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Petitioning Etsy, Etsy Board of Directors, Fred Wilson, Gary Briggs, M. Michele Burns, Edith Cooper, Jonathan D. Klein, Melissa Reiff, Margaret "Peggy" Smyth, Josh Silverman

Etsy: Stop selling incest and child abuse themed merch!

I am an Australian fashion designer, singer-songwriter and mother of 5. Until recently, I was also an Etsy seller. But then I saw a range of really distressing merchandise on Etsy and I shut down my shop straight away. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Child sex abuse dolls and body parts, child abuse and incest-themed products with slogans begging a father to use his own daughter. Not just words but images depicting young girls as wanting to be violated. So I’ve launched this petition because I don’t think child sexual abuse should be normalised and turned into something to make money from. Children’s charities say incest-themed images give permission to predators and put children at greater risk. These products appear alongside cards for Father’s Day and books and baby clothes. Girls shouldn’t be presented as sexually available to anyone, let alone a parent. As a mother of five who, like all the mums I know, wants to protect their children from abuse, I feel I need to do something. Corporate Social Responsibility is really important. Etsy is a bad corporate citizen, enabling significant harm to the most vulnerable in our community. Etsy must act immediately to remove these sellers and others like them and commit to not allowIng this to happen again. (Note: If you’d like to directly support this campaign please donate to Collective Shout which is backing me.)

Anna Cordell
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Petitioning Etsy

Stop the sale of real seahorses on Etsy

Etsy has been found to allow the sale of real seahorses in jewellery and other trinkets.  Seahorses dead or alive, whole or part thereof and even in antique items can't be legally sold, and yet they can be found for sale online. These creatures are protected under Appendix II of CITES. CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.  Millions and millions of seahorses are killed every year for fashion accessories, trinkets and Chinese medicine.  It is projected that in 30 years seahorses will be extinct. It is a legal requirement to be able to prove that the seahorses are harvested from a sustainable source (even though any harvesting of seahorses is morally wrong, whether sustainable or not).  However, enquiries to date by The Seahorse Trust have shown that many sellers on Etsy are in contravention of CITES and legally should not be trading in seahorses and, if they do, they are actually required to have a CITES II certificate to accompany the object.   If they can in fact prove (and the emphasis on proof is that they have to have physical evidence if challenged by anyone) that the seahorses are from a sustainable source, then they can trade but if they cannot  then it is illegal and as Etsy are the host they are also breaking the law as they are providing a platform and conspiring to sell a legally protected species.  However, the harvesting of seahorses whether from a sustainable source or not is morally wrong and threatens the survival of these creatures. It is also important to note that once sold the recipients are also bound by CITES as they have bought a CITES protected species. The Seahorse Trust would ask Etsy to either ban the sale of seahorse products or, at the very least to ensure legal regulations are complied with, make it a requirement for sellers of seahorse products to ask for CITES proof when ads are submitted, as part of the advertising system - the seller could scan in the CITES certificate at the same time as scanning the photos to appear in the ad.  Better should take the moral stance and ban the sale of seahorse products altogether, which Ebay have already done. By allowing the sale of real seahorse products, online marketplaces such as Etsy are condoning this trade and also contributing to the demand for seahorse products and thereby their continued killing. The Seahorse Trust - Registered charity 1086027 www.theseahorsetrust.orgwww.britishseahorsesurvey.orgFACEBOOK The Seahorse TrustTWITTER @seahorsecharity The Seahorse TrustSKYPE Seahorses12

Tee Green
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Petitioning Josh Silverman, Etsy


