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Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA), also known as EA Games, is an American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games headquartered in Redwood City, California, U.S.

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#FixFifa - Hashtag_stu

42k! - Follow me for latest game news, Bugs etc This is a petition aimed at people frustrated with issues in FIFA 18. Early September a demo was released.. of what can only be described as a vast improvement over previous editions of the FIFA franchise *FIFA 18*  Being an active member of Reddit I often see peoples opinions on this game and  things they would like to see, many are very frustrated with the way the game has progressed over the past few months. Many users were happy regarding the way the game was.. that was until patch 1.04 which came in October thus giving the game a complete overhaul of game mechanics due to Long shots/Goalkeepers not being upto scratch ( In Pre-Patch ) This then became FIFA 17.2.  Gameplay reverted back to a FIFA 17 style of play. There are many problems across the board which should be highlighted, I will keep this to a bare minimum just so its easier to address certain issues. Issues that need to be addressed, You can find a full list below the bullet points in a Reddit post by PuRe_ssrock Input Delay/EA Servers during online seasons/any online game mode including WL causing button delay ( Always been a problem but certainly does need addressing. ) Freezing when trying to access 'Featured Squad' in Squad Battles Change of kit numbers Bug where when the ball goes out of play power bar/player name vanishes Catalogue XP not working - UPDATE FIXED 23/11/17 Matchmaking ( A new WL Format and Matchmaking would do wonders ) Sending invites on Pro Clubs does not work, some state it does sometimes by following steps but many cannot confirm this. 40 games in a weekend is both mentally and physically unhealthy. To encourage a child or even adult to play. I have created this petition as I personally believe EA's stance on providing customer satisfaction is just not acceptable. I will not go into detail in regards to other game mechanics such as boosts/momentum/scripting which personally I believe to exist but because there is no evidence to support this.. but as for uproar in regards to game mechanics/bugs take a look around and LISTEN to the feedback of your fans. We see releases in promotional packs to give us a possibility of 'packing' our favourite players and with the new addition of Icons introduced across all platforms therefore EA are certainly generating much larger profits from micro transactions but yet we are to see no action being taken to actually give the customer a happy experience & provide a 'fix' for issues which have been apparent since patch across the board as customers all we ask is for is the game we purchased upon release and also experienced in the pre-release game demo which only needed longshots/goalkeepers tweaking, as for ultimately in a nutshell millions of us have stuck by the FIFA franchise and spent a lot of our money to a game we enjoy globally making the game what it is to this day, Personally I purchased this game based on Pre-Patch Fifa 18 not the game I have now been left with. Many users across the internet feel like the game they purchased just isn't what it was (Pre-Patch) therefore spiking an uproar which is unfortunately still not being taken seriously causing many users to leave the game/ boycott black friday events to hopefully make EA take note of there frustration. This movement be the case as the FIFA franchise is on a global scale and trying to make enough people see the movement across the scale is pretty slim a drop in the ocean some may say, but overall its like anything & sooner than later I can guarantee EA will see a drop in profits due to unsatisfied customers.  So.. as a customer, I cannot stress enough for you to not purchase Fifa Points, Open Packs or even give your time to play the game until these issues are at least addressed and we have a solution no matter how tempting certain pack offers/picking up the game may be. Certain YouTubers have also suggested this is the best plan of action to hopefully get the results we need. Do NOT fund a 'Current' lost cause.  I merely ask you to notice my petition to give us fans of your series what they truly deserve, what they give to yourselves.. Loyalty year in and year out. Every year purchasing the latest title maybe even pre-ordering which personally I did this year also/buying packs and being a dedicated player to the FIFA series.   After-all us as fans are what have made this franchise as big as it is to this day. Keep the name strong and keep your fans loyal.    All we ask? Listen. Communicate. Act.   I also urge YOU to sign this petition or if you are also experiencing issues similar to others is to just give a signature of your support & spread the word.   P.s #FixFifa    

Stuart Holmes
42,100 supporters
Petitioning Andrew Wilson (EA Games CEO), EA Games


HELP RETURN THE GUEST PLAY FEATURE TO FIFA 18 FUT ONLINE SEASONS AND DRAFT MODES!  Let’s face it! For many of you, the EA Sports FIFA Series has been and continues to be a massive part of your gaming experience over the recent years with some avid users commiting to over a decade of almost obsessive gameplay! Rivaling that of the commitment to their very religion, it is clear the FIFA series has become one of the most popular and influential games to be released since it’s inception back in 1993.  Now, with a record number of players taking to FIFA’s most popular game mode FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team), EA has clearly hit the ball out of the park in terms of increasing player loyalty and commitment even coining the phrase ‘Futheads’ for those truely obsessed with player statistics and creating the ‘Ultimate Team’. However, in what looks more like an attempt to appease the masses of large influential youtubers in their latest release (FIFA 18) it appears EA has removed one of the most highly sought after features in the series stating that ‘Guest Play’ was removed “from FUT Online Draft Mode and FUT Online Seasons in FIFA 18 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 to create competitive balance for all players”. The guest play option included in previous FUT Online Draft and Online Seasons modes allowed users like myself to play with a guest whilst genuinely competing together to *TRY* skilfully outplay our opponents and like many of you agree was a hugely welcomed and essential edition to the game modes.  In saying this, please sign and share this petition if you believe ‘Guest Play’ should be included in the FUT game modes and help force EA to take notice of their loyal fans requests. Many of us have purchased FIFA 18 under the assumption that this feature would be included and carried over from last year and after receiving no indication of the guest feature’s removal ahead of time I feel absolutely deceived by the lack of information and support surrounding the topic before and after purchasing FIFA 18. EA has truely dropped the ball not including this feature in their latest game and I as well as everyone who signs this petition ask Andrew Wilson (current EA CEO) and the FIFA Representatives that it be patched and returned to the FUT game modes ASAP!  IF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION VIA FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, OR ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA SITES PLUS ALSO TWEET #BRINGBACKGUEST AND LETS MAKE EA TAKE NOTICE OF THEIR POOR DECISION!

Nigel Fahey
11,179 supporters