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Electronic Arts, Inc., also known as EA Games, is an American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games headquartered in Redwood City, California, U.S.

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Petitioning Electronic Arts

Save Battlefield Play4Free

Unfortunately, Electronic Arts recently decided to shut down Battlefield Play4Free (and some other Free2Play games) on 14th July 2015. We need to do something about it. Sign now to support us!

Save Battlefield Play4Free
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Petitioning DICE, Electronic Arts

DICE to create a Battle Royale style game on the Frostbite Engine!

It just makes sense. Sign this petition if you would like to see DICE have a go at creating an epic Battlefield Battle Royale game.

Jack Frags
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Petitioning Electronic Arts

We need The Sims 1 Complete Collection on Origin for free!

Sul Sul!As for „The Sims” series had its 18th anniversary this year, we - fans - would be delightful; in order to download this great game fully and for free through the origin. Consider it being a great gift for many sims players in favour of their commitment for the game since the day it came out in 2000. Additionally we want to state the fact, that unfortunately nowadays it is extremely hard to buy. Thank you in advance for reading this, and we are looking forward for a reply to our big favour. Dag Dag,simmers

Natalia Tomanek
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Petitioning Electronic Arts, Digital Illusions CE, LucasFilm, Disney

Please finish Star Wars: Battlefront III and release it.

In 2009, Free Radical were working on the long-awaited third installment of the original Star Wars: Battlefront franchise. Unfortunately, several circumstances that are not entirely clear led to the cancellation of the game and the release of a portable-only title called "Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron". For a time after that, LucasArts appear to have been trying to find a way to make this game but were unable to do so before the LucasFilm acquisition by Disney and the closing of LucasArts. Over time, more and more about the game has come to light through various different channels. This includes video footage of an early XBox360 version of the game that was clearly just starting to be put onto the console. Many more people have seen the potential in that early version. According to Free Radical employees, the game was actually much further into development than this, almost being completed by the time the plug was pulled on it. In 2013, Electronic Arts announced "Star Wars Battlefront", a straight up reboot of the franchise. The game proved divisive among an older generation of Star Wars Battlefront fans who were asking for a more 'authentic' Star Wars Battlefront experience. This is not to say the game was bad, but there is still clearly a taste for what came before. The game was to provide not only an online experience but an expansive single player experience which included classic modes such as Instant Action and Galactic Conquest, as well as new modes such as Challenges. And in 2017, "Star Wars Battlefront II" came out. The less said about that game, the better. And this brings me to the point of this petition. We know that Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions CE have access to everything from the LucasArts archives. This will include the last build of Star Wars: Battlefront III. What we are asking is that you finish this game as one last round for the old Battlefront. Another idea would be to release this game on the Nintendo Switch, and maybe on PlayStation Vita. This would be an excellent test to gague interest for Star Wars games on Nintendo consoles and on the PS Vita, as there has been no Star Wars game released on a Nintendo console since The Force Unleashed II on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS (not counting Disney Infinity), and no Star Wars game on a PlayStation handheld since Elite Squadron. This would have several benefits: if EA is worried that such a release might compete with their mainstay Battlefront series, a hand-held/Switch-exclusive release would dispel those concerns while also providing a ready-made platform to gague interest in further Switch/handheld iterations of Star Wars games. It doesn't even need to bear the title "Star Wars: Battlefront III" - you could easily call it something like "Star Wars Battlefront Legends", indicating the "Legends" nature of the game. Please consider this: I believe that if this was successfully pulled off, then it would earn the trust of a great many of the people who were bitter over the new game. On top of this, I do believe it would make a lot of money for Electronic Arts, as this would surely sell very well.

Gareth Thomas
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Petitioning Electronic Arts

Bring EA Sports UFC 3 To PC

This petition is here to sign for those who are in support of wanting EA Sports UFC 3 to come out on PC with the console release in 2018. There is a massive fan base on PC of fight fans & the success of Tekken just shows that the fight game popularity is still thriving on PC even with the lack of fight games being released. For too long PC gamers have had to lose out to console gamers when it comes to the UFC game franchise. The need & want is there. EA, you have the platform already to release it to PC via your Origin PC platform which other than Battlefield & FIFA each year is really starting to go a little stale. So therefore anybody signing this petition is asking that EA Sports release UFC 3 on PC in 2018 along with the console release. The fan base is there and it will surely succeed.   The signature goal will increase as we get more signatures.