Please Join Me in Asking Etsy's New CEO Josh Silverman to Ban The Sale of Fur and ADOPT A FUR-FREE POLICY ON ETSY.COM! Etsy is an online global marketplace focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. I was shocked and deeply saddened to discover the sale of fur on such a beloved website. There is absolutely NOTHING artistic or fashionable about fur. It is horrifyingly cruel and unnecessary. - Each year more than 100 Million animals are killed for fur. Including mink, fox, coyote, sable, raccoon dog, rabbit, chinchilla and more. - 95% percent of fur comes from fur factory farms. To preserve the pelts animals are killed by cruel methods, such as gassing or anal electrocution. Also, the stress from living in tiny wire cages causes serious welfare problems, such as self-mutilation, infected wounds, and cannibalism. - Each year over 5 Million animals are caught in cruel traps. This barbaric equipment includes snares, conibear traps, and steel jaw leghold. Millions of 'non-target animals' are accidentally trapped, including dogs, cats and endangered species. - Fur is not natural but a highly chemical product. Fur trims contain formaldehyde and ethoxylates that can cause allergies, cancer and hormonal imbalance. Due to animal feed and emissions from manure the carbon footprint of fur is 28x higher than polyester. Source: TOGETHER, WITH YOUR SIGNATURE CLICK, WE CAN HELP MAKE ETSY.COM FUR-FREE!!Thank You for your compassion, loving kindness, and wisdom. Please consider sharing on all social media sites, exposure is vital!   Letter to ETSY CEO Josh Silverman Dear Mr. Silverman, My name is Melissa and I am reaching out to you today with love and abundant hope that you will take this moment to read my letter with openness, compassion, and true consideration. Firstly, I must begin by expressing my deepest gratitude for being a part of the Etsy online community. I have been an Etsy seller and shopper for over six years. The level of creative genius on Etsy inspires me daily and I adore connecting with my customers and fellow Etsy sellers, many with whom have spontaneously flowered into beautiful friendships! Recently, while browsing through Etsy's Search for shop supplies I was shocked and extremely saddened to see real fur being sold. I had absolutely assumed that an online global marketplace as friendly, wise, and freshly innovative as Etsy would already have a complete ban on the sale of fur, especially in year 2017. Fur is cruel and unnecessary. Did you know?- Worldwide each year more than 100 million animals are killed on fur farms after short and miserable lives in small wire mesh battery cages, only for fashion. Including mink, coyote, sable, fox, muskrat, rabbit, chinchillas, raccoon dogs and more.source: 1 Billion rabbits are killed each year so that their fur can be used in clothing or for lures in fly-fishing or trim on craft items. - In China, more than 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs are bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death, and often skinned alive for their fur. - Fur farms harm the environment. One million pounds of feces are produced annually by U.S. mink farms alone. One dangerous component of this waste is nearly 1,000 tons of phosphorus, which pollutes nearby rivers and streams.- Electrocuting fur-bearing animals anally and genitally is an agonizing slaughter method used frequently to limit damage to fur.source: Mr. Silverman, there is Nothing fashionable or artistic in harming another being. Not for any dollar amount. I am certain that countless of Etsy shoppers worldwide would truly love supporting, feel inspired by, and appreciate a kinder fur-free Etsy! As the new CEO of Etsy you have an extraordinary opportunity to help end horrific suffering by implementing a fur ban today. I do not wish to force, guilt, or judge, all I'm asking is for you to be still inside your own heart for a moment and feel what is right. Gain deeper understanding, insight, and make a choice in that truth and space. I hope that with each supportive signature this letter/petition receives on is a clear definitive Yes to adopting a fur-free policy on I encourage you to learn more about the fur industry by visiting The Fur Free Alliance and checking out an enormous list of fur-free retailers at Thank you kindly for your time and attention. Yours in Compassion,Melissa Slack *In June 2017, Yoox Net-a-Porter announced it was going fur-free.      

Melissa Slack
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Petitioning Etsy

Requesting Etsy Support for Sellers

This petition is to request customer service support from Etsy in regards to sellers. There are millions of sellers in the Etsy Marketplace and I'm hoping this will be the much-needed voice for them. Etsy Seller Support is basically nonexistent and they have quietly been removing support options like phone and chat. There isn't a phone number for sellers to call anymore and they haven't answered emails in over a month. For some sellers, that includes them holding onto funds that they earned with no explanation as to why or when they might expect their earnings. After having to try and navigate communicating with Etsy for over a month, with no human contact, it is clear that this is an issue. Etsy does not provide a phone number for sellers to call for issues and does not respond to emails in a timely fashion. I have seen hundreds of similar scenarios online across all social platforms. What do we want: 1. Multiple ways to contact support: Phone Support Email Support Chat Support 2. Communication response to support requests timelines to be accurate. Currently, the Etsy support site says 1-2 business days for a reply. Provide an accurate time frame for request responses so sellers aren't kept in the dark. 3. A Seller Support Department that provides Seller Advocates to help navigate major issues that may come up. A direct line for Sellers to call for assistance. 4. Quicker communication to sellers in regards to held funds, suspensions, and other issues. Additionally, having more customized information in a seller's account in regards to the status of the seller's shop. After hitting the customer service brick wall one after another, I felt completely helpless. It came to my attention while searching for potential solutions that I was far from alone. By not providing support for sellers, Etsy is not supporting small businesses. Help me help Etsy Sellers across the globe!

Asia Stuart
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Petitioning Etsy

ETSY! Free Shipping ISN'T FREE. Stop this campaign & support your small businesses.

