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The Colgate-Palmolive Company is an American multinational consumer products company focused on the production, distribution and provision of household, health care and personal products.

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Colgate-Palmolive: Stop Destroying Rainforests, Before Its Too Late

Hi, We are sisters, Asha and Jia (aged 13 and 11) and we care about the environment and the world we live in.  Do you know that most products in your house contribute towards deforestation, from toothpaste to bread? Before August 2018, we'd never heard of palm oil either. However, after watching a documentary about the impact of deforestation, we were extremely upset to discover that most products in our house contributed towards mass deforestation. So, what is Palm Oil? It is an oil that derives from Palm Fruit and it could be completely sustainable. But to farm this mass-produced oil, rainforests are destroyed and rows of palm trees are eventually planted instead. This is extremely problematic for every species in rainforests but its especially harmful for Orangutans, which are already an endangered species. Twenty five orangutans are killed every day due to palm oil and we must take action now. As well as wiping out rainforests and the wildlife that thrives within them, cheap and irresponsible palm oil companies are also killing people. Due to the toxic gases of burnt down trees, around 110 people die a year. An area the size of a football pitch is torn down in Indonesia’s rainforest every 25 seconds - this has to stop!  We need Colgate-Palmolive to provide us with complete transparency about where their palm oil comes from and the impact it has. Only 68% of its palm oil, palm kernel oil and palm oil derivatives were RSPO certified. We need them to stop making empty promises and show us some of the changes that they've made. Please sign our petition now to help protect rainforests and save the orangutans. If we work together, we can make this change! You can find more of our petitions on our website:

H Kirkpatrick
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No More Toothpaste in Box Packaging

Official campaign hashtag: #NOBOXTOOTHPASTE Why does toothpaste come in a box? Toothpaste is used by two-thirds of the world’s population on a daily basis. The box makes it more expensive for the makers and consumers, and the only thing we do with it is to throw it away. Then why? what's the point?! I did my research, and this is what I found: ¨Toothpaste comes in a box because it looks better¨. That’s right, and If we consider each person using an average of 3 tubes per year, that´s more thank 900,000,000 useless boxes a year only in the United States. But, there are places where this is done differently, for example, Iceland. The same brands that sell millions of boxed toothpaste tubes in the USA, sell their product's without the box in Iceland. This means that it is 100% doable Step1: Buy only Toothpaste that comes without a box, I know it´s hard, but if we all do it, it will be hard only for a short time. So stick to it. Step 2: Tag on this campaign anyone you know that works in the government or in the toothpaste industry Step 3: Spread the word, share this information so that in one year from today, we can buy toothpastes everywhere without generation billions of tons of unnecessary garbage Sometimes it feels like we live in a society that is out of our control, but the truth is that big changes, start with ideas and motivation. Here is an idea, let's get rid of the toothpaste boxes. Are you in? Alan's Theory ►Youtube: ►Support at Patreon: ►Facebook: ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ►TikTok: Alanstheory

Alan's Theory
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Colgate, NO más plástico por favor ♻️