Jamie Henderson
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Petitioning Electronic Arts


FUT Champions has become one of the most important modes in FIFA , a mode of great importance for many players that requires a lot of time and effort. It is now time, on behalf of the gamers worldwide, to ask EA SPORTS to extend Weekend League with one more day. This is a fact : every time Weekend League has been extended for one day, the whole community not just approved it, but praised the decision. FUT Champions, as indicated by its name, is a mode designed for Champions and some of them, as professionals players put every opportunity to qualify to the main events by playing on both console, Xbox One and PS4. You can imagine how hard it is to do that in three days. But not all good players gets a chance to prove their value. There are a lot of people who see FUT Champions as the ultimate mode in FUT, but managing all games in three days is often very hard and especially for people with regular jobs and family. So, what this petition asks for is simple, extend Weekend League to four days (from Friday morning to Tuesday morning) and all players will get the chance to prove their true quality.

4,533 supporters
Petitioning Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, SONY, Microsoft

Stop microtransactions in full priced video games

These days, game companies and developers are monetizing their games to their full potential. It's not enough to sell a game just once: If you don't sell extra content, you could be leaving millions of dollars on the table. We're seeing this kind of upsell everywhere, including big name titles like "grand Theft auto 5", "Assassin's Creed" and most recently "Battlefront 2" So, why is this happening? Because it works. It's super effectiveMore likely than not, you've paid for an add-on in a video game. People do it all the time, for mobile games like "Candy Crush" and "Clash of Clans," two of the top grossing apps in the App Store. People love spending money on downloadable content because they want more from it, or want to be the best. But in some cases, it's a purchase to allow you to continue a game after losing lives or being stuck. In some cases, game companies create and sell extra downloadable content out of necessity: To keep the business running, and to give customers more content for the games they like to play. But in many cases, selling extra content has been twisted.   Today's video games have Hollywood-esque budgets - some of them, including "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Destiny," have hundred million-dollar budgets. But once these companies recoup their costs for making and marketing these games, they want to make a nice profit, too. But that's all they want, profit. There is no care for the satisfaction of the customer, for example, millions of people purchased Grand Theft Auto V and of those millions of people, most of them have been waiting for content to be available in single player campaign. This content never made its way to single player campaign because of Rockstar focusing solely on online content which requires a heavy grind to earn or subsequently you can purchase Shark cards with real currency for in-game currency. "Grand Theft Auto 5" was estimated to cost around $137 million all the way up to $265 million. But game publishers face a few constraints: Console game prices have been locked at $60 for awhile - it's been a longstanding fear that consumers won't be willing to pay more than $60 up front for a video game. And even if you sell millions of copies of your $60 game, not all of that money goes to the game company. These companies get even less money when the game is eventually retailed at a discount. And it certainly doesn't help that the world's largest game retailer, GameStop, makes more than half its profits on used game sales - sales that publishers see no money from. So, to be profitable, game companies need to milk their games for more money - but they can't raise the price of the game itself without risking backlash from consumers. That's where microtransactions and downloadable content come into play. Good for business, bad for customersIn recent years, we've seen companies take content they've already developed for their games and put it behind a paywall, asking for $20-$30 to access the "season pass." This is even happening with the newest "Star Wars" game coming later this year, "Star Wars: Battlefront 2." People are criticizing Electronic Arts for removing content from the original game only to sell it back later as downloadable content you have to pay for. The problem with microtransactions and DLCs is that it makes the initial standalone game feel incomplete by default. It forces people to constantly shell out money just to play the full game they wanted to play. So while these practices work, they also hurt consumer confidence, and games in general. BIg game makers NEED TO STOP microtransactions now! Or people will vote with their wallets and stop paying for them entirely. 

Morgan vaughn
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Petitioning Electronic Arts

Bring Back "Surviving High School" and "Cause of Death"!

In 2011, Electronic Arts released an interactive game called Surviving High School for Android devices. It was a very popular game among many. SHS was unique in the way that it allowed the player to control the storyline, making the game different to everyone who played. In 2014, EA announced that they were closing the game. Electronic Arts also announced the closing of Cause of Death, the sister game to Surviving High School. Despite pleas from players and fans across the United States and the world, Electronic Arts took down SHS and CoD. We all feel upset and betrayed by the fact that we can no longer play two of our favorite interactive games. We remember vividly saving our money to buy new episodes, making plot-changing decisions, laughing at jokes and puns, crying at break-ups, celebrating when we accomplished a chapter, EVERYTHING. We want Surviving High School back, as well as its sister game, Cause of Death.