Etsy, for over ten years you have been the best place to purchase handmade and vintage items on the internet. And while no one has loved every change, most changes have been acceptable or defendable. Your campaign to push sellers into offering free shipping is not. Free shipping IS NEVER FREE. If the customer is not paying for shipping, it means your small businesses must pay the cost, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in shipping per year. Most cannot afford this - they will have increase their product price to cover the cost. This means absorbing that shipping cost when an item is returned. And the practice may price some sellers out of their market. Free shipping has a high cost.Shipping SHOULD NOT BE FREE for handmade pieces, custom work, vintage and antiques. It should not be free when the business shipping sells only 50, 100, 1,000 or 5,000 items a year. What about International sellers? What about sellers that carry heavier items? What happens to the potter? To the small furniture maker? To the seller of heavy winter coats or fragile, antique glass? These sellers will be disproportionately disadvantaged. They cannot offer even the illusion of free shipping.Etsy customers understand that they are buying from small businesses. They respect us and say they are willing to pay for shipping. Your pressures using search result algorithms, the free shipping contest, and the obvious risk of exclusion from related holiday promotions feel aggressive and abusive. Free shipping should remain an option for sellers who wish to use it, but there should be no effect on the search algorithm, or on inclusion in promotions.  Prove you are still there to support and grow the small businesses that make up what Etsy is, and remove your campaign to create a site of Free Shipping. Your small businesses deserve better.  

Julie Bergmans
11,599 supporters
Petitioning Depop , Etsy

Ban the sale of real fur on Depop and Etsy!

Depop still allow the sale of real fur made from a multitude of animals. Raccoon, rabbit and fox are commonly advertised but with no way of telling where these furs are sourced- it could easily be dog and cat fur. Canada Goose coats are common on Depop- the fur of which is made from Coyote. Coyotes are wild dogs native to Canada and the US and are trapped by hunters before being shot or clubbed to death. It is common for coyotes to try and chew their paws off in desperation to try and free themselves from the metal traps. Sourcing fur is barbaric. Animals are kept in squalid, tiny cages which are stacked on top of each other causing them to be caked in their own faeces and urine. They are force fed so that they become obese and therefore have bigger furs. People think that they must be kept in nice conditions to keep the fur looking healthy but this is simply not the case. Animals are often electrocuted, drowned, poisoned or even skinned alive, prolonging the torture and inevitable dearth. Please sign this petition to help ban the sale of fur on Depop and Etsy. It is not only vintage fur that is sold on these apps- many sellers are advertising new products which they most likely source from countries with terrible human working conditions and no animal rights laws. Fur is cruel, and must be banned. Would you skin your dog? No? Then we must stand up to this barbaric practice by urging Depop and Etsy to stop contributing to the fur trade.  There is no such thing as ‘ethical fur’. Fur is not beauty. Fur is ugly cruelty.          

Charlotte Maniatt
10,358 supporters
Ban the sale of Consecrated Hosts on Etsy

Etsy believes in creating a welcoming community for our diverse global marketplace, including all religious beliefs. However, the reselling of consecrated hosts is a violation of our policies, and we removed the 'sold out' listing as soon as it was brought to our attention. Currently, there are no listings for these items for sale. As this petition noted, items and listings are not pre-approved before they become active on the site. We rely on each seller to ensure the items they list adhere to our policies, and our specialized teams take action when we see items that violate these policies. We strongly encourage anyone who sees an item that violates our policies to submit a flag by clicking the “Report this item to Etsy” link at the bottom of the listing. Thank you for continuing to bring these prohibited items to our attention and for helping us keep Etsy an inclusive community. Sincerely, Jess Kallberg Policy Manager

