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Petitioning CMT

Renew Nashville for season 5

It is REALLY heartbreaking for us to say it but our beloved Nashville was canceled today by ABC! We need to save this fan favorite show!!

Matthew Nelson
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Petitioning CBS

Get Me,Myself and I reinstated on CBS

On the 1st of November 2017 a travesty happened, Me, Myself and I was cancelled unrightfully by CBS and we need to make this better. We need to get Me, Myself and I reinstated on CBS. This show may have only 6 episodes released but it has a very big following from all over the world who love and are dedicated to the show. This show has great actors such as Bobby Moynihan, Jack Dylan Grazer, John Larroquette, Jaleel White and many many more great artists. The cast and crew worked so hard to get us this show and we all love it. This is why we need to get it back.

Corey Kavanagh
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Petitioning CNN

Include Gary Johnson in national Presidential polls

The Commission on Presidential Debates determines whether or not a candidate can be included in the debates based on their performance in five selected national polls. In order to be included in the debates, a candidate must be polling at 15% nationwide. We, the undersigned, believe that Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for President has a chance to reach that threshold. A recent Fox News poll found Gov. Johnson to have 12% support nationwide and his mainstream media exposure in recent weeks has been unprecedented for a Libertarian Presidential candidate, which means that his support has likely grown. Paired with the fact that polls have consistently shown Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to be among the most polarizing candidates in history, we believe that there is a real opportunity this year for a third-party candidate to make a difference. With the Libertarian Party being the only third party likely to appear on the ballot in all fifty states and the political experience of both Gov. Johnson and his running mate, Governor William Weld, we believe that they are the most likely to capitalize on this opportunity. We urge you to include Governor Johnson in your national polling and help give the American voter another option this November.

Adam Sheets
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Petitioning CNN

Provide Media Coverage for our US Citizens in the Virgin Islands Disaster Relief Efforts

Over 110,000 American citizens live in the United States Virgin Islands. The Islands of St. Thomas and  St. John have suffered devastating destruction to their homes, businesses, restaurants, resorts, and overall infrastructure. With little to no internet capabilities, no electricity and running water, as well as communication challenges the residents have months and months of rebuilding ahead.   Major news outlets and media sources have given intermittent, if any, coverage at all to this dire situation.  Relief efforts are finally coming in, but more coverage of this situation is desperately needed.  Many of us don't live on island but hold a special place in our hearts these people and their home. Fundraising efforts are underway, but we need more exposure to make this a success.  These people are American citizens, and they need our help! Please help us secure more media coverage of their needs and fundraising opportunities. All we are asking is to include these relief efforts in the landscape of the overall broadcasting.  Those wishing to donate can find three reputable organizations here: St. John Community Foundation: St. John Rescue, Inc.:  St. John Animal Care Center:                  

Mary Smith
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Petitioning CBS

Sign Petition David Begnaud to get nominated for an Emmy for his Reporting in Puerto Rico.

David Begnaud, CBS journalist, went to Puerto Rico to report on  Hurricane Maria. His constant and informative reporting to all Puerto Ricans out of the island, has made him a hero. He continues to get questions answered and maintain updates. He has been the eyes and ears for all Puerto ricans.  Is because of his investigating reports that in some cases is been the only way of knowing what is really happening in Puerto Rico. He was move to New York after 3 weeks. But that didn't stop his reporting and investigating for the people of Puerto Rico.  He has return where he is currently reporting from. We collectively thank you and your team. We salute great and constant reporting. If not an Emmy the highest journalist award. Please share..  

L Aviles
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Petitioning NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, Associated Press, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Wall Street Journal, ABC, MSNBC, Washington Post, LA Times

Stop Calling Immigrant Prisons "Detention Centers"

