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For 2 weeks, ICE has been spraying immigrants with HDQ NEUTRAL 100 times a day, which is germicidal detergent. If you are not aware this detergent causes skin irritation and serious eye damage. This is taking place at the Adelanto Detention Center outside Los Angeles. The people  who are getting sprayed are bleeding and their eyes are burning, and can't get away from it. It is illegal to use for anything other than cleaning medical and professional facilities.These people are getting poisoned, However; I want this petition to help my people and stop ICE from continuing this act. THEIR EYES ARE BURNING FOR GOD'S SAKE! THEY ARE HUMANS AND DO NOT DESERVE THIS CRUEL ACT! btw i got this information thanks to twitter account @NeverAgainActn  TELL EVERYBODY THIS IS HAPPENING AND THAT THEY SIGN!! PLEASE HELP US GET THIS ISSUE NOTICED AND STOPPED IMMEDIATELY, THANK YOU ALL!!  En español- Durante 2 semanas, ICE ha estado rociando a inmigrantes con HDQ NEUTRAL 100 veces al día, que es un detergente germicida. Si no sabe, este detergente causa irritación de la piel y lesiones oculares graves. Esto se lleva a cabo en el Centro de Detención de Adelanto a las afueras de Los Ángeles. Las personas que están siendo rociadas están sangrando y sus ojos están ardiendo, y no pueden alejarse. Sin embargo, estas personas se están envenenando; Quiero que esta petición ayude a mi gente y evite que ICE continúe con este acto. ¡Sus ojos están ardiendo por el amor de Dios! ¡SON HUMANOS Y NO MERECEN ESTA LEY CRUEL! Por cierto, obtuve esta información gracias a la cuenta de Twitter @NeverAgainActn    ¡DIGA A TODOS QUE ESTO ESTÁ PASANDO Y QUE FIRMAN!! POR FAVOR AYÚDENOS A NOTAR ESTE PROBLEMA Y DETENERLO INMEDIATAMENTE, GRACIAS A TODOS!!

iylah moya
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Petitioning Gavin Newsom


Liyah Birru, a Black immigrant from Ethiopia, was prosecuted and incarcerated for defending herself against her abusive husband who had subjected her to beatings, sexual assault, verbal abuse, threats, and racial slurs. After serving her sentence, she now faces the added punishment of deportation. Liyah’s story is all too familiar. Black women, particularly immigrants, are incarcerated and deported at over twice the rate of white women. Upwards of 90% of incarcerated women are survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. Liyah doesn’t have to be deported and further punished for surviving abuse. Governor Newsom can stand with survivors, grant a pardon and stop Liyah’s deportation! Liyah’s Story Liyah met her husband in Ethiopia where he was stationed with the military.  After two years in a long distance relationship, Liyah moved to rural Northern California as a green card holder to join her husband. Life became a nightmare for Liyah soon after she moved in with her husband. Liyah’s husband, a white man, began referring to her as a slave and using racial slurs towards her. The abuse soon escalated - he began destroying her possessions, clothes and became physically abusive.  He’d often apologize and promise to change but would soon become violent again. Isolated in rural California, without a car, and with no friends or family for hundreds of miles, Liyah felt trapped. As the abuse rapidly escalated, she began to fear for her life. Her husband owned a handgun that he kept loaded and would often hold during arguments. Liyah began secretly unloading the handgun when he was not home. When he became violent, Liyah threatened to call the police. Her husband was unphased, promising that police would believe him, a white man, not her, a Black woman, and that he’d have her arrested and deported. Liyah wanted to leave and go to a domestic violence shelter but had no way to get there. Her husband refused to let her leave. The abuse continued to escalate until one day when he slammed her head into a wall, pulled her hair, and hit her in the ribs. Her husband was twice her size. Terrified, Liyah went into the bedroom, unloaded his handgun, and took it. She hoped the sight of her with the gun would cause him to become less aggressive but he continued. Scared that she had no way out, Liyah fired the unloaded gun hoping it would scare him. Unknown to her, one bullet had been left in the chamber of the gun and hit her husband. Liyah called 911. Her husband successfully underwent surgery to remove the bullet. When police arrived, they found Liyah bruised and bleeding. Still, they did not investigate the violence against her and charged her with assault and domestic violence. Facing aggressive prosecution by the district attorney's office, Liyah accepted a plea deal with the promise of a lighter sentence. California law requires judges to consider if someone is a survivor of intimate partner violence. Liyah’s husband testified that he had never been abusive despite the bruises and cuts on Liyah when police arrived and numerous notes apologizing for past abuse. The judge refused to believe Liyah, found that she was not a survivor, and gave her a six-year sentence which would also carry the double punishment of deportation after she completed her sentence. As California Attorney General, Kamala Harris opposed Liyah’s appeal arguing that the record was unclear as to whether she was really a survivor. Liyah’s appeal was dismissed. After serving her six-year sentence, Liyah was arrested by ICE as she left prison. She was taken to the Yuba County Jail which rents space to ICE to be held pending deportation. Liyah’s story is not the exception: Multiple studies indicate that between 71% and 95% of incarcerated women have experienced physical violence from an intimate partner. In 2017, there were 219,000 women in US prisons and jails, most of them poor and of color. In 2014, according to the Sentencing Project, black non-Hispanic females had an imprisonment rate over twice that of white non-Hispanic females. Black immigrants face deportation for criminal convictions at a rate 3x higher than other immigrants. Liyah has suffered enough abuse: first from her violent husband, then from the courts, then from prison, and now, immigration detention. Governor Gavin Newsom can help stop the further abuse of deportation by granting her a pardon.

