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Discovery Communications, Inc. is an American global mass media and entertainment company based in Silver Spring, Maryland. The company started as a single channel in 1985, The Discovery Channel.

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Petitioning Animal Planet, Snoop dogg, Discovery Communications, BBC

Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate Whole Season of Planet Earth

Snoop Dogg has narrated some Planet Earth in the past but yo we need him to narrate full episodes. Sign the petition if you agree

Kelly Ooton
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Petitioning Ministerio de salud

Modificar a favor de las matronas el código sanitario de Chile

Las matronas y matrones de Chile exigimos que la Contraloría revoque el dictamen que nos quita la exclusividad en las áreas de Ginecología, Obstetricia y Neonatología. Es decir, este nuevo dictamen inválida la NORMA 21, la cual habilita nuestras tareas.  El trabajo de una matrona es: Velar por los derecho sexuales y reproductivos de la mujer chilena y su familia, a lo largo de todo el ciclo vital familiar, enfocado en modelo de salud familiar en Chile, la cual abordar desde lo fisiológico y lo patológico, por profesionales idóneos y con formación enfocado en lo integral en el ciclo vital de grupo social primario que es la familia. Matronas y matrones han contribuido a través de este tiempo a mejorar la salud de las mujeres y sus familias a través de diferentes acciones sanitarias del ámbito de la salud sexual y reproductiva, lo que se ha expresado en la disminución de las tasas de mortalidad materna e infantil llegando a las cifras actuales. El aporte de las matronas y matrones no se ha limitado a la salud sexual y reproductiva, se ha extendido a los ámbitos de gestión en salud, destacándose en cargos directivos en los niveles de atención primaria y secundaria. El 1° de septiembre de 2010, el MINSAL a través de la Resolución Exenta N° 678 “APRUEBA NORMA GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVA N° 21, “ADMINISTRACION DEL CUIDADO DE PROFESIONALES MATRONAS Y MATRONES PARA LA ATENCION CERRADA”, tiene como propósito establecer las normas generales para operacionalizar el “Modelo de Administración del Cuidado de Profesionales Matronas y Matrones para la Atención Cerrada” de los Servicios y/o Unidades deHospitalización de Obstetricia, Ginecología, Neonatología, Urgencia Gineco-Obstétrica y Pabellón Quirúrgico Gineco-Obstétrico en los Establecimientos Hospitalarios de Alta y Mediana complejidad, e implementar los procedimientos técnicos y administrativos que aseguren los mejores resultados en la atención de los usuarios. Esta norma responde a la definición del artículo 117 del Código Sanitario y lo dispuesto en los artículos 118, 119, 124 y 125 de dicho cuerpo legal, y al nuevo ordenamiento orgánico funcional para el modelo de atención en salud, establecido en los artículos 31, 35 y 36 del D.F.L. N° 1, de 2005, del Ministerio de Salud, que fija el texto refundido, coordinado y sistematizado del Decreto Ley N° 2.763, de 1979, y de las leyes Nº 18.933 y N° 18.469, y en el artículo 44 del Decreto Supremo Nº 140 / 2005, Reglamento Orgánico de los Servicios de Salud. Es decir, otorga la exclusividad de la gestión de los Servicios Clínicos y/o Unidades de Hospitalización de Obstetricia, Ginecología, Neonatología, Urgencia Obstétrica y Pabellones Quirúrgicos Gineco-Obstétricos de los establecimientos de alta y mediana complejidad, atención de la Salud Sexual y Reproductiva a lo largo de todo el ciclo vital familiar de las mujeres e involucrados de nivel primario y secundario del Sistema Nacional de los Servicios de Salud, a las matronas y matrones por sus competencias y formación técnica, gracias al merito y su autonomía  a lo largo de los años, delegando funciones medicas, generado un impacto económico, social, cultural,entre otras, disminuyendo así las tasas se morbilmortalidad maternas, perinatales y neonatales. Son 180 años de historia que quiere borrar la Contraloría. Nosotros somos un referente mundial, en esta área. Por eso los invitamos a unirse a nuestro pedido.  Firma y comparte. 

Alejandra Silva Gonzalez
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Petitioning Discovery Communications

Travel companies: Stop encouraging holidaymakers to visit bullfights

Bullfighting is one of the world's worst acts of cruelty to animals. Most holidaymakers lured in to bullrings by tour operators are left shocked and disgusted at the merciless violence they witness. It is wrong for travel companies, tour operators and hotels to direct tourists to this bloody spectacle.

