabs, lobsters, prawns, crayfish and shrimp. This means that anyone farming them, storing them or slaughtering them must abide by basic animal welfare rules – providing enough food, decent water quality, protection from pain and suffering, and humane slaughter methods. Importantly, the Animal Welfare Act already allows for the inclusion of these animals should sufficient scientific evidence become available of their ability to experience pain or suffering[4]. Many countries have already done this - in New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, some Australian states and territories, and in some European cities, decapod crustaceans are recognized as sentient creatures and afforded relevant legal animal welfare protection. Tell George Eustice and DEFRA that the time has come to protect decapod crustaceans by including them in the Animal Welfare Act! Find out more at [1]You can find further information on the scientific evidence on our website:  [2]  [3]  [4]      

Crustacean Compassion
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DEFRA allow Milo/all dogs where owners don't have any convictions automatic Interim Scheme

We petition DEFRA to allow Milo and all dogs, seized under section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (amended), to automatically be granted the Interim Exemption Scheme, where owners do not have any previous convictions. Milo is a rescue dog; he has lived with his owners for three and a half years, during which time he has been a well behaved, much loved family pet and companion to his owners, both older ladies. When these ladies selected Milo from the rescue, all the necessary checks were completed. The rescue is a registered charity, has been rescuing dogs and rehoming them to responsible new owners for over 30 years and has an impeccable record. Milo was microchipped and neutered before adoption, he had been assessed for temperament and behaviour, it was agreed that he was an example of an all round perfect family pet. Milo has lived happily and without incident with his owners until October 2017. Whilst out walking Milo his owner, aged 60, slipped and fell down a bank, she broke her foot and lay for two hours waiting to be found. During this time Milo wandered off, he was found by a member of the public with his lead still attached. Realising this was obviously a lost dog the warden was alerted. From there Milo came to the attention of the police, not because he was badly behaved but because of his appearance, Milo is a mixed bull breed of unknown parentage. The police in Kent seized Milo as a suspected pit bull type dog and held him pending a formal assessment by a Dog Legislation Officer. Whilst Milo's owner was in hospital waiting for surgery on her foot, Milo was detained at a secret location. His older owner, a lady in her 80s was left to try and find details of what was happening to him. Distressed by the situation and not knowing who to turn to she went to her local police station, where, in tears, she pleaded to have their dog returned. Eventually the Dog Legislation Officer (DLO) informed Milo's owners that he did indeed believe Milo to fit the description of a pit bull type dog, he then told the ladies that Milo would be detained at police approved kennels until a court hearing to determine Milo's future. We believe that all dogs in Milo's situation should be allowed to remain at home, with their owners, who are of impeccable character, until such time as a court hearing can be arranged. This facility exists as the Interim Exemption Scheme and is recommended by DEFRA but is left to each police forces' discretion. Allowing dogs to remain at home is not only better for the animals' welfare, it also reduces owners' distress and monetary expenditure. At a time where public expenditure is of deep concern for us all, introducing the Interim Exemption Scheme as compulsory would greatly benefit taxpayers, as the savings in kennel fees and associated costs would be significant. Previous reports published by the BBC show that it costs over £5 million per year to hold seized dogs in kennels (excluding the Metropolitan Police area). There are also subsequent costs that could be avoided including transportation veterinary treat etc. We the undersigned formally ask DEFRA to direct all forces to implement the Interim Exemption Scheme as mandatory as we believe it is both in the public's and animals' best interest overall. Milo's progress can be followed on his Facebook page Donations to help with a private assessor plus legal costs (no legal aid is available) can be made via PayPal marked MILO to    

Putting BSL to Sleep UK
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No More Plastic Straws in McDonalds