Survived & Punished
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Justice 4 Amie - Domestic Violence Laws Updated

Due to domestic violence, I recently lost a wonderful friend, Dr. Amie Harwick. She was murdered as a result of poorly written laws that do not protect the victims and properly punish the offenders. I refuse to let her death be in vain. She was a Doctor in the Mental Health Field and advocate in the community. We need to do the same and advocate for Amie. So I am launching JUSTICE 4 AMIE! Amie had a restraining order in place against a violent ex boyfriend she dated over a decade ago. The restraining order had expired before her untimely death. In the last week of January 2020, this ex boyfriend attended an event, at which she was making an appearance, and continued his harassment of her. He began to stalk her thereafter and on late Valentine's night decided to attack her in her own home. This man clearly needed treatment, incarceration and/or punishment for years prior to this attack. She should have never been in this situation like so many other victims. The process to get a restraining order is very difficult, traumatizing and must be repeated when the restraining order expires. With this in mind I believe the laws and statues need to be re-written as follows: 1. No expiration date or a longer protection term and to not be lifted until victim requests it to be cancelled. 2. Mandatory affirmative obligation for long term counseling for the stalker/abuser if a restraining order is violated even a minor offense. If they are deemed a harm to the victim or society, then institutionalization may be ordered. 3. Victims should not have to testify in a courtroom close to their abuser/stalker. There should be an option to live stream in a safe space in a satellite location for the hearing with the judge. It's a traumatic experience that the victim is already dealing with and should not be subjected to it again if they do not feel they can. That is why many abusers get away with their actions: many victims back out of trial due to fear of facing their perpetrator. 4. Just like sex offenders, a National Restraining Order Registry should be made to warn others of offenders that have restraining orders.  There can be levels just like Sex Offender Registry.  A national database so that you can look up an individual and see if they have multiple restraining orders out on them.  It is very difficult to search an individual now to determine if they have had more than one Restraining Order without knowing the Victim etc.  5. Financial Abuse by Abusers is very serious and is another major reason why most victims find it difficult to leave their abuser.  Identity Theft since the abuser may have all the personal and financial information of the victim. Their Credit Scores ruined by partners running up charges and not paying their debts to hurt the victim.   Coercive Abuse.     UPDATE for 5. -  SUPPORT SENATE BILL 1141 by Senator Rubio who is currently pushing for Legislation on this matter in California. 6. Free access to Attorneys just like criminals have free access to public defenders.  A victim should not have to bear the legal fees that are incurred when seeking protection.  7.  The personal addresses of anyone should be blocked from public access and remain private per individuals request.  Voter Registration and Business Registration is an easy way to access someone's personal home information which gives Stalkers and Abusers access to the victim's home address.  Privacy matters!    UPDATE for 7.  = 8.  Supporting Current Bills to pass like SACRAMENTO, CA – Sen. Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) has introduced Senate Bill 1141, which will expand legal protections for survivors of domestic violence by criminalizing threats, humiliation, intimidation, and other coercive actions that are used to frighten and control a victim. SB 1141 makes coercive control a crime punishable by imprisonment in jail not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison, or by a fine not exceeding $1,000. The bill defines coercive control as the deprivation or violation of the victim’s personal liberty, which can be established through a course of conduct including force, duress, isolation, or economic abuse. Examples of coercive control include controlling a person’s finances; isolating a person from family and friends; and monitoring a person’s day-to-day activities. “Current domestic violence laws do not reflect how domestic violence is practiced in reality,” Sen. Rubio said. “The new crime of coercive control recognizes that domestic violence encompasses more than just physical abuse. This change protects survivors of domestic violence by making their cases harder to dismiss and easier to prosecute.”  “SB 1141 authored by Sen. Rubio recognizes that domestic violence is not limited to physical violence,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, the bill’s sponsor. “This legislation addresses the very real harm of coercive control and strengthens the State’s protections for domestic violence survivors.” England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland have had coercive control laws for several years, encouraging changes in how their societies view individual acts of violence as part of a broader pattern of abuse. The unique harms suffered by domestic violence survivors occurs as much from the deprivation of liberty achieved through a pattern of power and control as it does from discrete physical acts of violence.   If anyone has any other ideas, we would love to hear them. People shouldn't have to die to make changes. As she helped countless numbers of other people in life, we need to use Amie’s passing as a catalyst for change. So her family, friends, and loved ones’ pain from her death is not in vain. Enough is Enough. 1 in 4 will experience severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. 1 in 3 women will experience rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime. 3 women a day are killed by domestic violence. #Justice4Amie Lets get a Million Signatures & More

