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Coca-Cola: Stop Using Plastic 6-Pack Rings!

Our oceans are clogged with millions of tonnes of plastic waste that will not degrade for thousands of years. Plastic 6-pack rings represent pointless plastic waste — there are already completely biodegradable and compostable alternatives available, yet cheap, single-use plastic rings continue to be mass-produced at alarming rates. It is no longer enough to hope that consumers will cut up and recycle plastic 6-pack rings, it is time for producers like Coca-Cola to stop mass-producing and using this harmful plastic packaging. We’ve all seen the damage plastic waste is doing to our planet and our wildlife. Peanut the Turtle (pictured) was found in 1993, her shell permanently deformed by a plastic 6-pack ring which also prevented her organs from fully developing. More than two decades later, we are still needlessly churning this waste into the environment. I’m asking Coca-Cola to stop using plastic 6-pack rings on their products. As industry leaders, Coca-Cola must step up and commit to sustainable packaging that’s 100% biodegradable and compostable. No More Plastic 6-Pack Rings! Consumers Want Sustainable Packaging! #PlanetOrPlastic

Chandra Clarke
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Hey, McDonald's, please buy only biodegradable straws and save turtles from going extinct!

A major problem in today’s world is our plastic usage. Plastic never biodegrades. This means that it will stay forever. It also makes 100-500 million pounds of carbon emissions. Plastic straws are one of the biggest ways that we use plastic. We use more than 500 million straws every single day in the U.S. alone! Fast food stores are the main source of straw. For example, McDonalds contributes to 12% of all the plastic straws. I had an idea that if McDonald’s would only use biodegradable, it would cut down on a lot of that plastic trash. Other chains will follow the lead and one by one we can convert all plastic straw to biodegradable straw.  Plastic straws hurt the environment and wildlife. Straws just pile up in landfills and in the oceans. There are places where you can actually walk on the ocean because of the enormous amount of plastic piled up. It also hurts wildlife. Birds can think that plastic straws look like worms. Turtles can think that straws look like stretched out shrimp. When they eat them, they die from the toxins in the oil that the straws were made from. It also hurts underprivileged kids who don't have proper housing. They can wander about on shores, but all the plastic can make them sick. Why do we do this? We are ruining the planet!!! Think about your own kids and grandchildren. Is this the type of planet that you want to leave for them! Do you want children to worry about eating seafood because of the amount of plastic trash in our fish? Do you want us to not be able to go to the beach because of the amount of trash? Why are you leaving us children a planet of plastic and trash??? There is a solution though. If McDonald's and other franchises stopped using plastic straws, a lot of plastic trash would be avoided. If people still need straws, they can get biodegradable straws. The biodegradable straws would biodegrade and wouldn't hurt the environment. So join me! Join in saving the world for your children! Please sign the petition, and support the idea that McDonald's should get only biodegradable straws!!    

Earth Hero
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Petitioning Coca-Cola

Que maluma no cante la cancion del mundial rusia 2018?

Porque creo que sus temas van en contra de la moral, siendo de esta manera denigrante hacia la integridad de la mujer, su falta de respeto hablando temas muy controversiales como la infidelidad, drogas y sexo desenfrenado.

Juan Perez
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Petitioning Powerade