¡Cada acción cuenta! ❤️Imaginémonos la magnitud que tendría en el ambiente un cambio drástico en una empresa como Colgate. ♻️Sumado, a un compromiso de ser consumidores más responsables con nuestra huella ecológica.  El peor intento es el que no se hace, y en este caso, el que no se pide.  ¿Qué tal si lleváramos de vuelta la botella plástica directamente a un lugar que destine Colgate en cada país, para que sea reutilizada, reciclada, o bien, para que simplemente nos hagan “refill” del producto que deseamos? No digo que desaparezca por completo los empaques plásticos, simplemente, que habiliten este servicio en donde nos vendan únicamente el producto, sin tener que estar obligados adquirir una botella o bolsa tan contaminate, y que además, reciban de vuelta las botellas plásticas para reutilizarlas/reciclarlas. Qué lindo el cepillo de dientes biodegradable que al fin venden, pero ¿para cuando un tubo de pasta biodegradable sin caja? O al menos sin la caja.  Imagínense poder llegar y comprar únicamente lo que queremos, llevar un recipiente pequeño de vidrio para la pasta, otro para el enjuague bucal, el shampoo, etc.  Inclusive, Colgate podría diseñar y fabricar estos recipientes de vidrio, que solo compraríamos quizá una sola o pocas veces, no cada mes cómo pasa actualmente, que al final, tristemente la mayoría termina en nuestros océanos. Y para ser realistas, tienen el dinero para hacer el cambio que les dé la gana. No soy experta para indicar que representaría más o menos dinero en costos operativos o ingresos, pero sin duda alguna, representaría menos basura.  Les invito a firmar esta petición, y además, llamar al servicio de atención al cliente, enviar un correo o un mensaje a sus plataformas en redes sociales, toma pocos minutos pedirle personalmente a Colgate que cambie. La idea es que se den cuenta de cuántos clientes queremos sus productos, pero no su plástico. ♻️ Mexico 01800-001-1400Guatemala  1-801-265-4283 Salvador 2278-1213 Honduras 2290-3200 Nicaragua 2280-9650 Costa Rica 800-2654283 Panamá 800-2652República Dominicana

Ivonne Bagnarello
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Stop Brutality/Level The Field

Black people in America have been abused for centuries by white hatred, fear and greed. We need to stop the systematic injustices that continue to deprive people of color of their inalienable rights as Humans and Americans. There are many multinational corporations that are the beneficiaries  of African American consumer loyalty. A modest 14% of the population of the US is Black, as loyal consumers they spend 1.4 trillion dollars a year. What have these corporations done to reward this loyalty? Have they exercised their power to stop the hatred, inequality and violence against black people ? It is time for the corporations with all the money and influence to say enough is enough. They must not only put their money behind the cause, that is not enough, they must lobby for lasting and concrete changes to our system. Corporate policies should contain a commitment to stamp out the hatred of racism in this country once and for all. I am asking you to use the power of your purse to tell Corporate America that you will no longer allow them to stand by idly while our black neighbors get slaughtered in the streets. We need to hold our biggest corporations accountable for their inactions. The most impactful way to do that is to stop supporting the corporations who have taken from the black community and given nothing in return. Racism is a scourge and a national embarrassment and it’s time is over. Now is the time to extinguish it forever. Act swiftly WHITE Americans and stand up for your brothers and sisters of color.   

Catherine McClave
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Brush up your act, Colgate! Design packaging that doesn't produce plastic waste!

Thank you for taking the time to make your views known to us. We share your concern about all issues involving protection of the environment. We have already made significant strides in honoring our commitment to environmentally safe packaging. As the leader in Oral Care, we are especially proud to share that, as the result of a breakthrough innovation; our global toothpaste laminate packaging is the most material efficient in the oral care category saving over 2,000 tons of plastic laminate annually while maintaining the product performance and integrity of our toothpaste. On an ongoing basis, we actively pursue technology relating to the development of more sustainable packages. A team of professionals within our company evaluates new package designs with a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool in order to optimize our packaging. In consultation with As You Sow, Colgate has developed new packaging sustainability commitments for 2020. RECYCLABILITY As part of our 2020 Sustainability Strategy, Colgate is committing resources to enable breakthrough innovation in oral care packaging. We are also committing to work with stakeholders to drive continuous improvement in local recycling systems. We have already teamed up with TerraCycle, and they have created almost 10,000 Oral Care Brigade locations across the US to collect used toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes which will be turned into new products and materials, keeping that waste from landfill. To learn more about this program and TerraCycle visit RECYCLED CONTENT Colgate is committed to increasing the recycled content of our packaging across all product categories. We have already exceeded our 2015 goal to increase recycled content of our packages by 20 percent by 2015. We will increase the recycled content in our packaging to 50 percent by 2020. HEAVY METALS We have eliminated all heavy metals from the inks and colorants used in our packages. We believe in continuous improvement and will continue to look for ways we can help protect our planet. For more information on our commitment to sustainability please click here

7 years ago