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George Eustice MP

  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Farming, Food and the Marine Environment

Member of Parliament for Camborne and Redruth and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Farming, Food and the Marine Environment

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Petitioning George Eustice MP, Boris Johnson

We made Seaspiracy. Help us protect 30% of our oceans by 2030 from industrial fishing.

Canada | Brazil | France | Germany | Italy | UK | USA | Ireland | Japan | New Zealand | 繁體中文(港澳台)| 简体中文(大陆、新) We are Ali and Lucy Tabrizi, the directors of Seaspiracy. In our popular Netflix Original documentary, we chart our journey across the world as we uncover the horrors of the fishing industry - the most destructive industry in our oceans. We’ve both loved the ocean for as long as we can remember. The sea has given us so much joy and inspiration, and it was our dream to one day make a documentary about the wonders of marine life. But once we started filming and began to discover what was happening at sea, we knew the documentary needed to show this side of the story, that for so long has been mostly hidden from view. We witnessed horrific destruction, abuse, and corruption, and knew we had to expose how the global industrial fishing industries are killing our oceans, out of sight. We revealed a deafening silence over fishing’s role in emptying our seas, its decimation of habitat, and its role in affecting our climate.The UK Government needs to play a key role in saving our seas. There are currently only four ‘no-catch’ zones around the UK, and only 4% of UK waters have any protection at all. So we are asking George Eustice, the environment secretary, to create and enforce ‘no-catch’ marine reserves in at least 30% of UK waters. These no-catch zones will protect vulnerable wildlife whose populations are in a state of collapse, and will ensure these habitats have a chance of recovering. This must be a global effort, therefore we are asking world leaders to join forces and help protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030. Why is this important? The fishing industry is by far the most destructive industry in our oceans. Here are just a few facts that we discovered while making Seaspiracy: Fishing has wiped out 90% of the world’s large fish (1) $35 Billion in subsidies goes to the fishing industry worldwide - paying for bigger ships, more fuel, fishing licences, and the capture of even more marine life. (2) Approx. 300,000 dolphins, whales, and porpoises are killed by fishing operations every year (3) Fishing kills up to 30,000 sharks EVERY HOUR (4) Lost fishing gear is by far the deadliest form of marine plastic (5) Unless we act now we will live to see the death of the oceans, and our children will never know the wonder and beauty of our once thriving blue planet. Seaspiracy has exposed the truth, but we can’t fix this on our own. Now we need action, and that’s where you come in. Together we can change this.  *Donations* to this petition go to, not Seaspiracy. If you wish to donate directly to the Seaspriacy campaign please do so here. Join the campaign to save our oceans. Please sign our petition and become part of this historic movement to protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030.Sources: 1 2 3 4 5

Ali and Lucy Tabrizi Directors of Seaspiracy
877,271 supporters
Petitioning UK Parliament, George Eustice MP

Make reducing sewage pollution a legal requirement in the UK

Time is running out to stop the scandalous levels of sewage pollution which devastates our marine environment, poses a dire risk to public health, contaminates local shellfish industries and threatens coastal economies. We are supporting an amendment to the Environment Bill which will address the ongoing issue of privatised water companies pumping billions of litres raw sewage into the seas and rivers of the UK. There were more than 400,000 sewage discharges, or 100,000 hours of continuous spill, in 2020 alone. Sadly, the problem is getting worse, not better. UK water companies have underinvested in infrastructure for decades and continue to prioritise profit for their shareholders, over the health of their customers. Unless the law changes and compels them to clean up their act, nothing will change. The Environment Bill may be the last chance to address this catastrophe which will only get worse with increased housing development and the impact of climate change. By signing this petition, you are pledging your support for the Duke of Wellington's Amendment, which introduces sensible legal requirements on water companies to progressively improve the sewerage and drainage systems. It also ensures that this is delivered by progressively separating the surface water drainage system from the sewerage system. It’s not a lot to ask but without your help, it won’t happen. For further information, contact Ed Acteson at

Ed Acteson
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Petitioning Boris Johnson, George Eustice MP

Boris Johnson - Ban the Import and Export of Hunting Trophies Now!