Diana Arias
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Santa Anita: Stop killing racehorses

Last year 41 racehorses, including former Breeders’ Cup winner Battle of Midway, have died at California’s world-famous Santa Anita Park. And the number of horses dying goes up every few days.  Still, what’s happening there is no anomaly. Over the past 11 years, Santa Anita has averaged 50 dead racehorses annually; every 12-month period but one (when “only” 37 died) saw at least 40 corpses. What’s more, Santa Anita can’t even claim it’s heading in the right direction as two of the three worst years were ‘15-’16 and ‘16-’17. Sign and share today to urge Santa Anita to stop the senseless death of racehorses by closing down its track. Nationally, through our seminal FOIA reporting, Horseracing Wrongs has documented over 5,000 confirmed kills on U.S. tracks just since 2014; we estimate that over 2,000 horses are killed racing or training across America every year. Over 2,000. Imagine that. But there's more: Each year, hundreds more die back in their stalls from things like colic and laminitis, or are simply "found dead" in the morning. And perhaps worst of all, the vast majority of has-been (or never-were) equine "athletes" are brutally and violently bled-out and butchered at Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses - some 12,000-15,000 Thoroughbreds alone each year. In short, the American horseracing industry is engaged in wholesale carnage - not hyperbole, carnage. “Horseracing is animal exploitation. Horseracing is animal cruelty. Horseracing kills horses. And for nothing more than $2 bets, idle entertainment. We live in 21st Century America; we can - and should - be better than this.” - Patrick Battuello, Founder/President, Horseracing Wrongs More horses will die if Santa Anita is not closed down. Sign today to tell the owners to save lives by immediately shutting down the track.

Horseracing Wrongs
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Justice for Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden.

In the early morning of August 17th, Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden, were physically assaulted and robbed in Hollywood, California. There are a series of videos that have been posted and suddenly taken down by the very same men that attacked them, where they are seen assaulting, robbing, and humiliating the three women. Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden are trans women of color. A crowbar, a bottle, and even a bike were amongst some of the objects that were used to threaten and hurt the women. The bottle was broken onto Jaslene’s head in which briefly knocked her unconscious. The girls begged for bystanders to call the police, more so when one of the girls was momentarily unresponsive, but all people did was record them on the ground and laugh at them. In a very divisive world, especially in today's social climate, let us not forget about the trans community, for they have the dimmest voices as they are not amplified enough and are often excluded. Please sign this petition and help me demand justice for JoslynFlawless, Jaslene WhiteRose, and Eden The Doll. On behalf of all of the loved ones of Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden, we demand this justice. All of the men involved and responsible for these inhumane acts of violence must be arrested, interrogated, and charged for assault, robbery, and attempted murder. Violence against all women should not be tolerated.  UPDATE*** After a suspenseful investigation, the outcome of the incident was that the men were released on bail and the charges have been dropped. Joslyn, Jaslene, & Eden spoke with the D.A over the phone where he explained to them that they would have to review the evidence once again to further the investigation. A completely unnecessary and poor excuse to force accountability onto the men who attacked 3 Trans Women in Hollywood.  