Irish Council Against Blood Sports ICABS
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Petitioning Discovery Channel, Discovery Communications...CEO David Zaslav

Discovery Channel: Cancel "Ted Nugent's Gun Country" or face a massive boycott of your channel

Ted Nugent is a twice convicted poacher and he participates in penned/canned hunts. He is an admitted pedophile, homophobe and misogynist. He constantly spews hate speech. He recently threatened The President of the United States and The Secretary of State. He stated that if Obama gets re-elected he will shoot him. His behaviour is volatile, obnoxious and arrogant. He recently told a reporter after getting asked a question he didn't agree with, that he should perform oral sex on him ( his words were more vile). When the female producer intervened she was told by Ted that he would f**k her. He is also a draft dodger and is a vocal anti-government proponent. As a former viewer and long time fan of the Discovery Channel, I am shocked and disappointed to know they would promote this hate speech spewing misogynist.The discovery channel used to be known for it's educational programming and content. Why on earth would they lower their standards to partner with this less than stable raving lunatic. I am urging everyone to boycott this channel until this filth is removed. Please join me in signing this petition and share it with everyone you can. National Geographic just cancelled their program featuring trophy hunter Melissa Bachman due to public pressure. We can do this!!! UPDATE: The first episode aired, unfortunately. It featured Ted killing a Scimitar Horned Oryx. An animal who is now extinct in the wild. This just makes it that much important to get the word out about Discovery's decision to promote Nugent.  

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Petitioning Discovery Communications, Stephen Dost, Discovery ID

Discovery ID: No Means No! Stop Your Exploitive Program, “Village of The Damned”

Despite protests from victims’ families and community leaders, Discovery has chosen to premiere its show, inaccurately depicting a series of unrelated, tragic events around the small town of Dryden, NY, over a ten-year period, throughout the holidays–the very time many of the events happened. This series is not an attempt to inquire, investigate, help or to heal.  It is voyeurism of human suffering and tragedy. It misrepresents and commoditizes grief. It disrespects those whose lives it depicts. EXPLOITING TRAGEDY / IGNORING VICTIMS From early on in the production, key family members of victims portrayed in this series objected to and protested its creation. In lengthy personal conversations with producer, Stephen Dost, of Red Marble Media, victims’ families pleaded with him to stop, explaining the damage and retraumatization this would bring by forcing the families to relive their experiences on Discovery’s and Red Marble Media’s terms. They asked, they pleaded, and they were ignored. One of the aspects that makes trauma so debilitating is a lack of control or ability to influence life changing events.  These ignored pleas have caused fresh wounds for those preyed upon. There is no healing, rather additional trauma. Discovery’s unaccountable power is unacceptable to us and runs counter to Discovery's own corporate campaign, “Inspire a Difference.”   This initiative purports: "Raising awareness of domestic violence, civil rights, bullying, victims’ rights and healing." Discovery must hold their own programming choices accountable to the very principles they claim to champion. The Mayor of Dryden and eight local pastors support these protests and have signed a letter on behalf of the community.  You can read the letter here. The United Methodist Church Finger Lakes District Superintendent also wrote a letter of protest.  You can read his letter here. UNETHICAL PRODUCTION Healing and compassion have nothing to do with this program. The series title alone gives it away. “Village of the Damned” serves no purpose other than to cater to the macabre and prurient interests of viewers. It is instructive that other productions by Red Marble Media include Evil Lives Here, Grave Secrets, My Dirty Little Secret, Gates of Hell, and Most Evil. While some families participated in interviews, which we do not raise issue with, others strenuously objected to having their stories told in this way.  The producers ruthlessly persisted, misrepresenting their motives, claiming to be promoting healing while hearing from the mouths of the victims themselves that they were being caused stress and pain. The voices in this series are not a fair representation of the whole. Throughout filming, community members were misled about having the permission of the families principally involved in these events.   These lies have caused conflict, stressed our relationships with each other, and further isolated the very people this community has tried to hold with gentleness and healing grace.   MISLEADING MARKETING Contrary to Discovery’s assertion in press materials, Dryden residents and family members of victims did not “put their trust” in the production company. Though they were able to find some willing participants in the area, the producers of this program were repeatedly asked to halt production by far more who opposed it. In fact, producers were well aware of objections as they were denied interview space at a local church, a cafe, as well as school grounds because of community protest. Additionally, Discovery claims "two love stories turn to tragedy." In fact, relationships that end in murder are not love stories. They are stories of abuse, violence, and pain. Furthermore, this series creates a fictional community. Referencing the “village” of Dryden is misleading and inaccurate since most of the events did not happen in the village but in other towns. TRANSCENDING EXPLOITIVE MEDIA Promotion of “Village of the Damned” refers to a curse, and this is true. It is the curse of salacious programming that has been spawned within our country, unfortunately propagated by Discovery Channel. The real Village of the Damned lies within our media culture. With mass shootings becoming the new normal, with unimaginable suffering of victims and survivors, does this now represent the new normal on our public media response? Compassion replaced by self-interest, a tabloid-loving nation that respects neither the privacy nor suffering of its neighbors? There is no higher motive here, no transcendent reason to dismiss the needs of the victims. No overriding reason to open wounds that have yet to heal. Airing this program will prove the Discovery Channel is simply interested in profits over compassion, willing to take the common denominator of television to new lows. In the 1960 horror, sci-fi film of the same name, “Village of The Damned,” the aliens who take the form of children say, “You have to be taught to leave us alone.” Discovery Channel: Leave us alone! Please sign our petition to help us stop this series. Here are other ways to help: Twitter: Tweet your disgust to @DiscoveryID @DiscoveryComm @DostStephen @RedMarbleMedia “Village of the Damned” is Exploitative, Unethical and Misleading. LISTEN to and RESPECT victims! Let people tell their own stories on their own terms. Register your complaint at Discovery viewer relations: Corporate campaign for victims: DiscoveryID Facebook page:

