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Dunkin' Donuts is the world's leading baked goods and coffee chain, serving more than 3 million customers per day.

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Remove single-use plastic straws from Dunkin' Donuts!

We are a  second grade class in Queens, NY and we are passionate about water pollution! Americans use 500 million straws each day and many of those straws end up in our ocean and harm the animals that live there!  Everywhere we go, we see people drinking iced coffee with a straw! We want Dunkin' Donuts to stop using single-use plastic straws. They can switch to using biodegradable paper straws and start a "straw on request" policy.  This is a small change that can make a BIG difference to sea animals! 

Class 201
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Plastic Polluting our Planet

Hello, everybody. My name is Amanda, and I'm 15 years old. I used to use a plastic straw every single day until I learned some facts about them. In the Los Angeles area alone, ten metric tons of plastic fragments—like grocery bags, straws, and soda bottles—are carried into the Pacific Ocean every day. Over the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the previous century. 50 percent of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. We currently recover only five percent of the plastics we produce. Why is that so bad? Well for starters 46 percent of plastics float (EPA 2006), and it can drift for years before eventually concentrating in the ocean gyres. It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade. One million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans. The body can absorb plastic chemicals—93 percent of Americans age six or older test positive for BPA (a synthetic chemical) Much more information can be found at Unfortunately, we can't reverse some of the things we've already done to this beautiful planet. What we can do is make some changes. Anything from asking for no straw, bring a reusable bag, use your own utensils (rather than disposable), buying from farmers markets, use a refillable cup/bottle, to making your staples yourself to avoid plastic can make a world (no pun intended) of difference. What I'm asking today, is that you sign this petition. Not that hard, right? :D I will be sending this request to places like Panera, Starbucks, Safeway, Dunkin Donuts, and more. What I'm asking of them is to use less plastic and styrofoam. To incorporate more recycling cans into their locations. To only give plastic bags to those who ask for them. To use paper straws rather than plastic. To find an alternative to Styrofoam takeout containers. To stop putting things in plastic that doesn't need to be. Have you ever seen the movie Wall-e? It stars a cute little robot who picks up trash. Remember how awful Earth looked? The whole time I was watching that movie I just wanted to go hug a tree (I didn't actually hug a tree). I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad about their choices, I'm just trying to inform! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope we can work together to make 2018 a much friendlier place (for the people and the planet). <3

Amanda Claire
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Renew Ghost Golf's lease in Concord, California

Dunkin' Donuts and the landlord are forcing Ghost Golf out!  Ghost Golf is a spooky themed miniature golf place owned by a hardworking husband and wife. Since the decorations and aminatronics are difficult to move, as well as the cost, they are unable to relocate. The owners of Ghost Golf put many years and their heart and soul into this project, but this landlord is erasing it! There is nothing similar to Ghost Golf and only one miniature golf place within 20 miles of Ghost Golf. There are plenty of empty sites in Concord, so why kick out one that has a very successful tenant? Save Ghost Golf before it's too late! Ghost Golf has started a GoFundMe to move to another location. Here is the link to it: They will also have a benefit concert for them on Saturday, November 4th at Ghost Golf from 8 to 10 P.M. 

Luke Olmos
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Petitioning Dunkin Donuts, UK Parliament

Get a Dunkin Donuts in Milton Keynes

Throughout the world there are many Dunkin Donut branches, however Milton Keynes does not have one. In fact there are not many in the whole of England, considering that Dunkin Donuts is a really tasty coffee shop I think that having one in Milton Keynes would benefit a lot of us and make our days worth living for. If you'd like Dunkin Donuts to open a shop in Milton Keynes then sign this petition and hopefully they'll open a shop in our amazing home town.

Darcy Lynch
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Switch to paper straws for iced beverages

As we have all seen in the media, plastic waste is starting to pile up in the oceans hurt species, like turtles and whales. By removing plastic straws from iced beverages, we will be taking huge steps in removing pollution and towards helping our environment. There are multiple straw options on the market that allow for reusing or that are biodegradable, and we would like to see these changes happen in order to create a healthier planet.

Alexandra Gallagher
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Petitioning Dunkin Donuts

Get Dunkin Donuts to offer a vegan donut!

