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Edwin Lee

  • Mayor of San Francisco

Edwin Lee is the 43rd Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco. Lee is the first Asian-American mayor in San Francisco history.

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Petitioning Edwin Lee, Muriel Bowser, Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Mayor Won-Soon Park

Tell Sister City, Seoul, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell of Honolulu, Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco and Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington DC. Tell Sister City, Seoul, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats. Seoul became sister city with Honolulu in 1973, San Francisco in 1976, and Washington DC in 2006. Yet Seoul, South Korea is responsible for the horrendous dog and cat meat trade. In South Korea, the home of global companies such as Hyundai/Kia, Samsung, LG, Daewoo, SK, POSCO,…, an estimated 2 – 2.5 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year because of the greed of dog eaters and the dog meat industry. And one of the largest markets in South Korea that sells dogs dead and alive for meat is the infamous “Gyeongdong Market” in Seoul Metropolitan City. If you have ever wondered what a hell would be like, just take a visit or watch the videos on Gyeongdong Market. This place is a “Hell on Earth” with innocent man’s best friends in cages after cages waiting for the heartless customers to order them to be slaughtered on the spot by electrocution, hanging, beating,…and thrown into boiling water sometimes while they are still alive. Dogs are being killed in full view of other dogs terrified in cages, in public and in broad daylight. Thousands of dogs tortured all their lives in unimaginable misery and agony in dog farms around the country meet their tragic ends at this market. Also, many abandoned former pets end up in this market as meat giving shame to the human race. Based on a recent news article (South Korea’s dog meat clash, there are 8 slaughterhouses around Cheongnyangri residential area near Gyeongdong market alone. There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for consumption yet these laws are blatantly ignored. Seoul Metropolitan City is indeed a “Heartless, Lawless World”! Please watch this undercover video by animal rights activists in South Korea: ; Please inform Mayor Won-Soon Park that citizens of Honolulu, San Francisco and Washington DC and their friends insist that they issue an official document mandating that the following existing laws be enforced: Livestock Product Sanitary Control Act, Article 2, Item 1 which governs the raising, slaughter and disposal of livestock and the processing, distribution and inspection of livestock products, does not categorize dogs as livestock that can be processed as food.  Therefore this makes the dog meat industry technically illegal.  Food Sanitation Act, Article 7, Clause 1, Korean Food Standards Codex specified by the Food and Drug Administration, does not include dogs in the list of raw materials that can be processed and cooked as food, therefore making raising and slaughtering dogs for consumption illegal. Animal Protection Act: ARTICLE 3. BASIC PRINCIPLES FOR PROTECTION OF ANIMALS Each person shall endeavor to observe the following principles in raising, caring for, or protecting an animal: 1. Each person shall ensure that an animal maintains its natural behavior and original physical shape to live an ordinary life; 2. Each person shall ensure that an animal does not suffer from thirst, hunger, or malnutrition; Each person shall ensure that an animal is free to express normal behavior without experiencing discomfort; 4. Each person shall ensure that an animal is free from pain, injury, and disease; 5. Each person shall ensure that an animal is free from fear and distress. ARTICLE 8. PROHIBITION OF ANIMAL ABUSE ① No one shall commit the following acts toward animals: 1. Act of killing by brutal methods, such as hanging 2. Act of Killing in public or in another animal’s presence ③ No one shall commit the following acts toward abandoned or abused animals: 1. Act of capture and sell or kill. 2. Act of trade or purchase knowing that the animals are abandoned or abused. ARTICLE 9. ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION ① Anyone transporting an animal that has been selected by decree from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries must make an effort to abide by the following: 1. Ensure that the animals are properly fed, watered and drive carefully so that animals are not shocked or harmed from sudden departures or stops. 2. The vehicle used for transportation must be built to prevent any harm during transportation and to minimize any pain due to poor ventilation or sudden changes in temperature, etc. 4. Avoid any possible injuries while moving an animal and minimize any pain or discomfort, such as sudden changes in body temperature or difficulty in breathing. ARTICLE 46. PUNISHMENT ① Anyone who violates Article 8, Clause 1 through 3 shall be punished with up to one year in prison or a maximum fine of 10 million Korean won ($7,000 USD). Ministry of Environment's Conservation of Water Quality and Ecosystem Act,  Article 15 Clause 1 Item 2 and Article 78 Item 3, the act of discharging excrements, livestock wastewater, animal carcass, waste materials or sludge into public water is punishable by up to one year in prison or a maximum fine of 10 million Korean won ($7,000 USD). Livestock Safety Management Act, slaughterhouses are only authorized to slaughter animals they are registered to handle. No slaughterhouse is registered to slaughter dogs because dogs are not subject to slaughter under this law. We believe these demands are in line with the goal of sister cities to establish friendly communications in the areas of tourism, commerce, cultural exchange and public health. International and Korean media coverage of the brutal dog and cat meat trade in South Korea has stained Seoul, South Korea’s image and severely tarnished your city’s sister city relationship. The time to end this tragedy is now. Thank you for taking swift action. PS:  Click here to find more ways to contact the Mayors of Honolulu, San Francisco and Washington DC. It's very quick and simple.