1.    In September 2019, the Prime Minister tweeted a picture of Walter Palmer, the hunter who killed Cecil, along with the message: ”We must end this barbaric practice”. 2.    In October, 2019 the government promised in the Queen's speech to ban trophy imports of endangered species. 3.    The pledge was included in its election manifesto in December. 4.    In February 2020, Boris Johnson assured MPs at Prime Ministers Questions that he would go ahead with the ban. 5.    On July 7, the Daily Telegraph published a front page story entitled “PM to push ahead with trophy hunting ban”. It reported that “a source close to the Prime Minister said last night: ‘It cannot be right that endangered and defenceless animals should be shot for pleasure and their mortal remains stuffed on the mantelpieces of this country’.” Boris - We could not agree with you more! HOWEVER - Defra’s public consultation on trophy hunting ended on 25th February 2020.. MPs of various parties - as well as journalists - have been repeatedly pressing Defra to say WHEN they will be announcing the ban. So far, NOTHING… This is an issue of HUGE importance to British voters: ·  A Survation poll of 2000 people in September 2019 found that 86% of voters want trophy hunting universally banned. ·  A YouGov poll in January 2021 showed just 3% of voters in Britain Do NOT want a trophy hunting import ban. Moreover, evidence presented by experts to Defra shows: a.    the DEVASTATING impacts of Trophy Hunting on threatened species, and b.    that the claims by the industry that trophy hunting supports conservation and communities are BASELESS. SO - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It’s time to #BanTrophyHunting – please #GetTheBanDone NOW.   We demand an end to the import and export of hunting trophies from Britain, and urge Boris Johnson to follow through on his message of 2019 calling for an end to this barbaric practice.  

Siobhan Mitchell
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Petitioning George Eustice MP, Michael Gove MP

Shelter for Farm Animals

There are farm animals across the UK burning in the searing summer sun without access to so much as a single tree for shelter. So I’m calling for it to be a legal requirement for farm animals to have adequate and appropriate shelter. I’m a professional dog walker and every day I see farm animals suffering in the sun in the Darlington countryside. It’s unbearably hot for me to be out there but at least I can limit my exposure by seeking shelter - it’s so unfair that these poor animals can’t do the same. Many farmers have removed hedgerows and trees for more efficient use of farm machinery, leaving cows and sheep huddling around fences in a desperate attempt to get even the slightest bit of shade. We cannot stand by and let these animals suffer in this way. The record high temperatures are especially bad news for cattle as they are known to be sensitive to the sun and heat. Dairy farming organisations are advising that cows are provided with shelter, but some farmers are resorting to applying sunscreen to sunburned cows (1) - something that should only be done on advice from a vet. This problem won’t go away after this heatwave is over - extreme weather is becoming the norm because of climate change. Cows and sheep need shelter from the heavy rain, snow and ice in the winter as well as from the sun in the summer. Currently UK law says that farmers should look after the health and welfare of their animals, but there is no mention of them having access to shelter. Please sign my petition to make shelter for farm animals a legal requirement! (1)

Kathy Barley
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Petitioning George Eustice MP, Boris Johnson

Seaspiracy – Lasst uns 30 % unserer Ozeane bis 2030 vor industrieller Fischerei schützen!

