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Suspend the Weapons Transfer Program that is Militarizing Police

Our police officers are not our military. Yet military weapons meant for battlefields like the ones I served on as an Army Officer in the Gulf War are being transferred to local police departments around the country. Put simply, these weapons are not intended for local policing and often result in escalating - not solving - situations. We’re seeing this right now in Ferguson, Missouri. Many of the weapons being sent to small police departments are coming directly from the Pentagon through the 1033 Weapons Transfer Program. Since its creation, at least $4 billion worth of equipment has been distributed to local police departments through this program. Thankfully, the Senate Armed Services Committee is reviewing the Weapons Transfer Program to evaluate how these weapons are being used. However, there’s no reason to continue sending weapons through the program while it's under review. So I’m calling on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to temporarily suspend the 1033 Weapons Transfer Program - something he has the power to do.  When local police departments have access to armored personnel carriers, mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles, M-4 rifles, camouflage uniforms and assault rifles - we’re clearly seeing the militarization of local law enforcement. But police officers are not at war with American citizens - they are here to serve and protect us. But it only makes sense that if we arm them like soldiers going into battle, they will act like soldiers. As a veteran and executive director of Veterans For Peace, I don't want to see our police militarized here at home. And I know many other troops and veterans agree.  The program has been suspended before in 2012, when some states actually lost track of military equipment. You read that correctly, these battlefield weapons have actually gone missing before. Yet the program was quietly restarted in 2013. It’s clearly time for a moratorium on the 1033 program while it is under review.

Michael McPhearson
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Injured Veterans Should Not Be Penalized for their Doctors’ Ignorance/Failures

Injured warriors are being refused diagnoses, and therefore refused assistance with their injuries, or the costs of living with those injuries. Symptoms are inadequately treated whilst in the service, left undiagnosed, compounded and exacerbated over time and misuse (without proper diagnoses, it’s nigh impossible to self-therpize and self-medicate without worsening conditions and symptoms), and neglected by militaries and offices of Veterans Affairs, due to the lack of earlier diagnosis.  My story is one of countless stories, where veterans feel like they have to gear up for battle, just to request financial assistance on a much needed surgery, or aftercare. I was injured in 2008, and was unsuccessful in my therapies, and referred to a podiatrist surgeon (who was getting prepared for new duties and neglected 95% of my aftercare... but that’s another story for another petition) in late 2010.  The surgery was a “success,” but ever since, my foot and Achilles area had this intense burning sensation. I spent many days and nights in the Emergency Room at Tripler Army Medical Center, reeling in pain. I made many appointments with my primary care doctor, explaining my pains. They assumed it was due to new heel spurs that grew where my first surgery took place, and recommended me for another surgery. The pains grew permanently worse, and I sought care from many different approved military doctors and professionals, who couldn’t figure out why I was hurting so much all the time.  While this pain was going on, my command was preparing for me to be medically separated. I was pressured into saying I was capable of performing my duties by my Perform To Serve PO (who gets kudos for doing his/her job deceptively) even though I couldn’t even wear shoes because the pain was too bad, and I couldn’t sleep due to pain, and I was severely suicidal, which I complained about. My request for medical separation was denied, because of that paper that said I could do my duties. I was going to have to keep pushing myself into regular flare-ups until me End of Active Obligated Service (EAOS). I continued with my routine of ER visits, and self-destruction, until finally going home. I immediately applied for medical care with the VA once I got home. The Primary Care Professional (PCP) they assigned me said to me, as I complained of my symptoms, “I don’t want to diagnose you...” which is the way my care went for almost a decade. I thought maybe I was going crazy, and that it was all in my head.  My sister recommended a surgeon to me, pretty soon after I started working again, thinking I needed another surgery. Which it turns out I did... and of course the pains permanently intensified again.  That surgeon, and his associated physical therapist kept mistreating me, explaining my searing pains were normal, post-surgery. It never felt normal to me; it felt like I had woken up mid-surgery, and stayed that way. Icing my scars made the pains much more hot. MUCH MUCH MORE! So, in mid-2017, I decided to seek help from a pain specialist. He immediately associated pretty much all of my symptoms to the rare disease Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Come to find out, all those extra surgeries, and that physical therapy I was getting, was making my condition permanently (so far permanently) worse. His help was the first non-opioid help I had received that was actually effective.  Some Disabled American Veterans (DAV) representatives, and Army nurses and doctors, and VA representatives have all told me that the Navy unlawfully denied countless requests for medical separation/retirement while I was going through the process, and that if I applied for a records correction, I would have a chance to get medically retired, which would completely turn my life around. So, I gathered all my medical records, and doctors notes, filled out their required form, and provided a brief essay explaining why I believe I should have been retired medically.  Today, I received their decision to deny my request, saying, “The first appearance of the diagnosis of CRPS is in the July 2017 notes from “MountainStar” Lakeview Hospital Neurology and Pain Management Center, UT about four years post separation and are of considerably reduced probative value with respect to the applicant’s condition at the time of his discharge.” Doctors had either never heard of CRPS before me, or they just never properly invested their time into finding out why I hurt so bad so much. And now, as I apply for assistance through the Navy and the VA, I am denied because of the diagnosis they refused to give me.  Somehow, we need to find a way for doctors and practitioners to be held accountable, and we need veterans to be diligently cared for. And we need to be forgiving of patients when their doctors fail them. We can’t give care and compensation to people who put their lives on the line for us? My lack of diagnosis doesn’t mean I wasn’t afflicted with the disease. But that’s how my case is treated. And that’s how so many others’ cases are treated. If they deny care long enough, we will die, and they won’t have to pay for anything. 