Stephanie M.
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Justice for Gregory Johnson, Jr.

Gregory Johnson Jr. was the only black member who was living in the house of his fraternity Sigma Chi, a fraternity with a racist history, in 2008. On November 22nd, 2008, he was found hanged and dead in their basement. SJSU PD reported the death was a suicide and said his death was caused by ligature hanging. Gregory has a crack on the back of his head that indicated he had suffered from blunt force trauma, which was leaking brain matter that his parents saw when they were able to see his body. Pictures of his body taken by his parents do not show scars on his neck that support a death by ligature hanging; in fact, there are no marks on his neck, despite the autopsy report reporting marks on his neck. He had evidence on his body, including a broken neck, that showed proof of being beaten. Gregory had no indications of being suicidal, had no history of any mental illness, and left no suicide note. Gregory stood at 6 feet and 2 inches, whereas the pipe was only 5 feet and 10 inches above the ground. SJSU, UPD, and Sigma Chi still rule his death a suicide and have insisted that his parents not pursue the case anymore because of the statute of limitations set on suicide cases. Police reports were inconsistent and police did not pursue the case even though there was a flurry of many details that were inconsistent and suspicious. Conveniently, no Sigma Chi members had seen Gregory hang himself, and none of them saw anything except for the member who allegedly found his body hanging in the basement. Gregory’s parents were denied seeing their son’s body for 13 days because fraternity members had identified his body. When his parents arrived at the frat house, the fraternity had already taken the crime scene tape down and cleaned the basement and disinfected it using Pine-Sol (as allowed by police). Gregory's belongings had been tampered with, and pictures from his phone had been deleted. The FBI eventually took over the case, investigating it as a hate crime, and it stopped in Washington D.C. at the desk of then-Attorney General Eric Holder, with no explanation as to why it was dropped. His family and the public have never had access to the full police report, nor the FBI investigation report. No arrests have been made, and it is widely suspected that SJSU and UPD worked together to cover up his murder in order to avoid a bad reputation for the school, which has also had a history of racism within the school (ie., Sigma Chi in Trump memorabilia Spring 2019, a Nazi swastika in Joe West Dorm Hall, and anti-immigration flyers posted around campus in the 2019-2020 school year). Sigma Chi was also suspended in the mid 1960s for discriminatory actions, and clearly they are still racist, making Johnson’s death as the only black member of the fraternity living in the house at the time even more suspicious. Sigma Chi is an old, established fraternity throughout the college systems in the United States, with many members being from rich, powerful, and influential families. The people demand that the statute of limitations is put aside and the case is reopened in order to serve justice for Gregory Johnson and to finally punish his murderers, the members of Sigma Chi during the time of his death. Gregory Johnson’s parents have waited 12 years for justice and closure, and we the people demand that they do not have to wait any longer. ***DO NOT DONATE TO CHANGE.ORG! THE MONEY GOES TO THE FOR-PROFIT COMPANY RUNNING THE WEBSITE, NOT TOWARDS SPREADING THE PETITION. Donations can be made directly to the Johnson family to @Denise-Johnson-453 on Venmo to Gregory's mother or for legal fees and other resources. Follow @justiceforgregoryjohnson on Instagram and @justice4gregory on Twitter for updates and more ways to fight for justice for Gregory Johnson Jr. Also visit for email templates and more information. More information on Gregory's case:

Tiffany Yep
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Demand Gov. Newsom to #StopICEtransfers and Support Firefighter & Refugee Kao Saelee

