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Petitioning Department of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie, President of the United States

Increase The Disabled Veteran Benefits

 According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs website as of November 8th 2018. Disabled veterans are paid on a disability scale that starts from 10% to 100% service connected disability. When the veteran is paid for their disability, it is a certain amount and currently the minimum for a 10% Disabled Veteran with No Dependents is 137$ monthly. The maximum amount is for a 100% Disabled Veteran with spouse, two parents and child at $3,527.22 monthly. This amount is too little and needs to be addressed properly by our government officials. For anyone who lives in any major city in the good old USA knows that the National Average of an unfurnished apartment is $1,500+ and climbing. For example, in most popular cities such as Los Angeles and New York City the average rate of housing is well over $2,500+ for two bedroom unfurnished apartments. The VA benefits are not staying ahead of the housing cost by much and forcing veterans into Welfare/Food Stamps and supplemental state assistance income as a necessity in order to eat and survive normally. Rather than the government throw $640 Billion dollars and growing into the military, give a little more to those that have already served and deserve to be better taken care of. Give them the support they need. The funding to live a less stressful life after they have been hurt mentally and physically, lost their limbs or have become paralyzed. Currently, President Trump's requested budget for veterans for FY2019 is $198 Billion dollars, but this is going to be dispersed upon the service providers and facilities and maybe, just a measly 3.9% actual increase for Veterans Disabilities Benefits. This is not fair. Not right. Not enough. Take better care of our vets. Sign this petition and let it be heard. Increase the benefits across the board for all Disabled Veterans. Starting from the 10% Disabled up to the 100% Disabled. All Veterans have sacrificed and should be treated and taken care of fairly. 

Mo Moumné
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Petitioning Department of Veterans Affairs, Denis McDonough, U​.​S. House of Representatives, Rep. Maria Salazar

Permanently Stop Abusive VA Dog Experiments

UPDATE (September 2018): U.S. Congress and the President enacted a law extending restrictions on VA's dog experiments through 2019. Read more here. --- UPDATE (March 2018): Following your efforts, U.S. Congress enacted a law to de-fund the VA's dog experiments for 2018 and placed dramatic restrictions on the practice. Read more here. We're still working to end this waste and abuse for good! --- As U.S. military veterans, family members, and active duty members, we’re sickened that the Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) has been using taxpayers’ money to purchase, breed, abuse and kill dogs in wasteful experiments. The VA’s painful and deadly experiments on dogs are a betrayal of these loyal animals who literally save soldiers’ lives on and off the battlefield. These projects also waste resources desperately needed to provide veterans with care and services.   According to news reports and the non-profit White Coat Waste Project, some of the V.A.’s current projects involve: giving mixed-breed puppies heart attacks (Richmond V.A.) cutting into beagle puppies’ brains (Milwaukee V.A.) damaging dogs’ spinal cords (Cleveland V.A.) With the support of 75% of taxpayers and a coalition of influential Democratic and Republican lawmakers, in March 2018 Congress enacted legislation that cuts funding for and drastically restricts future dog testing at the VA. Now, please join us in urging the VA Secretary to PERMANENTLY end this waste and abuse.   William Barko, US Army Ret.John Blaha, USAF Ret.Stan Benton, USN Ret. and USAF Ret.Bruce Bryant, US Army Ret.Chris Burand, US Army Ret.Gary Cantara, USAF separated, honorable dischargeWilliam Coll, US Army Ret.Michael Donahue, USNWayne Hair, US Army Ret.Ed Hernandez, USMCWill HubbardJennifer Johnson, USN Ret.Dr. Isis Johnson-Brown, US Army Ret.Ken Phillips, US Army Ret.Robert Reed, USAF Ret.Diane Solomon, USN SpouseTyler Spires, US ArmyVirginia Joy Stovall, USN Ret.Lyn StrangstadDanell Tomasella, US Army Ret.Nancy Warner-BrownJennifer Wilsbacher, US Army Ret.Merrie Wilson, USAF Ret.

White Coat Waste Project
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Petitioning Department of Veterans Affairs