Coca-Cola's Powerade: Stop the use of controversial chemical BVO

I live north of Atlanta the home of the Coca-Cola Company, so I am local and it’s crazy to know that every time I see a delivery truck at a gas station or supermarket, bottles of potentially harmful chemicals are lining the shelves. It’s crazy to know that I have to be paranoid and check every sports drink and soda to make sure I’m not putting any toxins in my body, when I shouldn’t have to do this nor anyone else because there shouldn’t be harmful chemicals in a drink to begin with.  Me personally, I already have a health condition of my own that I’m battling with. Luckily I’m at a lower stage, but at the end of the fall of 2012 I was diagnosed with cancer and don’t want to put anything in my body that will do nothing but harm it rather than help. It’s troubling to see the how they promote this stuff on commercials, they have athletes drinking it, telling you and our youth it’s the best thing when replacing what your body loses during a workout; it’s even better than water they say, but when a toxin is in the drink, I highly doubt it. This is important for the same reason Sarah Kavanagh's petition was important. As she stated prior, BVO is a flame retardant and no one should be ingesting such chemicals. Children drink this after sports games all of the time, not just adults. It's important to get familiar with what companies are putting in our food. You can visit this link from Coke, and it clearly shows the use of BVO in their POWERADE Fruit Punch. But the good news is some of the flavors don't use it. Apparently, there are substitutes that can be used, so why not use them?  For those of you not familiar, a flame retardant is a chemical and key component used to help prevent items from becoming flammable and it’s commonly used on textiles and plastics, so why are we drinking it? If you visit the American Chemistry Council website or just Google, there’s a list of items flame retardants are used on such as televisions, washers & dryers, roofing, carpets, telephone/ cell phones, and the list goes on, so again why would any company put this stuff in something that everyday people like you and I consume? The American Chemistry Council's website even says "Brominated compounds are used for a number of purposes, but the major use is as flame retardants. Bromine interacts with the fire cycle in the gas phase to stop the chemical chain reaction that leads to flame formation and a self-sustaining fire. In essence, brominated flame retardants either prevent a fire from starting in the first place, or significantly slow a fire down." Whether or not it's the exact same BVO as what's in Powerade, that still seems pretty ridiculous to me. BVO is very controversial due to the health effects it can have on people and animals…yes that does include our furry little friends. I noticed Sarah’s story on “Today” and they mentioned that the right amount of BVO isn’t harmful; however, they turned around and said it simply needed more research, so I’m puzzled as to why they’re using ingredients and chemicals that they haven’t fully researched yet in the first place. Plus, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and other companies won't be using BVO thanks to consumer pressure, so why is Powerade ignoring this feedback? It’s scary to know that something like this is being used in the US without fully knowing both positive and negative effects (especially because it's banned in Europe and Japan). Thanks to Sarah's courageous actions PepsiCo made the change for Gatorade and it can happen here too with Coca-Cola and Powerade listening to common sense. Please help me and let’s continue to help Sarah make a change for the better. I appreciate the support.   

Aveyca Dortch
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Donate Water Filtration System (Slingshot) to Nepal aftermath Earthquake disaster

I am sure you have heard and seen the news of the terrible tragedy Nepal is going through because of the continued earthquakes. Drinking water is and will remain one of the top needs for the relief efforts in Nepal. Currently there is a lot of effort in sending bottled water to Nepal from different countries. While this is absolutely necessary, it is not sustainable and is running out. The water filtration system Dean Kamen invented and Coca-Cola sponsored could help this effort tremendously and might be the biggest contribution anyone could make. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you can help by providing the much needed water filtration systems to Nepal.    

Snehesh Shrestha
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Urge Companies to Ditch Plastic and Find Alternatives

Plastic is the number one trash problem we have been faced with in our generation. It is in our oceans, landfills, lakes, it blows around our land and is being found in almost all living creatures. It is nearly impossible to go shopping and not buy plastic of some sort. It is time for things to change on a corporate level, it is time for companies to start switching over to other alternatives. There is technology that exists that give us alternatives and it is time for these large companies to start utilizing these technologies. In signing this petition you are making a stand to demand that companies find new solutions and stop being part of the problem. You are also stating that you yourself are going to look for alternatives to plastic and try to work toward a solution as well. We are all affected by the over use of plastic in our world. In a study commissioned by data journalism outlet Orb, 83% of tap water samples collected from over a dozen countries on five continents tested positive for microplastic. In a US study they found microplastic in 94% of tap water.  There are about 300 million tons of plastic produced annually. There are studies that are researching the effect on marine life and birds like this one, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. They said "So much plastic trash is flowing into the oceans that 90 percent of seabirds eat it now and virtually every one will be consuming it by 2050." In 1960 plastic was found in only 5% of birds. During this study the plastic found inside birds includes bags, bottle caps, synthetic fibers from clothing, and tiny rice-sized bits that have been broken down by the sun and waves. Tipa is an Israeli company that produce plastic alternative packaging. Nature works a company in Nebraska creates a plastic alternative made from corn. Biome Bioplastics is one of the UK’s leading developers of natural plastics. We are demanding change! Big companies, its time to get on board and ditch the plastic!  

keila theiss
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Make Our Planet Great Again. Support The Environmental Credit Scoring System.

