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George Eustice MP

  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Farming, Food and the Marine Environment

Member of Parliament for Camborne and Redruth and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Farming, Food and the Marine Environment

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Shelter for Farm Animals

There are farm animals across the UK burning in the searing summer sun without access to so much as a single tree for shelter. So I’m calling for it to be a legal requirement for farm animals to have adequate and appropriate shelter. I’m a professional dog walker and every day I see farm animals suffering in the sun in the Darlington countryside. It’s unbearably hot for me to be out there but at least I can limit my exposure by seeking shelter - it’s so unfair that these poor animals can’t do the same. Many farmers have removed hedgerows and trees for more efficient use of farm machinery, leaving cows and sheep huddling around fences in a desperate attempt to get even the slightest bit of shade. We cannot stand by and let these animals suffer in this way. The record high temperatures are especially bad news for cattle as they are known to be sensitive to the sun and heat. Dairy farming organisations are advising that cows are provided with shelter, but some farmers are resorting to applying sunscreen to sunburned cows (1) - something that should only be done on advice from a vet. This problem won’t go away after this heatwave is over - extreme weather is becoming the norm because of climate change. Cows and sheep need shelter from the heavy rain, snow and ice in the winter as well as from the sun in the summer. Currently UK law says that farmers should look after the health and welfare of their animals, but there is no mention of them having access to shelter. Please sign my petition to make shelter for farm animals a legal requirement! (1)

Kathy Barley
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Petitioning Michael Gove

Tell the Government to ban weedkiller that causes cancer

Groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, a 46 year old husband and father of three, is dying. Cancer has spread throughout most of his body, and he has just months to live. Last week a U.S. court ruled that his cancer was caused by glyphosate - a chemical widely used as a weedkiller in farming here in the UK. Glyphosate is in our soil, our water and our food. Now we know how dangerous it is I’m urgently calling for it to be banned. The court in California found that glyphosate had contributed “substantially” to DeWayne’s terminal cancer. So what is it doing to us? Tests by our own government found that 60% of bread in the UK contains glyphosate, it’s been found in children’s cereals in the USA, and in Germany 99.6% of people tested had glyphosate in their urine. Across Europe glyphosate is found in 45% of topsoil. How can we accept the chemical that caused DeWayne’s cancer seeping into our food and our bodies? Monsanto, the chemical giant behind the weedkiller, was found to have hidden from the public their knowledge that glyphosate was likely to cause cancer. Now their secret is out we must urgently ban the chemical before it does any more harm. This must be the final nail in the coffin for glyphosate. Two years ago The World Health Organisation warned that it probably causes cancer in humans. France, Germany and Italy have already banned or restricted its use. In the UK, towns and villages across the country have ditched glyphosate, Waitrose has stopped selling it and Homebase and B&Q are considering pulling it from their shelves. We urgently need to get this carcinogenic weedkiller out of our soil, out of our food and out of our bodies. Please sign here to ban glyphosate now.  

Abbie Cheesman
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Justice for Sparky: Tougher Sentences for Offenders of Animal Cruelty

Sparky was an 11 week old puppy, he was a victim of Animal Cruelty. He was bludgeoned to death with a hammer and then microwaved. The cruel monsters who did this also filmed their actions while laughing and joking. His poor lifeless body was then dumped in a rubbish bin. Sparky's life ended before it even began. All he knew was a life of immense pain and suffering. His last moments on earth filled with tremendous fear. The current sentences for Animal Cruelty are a Maximum of 5 years. Sparky would likely have lived longer than 5 years. Yet Sparky will not get to live these years out with a family who loves him, playing with his favourite ball and sleeping in front of the fire. Instead Sparky is gone. His life cruelly robbed from him in the most horrific and violent way. In five short years the offenders could be free to walk the streets again. The crime is so horrific and violent I think that five years is merely a slap on the wrist. Someone who is capable of such a horrific act is truly capable of anything and obviously has no respect for living beings. Please sign this petition to ensure that the offenders and other offenders of such serious acts of cruelty get the sentences they deserve.  We as a community of people do not want to live among these monsters, they do not share the same values and respect for life and do not deserve to walk free among us. They deserve lengthier prison sentences. I deeply care about animals like Sparky. These innocent animals can't speak up for themselves and so I want to on their behalf. They have thoughts, feelings and emotions. Just like us. They deserve justice too. If Sparky was a human these monsters would be jailed for life. I hope to get enough signatures to get the government to extend the maximum sentences for the most serious acts of cruelty. PLEASE SIGN. Let's get justice for Sparky.

