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Ed Davey MP

  • Secretary Of State for Energy and Climate Change

Ed Davey is the Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. He was elected as MP for Kingston and Surbiton in 1997, having previously worked as an economics advisor.

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Make Mental Health a priority in every school/workplace

Mental health services is something that needs to be available for anyone who needs it.� We need it in schools, workplace, any where there's people, because if the services are there with you it would make it easier for people who need help to get that help.� When i was in school it wasn't available , so all my problems built up inside untill they all came out at once.The  constant bullying, the fear of failing exams, feeling insicure about how i looked & what other people thought. Thats when I  started to selfharm alot, i even tried to end my life more than once, i was in deep depression nearly all the time.          I don't want anyone else in a similar situation to go through this alone because; YOU ARE NOT ALONE � We need a mental health worker in every school & workplace, to help them find the good in life and get the support they need.❤

Amy fordham
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AwAiting update     

Nicolette Organici Maroc
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Stop Gibraltar farm housing build

Today locals of lordswood and surrounding areas have found out that 450 homes will be built over land between lordswood and Hempstead.  This will cause many problems ,  Medway hospital are under tremendous pressure and in the media lime light due to this. The local school will be under pressure to ensure a space for new families.  North Dane way will become a nightmare for traffic.  The locals in surrounding areas enjoys the rural areas for may reasons and have been fighting hard to prevent this from happening.  The MP'S who think this is a good idea should come visit our area and discuss this with the locals and look into the cons as we see it not from a financial point of view !    

Laura Forsey
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Investigate finances/income/salaries Bulgarian Cricket. 15 yrs aid fm ICC 1 BCF field?

Cricket is my passion. I became involved last August hoping to help with development. I discovered that despite being formed 15 years ago the Bulgarian Cricket Federation has made very little progress in developing the sport, indeed they seem to have held back the development with covert racism and sexual misconduct. Fifteen years of aid from the International Cricket Council and little to show.  There is one privately owned cricket ground being developed in Central Bulgaria, the BCF have stated they do not have a budget for ground development. The National Sports Academy in Sofia has an artificial cricket pitch. That was until two years ago used by 5 clubs in Sofia. Those clubs were suspended by the BCF following a vote of no confidence in the BCF Chairman. Democracy at work? An Asian coach, once employed by the BCF, his contract terminated with no reason supplied started a club for disabled children. He even took them to Old Trafford, Lancashire County Cricket, to attend a Disabled Children's Cricket Tournament.  Shortly afterwards the BCF demanded money. He could not afford it and so he had no choice but to close this facility. The Chairman of the BCF whilst employed as a sports lecturer at the NSA was caught by a TV film crew in a hotel room to which he had invited a student. He told the girl he could help her pass her exams if she paid him or gave him sex.  This appeared on BG TV. He was sacked by the BCF but remained as head of BCF. I could continue however it would make this explanation tediously long!

DEREK Stocker
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Prohibit in UK the practice of (Metzitza) Oral Suction Circumcision on 8 day old babies!

TOTAL BAN on the practice of Oral Suction Circumcision (Metzitza) Oral Suction Circumcision (Metzitza) is the ancient barbaric practice of, circumcising 8 day old babies with no anaesthetic and the orally sucking blood from the open wound in the penis. Unbelievably it is still legal in the UK! With all the work and money going into battling FGM, no one seems to raise a whimper in regard to the obvious "sick" factor. The concerns go much deeper  BROOKLYN, NY — The city's health department this week confirmed the first case in 2017 of a baby getting neonatal herpes following a controversial Jewish circumcision process. Metzitzah b'peh was performed on the baby, which is a ritual where a mohel, or trusted religious circumciser, uses his mouth to suck blood away from the circumcision wound on the infant's penis, the department said. The health department calls metzitzah b'peh "direct orogenital suction," or DOS, and said it can transmit herpes to newborn males.Since 2000, there have been 24 confirmed cases of herpes infection following DOS, according to the health department. Two of the 24 babies died, and at least two others suffered brain damage.In 2016, there were two confirmed herpes cases following DOS, and in 2015 there were three, according to the health department. This is the first confirmed case of herpes following DOS in 2017. The baby was put on an intravenous antiviral for 14 days. (Source:  

William Smith
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