Help Veteran with Cancer Caused by Serving our Country Receive VA Benefits

Here we are in 2019 and I had to reopen the petition for Dan Parks, because yet again the VA has failed this Veteran.  Dan went through the appeal process in the Summer of 2018.  However, at the end of 2018 Dan received a letter from the VA that stated they couldn’t find the transcript from his appeal.  This means he has to start over again for his disability benefits. News story on Dan’s appeal transcripts being lost -------------- Our family friend, Dan Parks, is a U.S. Navy veteran that fought throat cancer. He was discharged from the military, partially, to end his exposure to ionizing radiation during his work in a weapons and ammunition facility. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is denying his claim for disability benefits – despite letters from the VA’s own doctors stating that Dan’s exposure likely caused his cancer. Dan needs your help to get the VA to change their decision before it’s too late. Dan was stationed at Naval Submarine Base New London, where he worked with ordinance. During his time at the base, he was also exposed to ionized radiation. Fast-forward a few decades later and has Dan suffered from throat cancer. He now has to plug a hole in his throat to talk; a side effect of the cancer. Dan’s discharge paperwork from the Navy includes a stamp saying he was being discharged, in part, due to the radiation exposure. Multiple doctors with the VA have written letters saying there is a better than even chance that the cancer was caused by Dan’s radiation exposure during his time in the Navy. But the VA has denied his disability claim. The reason? They say there’s no proof he was exposed to radiation in the Navy. As Dan says, “If the VA won’t accept their own doctors, where does a veteran turn?” Dan’s been fighting for benefits for three years. He filed an appeal, but the VA won’t review it for another 18 months. Time is running out. He needs access to life-saving treatment before it’s too late. Please sign this petition calling on the VA to accept their own doctors’ assessments and grant Dan Parks needed health benefits due to the radiation exposure he endured while serving our country.

Stacy Philllips
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Petitioning Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Department of Veterans Affairs

Homes for our homeless vets, they deserve our help

Coming from a military family, I have learned the importance of trust and respect and support for one another. I have seen what war can do to a person and their family, so many come home and for whatever reason have lost their way and end up on the streets homeless and forgotten. Nothing breaks my heart more than to see a man or woman that has served this country with pride and without question of their safety or life to be left in a street tired, hungry and abandoned. My daughter has dedicated many years to become a physchologist at the VA and has conveyed to me the pain and loneliness these soldiers have endured. No one should have to feel like that, let alone someone that has given their lives for this country and our freedoms. So to get to my idea, I know there are many vacant buildings on VA properties, beautiful buildings that just need attention and love that can be restored to house our homeless vets that are in need of people that understand each other. My proposal and wish is that you people that I have watched over the past several years fighting for Trump and America as hard as you all have done, is that you will  help me with my idea to bring hope and homes to our homelss vets. There are more things I have ideas on but need some help from people that care and people with the ability to make this a reality. I sincerely hope you consider my idea and proposal and help get our vets off the streets. Thank you very much from a grateful mother of an active duty soldier and daughter of a Veteran. It would be an honor to work with all of you to make this a reality and save as many vets as we can. We as Americana can never repay everything they have done foe thia country but we might just be able to make them a lot more comfortable and loved. Again thank you for your consideration of this proposal.

Debra Hafer
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Petitioning Department of Veterans Affairs

Reopen the Veterans Woodshop in Lyons NJ

The woodshop at the VA (Veterans Affairs) Hospital in Lyons NJ has been shutdown since the paid instructor retired last year. The equipment is just sitting there, collecting dust, not the good kind! I, along with several other local Veteran woodworkers, have agreed to volunteer our time and re-open the wood-shop program to assist in the healing of our fellow Veterans. We need to show the Director of the Lyons VA facility the support, need, and POWER that woodworking has.  Those with depression, PTSD, substance abuse problems or other issues can use woodworking to change their lives, even if it’s in a small way. I am asking several companies to donate the startup and consumable materials needed to lessen the financial burden on the Director's budget, because after all, shutting down the program was to save money.  I have made it my mission to reopen the woodshop on a volunteer basis and give back to my brothers and sisters who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. I plan on dedicating two to three days a week overseeing the wood-shop and all its related operations. I have an extensive network of fellow Veteran Woodworkers across the north east who have expressed interest in assisting me with manpower and volunteering.  I am asking for your commitment to the Veteran Community. Can I bring your support to the Director and show him the desire and need for this program? Thank you! Michael Legregni Veteran Wood Co.  

Veteran Wood Co.
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Petitioning Department of Veterans Affairs

Give recent amputee Veteran Marine Jordan Leitsch benefits he deserves: Full Disability!

I've started this petition on behalf of my cousin. We're fighting for his right to benefits from the Department of Veteran's Affairs. He has been denied full disability by the VA, despite losing his leg due to trauma sustained during his service. Here is his story: "My name is Jordan. In 2014 I got done with my 8 years in the Marine Corps. My time as an Infantryman as well as an Infantry Combat Instructor took its toll in more ways than one. In January of 2017 I had surgery for a condition called Popliteal Artery Entrapment: Basically, from repetitive trauma, my muscles formed a vice grip-like effect on the arteries in my leg so I had little to no blood flow. Recovery was supposed to be about 2 months, but things took a different turn. My leg gave me severe chronic pain, was 3 times the size of the other one and I faced a high risk of blood clots and DVT on a constant basis. Even while sleeping my leg lost all sensation and I had to physically work on even just moving my toes. Since there is little information on this condition, I have been fighting with the VA for the last 10 months on benefits for this, even to the point of having to get in contact with my congressman and use their aide. Because of the severity of my condition and after talking to many, many medical professionals, we just completed an above the knee amputation. Leading up to this surgery, I had daily battles of severe anxiety. This is both physically and mentally draining, not only for me but also for my family. I've spent a lot of time going back and forth to Milwaukee and Madison for appointments and a lot of time off of work because of this issue. I try my best to do everything I can for my family but sometimes life knocks you down. My wife, son, family and friends have really been there for me on many fronts. One of the things that really is pushing me through this though is a quote that may sound dumb but is true in many respects: "To Stupid Too Quit" by Derek Weida, an amputee Army veteran who served three tours in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division  I take this quote to mean:We all have choices we make in life, and those choices have 2 outcomes. You succeed or you fail. But failure is not the end. When failure is presented you have to continue to push for that thing you want the most. Life will knock you down and beat and kick you while you're there laying in the dirt. But to get back up and keep fighting and keep pushing yourself, that mentality is the key! This is a long road that I am on and the end goal is to have that better quality of life, so I can play with my son and run alongside him. So I can sleep in peace. So when my wife asks me to help, I can get out of my chair without agonizing pain, and even take those strolls down the street with her. All the things I used to take for granted." Please sign to show your support for Jordan, who has served our country to the point of now sacrificing a limb, and to demand he receive full disability, the benefits he deserves, from the VA.  If you would like to donate to assist Jordan's family during this difficult time, please visit THANK YOU!!