3 years ago
Stop the sale of real seahorses on Etsy

At Etsy, we believe that business can be a force for good, and we are always striving to find ways to more closely align our business practices with our values. Many of our sellers also share these values, and have taken it upon themselves to make ethical choices in the running of their businesses. It is important to note that Etsy is not a traditional retailer with a curated inventory, but a marketplace comprised of 1.8 million independent sellers. We are very careful about the policies we promulgate for our platform. We consider many different and often divergent factors before coming to a decision about what is best for our community and platform. We know that even those items we allow are subject to a variety of valid and sometimes conflicting interpretations and values. Art, animal products, and historical pieces can be provocative, emotional, and divisive. There are some topics on which we may never reach a consensus as a community. Unlike many other online venues, we have just one global marketplace instead of a separate marketplace for each country. This also creates unique policy challenges, because we want to come up with a global policy that strikes the right balance for all of our buyers and sellers, as well as our broader stakeholders. Sometimes certain jurisdictions have stricter regulations than our global policies, and in those cases we rely on government agents to identify any listings that violate local laws, and we will remove them. Our policy regarding animal products on our platform is to follow international industry standards to ban endangered and threatened animal species, as outlined in the US Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Appendix I. With the help of trusted NGO partners, we proactively remove ESA and CITES Appendix I species from our marketplace. We also require that our sellers agree to our policies when they list items for sale on our site, which includes following their local laws and obtaining any necessary permits. Seahorses fall under CITES Appendix II, which means that they are not endangered, but some jurisdictions require sellers to obtain permits in order to sell them. While we do not monitor CITES Appendix II species, we will remove listings reported to us by a government agency in jurisdictions where their sale is prohibited. We are certainly empathetic to your concern about seahorses and support your advocacy, but as we are not qualified to make decisions about the classification of endangered species, we will continue to rely on the CITES Appendix I (as well as compliance with local law) in our policy enforcement. Perhaps you could lobby CITES to move seahorses to Appendix I, which would place greater restrictions on their trade, and bring them within the scope of our Prohibited Items Policy. Our policy development is an ongoing process, and we thank you for your suggestions, which we will take into consideration as we continue to develop our policies around animal products.

5 years ago
Etsy Sellers for a Fair Etsy Global Marketplace

From our earliest days, Etsy has been a global marketplace connecting buyers and sellers around the world. Etsy provides buyers with access to the work of artists and collectors from far away places. We’ve heard from many sellers that having customers from other countries gives you a unique thrill and helps drive your sales. We have no plans to change the global nature of Etsy. Products that ship to a country will always be available to buyers in that country – no matter where they’re shipped from. We also believe that it takes more than simply making products available to build a people-centered marketplace around the world. The change that we made to search in the United Kingdom and Australia made some items from shops based in those countries easier to find in search. We often hear from buyers outside of the US that they prefer items from their own countries due to factors such as lower shipping costs and customs fees. We are making it easier for buyers to find items from shops in their home countries. We’re happy to report that since we’ve made this change, we’ve seen buyers in the UK and Australia buying more, making for a positive experience for buyers and sellers in those markets. Helping buyers have a better experience ultimately helps sellers be more successful. We know that our announcement created concern for some of our sellers. We’re committed to building local marketplaces globally. With search, we want to help buyers find the right items, but we also want to support the long-term health of the marketplace. Some sellers have asked why we made this change if location filters are already available to narrow search results. We have found that very few members used location filters because they weren’t familiar with the functionality. In the future, we may test improvements to this functionality. We are not currently testing this search algorithm in other markets. Here are some steps you can take to benefit from this adjustment to search: + Learn more about the types of shops we feature on Editors’ Picks: + Be sure to set your profile location: Set up a shipping profile to indicate where your items ship from: + If you’re participating as a seller in an local market, add the event to Etsy Local, or join the event if it already exists. Get more information about improvements to Etsy Local in the Seller Handbook:… You can read more about our global strategy here: Sincerely, Nicole Vanderbilt Etsy VP, International

7 years ago
Stop Pulling Pagan Shops and Listings from your Website

At Etsy we strongly believe in freedom of thought, expression, and religion. That means all religions. Indeed, in Etsy’s diverse global marketplace, you can see a tremendous range of items celebrating virtually any religion you can think of. We are not, nor will we ever, target shops because of their religious beliefs. While Etsy is proud to be home to so many great items celebrating the faiths of the world, we do not allow services to be sold in our marketplace. This has long been the case, but we recently clarified our longstanding service policies, making it clearer that any religious or metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will effect a physical change (e.g., weight loss), medical cure, or other outcome (e.g., love, revenge) is not allowed, even if it delivers a tangible item. These rules apply equally to all religions and beliefs and are equally enforced. You can see Etsy’s full policy for services here: While we continue to prohibit services, metaphysical or otherwise, it is important to note that Etsy has not banned metaphysical items nor are we considering it. Sellers may continue to sell items such as astrological charts, tarot readings, and other tangible objects, as long as they are not making a promise that the object will effect a physical change or other outcome, such as weight loss, love, or revenge. And of course, anybody who wishes to sell a qualifying handmade or vintage Pagan item is absolutely welcome on Etsy! Mark Shaw Etsy Policy

7 years ago Keep the Home Page User-Curated.