A groundbreaking initiative sponsored by the Environmental Credit Score Foundation We’ve come to the point where environmental protection is the responsibility of all of us – individuals, corporations, organizations, and government entities. But how to get everyone on board has been the critical question! Although there are wide ranges of green certifications, the effectiveness of these certifications to cause a significant shift in the environmental protection field is limited and companies use the certifications to promote themselves as conscientious stewards of the environment to the public. Many companies claim to "go green," but they aren't offering 100 percent environmentally-friendly products. The Environmental Credit Score Foundation believes there is a missing step in the cycles of environmental protection strategies which is "consumer demand." The increase in consumer demand for environmentally-friendly and energy efficient products and services will cause a significant shift in the environmental protection field by encouraging companies to offer environmentally-friendly products. In addition, evaluating the environmental protection activities of individuals, such as recycling and purchasing activities, will make environmental protection a habit. What is an environmental credit score? This score represents the environmental credit worthiness of an individual, business, or other entity. A higher environmental credit score indicates better environmental credit worthiness. What is the Environmental Credit Score Foundation? The Environmental Credit Score Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Lewes, Delaware, U.S., its main mission is to establish an environmental credit scoring system. This is a patent-pending system that assigns a numerical score to indicate a company or individual's “environmental creditworthiness” based on their environmental activities.  What is the vision of the Environmental Credit Score Foundation? We envision an internationally recognized and accepted environmental credit score that can reflect the environmental footprint of any individual, business, organization or entity. This score can be used like the community service requirement by universities in making admission, scholarship and award decisions. It could also become a factor in hiring decisions, landlord-tenant decisions, and institutional priorities, just to name a few examples. What will be the effect of the institutionalized use of environmental credit scores? Businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies will see the far-reaching implications and will join our organizations's system as partners and support its development and implementation. To improve their environmental credit scores, consumers will begin to purchase more environmentally friendly products/services, to use energy efficient products and services and to participate in other environmental protection activities. Consumers will have a direct impact on the business plans of companies who, because of these consumers’ preferences, will offer only environmentally sensitive products and services. These businesses will also look to improve their scores by offering more environmentally sensitive products and services, all of which will contribute to the health of the environment. Here is the bottom line: This activity will create a cycle whereby individuals, businesses, and other entities will work together to protect the environment while also serving their self-interests. I’m on board! How can I help? When you register with our system, you will receive a unique user ID. This ID can then be provided to our partners when you participate in environmental protection activities, such as recycling activities or purchasing environmentally friendly products. Your environmental protection activity details will be deposited into our system through the partner's business account. When a company registers with our organization as a partner, the company’s information will be publicly accessible to users who would like to improve their environmental credit scores. Resulting from these actions, an updated environmental credit score will be calculated, which can benefit both the individual and the business. How did this all come about? A man was quenching his thirst by drinking from a plastic bottle of water. When he passed a garbage container, he noticed several empty water bottles littered on the grass beside the container. Without thinking, he simply picked them up, and along with his empty bottle, tossed them into the container. Meanwhile, three other men stood on the other side of the building watching the first man. When one of those men finished drinking his water, he simply tossed the empty bottle directly at the first man’s feet. The first man angrily replied to the man who had just tossed his empty bottle at him, “Man, you were watching me collect the empty bottles. Why did you throw your empty bottle in front of me rather than into the garbage container?” The second man responded belligerently, “It’s not your business, man.” Then he turned and walked away. This confrontation caused the first man, who is our founder, to think to himself, “There has to be a way to make environmental protection everybody’s business!” So our founder filed a patent application related to “methods and systems for environmental credit scoring.” This led to the development of an environmental credit score. Take the first step! Please sign today to support this project so that tomorrow we will all live in a world where the health of our planet serves the interests of all!  

