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Petitioning Todd Spitzer (Orange County Supervisor 3rd District)

Exonerate Kenneth Clair: DNA Evidence Points to Someone Else.

On November 15, 1984, 5-year-old Jerrod Hessling witnessed the beating, rape, and stabbing death of his babysitter. When asked to describe the killer, he said, without hesitation, that it was a white male. Another child present during the murder saw a white man’s tattooed arm reach inside the house to open a sliding glass door. Yet somehow, the lawyers in the case determined that Kenneth Clair, a dark-skinned African-American homeless man who had been squatting next door, was the killer. When Jerrod saw him on the witness stand and insisted they had the wrong man, the prosecution chalked it up to youth and trauma and pursued the death penalty for Kenneth Clair. To this day, 31 years later, Mr. Clair sits on San Quentin’s death row, awaiting his execution date. [UPDATE: I was recently made aware that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals secretly overturned Mr. Clair’s death sentence and changed it to life in prison without parole. This is mixed news -- his life is spared, but he no longer has the right to an attorney under habeas corpus laws, and he has not been granted a retrial. That means the exonerating DNA evidence will NOT be seen in court. We now have to focus our energy on asking Governor Jerry Brown and California State Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate the case and exonerate Kenneth Clair for this crime he did not commit. It is Mr. Clair’s only remaining chance for justice. ] But that’s not the biggest bombshell in this case -- in 2008, forensic testing revealed that DNA found on the murder victim did not match Clair’s. DNA taken from a glove found at the scene also did not match. It matches another individual, but the Orange County District Attorney insists that “confidentiality is required” concerning this evidence, and for 7 years now, the identity of the person whose DNA does match the swab has remained a secret. In the interest of justice, we must call on the Orange County DA and California state lawmakers to demand that the DNA evidence be turned over to Kenneth Clair’s defense. Since his conviction, Clair has struggled with ineffective counsel. He wanted his lawyers to work at investigating the crime, rather than simply trying to free him from death row, but they never did. His plea for substitute counsel even made it to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012, and he did eventually receive a switch of counsel. Finally, he is being represented by people who are dedicated to his exoneration. But their hands are tied without this crucial DNA evidence, and more of Clair’s precious life is wasting away in prison as they fight to obtain it. Please sign my petition if you feel that the disclosure of the identity of a possible “person of interest” is something that the prosecution should not be allowed to withhold.

C. J. Ford
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Ditch the trips to Mar-A-Lago and save the U.S. Chemical Board

From the West Texas Fertilizer Plant explosion, to the blow-out at the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig -- the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has been there to investigate and make the recommendations that help keep industrial operations safe for workers and the communities that surround these industrial plants. But the Trump administration has targeted the agency for elimination. This is why both research scientists AND private industry, even those who have been investigated by the CSB, are uniting in opposition to this dangerous, short-sighted attempt to gut a critical agency whose very mission is to uncover the causes of industrial accidents and make recommendations to prevent them from happening again. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board is an agency with a significant impact, despite its relatively small budget -- roughly the cost of three Presidential trips to Mar-A-Lago. Eliminating CSB will only put workers and the general public at unnecessary risk. Their work must be preserved -- no matter what. If you care about clean, safe air and water, and believe that we should keep plant and refinery workers safe, sign and share this petition. The next chemical disaster could be right around the corner -- don’t let Congress take away our ability to help prevent it.

eric berg
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Petitioning Elizabeth Warren, DIane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer

Keep Bannon out of the White House

Mr. Bannon has been selected to be chief advisor to Trump in. White House. 1) He is ultra right wing 2) He is part of alt right 3) he is former editor of ultra right wing, rascist magazine, Breitbart 3) If he becomes part of Trump White House Staff he will have access to Trump's Top Top Secret briefings. Even if he is not part of briefing, Trump has a big mouth and will tell him these major secrets.  He cannot be trusted with these because of connection to Assange and Russian Government.  I barely trust Trump with our secrets I don't trust Bannon. 4) Ask yourself why Trump is enamored with this man who is a white racist and is connected with billionaire Sheldon Adeleson.  Adeleson owns several Las Vegas Casinos and is editor of major Las Vegas paper.  It is Adeleson who funded Trump campaign.