Isabel S. Han
31,413 supporters
Petitioning San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commission, Edwin Lee

Preserve the Palace of Fine Arts as a Multi-Cultural Arts/Education Center

The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commission has currently accepted three development plans for the San Francisco icon the Palace of Fine Arts. Two involve remaking the old Exploratorium site into a luxury hotel with small nods to the arts, and the third involves creating a high end restaurant with "museum". None of those proposals preserve the site as the important cultural/educational center San Franciscans have known it to be, nor do they keep it a community space that is open and available to ALL people. Once again, our officials are preparing to sell out from under us another piece of San Fransisco heritage, a heritage that belongs solely to the citizens of this City and to those who share a love for it . We demand that the Palace of Fine Arts be developed ONLY as a cultural/educational center.

Kirsten Selberg
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Petitioning Edwin Lee

Urge lawmakers to ban dangerous pesticide use at schools and public parks

This past spring the World Heath Organization concluded that glyphosate, the world's most widely used pesticide, is a "probable carcinogen" and should be labelled as such.  Several lawsuits have recently been filed against Monsanto, the maker of glyphosate herbicides (trade name "Roundup"), for allegedly causing cancer in agricultural workers who regularly use Roundup. And an MIT researcher has correlated rising glyphosate use with rising rates of autism in children. Nevertheless, many city governments, such as San Francisco, are still spraying glyphosate all over public parks, outside of schools, in places where children and pets play. I was recently walking through my neighborhood public park in San Francisco (where my little boy goes to nursery school), and found signs posted all around the playground, soccer field and nursery school announcing that glyphosate will be sprayed next week.  These signs were in wooded areas with mulch and dirt on the ground, no weeds anywhere in site.  It appears to be a preventive campaign simply to stop anything from growing in these areas, perhaps just a routine "general maintenance" initiative. A few of my local neighbors have mentioned to me that their dogs who once played freely in this particular park came down with unusual mouth and nose cancers, and now they believe this San Francisco government practice of spraying Roundup in this park is the reason for this. If this sounds like just a local issue within San Francisco, it is not. Roundup/glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world, and city governments, organizations and companies spray it EVERYWHERE as a cost-effective approach to weed removal.  Glyphosate may have an important place in agriculture (another debate entirely), but a possibly-carcinogenic pesticide should not be sprayed thoughtlessly around schools and public parks for no good reason.  It is too much of a gamble with our public health. Please help me make our public spaces safer, by urging lawmakers to ban the use of glyphosate in schools, playgrounds and public parks.

Jill Fehrenbacher
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Petitioning The President of the United States

Save Doug and Alex's Marriage, and Stop Deporting Our Spouses!