My name is Sylvester Owino, and I was in “immigrant detention” for 9 years. My name is Carlos Hidalgo, and for a year and half I was incarcerated in “immigrant detention centers.” That is what the media, government, and for-profit prison companies who run these facilities call them, but in reality, these are immigrant prisons. People in immigrant prisons are not serving a sentence, but simply awaiting the outcome of our request to stay in the US. Those of us who have lived behind the locked gates and barbed wire know that the term “detention center” does not accurately describe the conditions and truth of what happens on the inside. We, who have survived these brutal places, are requesting that media organizations - The Associated Press, The New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, and other influential media outlets, call these facilities what they are: immigrant prisons. Until we are honest about the fact that these are prisons, the inhumane conditions inside will continue to be covered up by the term “detention center,” and the corporations running the facilities will continue to make millions off of the suffering of the people inside.  If these are harmless “detention centers” … Why do they look like prisons, why are they run like prisons, and why are they owned by prison companies? We were incarcerated in facilities run by the two largest for-profit prison companies in the country. Carlos was in GEO Group’s Adelanto immigrant prison, and Sylvester in CCA’s Otay immigrant prison in San Diego, among other facilities. We both experienced countless human rights abuses. We worked for the for-profit prisons for $1 a day, cleaning and cooking. Carlos was put in solitary confinement for 6 days for organizing a hunger strike to protest inhumane treatment. Sylvester filed complaints on behalf of friends who were beaten by guards.   In Adelanto immigrant prison, 3 people have died in the last 7 months, and 6 people have attempted suicide since December 2016.  Dozens of us have gone on hunger strikes to try and change things. In order to end the abuse, we must first call them prisons and then close them. Starting with Adelanto. Sylvester & Carlos Supported by: o Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective, IEIYC o Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, ICIJ o Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement, CIVIC

Sylvester Owino, Carlos Hidalgo, and #SchoolsNotPrisons
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Petitioning CNN, BBC, FOX News, Facebook, Google, Inc, Twitter, Twitter, Inc, NBC, CBS

The ending of The Yulin Dog Festival

This is so pressing we can not stop now. There is a dog meat festival in Yulin, China that last for 10 days. Where they brutally torture dogs before they consume them for meals. The forms of torture include boiling them alive, beating them to death, starvation and dehydration, and keeping them in very small cages with over 10 dogs in one. We would like to stop this festival because it is inhuman to commit this kind of act to a poor innocent dog. 

Paris Draper
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Petitioning NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX News

Third Party Debates 2016

Step # 1 - Unite as many Americans who pledge to vote third party as possible on this page (send the world a strong message that we mean business about finding a better candidate than Trump or Clinton). Step # 2 - Demand at least one debate between candidates that the majority of Americans do not actually dislike or distrust, namely Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Darrell Castle, Evan McMullin, and any other candidate that starts gaining traction. Step # 3 - Vote our conscience and make the best candidate the next president of the United States.

Third Party Debates 2016
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Petitioning CBS

Support Axanar

On 12/29/2015 CBS and Paramount filed a lawsuit against Axanar Productions. This is an independent film studio that is creating a fan film based on the Star Trek universe. It is our intention as fans and backers of this production to show CBS and Paramount just how much we support Alec Peters and the entire crew of Axanar Productions. We ask that the lawsuit be dropped so that this film and future fan films can be produced and enjoyed by all of 'Trek' fandom.

Thomas Still
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Petitioning CBS

Rodeos are animal cruelty -- tell CBS to stop televising them

I recently decided to watch the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) National Finals with my family. This event takes place each year over a 10 day period and is televised by CBS sports. What I saw during those broadcast episodes made me regret the decision to watch. During the broadcast, CBS aired many instances of animal cruelty while claiming it was family-friendly programming. They never warned viewers of the cruelty they were about to witness. We watched horses being punched and slapped in the head. One horse had their eyes poked and jabbed. My heart almost stopped when I saw those cowboys electro-shocking those beautiful horses to compel them to perform. I researched the tiny device I saw in their hands and learned that it was something called a “Hot-Shot”. It looks similar to a stun gun and delivers 4,000 to 5,000 volts of electric pain to anything it touches. Horses in particular are known to be especially sensitive to electricity -- which is why these devices should never be used on them, or in any rodeo environment. The PRCA specifically bans the use of these devices. Yet CBS aired every stomach-churning moment. If that wasn’t enough, an animal was actually injured during one of the events -- all while the cameras continued to roll. One of the cowboy contestants broke a calf’s leg during the team calf roping exercise. Instead of stopping the event and attending to the calf’s injury, the cowboys were allowed to continue the action -- ensuring that they’d be eligible for a prize. Nobody seemed to care about the injured calf’s fate. Well, I care. And I want to live in a world where everyone cares about all life forms. We can’t do that as long as long as this kind of animal suffering is viewed as entertainment. Help me send a message to CBS by signing this petition telling them that animal cruelty is NOT entertaining. No more televised Rodeos in 2017!

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
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