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Petitioning Mike Parson, Eric Schmidt

Release David Barnett on Parole

UPDATE: PLEASE JOIN OUR "FREE DAVID BARNETT" FACEBOOK GROUP WHICH HELPS US FIGHT FOR HIS FREEDOM! UPDATE: DAVID'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY "FORSAKEN ME: A SURVIVOR'S LIFE SENTENCE" IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! After decades of watching John, David Barnett's "father" and abuser, adopt boy after boy to molest, David was horrified that John was about to adopt another victim. Not yet out of adolescence, David had no one left to turn to. David had to make a choice: To sit on the sidelines and say nothing or to gather the courage to let his grandparents know. David, ever the protector, wanted to do the right thing. He had tried for years to protect his siblings from John but David was just a child himself. David had tried desperately for years to report the abuse to Missouri teachers, law enforcement and the Department of Family Services (D.F.S.) held multiple records of documented physical and sexual abuse for years. No one intervened. The abuse continued until the very day of February 4, 1996, the day David came to tell his grandparents that another young boy was about to be adopted by their son, a pedophile. Even then, David was determined to do the right thing. Petrified to confront his grandparents for help, but determined to do the right thing, he tried as best as he could to try to communicate to his grandparents. He could not bear the thought of another young boy being abused and what he knew what coming for this young boy at the hands of John; abuse that was well-documented with a consistent pattern typical of all abusers, well documented in research. In fact, we all know that childhood andadolescence is the most critical time in our development. It's when we learn about interpersonal relationships and how to effectively manage our emotions. Childhood and adolescent trauma can completely disrupt this experience, and as a result, people may not adequately learn how to manage their emotions or negotiate interpersonal relationships. David was never given a chance. David's case aligns perfectly with cases where full rehabilitation is a result; when a victim is removed from an ongoing horrifically abusive environment. As you will soon read, David, part of the Honors Dorm at Potosi Correctional Center, has participated in every therapeutic support and a myriad of classes, training and other activities where he has repeated demonstrated his consistently stellar behavior, remorse, incredible growth, empathy and substantial work to become the human being he is now able to be without constant, ongoing, horrific abuse. David has spent 24 years paying for abuse and is harder on himself than anyone else could ever be. Please, I beg you, give David a chance at a life free of abuse after the extensive work he's done that clearly shows he is more than ready. After years of pleas for help and negligence from multiple reporting agencies, David had a right to freedom.

Andrew Patterson
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Petitioning Eric Schmidt, Bob Dixon, Doug Libla, Missouri State Senate, Missouri Governor, Kimberly Gardner, Bruce Rauner, Michael Madigan, Peter Roskam

Advocate for laws to protect against fraud and theft by deception

Criminals prey on vulnerable people. Social Media has only increased the scope and opportunity.  It happened to me..... Visit our Facebook page for events and more ways to get involved. Paul Berry III was a Republican Candidate and Conservative TV host.  Little to my knowledge, he has continually preyed upon vulnerable people for several years. Yet, he has not faced any criminal charges for his thievery. Watch the Investigative Report here   When I lost my son to suicide on Feb 16th, I wanted to help other working parents realize the importance of creating a healthy work/life balance.  I posted a humble plea on my professional social media feed.  While I flew to make arrangements, my post was shared over 25,000 times.  Support poured in from all over the world. Berry was a huge supporter and ally. He boosted about his abilities to create successful political campaigns and the positive impact my son's legacy would leave for generation to come.  He had a name for this grandiose plan-The Brendan Bill.  The Brendan Bill would require colleges to provide Suicide Prevention and Awareness Training.  The only thing he needed was a "small" investment to build the campaign. Berry received $20,000 for the creation of a full scale mental health campaign and Road Shoots.  He name dropped highly publicized figures Bruce Rauner, Betsy DeVos and Tony Dungy, to name a few.  No such actions were conducted.   Victims of Theft by deception have very few options. Legal services are very expensive (contributions appreciated) and the local police departments cannot offer much assistance. My son would have been 20 years old on September 8th. I wanted to build a long lasting legacy in his honor. However, my money is gone and Paul Berry III roams freely to gather more victims.  What can you do?  You can start with this simple petition.  Let your representatives know that these situations definitely qualify as theft.  Voice your support for laws to help law enforcement prosecute for these sorts of crimes- theft by deception. Most Sincerely, Shawn Dingle

Shawn Dingle
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Petitioning Michael L. Parson, Eric Schmidt, Lyda Krewson, Quinton Lucas, Missouri Mayors United for Progress

A Call For Ending Police Brutality and Judicial Bias in Missouri

We are at a precipice in time, where this state can explode in rage, or rally together for Real change. We citizens of Missouri are tired of this justice system as it stands. Many of us have lost family and friends to inhumane, unjust, biased, violent and corrupt police officers. Our predecessors in the civil rights movement, tried the non violent approach. Only to be hosed, beaten and imprisoned. I urge you to hear me when I say, This generation ISN'T GOING TO GET BEATEN WITHOUT A FIGHT. We are Not taking ANY FORM OF ABUSE sitting down. I'm writing this letter to inspire Real change. Not a forum to speak our minds, and be sent home with No recourse. Not a committee to list possible reasons Why. WE DEMAND POLICE REFORM. The State charges Citizens with first degree murder, for the Same offenses officers get paid leave for. The Bias and Lack of  reprimand and consequence to overuse of force in this state is Horrendous and Disheartening. We teach our children that accountability and consequence are Imperative in life. Yet our supposed civil servants answer to NO-ONE.. THIS WILL STOP BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.. We're reaching out to let you know, you can change the volatile, yet inevitable response to the continual abuse from This state's police officers and the biased judicial system. You can change this outcome by implementing changes in the way police treat your citizens, justice and full disclosure in investigations of complaints of police abuse of authority. We demand police officers be held to the SAME LAWS AND RULINGS we citizens are held to. You ALONE have the power to make this happen. I urge you to START THIS PROCESS, SO WE DON'T HAVE TO REVOLT ANY LONGER.. We Love the great state of Missouri. And we demand it to be the BEST it can be. Thanks for your time.

Jbaby Worldwide
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