  On July 13th 2011 in San Francisco, Alex Benshimol and Doug Gentry, a married California couple, will face every same-sex binational couple’s worst nightmare: a deportation hearing. As anyone following this issue knows, for years there has been little hope for same-sex binational couples seeking to reside together in the US. Many are legally married like Alex and Doug, but are still treated as legal strangers in the eyes of our own government. For many years, and certainly since DOMA became law, our families have been discriminated against.  At best, our foreign partners and spouses have managed to stay in the US with temporary visas related to work or study, but are deprived of access to a “green card” on the basis of their relationship. These couples cannot build a future together and live with tremendous insecurity. Far more often we are forced to live apart in different countries; exiled to one of the more than 20 countries in the world that respect our families; or forced to live in the United States in the shadows with constant uncertainty; fear of deportation and ruin hanging over our heads. This destroys marriages, and tears apart our families. It is a humanitarian crisis that must come to an end. Alex came into the U.S. 12 years ago from Venezuela and overstayed a tourist visa, an immigration violation that straight binational couples can easily remedy once married; as a gay married couple, Alex and Doug do not have that option. We believe the political will of our elected leaders must be directed at this issue so that DOMA is repealed quickly. All American citizens deserve the right to pursue life and happiness with the liberty and equality guaranteed us all by our Constitution. We need our elected officials to show leadership and resolve on this issue. The Obama administration has the power to protect couples like Alex and Doug so they are not torn apart by deportation.  Join us in declaring that the cruel discrimination that has been inflicted on us by unjust laws MUST finally come to an end. Please join Out4Immigration, Stop the Deportations, GetEQUAL, Marriage Equality USA, and your fellow citizens in urging President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano to take action to recognize Doug and Alex’s marriage and prevent another family from being torn apart!  

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Petitioning Edwin Lee

Vote “No” on establishing the Comfort Women statue in San Francisco

The establishment of the comfort women statue will bring about inaccurate views on history. Additionally, this comfort women statue could bring disharmony within different ethnicity groups. We, Peaceful Community for Children, are taking actions to stop the establishment of the comfort women statue in San Francisco. Peaceful Community for Children strives to protect the future of children through educating on proper historical perspective. サンフランシスコの公有地に慰安婦記念碑(像)を建てるのに反対します。 正しい歴史観によって子ども達を教育し、国境を越えてお互いを理解しながら子供達の未来を守る Peaceful Community for Children Issue of Comfort Women In recent years, the Japanese Army’s system has been accused of coercing young women, the “comfort women” issue, to work as prostitutes in army field brothels. Source: page 4 of IWG report However in 2007, the IWG, Interagency Working Group, embarked on gathering data and analyzing data in regards to the comfort women issue and Japanese War crimes. Over 8.5 million pages of records related to Japanese and Nazi war crimes have been identified among Federal Government records and opened to the public. In all, the IWG estimates that the implementation of the two Disclosure Acts cost taxpayers $30 million. Extensive and thorough research has been done but the evidence of the Japanese Army coercing Asian women into sex slavery were not found. Below are research document regarding the report:Introductory Essay Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group Final Report to the United States Congress April 2007  2007年に公表されたIWG(ナチス戦争犯罪と日本帝国政府の記録の各省庁作業班)のアメリカ議会宛て最終報告に明記されているように、7年近くかけて約3000万ドルをつぎ込んだ調査の結果、「慰安婦問題の犯罪性や性的奴隷化の証拠はどこにもない」旨がアメリカ議会にも提出されています。「日本軍が20万人のアジア女性を強制連行して性的奴隷にした」という主張はまったく根拠がありません。    

Julia Suzuki
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Petitioning West Bay Conference Center, London Breed, Edwin Lee, Nadia Sesay, Godron Greenwood, Leona Bridges, Amos Brown

Hands Off The "Coltrane Church"

The "Coltrane Church" has been in the Fillmore since 1971 and is the oldest and only church born out of the music of John Coltrane. The present political climate of profit over people continues to devastate the African American population of the Fillmore, leaving the "Coltrane Church" to stand alone as the sole historic proprietors of the music and culture of jazz as a means to enlighten. The managers of the West Bay Conference Center are seeking to DOUBLE the amount of our rent and our lease is up, leaving us with our backs against a wall. Tell the West Bay Conference Center to honor their community subsidized rental rates and KEEP THE COLTRANE CHURCH IN THE FILLMORE. The San Francisco Fillmore district formerly known as the "Harlem of the West" and the African American population in the district of "The Fillmore"contributed to the culture of blues, jazz and gospel music. Presently the population and culture of the African American community has all been but destroyed, along with its learning institutions, churches and venues of musical expression. The Coltrane Church has and will continue its stance against this kind of injustice. As the Apostles of Sound and Agents of Social Justice, the John Coltrane Church is the last voice for justice and equity on Fillmore Street. Let your voice be heard by signing the petition in full support of the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church remaining in the West Bay Conference Center.  2016 brings us into our 48th year of service. Thank you for signing the petition and helping us to continue serving the global community.    