Jonathan Newby
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Petitioning Middle-earth Enterprises, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard

Re-license The Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter games made by EA and Vivendi

As we all know, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War have been very successful. However, a great deal of fans miss the old LOTR and Harry Potter games that coincided with the release of the movies. In the previous decade, Electronic Arts made deals with Time Warner to make and publish video games based on both the Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings franchises. However, the LOTR and Harry Potter games that were made under EA cannot be published due to the licenses having expired years ago. Therefore, if Warner Bros could work out a possible licensing renewal deal with EA so the latter can publish their old Harry Potter and LOTR games, it would mean a great deal to both Wizarding World and Middle-Earth fans alike. The Battle for Middle Earth real-time strategy games are still very popular, and putting it back on the market to websites such as Steam and/or GOG would be a no-brainer. In addition, The Two Towers and The Return of the King games are some of the best film-to-game adaptions ever made, they are fun hack-and-slash games that lets you live the films. Sorcerer's Stone is another classic that I grew up with, it was one of the greatest Harry Potter experiences I remember. Also, Quidditch World Cup did for Harry Potter what Episode I: Racer did for Star Wars by letting you play fictional sports. A secondary goal would be for Middle-earth Enterprises to make a deal with Activision Blizzard to publish the Middle-Earth games that were made under Vivendi from 2002-2004 such as War of the Ring. In the recent years, backward compatibility has had an increase in overall importance with consoles such as the Xbox One and PS4 and Nintendo's Virtual Console service, allowing gamers to buy and download classic games from older consoles. If everyone reading this could give their vote, we might see some possibilities for a publishing license/deal. If The Lord of the Rings Online could get a license renewal, so can the other games.   Games made by EA:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001 & 2003) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup (2003)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (2004) The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth (2004)The Lord of the Rings: Tactics (2005)Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II (2006)Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (2009)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) Games made by Vivendi: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2002) The Hobbit (2003) The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring (2003)

Chris Rishoi
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Petitioning Electronic Arts

EA to Address/Fix Mechanical Issues in FIFA 17

In FIFA 17, there is a major mechanical issue within the game that many players in the FIFA community want to be changed. This petition and the details contained within are pertaining to Online Game Modes such as Online Seasons and FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). So we as a community are coming to EA Sports to please address and fix the issue.  First off, others, as well as I, would just like to compliment EA Sports for all the amazing game modes and content they have brought to us in this years FIFA Title: FIFA 17. FUT Champions is an amazing game mode and I think it is the one thing FIFA was lacking in its previous titles. It is without a doubt, one of the main reasons people are still playing FIFA 17. Another great mode is the Squad Builder Challenges. The content this year has just been astonishing and we would like to congratulate them for what they have brought to the table for us. Now for the issue... Input Lag/Button Delay:  This is easily the most popular topic in FIFA 17 this year. May it be due to the new Frostbite Engine EA have implemented this year or who knows what but this is the biggest issue in the game. The easiest way to describe button delay is where the user presses A/X to Pass the Ball to another player and it takes 1 sometimes even 2 seconds to actually commence the command. Imagine playing Call of Duty and press the shoot button and your gun shoots a second later. You are most likely dead. Same thing with FIFA. During that period of time, your opponent can predict your next move or the receiving player is already gone from the position the ball is heading towards. Same thing with shooting to score a goal. A player could be in a great position to shoot but when the Input Delay takes place, it takes a second to realize the command you want your controller to do and by then the Goalkeeper has already wrapped the ball up, in a better position to save it, or a defender is now able to make a last ditch tackle to block it. Take in mind there are games where the Input Delay does not seem to be too bad. This is what we, as a community, consider "Good Gameplay". This mechanic is definitely one of the worst to deal with and that is why I listed it first. Now, we don't know if EA implemented this on purpose or if it is due to the new Frostbite Engine, but this is certainly an issue that has worried the community since the game came out. Many players have brought it to EA Sports attention by tweeting at them on Twitter and sending in game plays of "Good" vs "Bad" Gameplay to them. Now, as stated, this may be an issue due to the new Frostbite Engine, but as a community, we feel as if Electronic Arts Sports is not even listening to us or taking our feedback to find a solution. This is enraging the community and we want Electronic Arts Sports to address the issue and make a statement to the community stating that they see the problem and are trying to fix it.  All we ask for is effort.  Please and thank you, FIFA Community

Benjamin Jones
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