As the largest donut maker in the U.S., it would truly make a difference for the animals if Dunkin Donuts would offer just one flavor of donut that is vegan.  Millions of vegans would appreciate another fast option for breakfast and individuals who are intolerant (not allergic as there would likely still be cross-contamination issues) to dairy and/or eggs would also appreciate the availability of an option.  I chose to become vegan a little over 2 years ago because I no longer wanted to participate in the abuse, exploitation, or death of animals for my tastebuds.  It's very easy to be vegan these days as there are options for all types of vegan diets at restaurant chains, grocery stores, and fast food establishments.  Every vegan option means more animals lives spared.  We already love that Dunkin Donuts added almond milk to their menu; let's convince them to add a tasty treat to their menu as well!

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The ocean cannot speak for itself, so we must speak for it. Our oceans have been increasingly devastated from the inhumane and disgusting overuse of plastic straws. Americans alone use over 500 MILLION plastic straws every day, a number that is only supposed to grow with our inexcusable overuse habits. Eventually, it is predicted that there will be MORE microplastics, such as harmful plastic straws, in our oceans than fish. This is incredibly disturbing to both our ocean’s health and our humanity, as ocean ecosystems are crucial food sources and popular recreational areas. Fast Food companies ALONE produce around 200 pounds of waste for every $1000 dollars in sales. This waste includes a majority of plastic straws, about 30 percent of the total waste, which are non-biodegradable.Once in the ocean, plastic is mistaken for food and marine organisms ingest it causing about 71% of seabirds and 30% of sea turtles to have plastic in their stomachs after death. Eating the plastic can cause suffocation, starvation, drowning, and entanglement. If these fast food restaurants reduce their use of plastic straws by half, the amount of waste can be reduced from 60 pounds of plastic straw waste to 30 pounds, reducing the total cost to the restaurant from $1000 dollars to $850 dollars. This can save the fast food companies more money while also decreasing the environmental burden by decreasing the plastic straw pollution, saving more animals in the process.         Sources:  

Hannah Cooke
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Second Step In Abolishing Child Slavery & Carbon Emitting Deforestation in Palm Oil Farms

I request, no I Demand that the production of palm oil be free of child slavery and slash and burn . . . or illegal. As a youth of this generation, I want to hand down to my kids a cleaner earth than was handed down to me. I do not want my kids to know that every minute, 5 football field sized swaths of rainforest are burned to the ground due to palm oil. I do not want my kids to know that the reason their PB&J sandwich is creamy is that 25% of that peanut butter is made from an ingredient that drives orangutangs to extinction. I do not want the today's supermarket to be full of this cancerous ingredient, causing a health hazard to all that digest it. This petition is demanding that all products that use palm oil either 1: Find a replacement 2: Abolish slavery and slash and burn during the production and processing of their palm oil.  This is "step two" in helping take palm oil out of our products. As of January 1st, 2017, I have received almost two thousand signatures against palm oil in step one that demands that palm oil products list this clearly on all packaging. If you want to protect beautiful species that are on the brink of extinction, protect you and your family from harmful products in your food, stop child slavery, and help save our planet, this is one step towards that goal.

Tal D
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Petitioning Dunkin Donuts

Bring back the Dunkin Donuts Butternut donut

As of August 7, 2017, Dunkin Donuts committed the cruelest act of betrayal and discontinued the butternut donut. I was thinking of starting a protest, VIVA LA BUTTERNUTO. Please join us in righting this great wrong.

Jason Bernier
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Ban Styrofoam! *** Have major food chains switch to a healthier, renewable resource.