Plastic pollution is a growing problem in the world. By 2050 it is estimated that, by weight, there is going to be more plastic than fish in the world. And, in recent years it has also started to make its way into the food-chain. Whales are known to have eaten plastic bags, so too have Sea Turtles. Whilst, fish have succumbed to eating polyethyelene microplastics. However, in recent years a new problem has come to the attention of the public: Plastic Straws. They are known to have caused the drowning of turtles  as they get stuck in their nostrils. This is needless and inhumane. Especially when an easy alternative is already readily available worldwide. Paper straws do exactly the same, except when they have been used they biodegrade. McDonalds, one of the largest Transnational Corporations in every country is one of the front-runners in their production of plastic straws, if they can stop, why can't many others follow their lead?! When we, as a nation, signed up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals we pledged to help life under water- this could be one of the biggest steps in helping us achieve this. Please sign...#PlasticStrawsSuck 

Sam Street
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the RSPCA should retain the power to prosecute animal cruelty

Support the RSPCA in retaining its power to prosecute animal cruelty including illegal hunting. So, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has questioned whether it is appropriate for the charity to bring forward private prosecutions when it is already involved in campaigning and fundraising on the basis that they have a “conflict of interests”. The committee headed by Andrea Leadsom (Secretary of state for environment, Food and rural affairs) might have an ulterior motive that has an IRONIC and direct ‘conflict of interest’ to her committee’s interest in this report. The RSPCA achieved 92.4% prosecution success rate in 2015 and there have been over 280 successful prosecutions under the Hunting Act, a statistic that must not lay well with the secretary of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Andrea Leadsom, an active supporter fox hunting. There lays the conflict of interest: how can an active supporter of fox hunting head a report suggesting the RSPCA be stripped of the power to prosecute when the RSPCA have successfully brought to justice 280 illegal hunts.  Perhaps Andrea Leadsom is hoping the responsibility of prosecuting hunts will be taken from the RSPCA and sit firmly at the bottom of the pile of Crown Prosecution Service who will naturally see these cases less important than the huge amount of work they already do. The chief executive of the RSPCA, Jeremy Cooper, said: "We are extremely proud of our near 200 years of experience investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty and our 92% success rate - which is currently a higher percentage than the CPS. "Our research shows that 89% of the general public back our prosecutions work and they will be confused why a small number of MPs would suggest stopping the RSPCA carrying out a role which we are very good at and which is paid for by public donations rather than out of taxes. David Bowles, head of public affairs at the RSPCA, told Sky News: "If you hand it over to the CPS - of course they will have other more important high-profile things; murders, rapes, those sorts of things. "You'd expect them to take priority over animal cases - my fear is that animals will go to the bottom of the list."   If this petition gets enough support it will bring this blatant conflict of interest to the attention of the house of commons

rob whittall
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Bully boy Charity RSPCA to lose it's right to privately prosecute!