Rebecca Cooper
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Petitioning George Eustice MP

Protect Filey's fishing heritage

For generations, the North Yorkshire coast has been home to vibrant fishing communities. Fishing has shaped towns and coastlines, offered careers to local families, provided delicious, sustainable food, and contributed hugely to local tourism. These coastal fisheries are small-scale, low-impact and working hard to protect the environment they depend upon. In Filey, the fishery is down to just seven small-scale, artisanal boats. Fishermen have inherited their licenses from their fathers, and want to pass them on to their children and grandchildren. But all of this is at risk due to new proposed regulations from the Environment Agency (EA). Why? The EA is working to protect salmon stocks in the area, which are under pressure. Some salmon are caught by these small, commercial boats, but many more are caught by anglers - who fish the spawning grounds for the salmon along river beds. The EA is proposing to drastically reduce fishing opportunities for the remaining commerical fishermen in Filey, and along the whole North Yorkshire coast. Eventually, the plan is to remove licenses from these fishermen entirely. All fishermen - whether at sea or in-land - want to make sure there are plenty of salmon for future generations. To protect stocks, boats in Filey have been voluntarily releasing salmon throughout the months of April and May for over a decade, and they focus their commercial operation entirely on catching sea trout. They have voluntarily captured data on all fish they catch, reduced the length of their nets, and only fish for 5 months of the year. Per year, the average catch of salmon by this small commercial fleet is just 157 fish. In comparison, the catch of sea trout is over 4,600 fish. This valuable, sustainable sea trout fishery will be completely eliminated by the EA's proposals. We believe the EA should work with the local fishermen to find a solution that is sustainable for the community, as well as the environment - and not put an end to generations of fishing heritage in local Yorkshire communities. Fishermen want to be part of the solution: let them be! With a new spotlight on UK fishing due to Brexit, this government should not allow small-scale, low-impact, sustainable fishing businesses to go out of operation - with a huge impact on local families and businesses - when alternative options exist. Protect the fishing heritage of the North Yorkshire coast.

Fishermen of Filey
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Petitioning George Eustice MP, Michael Gove MP, Betsy Bassis

DEFRA allow Milo/all dogs where owners don't have any convictions automatic Interim Scheme

We petition DEFRA to allow Milo and all dogs, seized under section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (amended), to automatically be granted the Interim Exemption Scheme, where owners do not have any previous convictions. Milo is a rescue dog; he has lived with his owners for three and a half years, during which time he has been a well behaved, much loved family pet and companion to his owners, both older ladies. When these ladies selected Milo from the rescue, all the necessary checks were completed. The rescue is a registered charity, has been rescuing dogs and rehoming them to responsible new owners for over 30 years and has an impeccable record. Milo was microchipped and neutered before adoption, he had been assessed for temperament and behaviour, it was agreed that he was an example of an all round perfect family pet. Milo has lived happily and without incident with his owners until October 2017. Whilst out walking Milo his owner, aged 60, slipped and fell down a bank, she broke her foot and lay for two hours waiting to be found. During this time Milo wandered off, he was found by a member of the public with his lead still attached. Realising this was obviously a lost dog the warden was alerted. From there Milo came to the attention of the police, not because he was badly behaved but because of his appearance, Milo is a mixed bull breed of unknown parentage. The police in Kent seized Milo as a suspected pit bull type dog and held him pending a formal assessment by a Dog Legislation Officer. Whilst Milo's owner was in hospital waiting for surgery on her foot, Milo was detained at a secret location. His older owner, a lady in her 80s was left to try and find details of what was happening to him. Distressed by the situation and not knowing who to turn to she went to her local police station, where, in tears, she pleaded to have their dog returned. Eventually the Dog Legislation Officer (DLO) informed Milo's owners that he did indeed believe Milo to fit the description of a pit bull type dog, he then told the ladies that Milo would be detained at police approved kennels until a court hearing to determine Milo's future. We believe that all dogs in Milo's situation should be allowed to remain at home, with their owners, who are of impeccable character, until such time as a court hearing can be arranged. This facility exists as the Interim Exemption Scheme and is recommended by DEFRA but is left to each police forces' discretion. Allowing dogs to remain at home is not only better for the animals' welfare, it also reduces owners' distress and monetary expenditure. At a time where public expenditure is of deep concern for us all, introducing the Interim Exemption Scheme as compulsory would greatly benefit taxpayers, as the savings in kennel fees and associated costs would be significant. Previous reports published by the BBC show that it costs over £5 million per year to hold seized dogs in kennels (excluding the Metropolitan Police area). There are also subsequent costs that could be avoided including transportation veterinary treat etc. We the undersigned formally ask DEFRA to direct all forces to implement the Interim Exemption Scheme as mandatory as we believe it is both in the public's and animals' best interest overall. Milo's progress can be followed on his Facebook page Donations to help with a private assessor plus legal costs (no legal aid is available) can be made via PayPal marked MILO to    

Putting BSL to Sleep UK
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Petitioning Imran Khan, Dr Arif Alvi, Chief Justice Supreme court of Pakistan, Mr Murad Ali Shah, Chairman Pakistan Peoples party Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, President of the United States, United Nations, IG S...