Styrofoam is extremely bad for not only our personal health but the health of our planet as a whole.        It is 2017 and we are supposed to be one of the worlds most progressive countries, it is absurd that we are still using such a harmful material on such a massive scale.        For the love of life, god, and future generations to come, please take a moment to read what I have prepared and consider the detrimental effects of a simple everyday action such as drinking from a styrofoam cup when multiplied by billions of consumers.                                     IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT   "Americans throw away an estimated 25 billion styrofoam cups a year (about 82 per person). The EPA stated that of the 3 million tons of polystyrene (the main chemical used to make styrofoam) produced in America each year, 2.3 ends up in landfills. Leaving us to wonder how much ends up in our waterways.           The technology to recycle styrofoam does exist but the cost of the process is far too high to make it worth it for collectors. As of 2001, the American Chemistry Council stated that one percent of polystyrene actually gets recycled in the U.S. -( Styrofoam is NON - BIODEGRADABLE,  this material appears to last forever taking hundreds of years to break down. When the particles do eventually break down it is predicted that many of the toxic chemicals used to make styrofoam will be released into our environment. Another factor is that styrofoam is so light, it, therefore floats meaning that over time a great deal of polystyrene has accumulated along coasts and waterways, causing all sorts of negative effects including various birds and marine life mistaking it as food, who knows the adverse effects this ripple in the food chain could have. The manufacturing process alone is terrible for our land air and water, to start, Styrofoam is made with petroleum which is a non-sustainable resource and creates heavy pollution in its own production process. The "National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research" noted 57 chemical byproducts released during the creation of styrofoam, not only polluting the air but also producing loads of solid and liquid waste that need disposal. Styrofoam is also manufactured using HFC's (HydroFlourideCarbons) which have been proven to have negative impacts on the atmosphere and O-zone layer. they are believed to be a significant contribution to global warming. -( IMPACTS ON OUR PERSONAL HEALTH   Styrofoam is made from "Polystyrene" a petroleum based plastic, Styrene the fundamental ingredient used to make polystyrene and has been classified as a possible human carcinogen by the EPA (environmental protection agency). -(   Olga Naidenko, PhD, a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group ( stated  - " As you drink your steaming coffee or spoon your soup out of a styrofoam cup you also take in doses of chemicals that leach from it, trace amounts of styrene as well as other chemical additives in polystyrene migrate into your food or beverage. This effect increases significantly with hot foods and beverages". She states "this is definitely a problem due to the fact that polystyrene is so commonly used as disposable packaging for hot food and beverages and has been for years!" -(  Imagine the effects of these small yet constant doses of toxins that the average American is taking in every day and we wonder why cancer is so common?! Not only is it unhealthy for the people using the product but workers in the manufacturing process take a much worse hit, exposure to chemicals such as styrene (which happens to be the main building block for many other materials such as plastics, rubbers, and resins) have been shown to cause acute health effects including irritation of the skin, eyes, and upper respiratory tract, as well as gastrointestinal effects. Not to mention, chronic exposure affects the central nervous system showing symptoms such as depression, headache, fatigue, weakness, and can cause minor effects on kidney function and blood.  The US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration UNSUCCESSFULLY (a federal court overturned the ruling in 1992) tried to limit the amount of worker exposure to styrene to 50 parts per million (ppm). According to the Styrene Information and Research Center (SIRC), they still encourage their member companies to comply with the 50 ppm exposure limit. WHAT WE CAN DO   There are many cheap and renewable resources that could easily replace this deadly material, including, but not limited to, Post-consumer recycled paper, Hemp, Bamboo and Corn plastics, just to name a few.       - Dear Common Citizens,                                                BoyCott Styrofoam! I know it's easier said than done but with a little bit of effort we can each make a big difference with our everyday choices, your dollar is your vote and when we support these corporations and establishments that use styrofoam we are directly enabling its production. PLEASE, remember to let your favorite restaurant or coffee shop know why you have stopped coming by! The more they see it directly affecting their business the more inclined they will be to make the switch to a recyclable and eco-friendly to-go container option. A very clever way to avoid using styrofoam and also enjoy eating out is to bring your own re-usable to-go go container out with you. Not only does this prevent your waste but it also raises awareness on the issue, as people see something out of the ordinary and proceed to give you a weird look, be sure to explain yourself, who knows? You might make a positive difference!       - Dear Politicians, C.E.O.s, and people in positions of power,    I hate to say it because I am sure you are already well aware and I truly hope that you would live up to the following statement but the current state of our planet shows me otherwise. It is in YOUR hands, more so than the average working class citizen, more so than the millions of newborn children, and more so than I,  to do WHATEVER it is in YOUR POWER to make a change. The FATE of the entire human race, generations to come, and the planet as a whole lay within the choices you make and what you choose to do with your time and money. PLEASE focus on what is important. money, there are things far more important, and if you don't believe me, I'm sure you will soon enough.      RESPONSIBILITY - the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.      Thank you for your time, and please consider signing this petition and doing anything in your personal power to help raise awareness for this cause and issue.                   With immense love and sincerity, Leonard Musselle III                   The Boycott Styrofoam movement, as well as myself, can be reached at - or, please contact us for more information on how to get involved, or any ways that we can be more involved, we are looking to establish connections in different communities in order to spread awareness and truly make an effect.

Boycott Styrofoam
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