On the 30 November 2016 one of my 2 dogs was taken as 3 allegations had been made that I kicked my dog. They took Bronson the brindle male Sharpull Terriercame to my friends no warrant held me outside my friends flat & after I willingly came to see them outside & then the block me off allowing RSPCA inspectorate Danielle Grimshaw who apparently works for the west Yorkshire branches Halifax Huddersfield to commit THEFT.They were not invited in to the property but still took him without my consent causing my much stress & the same to my dogs which was witnessed by my friend who's flat it was we were at. I got so upset that I was being held by PC James Preston 1017 of west Yorkshire police Shipley Bradford.. that I had to remove him from myself with warning to stop holding me & to let me go then had to go with another neighbour who tried to calm me down.In this time I had not signed anything yet took one of my two pups illegally to my horror within the space of 10 mins of my hyperventilating & having a panic attack brought on by the events where the police did not even brief anyone of my anxiety & knew of it.This same officer added by one more on my friends door. He then said she took him n handed me a form section 19 pace act criminal evidence seizure.Again with no warrant!We were not in a public place! CODE OF PRACTICE FOR SEARCHES OF PREMISES BY POLICE OFFICERS. AND THE SEIZURE OF PROPERTY Explained"Police officers also do not require a warrant if they have your agreement to carry out a search. Before asking for your consent, however, the officer in charge should explain why the police want to search your home, inform you that you do not have to give your permission and say that anything seized may be used in evidence.A police officer cannot enter and search or continue to search premises if consent is given under pressure or if it is withdrawn before the search is completed. You must consent in writing to make the search lawful."Basically they Breached Code of Practice B of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1986.NET LOGS POLICE RAIDS This link below has a section clearly stating what the police can & CAN NOT DO!  INFO FROM DIRECT GOV - Controlling your dog in public: "If you have a banned dog, the police or local council dog warden can take it away and keep it, even if: it isn’t acting dangerouslythere hasn’t been a complaintThe police may need permission from a court to do this. If your dog is in: a public place, the police don’t need a warranta private place, the police must get a warranta private place and the police have a warrant for something else (like a drugs search), they can seize your dogA police or council dog expert will judge what type of dog you have and whether it is (or could be) a danger to the public. Your dog will then either be: releasedkept in kennels while the police (or council) apply to a courtYou’re not allowed to visit your dog while you wait for the court decision." note my d og is NOT of a dangerous Breed"Shar-pei" cross with "American Staffordshire bull terrier" PC 1017 James Preston of West Yorkshire Police under Dee Cloins Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police DID NOT FOLLOW PROTOCAL!Here I add a link to my facebook blog of an hour AFTER ILLEGAL SEIZURE & TRESPASS ETC.. video included.. note the words of PC 1017 JAMES PRESTON WYP One hour after they took my Dog! They invited me to an interview which they asked me not to record after trying to lie first saying I can't cos they have digital tapes & it can mess the system which was rubbish! Note police came 45 minutes late to that interview & RSPCA were 15 mins late when I got there over 30mins early times recorded. They showed 3 clips showing nothing more than my dog pulling up hill no kicking.. they found no marks or bruising & stated this on tape & phone. Yet hold my dog for 6 months to try get a prosecution because the police man is being lazy illegally letting RSPCA handle so called criminal evidence. No other info given apart from policeman lying via email to me on phone & to my face then trying to get me to hand my dog to rspca so he don't have to do no work but hopefully kill my dog like he is trying with their mother that he said was dead but now went for 2 experts which again was a lie n actually said I told him the mother was dangerous after Incommunities Housing Association & the police asked me to care for over a month while I just had her pup. They didn't help in the meantime but the old housing officer did text to ask how the dog was. The policeman told a lie again n I'm going to Court to trip his ass up! again please watch & listen! RSPCA & POLICE pre INTERVIEW This the l find I'm not alone in being a victim of both to make money n steal pets using a Victorian patron out of date 500 years plus then lying to the public n all types of animals & anyone or company Is at risk from this! They saying animal welfare but section 19 pace act is as I posted. Can police seize evidence in the street using PACE section 19 I've managed to blog most of the events to the present n must warn as some of my vocabulary is a tad colorful at times. Please do not let this put you off taking an eye opening inside view to quite a dark reality that needs to be stopped with it being out of control & claiming the lives of many people/animals! I do believe we need a working system run by reliable government bodies so overall I think DEFRA NEEDS TO FORGET THE 2 YEAR PROBATIONARY FOR RSPCA'S PROSECUTION POWERS TO CEASE WITH INSTANT EFFECT! To give the cases to CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICES & TRAIN THEM IN AN UPDATED ANIMAL WELFARE ACT APPROACH!   For more follow us via Facebook BriansFursonSharpullsBronsonAndReno Also...  RSPCA DID THIS! or The SHG - for RSPCA problems Please watch the short exposure video to get a better insight to this rising out of control issues supplied below WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC DETAIL! Video RSPCA EXPOUSRE    

Brian Edward
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changes for special needs children