Daniel Stone
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Sadly enough so many under age children but NOT limited to any and all ages who, indeed on a daily basis have become victims by being tricked into thinking there is a better life other than where they came from! Our Story;  The Life Of Whats Known As, "The Big Money Maker" AKA "HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING" To this day I'm in NO WAY comprehending how the State Of NY and or any State can legitimately clear any child that has, been legally documented with psychological issues into Society thinking this is safe to do so. When it's been Documented that they are in danger to others as well as themselves! These children are continually left behind Only, To Break Free In-To "The Life Of The Unimaginable" My Niece Was Forced Into Human Sex Trafficking And The State Of NY Is NOT Helping Her! They keep placing this every so, un-stable child who is indeed in danger of herself into "MULTI" Un- Secure Group Homes throughout NY State! Which this child Keeps escaping from, "MIND YOU" Each And Every Group Home!" They are NOT providing the treatment needed to help this 14 year old who has, been running a muck Carelessly without having any common sense. Due to the very fact she has been brainwashed into thinking she is, owned by but NOT limited to "Gang Members!" She as well as, many other children have been told this is the only life that's best for them! The State Of NY NEEDS TO properly place NOT ONLY THIS CHILD BUT SO MANY OTHER CHILDREN WHO ARE "LOST IN THE SHADOWS" Within a Secured LOCKED DOWN Facility "NOT A JAIL LIKE SETTING EITHER!" Placed Somewhere they can be natured back into civilization and understood so, they can better express themselves freely without being rejected for their opinions as well valued as a human beings. They need to be taught with strategy and given tools to better understand that they are, NOT SEX OBJECT'S NOR DO THEY NEED TO BE SUBJECTED INTO THE LIFE OF BEING ABUSED AND OR USED BY ANYONE FOR ANYTHING! If These "LOST Innocent Children" are NOT HEARD and OR HELPED With the correct management needed to bring them back in the real world safely they will NEVER understand THERE IS, "A BETTER LIFE" Outside of "Human Sex Trafficking!" These Children have been conditioned into the Street Life Of "Human Sex Trafficking!" They have been trained to think this life is normal, they have been trained to call their Johns they're boyfriends AND NOT THEIR PIMPS! WE PLEASE ARE BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP TO STOP HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING. " Our Children Are Our Future "

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