We always appreciate feedback from our community, and we appreciate your comments regarding the new homepage. We understand that it’s a big change, and want to share some of the thoughts that went into the design process. Our primary goal is to make the homepage more democratic. The homepage has been a major pain point of our community for many years. We’ve heard that more sellers would like the opportunity to have their items featured on the front page. The old experience allowed, at most, a few hundred sellers to be featured a day, while our new design will allow thousands of sellers to be featured constantly, personalized to the tastes of buyers. The new homepage will allow buyers to have very personalized shopping experiences, and to see more of the wonderful shops and items that they already love. We’ve seen very positive results so far with the personalized homepage. Buyers are already favoriting more items and shops, and they’re looking at more listings in the marketplace. We want to give as many buyers exposure to as many shops as possible before the holiday season. We understand that many teams build Treasuries together as a way of building community and of promoting your businesses—and we want to continue to give you tools to support this activity. One of the main improvements we are focused on is the development of Team Pages ( Teams can collaboratively build curated lists on Team Pages — and, like Treasuries, you can promote them together to help buyers discover your shops. Treasuries that have been created or favorited by members will appear for those members and their followers on the new personalized homepages. If you enjoy creating Treasuries together, please continue to create and promote them across all the places shoppers go for inspiration, but we encourage you to check out the Team Pages feature as well. We're always listening — please contact us at our help center with additional feedback: Thanks again for the feedback, and for being part of the Etsy community. Sincerely, The Etsy Team

8 years ago
Please Acknowledge Wet Specimens As Art Not In Need Of Censorship

We appreciate your feedback about the recent changes to our Mature policies. At Etsy, it's always important to us that we find the right balance between allowing artistic expression and providing a positive member experience. The decision to restrict access to mature listings involved several discussions with stakeholders (both internally and externally), an in-depth analysis of listings and community feedback, and taking a holistic view of how these items contribute to the overall vision and mission of Etsy. The most upsetting part of our research was learning how some of the more graphic taxidermy and wet taxidermy deeply offended members of our community, many of whom are animal lovers. You may have read other petitions that called for an all-out ban on all wet taxidermy on Etsy. While this may have been easier for our operations team, after much research, we ultimately concluded that taxidermy and wet specimen preservation are art and have a place on Etsy. Our goal is not to censor you or your shop, but to identify the areas that are causing concern for our members and ensure that we're providing them with the best experience as they browse the site. We appreciate suggestions for improving our products and have passed those suggestions along to our product teams. We hope this provides a little more detail into our decision and that you will continue to use Etsy under these new terms. If we are able to provide product solutions in the future, we will certainly keep you informed. We greatly appreciate your attention and feedback! Sincerely, Etsy Policy Team

8 years ago
Demand Etsy Issue A Public Statement Of Apology For Their Handling Of Pro-Rape Shirt Issue

In October of 2013, an important issue was brought to our attention: an Etsy shop that sold t-shirts promoting rape and violence against women, among other things. Although our policies already prohibited items or listings that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others, we didn’t have a protocol in place to make quick decisions about immediate, permanent action. Because we are a creative community, we have always prized freedom of speech and have tried not to inject our personal values into our policies. We want Etsy to be a community where people of all backgrounds, nationalities, religions, political affiliations — even different types of humor — feel welcome. Art is incredibly subjective, and what is offensive to one is not necessarily offensive to others. We want Etsy to be a space for creative freedom. In this particular instance, however, we were confronted with a very clear-cut case of something that violated our policies, and that we found incredibly offensive and completely inconsistent with our values. It was something we don't want in our marketplace or our community, and it required immediate action. Effective since October 2013, we changed our protocol as follows in order to allow for swift, permanent action in these kinds of situations in order to better protect our community. -Shops that incite or talk about performing specific acts of violence on groups of people will be banned from our community on their first offense, and will not be offered second chances. -We continue to update our detection systems to find and remove potentially controversial listings that aren't in line with our policies. You can read more about our decision here: The intelligent and supportive reaction from our community was inspiring and educational, and we look forward to similar discussions in the future. Sincerely, Bonnie Broeren Policy Manager, Etsy

8 years ago
Stop all sales of protected animal parts in the US and abroad.

When Etsy became a Certified B Corporation in 2012, we made a commitment to lead by example with the impact our business can have on the world. That included making values-based decisions, instead of just thinking about the bottom line. One such decision started as a conversation with our community about products made from endangered animals and ivory. Etsy’s community of more than 30 million sellers and shoppers is mindful, progressive, and outspoken on issues that matter dearly to them — and in turn, to us. After internal research and planning, we took an important step towards minimizing our company’s and our community’s impact on the depletion of some of our world’s most precious natural resources. In July 2013, Etsy banned the sale of products made from endangered animals and ivory. You can read the announcement here: The support we received from our community about this decision was incredible, as seen here: Thank you for being a part of the conversation! We will continue to listen and engage with our community as we strive to make more values-based decisions. Signed, Bonnie Broeren Policy Manager, Etsy

8 years ago