Injustice with Hindus and Christians in Pakistan

On Wednesday 20th March 2019,  two teenage Hindu sisters were abducted by unknown men as the local Hindu community celebrated the festival of Holi. 14 year old Reena Kumari & 16 year old Raveena Kumari were abducted from the town of Daharki in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh. Daherki Distt. The local Hindu population of the district took to the streets and blocked the local highway protesting the abduction. The girls family claimed that the that sisters had been abducted by people from the Kohbar and Malik tribes on the eve of Holi. Police refused to help Hindu persons protesting the abduction. Family approached the police to lodge a first information report (FIR) but all in vain. The incident took a strange turn after a video uploaded on social media appeared to show the girls converting to Islam. Their expressions clearly speaks how much they are afraid and oppressed by those religous fanatics. The sisters appear to be visibly distressed in the video and rights activists have claimed that this is another case of forced conversion and abduction, which are becoming increasingly common in the southern region of Sindh. It was not free will and the girls were in fact kidnapped and forcibly converted. It's so devasting to write about forced conversions of minor Hindu daughters of Pakistan. I often think how one can be so cruel and oppressive against people belong to other Religons OR school of thought. This is what happening with Religious minorities, this is how Pakistanis surprise minorities on their religious festives. It's my appeal to everyone who is against oppression and injustice, raise voices for these daughters of Pakistan and Save Humanity. Stop Forced Conversion

Ravi Kumar
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the RSPCA should retain the power to prosecute animal cruelty

Support the RSPCA in retaining its power to prosecute animal cruelty including illegal hunting. So, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has questioned whether it is appropriate for the charity to bring forward private prosecutions when it is already involved in campaigning and fundraising on the basis that they have a “conflict of interests”. The committee headed by Andrea Leadsom (Secretary of state for environment, Food and rural affairs) might have an ulterior motive that has an IRONIC and direct ‘conflict of interest’ to her committee’s interest in this report. The RSPCA achieved 92.4% prosecution success rate in 2015 and there have been over 280 successful prosecutions under the Hunting Act, a statistic that must not lay well with the secretary of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Andrea Leadsom, an active supporter fox hunting. There lays the conflict of interest: how can an active supporter of fox hunting head a report suggesting the RSPCA be stripped of the power to prosecute when the RSPCA have successfully brought to justice 280 illegal hunts.  Perhaps Andrea Leadsom is hoping the responsibility of prosecuting hunts will be taken from the RSPCA and sit firmly at the bottom of the pile of Crown Prosecution Service who will naturally see these cases less important than the huge amount of work they already do. The chief executive of the RSPCA, Jeremy Cooper, said: "We are extremely proud of our near 200 years of experience investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty and our 92% success rate - which is currently a higher percentage than the CPS. "Our research shows that 89% of the general public back our prosecutions work and they will be confused why a small number of MPs would suggest stopping the RSPCA carrying out a role which we are very good at and which is paid for by public donations rather than out of taxes. David Bowles, head of public affairs at the RSPCA, told Sky News: "If you hand it over to the CPS - of course they will have other more important high-profile things; murders, rapes, those sorts of things. "You'd expect them to take priority over animal cases - my fear is that animals will go to the bottom of the list."   If this petition gets enough support it will bring this blatant conflict of interest to the attention of the house of commons

rob whittall
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'Virtual Fences' in the UK to Lessen Roadkill and Road Traffic Accidents