DE I EN Wir sind Ali und Lucy Tabrizi, die Regisseure von Seaspiracy. In unserer beliebten Netflix-Original-Dokumentation zeichnen wir unsere Reise durch die Welt auf, während wir die Schrecken der Fischereiindustrie aufdecken - die zerstörerischste Industrie in unseren Ozeanen. Wir beide lieben den Ozean seitdem wir denken können. Das Meer hat uns so viel Freude und Inspiration gegeben, und es war unser Traum, eines Tages einen Dokumentarfilm über die Wunder des Meereslebens zu drehen. Aber als wir mit den Dreharbeiten begannen und entdeckten, was im Meer passiert, wussten wir, dass der Dokumentarfilm auch diese Seite der Geschichte zeigen musste, die so lange Zeit weitgehend verborgen war. Wir wurden Zeugen von entsetzlicher Zerstörung, Missbrauch und Korruption und wussten, dass wir aufdecken mussten, wie die globale Fischereiindustrie unsere Ozeane im Verborgenen tötet. Wir enthüllten das ohrenbetäubende Schweigen über die Rolle der Fischerei bei der Entleerung unserer Meere, der Dezimierung des Lebensraums und der Beeinflussung unseres Klimas.Die deutsche Regierung muss eine Schlüsselrolle bei der Rettung unserer Meere spielen. Wir fordern daher Julia Klöckner, die Bundesministerin für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz, auf, in mindestens 30% der deutschen Gewässer Fangverbotszonen einzurichten und durchzusetzen. Diese Fangverbotszonen werden gefährdete Wildtiere schützen, deren Populationen zusammengebrochen sind, und sicherstellen, dass diese Lebensräume eine Chance haben, sich zu erholen. Dies muss eine globale Anstrengung sein, deshalb bitten wir die Staats- und Regierungschefs der Welt, ihre Kräfte zu bündeln und dabei zu helfen, mindestens 30 % unserer Ozeane bis 2030 zu schützen. Warum ist das so wichtig? Die Fischereiindustrie ist bei weitem die zerstörerischste Industrie in unseren Ozeanen. Hier sind nur ein paar Fakten, die wir bei der Erstellung von Seaspiracy entdeckt haben: Die Fischerei hat 90% der Großfische der Welt ausgerottet (1) 5 Milliarden Dollar an Subventionen gehen weltweit an die Fischereiindustrie - diese finanzieren größere Schiffe, mehr Treibstoff, Fanglizenzen und den Fang von noch mehr Meereslebewesen (2) Ca. 300.000 Delfine, Wale und Schweinswale werden jedes Jahr durch die Fischerei getötet (3) Die Fischerei tötet JEDE STUNDE bis zu 30.000 Haie (4) Verlorenes Fischereigerät ist bei weitem die tödlichste Form von Plastik im Meer (5) Wenn wir jetzt nicht handeln, werden wir den Tod der Ozeane erleben, und unsere Kinder werden nie die Wunder und die Schönheit unseres einst blühenden blauen Planeten kennenlernen. Seaspiracy hat die Wahrheit aufgedeckt, aber wir können das Problem nicht alleine lösen. Jetzt müssen wir handeln, und da kommen Sie ins Spiel. Gemeinsam können wir das ändern.  Unterstützen Sie die Kampagne zur Rettung unserer Ozeane. Bitte unterschreiben Sie unsere Petition und werden Sie Teil dieser historischen Bewegung, um bis 2030 mindestens 30% unserer Ozeane zu schützen. Quellen: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Ali and Lucy Tabrizi Directors of Seaspiracy
877,271 supporters
Petitioning Michael Gove

Tell the Government to ban weedkiller that causes cancer

Groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, a 46 year old husband and father of three, is dying. Cancer has spread throughout most of his body, and he has just months to live. Last week a U.S. court ruled that his cancer was caused by glyphosate - a chemical widely used as a weedkiller in farming here in the UK. Glyphosate is in our soil, our water and our food. Now we know how dangerous it is I’m urgently calling for it to be banned. The court in California found that glyphosate had contributed “substantially” to DeWayne’s terminal cancer. So what is it doing to us? Tests by our own government found that 60% of bread in the UK contains glyphosate, it’s been found in children’s cereals in the USA, and in Germany 99.6% of people tested had glyphosate in their urine. Across Europe glyphosate is found in 45% of topsoil. How can we accept the chemical that caused DeWayne’s cancer seeping into our food and our bodies? Monsanto, the chemical giant behind the weedkiller, was found to have hidden from the public their knowledge that glyphosate was likely to cause cancer. Now their secret is out we must urgently ban the chemical before it does any more harm. This must be the final nail in the coffin for glyphosate. Two years ago The World Health Organisation warned that it probably causes cancer in humans. France, Germany and Italy have already banned or restricted its use. In the UK, towns and villages across the country have ditched glyphosate, Waitrose has stopped selling it and Homebase and B&Q are considering pulling it from their shelves. We urgently need to get this carcinogenic weedkiller out of our soil, out of our food and out of our bodies. Please sign here to ban glyphosate now.  