Right before this year’s devastating wildfires in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom and California’s prison system (CDCR), handed Kao Saelee, a formerly incarcerated firefighter and Mien refugee to ICE. Instead of reuniting with his family and fighting the wildfires that have devastated California, Saelee is now detained by ICE, thousands of miles away from his loved ones in Louisiana’s Pine Prairie ICE detention facility where there are at least 65 COVID-19 positive cases. Sign the petition: Urge Governor Newsom to #StopICEtransfers from CDCR, and for the Governor to tell ICE to release Kao Saelee now! During this COVID-19 pandemic, California prisons and local jails are not only sites of COVID-19 outbreaks, but continue to act as the main pipeline filling immigration detention centers by turning community members like Saelee who are eligible to be released over to Trump’s deportation machine. Gov. Newsom must act now and halt ICE transfers from state prisons and jails as a concrete way to stop the spread of COVID-19, save lives, and protect public health. Saelee’s story is not uncommon among Southeast Asian refugees. Saelee is ethnically Mien. The Mien people, an oppressed minority in Laos, bravely fought alongside the United States during the Vietnam War and rescued downed American pilots. After the United States withdrew, the Lao government engaged in a campaign of retribution to wipe out the Mien people. Saelee and his family were forced to flee to a refugee camp in Thailand. Eventually, they were resettled in an impoverished and violent neighborhood in Fresno, California. At 18, Saelee found himself homeless, struggling to survive, and made the poor choice to take part in a robbery and fire a warning shot in the air. While in prison, Saelee matured and grew up. Over the past several years, wildfires have devastated California burning millions of acres, destroying homes, and costing far too many lives. Incarcerated firefighters have served on the frontlines protecting communities and lives each wildfire season. Saelee courageously served on the frontlines cutting brush surrounded by smoke and flames during some of the worst wildfires in California history. This summer, Saelee completed his sentence and looked forward to reuniting with his family after 22 years of separation from his loved ones. Saelee youngest sister drove to Pleasant Valley State Prison to pick him up. However, instead of being released, and despite his record of working as an incarcerated firefighter, Gov. Newsom allowed CDCR to transfer Saelee to ICE. Saelee now faces deportation to a country his family fled when he was two years old. Saelee’s incarceration has already had devastating impacts on his family, and they are eager to welcome him home and make up for lost time. Gov. Newsom and CDCR have no legal obligation to work with ICE, and must cut ties with Trump’s deportation machine.  Sign the petition today! Urge Governor Newsom to #StopICEtransfers from CDCR, and for the Governor to tell ICE to release Kao Saelee now!

Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus
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Help Independent California Music Professionals Secure Exemption Under AB5

To the esteemed members of the California Assembly and Legislature: AB5 will have a devastating and catastrophic impact on independent musicians, their livelihoods and the music industry in general in California. Musicians’ businesses operate in a substantially different way than many other types of industries, and the changes brought by AB5 are not sustainable with our business model. Each year, a musician may be booked by numerous entities or individuals and may also contract numerous individuals. Musicians often wear different hats; as performers on their own and other musicians’ recordings and live performances, as session musicians, as instructors, as producers, as composers and songwriters, as bookers and as bandleaders. For example, in a given week, a musician might: Perform one live gig under their own name and two in other bands Teach eight private lessons Produce three songs for a client, involving booking a studio and session musicians Record their own songs with other live musicians Subcontract musicians and play at a wedding In just that one week, the musician would be both employer and employee numerous times over in the AB5 model. This is exponentially true over the course of a year. Using the Uber and Lyft model that precipitated AB5, imagine there are thousands of different rideshare companies. A driver might work for multiple companies for only a few hours every year, and drive with multiple others a couple of hours each week or month. That same driver also owns a rideshare company that uses other drivers. This imagined scenario closely resembles musicians’ situations. Under AB5, independent musicians will be misclassified as employers/employees when they are in fact not and do not wish to be. Most professional musicians in California do not have assistants, lawyers, agents or business managers. Most of us make a modest income in order to pursue our craft. The costs associated with AB5 would be crippling. Incorporating or becoming an LLC is prohibitively expensive, and payroll companies do not work with our business model. If one musician is contracted by another to perform on one song on a record, and the booking musician must go through a payroll company, they must pay fees for that one musician for the entire year. Multiplied by the amount of times one musician can contract other musicians throughout the year, the costs and logistics become overwhelming for an individual. Most musicians in California are not celebrities. We are members of the working class. We have worked diligently to pursue our art, build up clients and nurture professional relationships so that we may continue to create and entertain. We work for and with each other on projects. There is no company or corporate structure. Our work is on a per-project basis and frequently the person booking us is a fellow musician. If a musician is contracted to play on one song on an album, they recognize that there is no promise of future employment. They cannot claim unemployment against their colleague that booked them. Being a professional musician is, by definition, a freelance occupation. The term “gig” was coined in the 1920’s by jazz musicians. Musicians cannot stop freelancing and work at “Blank Music Company” since it doesn’t exist. Music organizations that do offer secure, full- time employment and benefits, such as symphony orchestras, are blindingly difficult to get into. First-call union session musicians in Los Angeles can enjoy an excellent living and benefits, but the lines for those recording sessions are long and few musicians will ever make the bulk of their living this way. Most of us piece together our living from numerous opportunities throughout the year, which we welcome and want to do. We are, frankly, terrified of AB5 as it applies to us. The ABC test is so strict and the fines are so high that many entities will simply stop using California musicians altogether. Clubs will switch to recorded music rather than use payroll companies, composers will use sampled instruments rather than live players and much of our business will simply move to Nashville, New York or Atlanta. The Los Angeles jazz scene has, in the past several years, surpassed that of New York in terms of creativity and visibility, but it is not a money- making venture and is vulnerable in that respect. Jazz clubs, with their limited resources, could become so overburdened that they may be forced to close, which would be a great loss to the state of California, both economically, artistically and in terms of its newfound reputation as a hub for creative music. We are aware that exemptions for musicians were discussed and ultimately negated by the AFM, but the AFM represents only a fraction of musicians in California and does not speak for the majority of us. Most independent musicians were not aware of the existence of AB5 or how it could impact them until after its passing, and most are still not. We appreciate your efforts to go after billion-dollar conglomerates such as Uber and Lyft, but the reality is that independent musicians are much closer to the drivers economically. Many of the individuals in the professions that were granted exemptions – doctors, lawyers and architects – make many times over the salaries of average working musicians. Why not grant independent musicians, who need it even more, the same exemption? We are proud to call ourselves independent California musicians. We want to continue as independent contractors so that we may continue to pursue our craft in the best possible way for us. We would be grateful for an exemption that recognizes the unique nature of our field and allows us to continue to make the best music we possibly can.