St. John Will I Am Coltrane African Orthodox Church
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Petitioning Ignatius Y. Ding

Please stop the Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WWII in Asia from opening the Pacific War Memorial in San Francisco. We would like the evidence to be re-evaluated for its accuracy.

    The opening of Pacific War Memorial Hall should be reconsidered and stopped because of the lack of evidence on war crimes of the Japanese army. After 7 years of research done by the US government (“Researching Japanese War Crimes”) and expenditure of 30 million dollars, the US government did not find any information about the Nanjing Massacre as well as the forced prostitution of comfort women. The establishment of this hall will jeopardize future generations and our understanding of an accurate history. Once the building is established, it will become harder to amend any misunderstandings of history. Instead, we ask that the hall’s exhibition be stopped and the evidence should be reviewed before further progress is be made. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition; we hope that you will join us in revealing the true history through the research conducted by various organizations.  If you are interested in the research page, you can find it here: “海外抗日戦争記念館”が、今夏8月15日からサンフランシスコのチャイナタウンで一般公開される予定になっています。抗日連合会(世界抗日戦争史実維後連合会)に設置反対を要求します。 1 誰が、何の目的で設置するのか? 抗日連合会(米国カリフォルニア州に本部を置く中国系アメリカ人による団体)と複数の団体が、米国内での反日活動拠点として開館を進めています。“戦時下の日本軍の残虐な行為を示す歴史的な写真と記録などを展示する”と言っています。  2 設置がなぜ問題なのか? <展示資料にねつ造疑惑>  *日本軍の蛮行写真は存在しなかった。無関係な写真の寄せ集めであり、身内の写真を勝手に使われたと訴える人も。 *“程端芳氏の日記”に虐殺の記述は無く、伝聞情報のみで裏付け調査も無し。 *“マギーフィルム”(ジョンマギー牧師が南京統治時代に撮ったもの)に虐殺映像は皆無。後付けの字幕説明のみです。 日本軍の蛮行は今だ実証されていません。一番の問題は、慰安婦の像や建造物など、ひとたび“形”になれば、偽りであってもそれが世界の常識として固定化することになってしまいます。 戦後70周年を迎えた今、戦争で散った英霊の方々の汚名返上は、子孫の我々以外、成し得ることは出来ません。ネット署名は、社会に問題提起し、署名賛同が集まることで、平和的解決の一助になっています。賛同してくださる方、ご協力よろしくお願いします!!!  

Timothy Rays
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Petitioning Edwin Lee


We are demanding that San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee fire SFPD Chief Suhr. In the five years since Chief Greg Suhr has taken control of the San Francisco Police Department it has become a paramilitary organization. According to SFPD’s CompStat, there have been over 30 officer involved shootings that have resulted in the killing of 21 people, since Mayor Ed Lee appointed Suhr as chief in 2011. We can no longer stand by as our citizens are brutally murdered by those that have taken an oath to protect and serve. We can no longer support a police department wrought with corruption and criminal behavior. The racist texts, the racial profiling, the murderous tactics, and the regularly practiced terrorism on San Francisco's most marginalized communities all point to the deep and immediate need for drastic reforms. I stand in support of Maria Cristina Gutierrez, Ilyich (Equipto) Sato, Edwin Lindo, Ike Pinkston, Sellassie Blackwell and others who are participating in the “Hunger For Justice SF” hunger strike that started April 21st, and is taking place in front of the Mission Police Station in San Francisco (#HungerforJusticeSF). I support their demands that Chief Suhr resign from his position as Chief of SFPD. If he does not resign, we demand that Mayor Lee listen to the will of the people and fire him. If Mayor Lee refuses to do so, then we demand that he resign as Mayor of San Francisco. Contact Mayor Edwin Lee at (phone: 415-554-6141 email: and tell him... We stand with the Hunger for Justice strikers at Mission Police Station. WE DEMAND THAT YOU FIRE CHIEF SUHR IMMEDIATELY!  

#HungerforJustice- #Frisco5
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Please Fully Fund GoSolarSF!