Abbie Cheesman
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Petitioning The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Mr Steven Agnew MLA, Rt Hon Michael Gove, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, George Eustice MP, Thérèse Coffey MP, Lord gardiner of kimble, Arlene...

Justice for Sparky: Tougher Sentences for Offenders of Animal Cruelty

Sparky was an 11 week old puppy, he was a victim of Animal Cruelty. He was bludgeoned to death with a hammer and then microwaved. The cruel monsters who did this also filmed their actions while laughing and joking. His poor lifeless body was then dumped in a rubbish bin. Sparky's life ended before it even began. All he knew was a life of immense pain and suffering. His last moments on earth filled with tremendous fear. The current sentences for Animal Cruelty are a Maximum of 5 years. Sparky would likely have lived longer than 5 years. Yet Sparky will not get to live these years out with a family who loves him, playing with his favourite ball and sleeping in front of the fire. Instead Sparky is gone. His life cruelly robbed from him in the most horrific and violent way. In five short years the offenders could be free to walk the streets again. The crime is so horrific and violent I think that five years is merely a slap on the wrist. Someone who is capable of such a horrific act is truly capable of anything and obviously has no respect for living beings. Please sign this petition to ensure that the offenders and other offenders of such serious acts of cruelty get the sentences they deserve.  We as a community of people do not want to live among these monsters, they do not share the same values and respect for life and do not deserve to walk free among us. They deserve lengthier prison sentences. I deeply care about animals like Sparky. These innocent animals can't speak up for themselves and so I want to on their behalf. They have thoughts, feelings and emotions. Just like us. They deserve justice too. If Sparky was a human these monsters would be jailed for life. I hope to get enough signatures to get the government to extend the maximum sentences for the most serious acts of cruelty. PLEASE SIGN. Let's get justice for Sparky.

Rebecca Cooper
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Clean up Camborne

Dear Benjamin, Thank you for recently making me aware of your petition ‘Clean up Camborne’ which I understand now has over one hundred signatories. I firstly wanted to say how impressed I was that you decided to undertake this initiative. I think it is really encouraging that someone from the younger generation of Camborne wants to make a difference to the upkeep of the town and it is people like you who can make a difference in the future. I feel that some really great progress is already being made that we can build on. As you mention, BID Camborne is a great example of the community getting together to revitalise our town centres and attract new business into Camborne. Whenever I attend their meetings I am always struck by the innovative ideas being presented as well as their website. They recognise the real need to keep attracting top quality businesses into Camborne because the jobs and money that these provide make for a more prosperous town. Although outside the town centre, the new £25 million road project underway at Tuckingmill will unlock derelict land for businesses and will be another step in the economic regeneration of our area. You mention a lack of funding for Camborne. Difficult decisions have had to be made when it comes to Council funding because we need to deal with the country’s debt and start living within our means. I appreciate this has not been easy, however I know both Camborne Town Council and Cornwall Council have worked hard to maintain Camborne as a clean town to live in. I will continue to make sure this is the case and I want to look further into how this can be done. The economy is beginning to turn a corner and in Camborne, Redruth and Hayle employment figures are up by 500 since only last year. We need to make sure this upturn makes its way into people’s pockets. I am looking forward to what the economic recovery will mean for Camborne and I want to look at further projects to revitalise the town. I hope I can count on your support. Thank you again for contacting me. Kind regards, George Eustice MP

8 years ago