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Place full economical sanctions on South African government for violating human rights

The United States gives South Africa approximately 9.4 Billion Dollars in US aid. There is no record of where this money is directed. The South African Government vote 99% against the US in the UN, have violated the AGOA agreement by deliberately breaking every human rights law by changing their constitution to take land from the white minorities without compensation. They have further broken the international law and the Geneva Convention laws with this act. The South African government has openly threatened the US government and is in full support of Iran. They also support and have been hiding ISIS and other Muslim training camps within the country. Furthermore the South African Communist Party (SACP) an affiliate of the government ruling party demonstrated outside the US Embassy in Pretoria South Africa calling for the death of American Citizens.  (One bullet one American) The removal of Apartheid 25 years ago and with a newly elected ANC government in 1994 has seen a massive decline of law and order.  United Nations (UN) stats from 2012 state that South Africa has the highest murder rate of half a million people since 1994. The rape & corruption rate is the highest in the world. The South African Government has placed approximately one hundred and sixty four (164) laws discriminating against all minorities in the country mainly whites. We ask again why were Bill Gates, Ex-president Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Henry Kissinger, EX-Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, George Soros and the Clinton's doing there when the US gives South Africa 9.4 Billion in AID while they murder an average of 60 people a day and rape a female of any age every minute. The deliberate call for the killing of farmers by the South African politicians especially Julius Malema, Elias Ace Magashule, Andile Mngxitama and the denial by Cyril Ramaphosa (President) that this was the case, resulting in which has seen massive increase of torture, rape and murder.  (One bullet one Boer (Farmer)) This inciting of murder lays all the blood spilled upon these political parties namely the EFF, BLF & ANC. The overwhelming evidence of massive corruption and the refusal of the government to arrest said party members.  We demand full economic sanctions be placed with the immediate stop of all US aid to a country that has violated every human rights law known to modern man.  We feel the African National Congress (ANC) government with their affiliates the South African Communist party and United Trade Union movement need to be removed by any means possible. They have failed the people of South Africa and the world due to their criminal activities and human rights violations. The US Ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks needs to be recalled for supporting this evil agenda. EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO BELIEVES IN THE GOOD OF MAN, ALL EX- SOUTH AFRICANS NOW IS THE TIME NOT TO TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR LAND OF YOUR BIRTH IN ITS TIME OF NEED. SIGN THIS PETITION AND GIVE US A MANDATE TO REMOVE THIS EVIL ONCE AND FOR ALL. 

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Coca-Cola : nous ne voulons plus de bouteilles en plastique !

Il y a quelques semaines, lors du forum de Davos, Bea Perez, la responsable développement durable de Coca-Cola, a déclaré que Coca-Cola ne cessera pas de produire de bouteilles en plastique parce que les consommateurs "en veulent toujours". Elle a ajouté que cela aurait un impact négatif sur les résultats de Coca-Cola. "Les clients les aiment parce qu’elles se referment et sont légères". C'est décourageant d'entendre cela de la part de la responsable développement durable de l'une des plus grandes entreprises du monde. Coca-Cola est l’une des entreprises qui contribuent le plus à la pollution plastique dans le monde, produisant environ trois millions de tonnes d'emballages en plastique par an, soit l'équivalent de 200 000 bouteilles par minute. En 2019, elle a été désignée comme la marque la plus polluante au niveau des plastiques lors d'un audit mondial réalisé par l'organisation Break Free from Plastic. Bien que Coca-Cola se soit engagée à recycler autant de bouteilles en plastique que possible d'ici 2030, elle contribue encore de manière flagrante aux déchets plastiques de la planète. Et nous le savons, nous vivons une période où on ne peut pas se permettre de nous préoccuper uniquement de questions de trésorerie. Coca-Cola est l'une des entreprises les plus rentables au monde - elle a les moyens de développer de nouvelles bouteilles alliant enjeux écologiques et besoins des consommateurs. C'est le moins qu'ils puissent faire. Dites à Coca-Cola que vous ne voulez pas qu'elle produise ou vende des bouteilles en plastique. Signez et partagez aujourd'hui pour dire NON aux projets de Coca-Cola en matière de plastique.

Ashley Boeka
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