Thank you for signing the petition on to fully fund GoSolarSF. Building more sources of clean renewable energy, such as solar, is very important to me and for our City. It lowers greenhouse gas emissions and improves our air quality by reducing our reliance on dirty fossil fuel energy. And it creates job opportunities for our residents! I am happy to report that I have fully funded the GoSolarSF program at $5 million per year in my upcoming 2-year budget proposal. Since GoSolarSF was launched in 2008, we have put solar on over 2,500 homes, businesses, and nonprofits, quadrupling the number of solar rooftops in San Francisco. All of this is generating 8.1 megawatts of clean energy. But the success of GoSolarSF is more than the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or the amount of solar energy we are generating. The program makes solar energy accessible to low-income customers in environmental justice communities and creates good paying jobs for disadvantaged workers. We will be able to create even more green jobs with this additional funding. We want to continue to help homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits access the solar economy and do their part. The City is doing our part. In addition to the GoSolarSF program, the City is continuing to build new solar arrays on municipal buildings. Just a few weeks ago, I launched to new solar array on the rooftop of Davies Symphony Hall. The new array has 558 solar panels that will produce 182 kilowatts of solar energy. The San Francisco Symphony is known as one of the best classical ensembles in the world – and its home can now also lay claim to being one of the greenest! In the last three years, the SFPUC has installed 7 solar arrays similar to this one on schools and municipal buildings across our City. And because of it, the City’s total municipal solar generating capacity stands at 7.6 megawatts today! Combined with the GoSolarSF program, that means 15.7 megawatts of new solar energy for our City in the public and private sectors. We have prevented 7.7 million pounds of CO2 emissions which is equivalent to over 8,000 barrels of oil each year. And we have created hundreds of jobs in the solar industry and for disadvantaged workers from workforce training programs in San Francisco. Our innovative clean energy policies and programs are a big reason why San Francisco continues to lead the nation and world as a CleanTech hub attracting the innovators and industries that are creating a cleaner energy future for all of us. I want to thank you for your continued interest and engagement on this important issue and for supporting our GoSolarSF program.

2 years ago
Make fiber broadband a priority for San Francisco

We just took another significant step to improve connectivity by bringing free Wi-Fi service along San Francisco’s main boulevard - Market street, from the Embarcadero to our historic Castro neighborhood. On average, a quarter-million people traverse this three-mile corridor every day. Market street is the main artery of our City and one of our most economically diverse corridors. This new network takes advantage of the City’s existing fiber network to provide a new service to the public. Our investment in free WIFI on Market Street is one component of a larger vision for greater connectivity in the City as a whole. We are implementing a broader Connectivity strategy, with a focus on equity and quality of life for all residents, workforce development across all communities, continued support of economic development and job creation, and enhancing educational opportunities for all.

3 years ago
Make fiber broadband a priority for San Francisco

Thank you for signing the petition on and participating in the conversation regarding fiber broadband and internet connectivity in San Francisco. Amongst my highest priorities is to ensure that all our residents have the tools and skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century economy. That’s why I support the expansion of high speed, broadband internet to all our City’s residents. Expanding internet connectivity will ensure San Francisco residents have immediate access to educational, economic, and workforce development opportunities as well as access to important information on essential human services such as healthcare, etc. Providing internet connectivity and high speed internet to all our City’s diverse communities is an important step to ensure that San Francisco remains a City where everyone can succeed. San Francisco currently has 130 miles of fiber optic cable beneath its streets. This fiber network provides high-speed internet to many of our City’s municipal buildings, neighborhood firehouses, police stations, recreational facilities, science facilities like The Exploratorium and the Academy of Sciences and educational institutions like UCSF, San Francisco State University and San Francisco City College. And, I’m proud that 88% of our City’s households are already connected to the Internet. But I know we can do better. That’s why earlier this year, I embraced FCC Chairman Genachowski’s “gigabit city” challenge and at the 81st Annual Meeting of the US Conference of Mayors, I introduced a resolution to support increased access to broadband and spectrum as essential steps to continually encourage innovation, drive economic growth, and remain competitive in the 21st Century global economy. Just this past summer, we announced a partnership with Google to extend free wireless internet access to 31 public parks and plazas across San Francisco. This effort builds on the existing free public internet access - that has been available since 2005 - at 28 public libraries, the DeYoung Museum, Legion of Honor, Laguna Honda Hospital, and City Hall. Today, we are currently developing a strategic plan to further expand connectivity for the public benefit in various locations across the City. And, as we continue to develop our plan for connectivity, I welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with organizations and members of the public in ensuring that internet connectivity and high speed internet is accessible for all our residents. Thank you again for your participation in this conversation.

3 years ago