Margaret Scully
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WILL BE PRINTING OUT AND DELIVERING THIS PETITION, OUR SIGNATURES AND COMMENTS IN PERSON TO THE SACRAMENTO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS NEXT WEEK! Below is Rosemary's story: she is now home where she belongs and I can not tell you how happy we all are to have our baby Rosemary back! Now our mission is to ensure that this NEVER happens to anyone else EVER AGAIN! The Shelter and the county of Sacramento must change legislation and policy to prevent this from happening to more people! Over these past few days I have received hundreds of stories from other people involving shelters in the sacramento area and surrounding counties and these stories have broken my hart, shocked me, and strengthened my resolve to make this right and to put a stop to this kind of tragedy! Sign now to demand change to legislation and policy a few suggestions I have would be to: 1.) at least a 6 day hold on lost pets not just 72 hours! 2.) ensure that there is a period of time allowed for owners to claim their companion after the adoption date. 3.) ensure that if the lost pet is still at the shelter the right full owners rights are recognized. 4.) And demand that officer Libby at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter issue a public apology!  My little 3.5 pound Minature pincher chihuahua mix Rosemary got out of my house while I was at work when our bigger family dog pushed open the door. I looked for her day in and day out and could not find her until the 6th. Day when someone on Facebook showed me she was at the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Now keep in mind that animal shelter is nearly 40 miles away from my home and I NEVER thought that she could or would be there. When I called the woman that runs the shelter told me that she had been adopted out and all she could do is give the adopters my contact information and let them decide what to do. What she didn't tell me is that my baby was still phisically at the shelter! So the next day I went in as soon as their doors opened to get my baby Rosemary and both employees that were helping me were stopped in their tracts by the woman that ran the shelter. She then approached me very angrily and hostile and the first thing she said to me wasn't hello or anything like that it "I told you, they would call you if they wanted! Why are you here? You can't be here IT isn't yours and I don't Care how you raised it." All while my poor baby could see me through the glass door and was jumping up and down onto the glass to try and get to me, it truly was hart breaking :(  PLEASE HELP AND SIGN THIS PETITION TO DEMAND THAT SITUATIONS LIKE THIS NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN AND TO DEMAND THAT ROSEMARY BE ALLOWED TO COME BACK TO HER RIGHTFUL HOME WHERE SHE IS LOVED AND MISSED BEYOND BELIEF! PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND DONATE!  

Alec Nygard
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Stop Bill S1894; Killing Sport Fish from California Delta; Striped Bass, Black Bass,etc

Bill S1894: 202 & 203 NonNative and Endangered Species, calls for trapping/catching and killing of so called NonNative fish from the California delta and river systems. The removal of these game fish is being used as a scapegoat for over drafting of fresh water from the delta in which studies have proven is the reason for decline in the Salmon population. Fish and Game biologist have studied this and found that the Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass have nothing to do with the declining numbers of Salmon and Delta Smelt. It is totally the fault of record low water flows through the delta due to diversion of nearly half the fresh water entering the delta by both the California Aqua duct and Delta Mendota canal systems. S1894 will only re-route away from the the delta more of the fresh water that this estruary needs to clean itself and keep this ecosystem and all its fisheries healthy! If you look at other river systems on the Pacific coast; Columbia and Klamath, that support a Salmon population all of them are having record numbers of adult Salmon returning to spawn. These same river systems have huge populations of Small Mouth, Large Mouth and Striped bass. These large numbers of bass and Salmon co-existing would lend to the thought that the decline of Salmon and smelt on the California delta is due to fresh water deprevation of the delta wetlands and not depradation by the so called NonNative/predators and slandered bass populations.

Save the Delta!
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Petitioning DIane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Barack Obama, Donald Trump

Stop discrimination towards Pitbulls

These dogs have a great history and are some of the most loving dogs that you will ever see in your life - The bravest dog of World War one This is one story above that has been forgotton about and Pitbulls are serving today as: Therapy Dogs Service Dogs Law Enforcement Dogs Military Dogs To Many others to list However, these great dogs are still not allowed to go to certain places, because of the stereotype of these dogs, WE MUST STOP INGNORING THE PROBLEM. Click here for Pitbulls that are heros Please sign to give a voice to these great dogs.