Lion Pride
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Petitioning Eurosport, Discovery Inc, Discovery Communications, Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, Union Europeenne de gymnastique

Eurosport to cover ALL FIG's RG World and World Challenge Cups

To whom it may concern,  The heresigned fans of rhythmic gymnastics, a sport that has been in the Olympic family since 1984 and in recent years has consecutively proved to have followers from all over the world, would like to express their deep regret that in the past season this beautiful sport has become more and more difficult to watch. Fans have been geoblocked, insulted, banned, and worst of all, turned away from something they deeply love.  Due to the increasingly high demands of the FIG for the television broadcast, local/national tv stations are finding it harder and more unsustainable to provide international coverage of important rhythmic competitions, such as the World and World Challenge Cups, the former to serve as Olympic qualifications for the games in Tokyo 2020. We think it's shocking how some competitions are remaining partly or even entirely hidden from their usual fanbase, let alone the mainstream audience, thus limiting the reach of the sport itself and making it less popular than it already is. Our question is how can the FIG declare they're doing everything to popularize rhythmic gymnastics when some of the biggest competitions will have an extremely limited reach? We think a solution to this may be for the FIG and Eurosport International, part of Discovery Inc. to consider broadcasting these events on the latter's channels, thus making them available from anywhere in the world, even on a pay-per-view basis. We are deeply saddened that a huge part of the approaching World Cup in Pesaro, the Individual All-Around, will not be seen by anyone besides the audience present and are hopeful that this will be the last event of this scale that leaves these bitter feelings inside of us.   

Maria Cherneva
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Petitioning Discovery Communications

Rivogliamo Salvo Aiello telecronista di ciclismo su Eurosport in coppia con Magrini.

NO alla sostituzione di Salvo Aiello al commento delle gare ciclistiche su Eurosport Italia. La storica coppia Aiello, Magrini non deve sciogliersi! Non abbiamo nulla contro il nuovo telecronista Luca Gregorio di cui non si discutiamo bravura e professionalità ma la nostra stima e affetto per Salvo Aiello è qualcosa che va oltre. Le telecronache della coppia Aiello Magrini, non sono solo una cronaca sportiva ma un vero e proprio racconto. Con loro ci emozioniamo ridiamo, ci arrabbiamo. Ci hanno riportato alla dimensione umana del ciclismo. Con loro nelle corse non esistono tempi morti e sappiamo che qualunque cosa succeda avremo sempre la chiave di lettura giusta. Con il mancato rinnovo del contratto di Salvo Aiello è come se Discovery da un giorno all'altro ci privasse di frequentare un amico a cui vogliamo tanto bene. RIPENSATECI. Non costringeteci a cambiare canale!!

Amici di Salvo Aiello
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Petitioning TLC, Discovery Communications

TLC Airing Domestic Violence - Anfisa and Jorge.

When Anfisa and Jorge first hit our screens in 2016 as the volatile couple on Season 4 of '90 Day Fiance' people were shocked at Anfisa's behaviour towards her then fiance Jorge. She destroyed his property (car, phones, etc.) and was verbally abusive. In season 5 of '90 Day Fiance' Anfisa and Jorge tied the knot. But unfortunately their relationship has now become violent. In episodes 3 and 4, viewers of the show witnessed Anfisa physically attacking Jorge. Jorge admitted on film that he is scared of Anfisa. People who are familiar with domestic violence will recognise her actions as signs of an abusive and dangerous partner. An estimated 10 million Americans are the victims of domestic violence each year. TLC needs to take a stand against domestic violence and stop normalising it by airing it every Sunday on its popular tv show '90 Day Fiance'. 