Environmental Credit Score Foundation
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Petitioning My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, President of the United States, Go Daddy, Coca-Cola

My Chemical Romance reunion for Warped Tour 2018

This hiatus has gone on long enough. People are dying, suffering, taking the lives of others and themselves. We must put a stop to this. Gerard Way, while just a man and not a hero, is actually the savior we not only derserve but need. I’m asking for the help of the US Senate and the President of the United States to help make America emo again. LONG LIVE THE KILLJOY. MCARMY AND THE SPOOGE SQUAD. TOGETHER, YES WE CAN AND YES WE WILL. 

Portgas D Spooge
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Petitioning Coca-Cola, CCA, Coca-Cola Amatil, Cascade , Woolworths, Coles, Woolworths and Coles supermarkets

Don't remove Cascade Blackcurrant cordial from the shelves.

In early 2014, Coca Cola changed the recipe of Tasmania’s favourite drink after purchasing Cascade non-alcoholic brands in 2012. After much petitioning, Coca Cola changed the recipe back to something almost identical to the original but with less sugar. After a comparison between the original and the new recipe, we find that the latest product is almost identical to the original - delicious. Unfortunately, few consumers are aware that a change has been made to return Cascade Ultra-C to taste like the original Tasmanian syrup and as a result no longer purchase Cascade Ultra-C. Sales of Cascade Blackcurrant Cordial have now dropped to the point where they have been wiped from the shelves of Coles, with the Cascade Syrup range being deleted nationally due to the supermarket “not having enough shelf space”. Woolworths could likely soon to follow suit. Once Cascade Blackcurrant Cordial is off the shelves in both Woolworths and Coles, production of the product would most likely be completely ceased by Coca Cola. Upon removal of Cascade Ultra-C from nation-wide shelves, the Tasmanian community will be left with only Cordial Syrups like Ribena, which is Malaysian made using imported Fruits. Contrastingly, Cascade Blackcurrant cordial is made in Australia using 100% Tasmanian fruits, utilising the best of Tasmanian produce and creating jobs and sustaining business within Tasmanian. If you are a true fan of Tasmanian Blackcurrant Cordial and love the original taste, sign and share this petition and go to Woolworths and get yourself a bottle. Without the help of The Tasmanian community, this quintessential Tasmanian product could be gone forever. If you are a true fan of Tasmanian Blackcurrant Cordial, sign and share this petition and go to Woolworths and get yourself a bottle. Without the help of The Tasmanian community this quintessential Tasmanian product could be gone forever.  

David Lennon
1,876 supporters
Petitioning Coca-Cola

Bring Back Vault Sodas!

Since the other nostalgic citrus soda, Surge, came back to the market, why not try bringing back Vault sodas? Dear Coca-Cola Company, I, along with many others, would love to taste that nostalgic taste of a Vault soda one more time. This soda was a childhood drink to many and the fact that its currently not purchasable due to being discontinued sprouted the idea of this petition. Vault always would have that smooth flow of citrus whenever you drank it and that would always give many a chilling feeling before you could even take off the cap. I believe bringing back this delicacy after 7 years to test sales, as it originally did in 2005, would allow the people who never got to enjoy the citrus-energy kick of a Vault have their input of the soda be shown. It would allow also the people who never had it have their tastebuds be amazed. Of course, also so the many prior Vault lovers can have their tastebuds rejoiced. If you guys could revive that experience for all of us, it would be amazing. From many of your dearest drinkers. • "Vault was a soft drink introduced by The Coca-Cola Company in 2005, and it was the first of its kind: a hybrid between a soda and an energy drink that had one of the most unique and scintillating tastes on the market. Some people have compared it, unjustly, to Mountain Dew or Mello-Yello because of the similar citrus qualities, but what it brings to the soft drink market is a distinctive, full-bodied taste with character and nuance that cannot be found in any soda or energy drink currently available for purchase to the average consumer. Everything from the taste of the product to the shape of the bottles and sprightly advertising campaigns lent a vitality to the soft drink market and The Coca-Cola Company that has been absent ever since Vault went off the shelves at the end of 2011. I'm asking you today to help me bring this wonderful and delicious beverage back from the soft drink cemetery by signing this petition to get Vault back on the shelves and back in our fridges. Thank you for your time and your help in this matter," states Caleb Wright from Charlotte, NC who petitioned for the same but the petition was closed. (Bring Back Vault)  

Bring Back Vault™
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