Astri Graceheart
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Petitioning Donald J. Trump, Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Government: Re-Possess the Mare Island Naval Cemetery

We respectfully request the Executive Branch, President Donald Trump and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. David J. Shulkin, to honor the military service of our Nation's Veterans by re-possessing / assuming ownership of the Mare Island Naval Cemetery by Fiscal Year 2020. The Mare Island Naval Cemetery (MINC) is a national shrine but its deplorable condition is a shocking disgrace to the honorable service, uncommon valor, and selfless sacrifice of our courageous Veterans buried there and, even worse, to the dignity our great Nation.  After Mare Island Naval Shipyard's closure in 1996 (due to BRAC 1993), the federal government left MINC behind and did not provide any funding to first restore it to honorable conditions (i.e., no National Shrine contract to repair the gravesites) nor for its immense need for ongoing maintenance.  The mission of the Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration (VA NCA) is to provide a dignified burial and lasting memorial for Veterans and their eligible family members and to maintain our Veterans' cemeteries as national shrines. The MINC is a national shrine as it has about 1,000 graves including Veterans who served since the War of 1812. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, it is the final resting place for three Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, James Cooney, William Halford, and Alexander Parker. Also buried there is Anna Arnold Key, the daughter of Francis Scott Key who wrote our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. To preemptively fulfill part of the VA NCA's Urban Initiative, the City of Vallejo is also offering to hand-over additional land adjacent to the cemetery which will increase the burial options for our local Veterans and their eligible family members. We respectfully ask you to please sign this petition and send a message to the Executive Branch to please re-possess / assume ownership of the Mare Island Naval Cemetery by Fiscal Year 2020. Here are background information:

nestor aliga
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Petitioning Department of Veterans Affairs, Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Council, Brentwood Community Council

Return the land to veterans for veteran housing. STOP land fraud and illegal leases!

In 1887, Arcadia Bandini De Baker, donated prime West LA real estate to our veterans to be used for veteran housing. The VA has had countless plans to provide housing to our disabled homeless veterans but through all these years and plans nothing has ever come to fruition. They claim it’s due to funding issues. Instead, they have made MILLIONS on ILLEGAL LAND LEASES. Millions that have not benefited our disabled homeless veterans. If the VA is making millions from these land leases, it brings to question if their claim to funding issues has any precedent over the situation at all. Our veterans have been denied housing and resources, and pushed out off of the land that was solely intended to house them. Our veterans are now camped out along the fence of the west LA VA on the sidewalks forming what is known as “Veterans Row.” For decades this has been an ongoing fight. We are asking our communities to take a stand to put an end to this. Once again, the wealthy, political people of power, are manipulating the situation to benefit them and line their pockets. Meanwhile, we have veterans in need, living quite literally in the gutter. We are demanding the West LA VA hold true to their promises, and designate the property to house our disabled homeless veterans. No more excuses of funding issues, no more illegal land leases to UCLA buildings, Jackie Robinson Stadium, the elite private Brentwood school and their athletic facilities, the list is long. In 2013, a federal judge ruled these “leases” to be Null and Void! However, in 2015 that win was short lived and those leases were renewed for another 10 years! We cannot allow this to keep happening. Veteran homelessness is an epidemic with a perfectly good solution of using the land intended to house them, to HOUSE THEM. Let’s hold these people, organizations, and the VA administration accountable and force them to do the right thing for once. In the last 6 months there have been two homicides outside the gates of this West LA VA campus on veterans row. If they had been doing things the way they claim to this would never happen! Let’s get things rolling in the right direction so no more veterans are added to this list. Let’s help our veterans get what they so rightfully deserve! No more “looking the other way,” “no more ignoring it hoping it will just go away.” It is not going to go away! Take a stand for our nations hero’s. They fought for us, now it’s our turn to fight for them. 

Vets for Success
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