Amy D
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Petitioning CANALSAT, Discovery Communications, Discovery Channel, SFR

Discovery Channel Canal Sat !

Bonjour,  Aujourd'hui j'ai pu constater avec effarement, que Discovery Channel n'était plus disponible sur Canal Sat.  Aucune annonce de la part de Canal Sat ou même de Discovery Je trouve ça honteux d'une part que l'offre Canal Sat ne change pas de prix alors que clairement l'offre n'est pas identique à l'offre lorsque j'ai signé chez eux.  Honteux que Discovery préfère l'appât du gain  plutôt que la fidélité de ses clients, depuis le début de la chaîne en France je suis spectateur régulié, je me sens littéralement trahi.  Honteux aussi de la part de SFR, une concurrence déloyale avec une offre faramineuse, opérateur qui ne fonctionne pas chez moi.  L'union fais la force, arrêtons ces mascarades des entreprises qui font ce qu'ils veulent de leur client. 

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Petitioning Robert J. Miron, David M. Zaslav

Request: Discovery Communications Add at Least One Female Member to its Board of Directors

According to recent data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, 24 Fortune 500 companies currently have no women on their boards. Discovery Communications, a leader in its industry, is one of the companies on this embarrassing list. It is fundamentally unfair and repugnant that gender inequality can prevent a woman from joining Discovery Communications’ board of directors, no matter how hard-working, deserving, or qualified she is. Lack of gender diversity is so last century! Discovery Communications is an American global mass media and entertainment company famous for its portfolio of over 50 network entertainment brands. Popular Discovery Communications brands include Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, and OWN: the Oprah Winfrey Network. Discovery Communications shows are offered through multiple services, including YouTube, iTunes, and more than 40 other distribution partners and devices. Discovery has 375 million monthly online streams of its programming. Discovery also produces educational products and services to schools, including a series of K-12 digital textbooks, through Discovery Education and Discovery Digital Networks.  Clearly, Discovery Communications aims to entertain and educate families around the country. Women and girls make up a significant percentage of the company’s consumers. In fact, Investigation Discovery was the #1 network for Women in all of cable in the fourth quarter of 2015! This makes it even more unfathomable that Discovery Communications does not include any women on their board. It is hypocritical for a company dedicated to education and advancement to be so backwards when it comes to gender inequality. Discovery Communications should try harder to find at least one qualified woman to serve on its board of directors! Sign this petition and ask Discovery Communications to add at least one female member to its board of directors.  Adding women to Discovery Communications’ board will significantly increase Discovery Communications’ profits and makes business sense. A 2015 McKinsey and Co. study determined that companies in the top quartile of gender diversity are 15% more likely to financially outperform those in the bottom quartile. A 2014 Catalyst study found that having more women in leadership and board positions resulted in better financial performance while increasing innovation and group performance. A gender-diverse board will increase Discovery Communications’ competitive advantage. Diversity of thought, view, and experience will give Discovery Communications a competitive advantage because it will help the company consider new perspectives, ask different questions and recognize fresh trends and opportunities. Companies that do not have women on their boards miss out on the perspective of more than half the population.  As an industry leader, supporting gender equality puts Discovery Communications on the right side of the issue. Does Discovery Communications need its peer companies or government to remind it to do the right thing? Does Discovery Communications want to be on the wrong side of history? As a company of high stature, visibility and influence, Discovery Communications has the resources and footprint to create a positive legacy. By solving its board of directors’ gender diversity problem, Discovery Communications can continue cementing its position as both a corporate and social leader.  I am a founder of Women Serve on Boards, a General Counsel at a leading technology company, and an enthusiastic advocate for women and gender equality. As a Discovery Communications customer, female professional, and mother of two daughters, I would like to see more relatable female role models and leaders at every level of Discovery Communications. The change must start at the top. I hope the next generation of women will benefit from a more equal society and that Discovery Communications can lead the charge in getting us there. After all, this is 2016. Why should one’s gender make it impossible to serve on the board of directors of Discovery Communications?  I genuinely hope that you join me in urging Discovery Communications to take steps toward gender equality on its board. Thank you very much in advance for being a socially responsible leader. Together, we can pave the way to a more equal future.

Olga Mack
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