Hi all i am from the westmidlands UK and im a mother  to a 5 year old sweet boy with complex learning difficulties, We need loads more funding and understanding for children with all different special needs. More time in mainstream schools & more teachers training on special needs kids! We need more special school opening and time spent on our children just like the rest do, im so saddened by this it breaks my heart to know our children are suffering how about in 5-10 years time the next generation of children are going to suffer immensly due to this something has to be done NOW. Nevermind trying to pass our children off as naughty or cant be bothered to teach them so they end up in limbo like a pru with no formal education again due to no special school placement for children with no formal diagnosis, i am a mother of a special 5 year old boy whos going through hell with himself trying to get him where he needs to be! Like many others we need extra funding in order for our children to get the education they all deserve. Its been going on too long now something needs to be done i want to get as many signatures as i can to forward to the SEN department and above goverment for there understanding that us as parents simply cant keep going through hell all at the mercy of endless paperwork. We need them to listen to us parents as we know what's best for OUR CHILDREN not them! We need more special schools opening and training as theres a big rise in new cases and nowhere to place our children, please help by signing lets get our childrens voices heard Thankyou

sarah brownhill
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Fund affordable homes with a levy on second homes and holiday lets in Cornwall

Although we welcome people's passion for our county, we wish for those buying a holiday home in Cornwall to contribute a little more to alleviate the housing crisis faced by many areas of our community. Some villages are becoming ghost towns in the winter, with parishes such as St Minver and St John having a proportion of second homes over 40%. The ability of those from outside the county on better wages to buy homes at inflated prices is driving  up the price of property to unaffordable levels for local people, and thus driving up rent costs. We believe that local authorities, including Cornwall Council, should be given the power to place an additional levy on second homes used as holiday homes and holiday lets. This money would be used to build genuinely affordable homes for local residents.  We also believe that, in order to control the growing number of second homes in our  community, changing a primary residence (lived in full time) to a holiday home or holiday let should be subject to planning controls. We call on our MPs to persuade the Government to enact these policies.

St Ives Constituency Labour Party
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AwAiting update     

Nicolette Organici Maroc
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Make water fountains compulsory at airports to help end plastic pollution

At airports people are forced to buy bottles of water because we're not allowed to take liquids through security. These bottles are often thrown away within minutes or hours. This is needless waste and is greatly contributing to the urgent problem of plastic pollution in the environment. Recently a study revealed that there are plastic fibres in tap water around the globe, which means we are literally drinking plastic. This is scary. We're also eating plastic that's found its way into fish through the food chain. I want to do something to help both ourselves and all other living creatures to thrive on a clean and healthy planet free of pollution and rubbish. Furthermore, water is a basic right and need for humans and it should be readily available everywhere. Installing compulsory water fountains at airports would be a solution, and crucially it would help reduce the amount of plastic waste which is poisoning and defiling our world. Sign this petition if you would like to reduce plastic pollution and be able to access drinking water at airports.

Tasha Gartside
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Clean up Camborne

Dear Benjamin, Thank you for recently making me aware of your petition ‘Clean up Camborne’ which I understand now has over one hundred signatories. I firstly wanted to say how impressed I was that you decided to undertake this initiative. I think it is really encouraging that someone from the younger generation of Camborne wants to make a difference to the upkeep of the town and it is people like you who can make a difference in the future. I feel that some really great progress is already being made that we can build on. As you mention, BID Camborne is a great example of the community getting together to revitalise our town centres and attract new business into Camborne. Whenever I attend their meetings I am always struck by the innovative ideas being presented as well as their website. They recognise the real need to keep attracting top quality businesses into Camborne because the jobs and money that these provide make for a more prosperous town. Although outside the town centre, the new £25 million road project underway at Tuckingmill will unlock derelict land for businesses and will be another step in the economic regeneration of our area. You mention a lack of funding for Camborne. Difficult decisions have had to be made when it comes to Council funding because we need to deal with the country’s debt and start living within our means. I appreciate this has not been easy, however I know both Camborne Town Council and Cornwall Council have worked hard to maintain Camborne as a clean town to live in. I will continue to make sure this is the case and I want to look further into how this can be done. The economy is beginning to turn a corner and in Camborne, Redruth and Hayle employment figures are up by 500 since only last year. We need to make sure this upturn makes its way into people’s pockets. I am looking forward to what the economic recovery will mean for Camborne and I want to look at further projects to revitalise the town. I hope I can count on your support. Thank you again for contacting me. Kind regards, George Eustice MP

4 years ago