Alicia Spillias
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#JusticeForMassaiCole (Hate Crime Enhancement)

This petition is for 18 year old Massai Cole, killed 18 days before his 19th Birthday in Moreno Valley, CA by 2 white supremacy first cousins at one of his best friend’s party. While staying in Moreno Valley with his uncle.  Massai was a loving human being who could light up the world with his charm, wit and smile. He forgave easily, he LOVED hard and he would go above and beyond for his family and friends. He was simply a PROTECTOR. When the Zesk cousins murdered Massai, they didn’t just stop his life, they murdered the souls of an entire family and community AND WE WANT JUSTICE. So many people are devastated behind Massai’s untimely forced death. Massai was raised in Ventura,CA he is known to the Ventura community as (The Ventura Legend) Riverside County is identifying him as an Inglewood, CA man but he is not. Meanwhile the killers are being identified as “Youthful Offenders” even though Massai is younger than the shooter. Massai’s death was a hate crime but the law and courts are not treating it as such! There was no media coverage on Massai Cole’s death, he was shot 8 times in his upper torso, by bullets “not meant for him” that they were randomly shooting into a crowd! (so they say!) but no one else was hit but Massai. One of the only black males at the party. The two cousins that murdered him have known ties to white supremacy, we’re being told that they can’t get the hate crime, and we’re hearing of deals being mentioned. The only deal we want is LIFE without the possibility of parole. We were told that one of the killers is sincere and was on his way to the Marines (too bad we’ll never know where Massai was headed) He should still be here!   Massai’s killers graciously wave the Make America Great Again Flag and the Confederate Flag on their social media pages! They also boast in their music videos on YouTube chanting “White Power, F*** N****rs Kill Them All”. The family believes and knows that Massai was targeted because of the color of his skin. So does Massai’s Caucasian friends who were also present at the party. Riverside County will not add the Hate Crime Enhancement this will ensure that the killers never see the light of DAY, how could they when Massai’s light has been stolen from him by HATE. We are asking for Darren & Jared Zesk (first cousins) to be charged with a Hate Crime Enhancement in the murder of Massai Jevon Cole 02/19/01 - 02/01/20. Massai is missed deeply and there are a lot of people suffering mental depression behind his death. Please help us get #JusticeForMassaiCole #LLSAIJ

Qui Anderson
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