ProblemIn 2016-2017 it was reported that more than 3900 animals were killed on the roads in the United Kingdom (, 2018). This is 3900 too many. Even more so when you take into account that this only the animals which are reported as roadkill. Have you ever reported roadkill which you've seen? No. Therefore, this number is likely to be much, much larger. Road signs such as, "Animals Crossing" are not effective- drivers simply ignore them. Speed bumps don't work either as they disrupt traffic and result in NIMBYist feelings. However, there is a solution, and it comes from Tasmania...SolutionIn Tasmania, on one stretch of road, there are 'virtual fences', which detect car movement, and animal movement, and when they correspond to one-another, lets out a high frequency sound and flashing lights- which is completely inaudible, and invisible to the driver. This results in the animal being "spooked", and not crossing the road, or it does cross, just when it is safe to do so.Too many people have crashed, or died, in their cars by trying to avoiding wildlife. This simple tool will help to reduce this. In Tasmania this device reduced roadkill by 50%- so fewer animals died, fewer cars were crashed, and fewer people died- a mutually beneficial device to prevent unnecessary deaths.#DontBeOnTheFence Please Share this petition in whatever way you can: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, word of mouth, so that one day this will become commonplace in the UK. If you want to learn more about the 'virtual fences' information can be found at:   or... Fox, et al., (2018), Roadkill mitigation: trialing virtual fence devices on the west coast of Tasmania, Australian Mammalogy, Personal storyMy name is Sam, I am 20 years old, and am currently studying Geography at university. I wanted to set up this petition because when I saw this idea I thought that it should be utilised everywhere- not just hidden away in Tasmania. If it can reduce road traffic accidents, or roadkill even slightly then surely it would be a success?

Sam Street
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Petitioning Department of Environment,, RSPCA, NFU, George Eustice MP, Jamie Oliver

Stop the torture of pigs in Red Tractor approved farms

The Red Tractor label, Britain’s biggest farm-approval scheme, is failing to uphold animal welfare standards and allowing the torture of animals at certified farms. Red Tractor is only making unannounced inspections to one in the 1,000 farms covered by its scheme. Last week, a farm in Dunstable was thrown out of the scheme after it was sent footage of frightened animals given repeated shocks with an electric prod. The footage also showed a worked smashing the heads of piglets against a wall to kill them. This farm, according to The Times, had passed five pre-announced inspections in the past year to support its Red Tractor certification, the most recent being this month.  Pictures have also emerged of pigs so tightly packed into pens that they are forced to sleep on top of each other.  This comes after animal welfare activists from the campaign group Viva! Captured filmed a sow being eaten alive by other pigs at Hogwood pig farm in Oxhill, Warwickshire. Campaigners also found animals in extreme distress at the farm, which supplies pork to Tesco. And yet on its website, Red Tractor claims that: "Red Tractor farmers care about their animals. We visit every farm and only skilled people are allowed to look after livestock. Our standards mean animals have suitable space, and the right food and water to ensure they’re healthy. Our vets only prescribe medicines when animals are ill." So far, only chef Jamie Oliver has made a stand against the Red Tractor label, saying he would not feed his children chicken which had been produced under the scheme. Please sign this petition to show that you believe that this treatment of animals is unacceptable and must stop. The Red Tractor scheme should be held to account for its failure to inspect farms. The whole scheme should then be called into question. How can it continue if animal welfare standards are so flagrantly ignored and consumers are being misled? Please share this petition to make sure we get heard. Thanks!    

Maria Layton
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Clean up Camborne

Dear Benjamin, Thank you for recently making me aware of your petition ‘Clean up Camborne’ which I understand now has over one hundred signatories. I firstly wanted to say how impressed I was that you decided to undertake this initiative. I think it is really encouraging that someone from the younger generation of Camborne wants to make a difference to the upkeep of the town and it is people like you who can make a difference in the future. I feel that some really great progress is already being made that we can build on. As you mention, BID Camborne is a great example of the community getting together to revitalise our town centres and attract new business into Camborne. Whenever I attend their meetings I am always struck by the innovative ideas being presented as well as their website. They recognise the real need to keep attracting top quality businesses into Camborne because the jobs and money that these provide make for a more prosperous town. Although outside the town centre, the new £25 million road project underway at Tuckingmill will unlock derelict land for businesses and will be another step in the economic regeneration of our area. You mention a lack of funding for Camborne. Difficult decisions have had to be made when it comes to Council funding because we need to deal with the country’s debt and start living within our means. I appreciate this has not been easy, however I know both Camborne Town Council and Cornwall Council have worked hard to maintain Camborne as a clean town to live in. I will continue to make sure this is the case and I want to look further into how this can be done. The economy is beginning to turn a corner and in Camborne, Redruth and Hayle employment figures are up by 500 since only last year. We need to make sure this upturn makes its way into people’s pockets. I am looking forward to what the economic recovery will mean for Camborne and I want to look at further projects to revitalise the town. I hope I can count on your support. Thank you again for contacting me. Kind regards, George Eustice MP

6 years ago