Wayne Fullmer
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Legalize marijuana federally

Legalize marijuana federally. Help the citizens of the USA to have an alternative medicine and those who use marijuana for recreational use have the pursuit of happiness. Although some states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use federal law prohibits banks from lending money and small businesses are not allowed grants for this type of business. In addition to this federal law is interfering with states rights.

Daylene Stone
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Stop HR 597. Do not make land next to Windsor, CA into a sovereign nation.

Congressman Jeff Denham's legislation HR 597- Lytton Rancheria Homelands Act of 2017 (formerly Rep. Jared Huffman's bill HR 2538) would move the 500 non-contiguous acres purchased by the Lytton Rancheria at the western edge of Windsor, CA into federal trust, exempting the land from local zoning and planning regulations. The land, which has no historical connection to the Lytton Rancheria, would become a sovereign nation. The plan will allow 147 homes (with 214 more homes planned) to be built, as well as a 200-room hotel, 200,000 case winery and event center to be developed nearby. We urge government officials to not support HR 597 which was introduced by Rep. Jeff Denham who does not even represent the district that would be impacted by his legislation. Denham's district is 150 miles away from the district where this land would go into trust. Denham introduced this bill after the Lytton donated over $83,000 to his reelection funds and PAC in recent years. Moving the land into federal trust will have a disastrous environmental impact on the land and our community: 1,500 oak trees on the property would be cut and one of the best preserved oak woodlands in the area would be destroyed. The move will develop areas outside of Windsor’s urban growth boundary, leading to developments that are incompatible with the rural nature of that land, and local land-use zoning.  We ask also that the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) not transfer the land into federal trust, and that the Windsor Town Council pass a new resolution saying they are against the land going into federal trust. Local residents have not been given a fair hearing on this issue. Last year when a similar bill (HR 2538) was introduced, no residents were allowed to testify before the House Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee during the hearing on the bill. We ask you to request that The Honorable Norma Torres, Ranking Member of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Indian, Insular, and Alaska Native Affairs, invite members of the public who oppose this bill to testify, and help educate the subcommittee on how damaging this bill would be to our local community.

Citizens for Windsor
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Recognize August 16th as "National Heterosexual Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day"

There are approximately 36.7 million people in the world living with HIV and 1.2 million people in the United States alone. A significant percentage of those living with the virus are heterosexuals including many straight men who struggle to find their voice within this pandemic. Straight positive men, like myself, are living with a condition that is highly stigmatized and believed by the general public to only happen to already marginalized groups within society; namely gay men/msm, sex workers, and IV drug users. This has greatly contributed to many of them living in silence, shame, and fear. Therefore, contributing to a decline in treatment adherence, negative lasting impacts on mental health, and disclosure challenges. The creation, recognition, and implementation of August 16th as, National Heterosexual Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, will help break the barriers of stigma and give a sense of community to a group of people living with HIV/AIDS that is all too often left out of the conversation. Will you help the cause today by signing your name and urging the CDC to take this step in support of heterosexual men across the country living with HIV?  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                            Version en EspañolHay aproximadamente 36.7 millón de personas en el mundo viviendo con el VIH y 1.2 millón en los EEUU. Un porcentaje significante de personas viviendo con VIH/SIDA son heterosexuales incluyendo muchos hombres heterosexuales quienes se debaten encontrar su voz en este pandemia. Hombres heterosexuales, como yo, estamos viviendo con una condición estigmatizada y creída por el publico general para afectar solamente grupos ya marginados en la sociedad; hombres gays/msm, trabajadores sexuales, y IV usadores de drogas. Esto ha contribuido a mucho de ellos viviendo en silencio, vergüenza, y miedo. Por lo tanto, contribuye al disminución de la adherencia al tratamiento, impactos de largo plazo para su salud mental, y retos de divulgación. La creación, reconocimiento, y implementación de Agosto 16 como, Día Nacional de la Consciencia de VIH/SIDA Para Hombres Heterosexuales, va a ayudar romper las barreras de estigma y dar un sentido de comunidad a un grupo que muchos veces que se deja afuera de la conversación. Ayudaras a nosotros hoy y FIRMAR tu nombre para empujar el CDC tomar este paso para apoyar hombres heterosexuales viviendo con el VIH a través del país?

Joshua Middleton
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