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Petitioning Hubert T. Lacroix, CBC/Radio-Canada

Request for live broadcast of The Tragically Hip's final show in Kingston on August 20/16

Dear Mr. Lacroix,As you may be aware, Canada will soon be losing another patriot to cancer; who has honoured and contributed to this country in a multitude of ways for many years. Gord Downie, along with fellow members of The Tragically Hip, have celebrated their love for this country through songs such as "Bobcaygeon", "Fifty-Mission Cap", "Wheat Kings" and many more. Gord has also dedicated himself as a member of the board for Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, whose mission is to 'create a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future.' It is both astounding and inspiring that Gord plans to join his fellow bandmates to celebrate one last tour with their fans across Canada. The band listed face-value ticket prices from $56-$166 CAD with the intent of proceeds being donated to the Sunnybrook Foundation. Of course, ticket distributors such as Ticketmaster have appeared to disrupt these intentions; making pre-sales impossible for fans to access, then re-selling at THOUSANDS of dollars - with NO DONATION to the Sunnybrook foundation. This is disgusting. Yet I believe CBC can step in and make a tremendously effective contribution to Gord's vision; with all of our help. I am asking CBC to facilitate a live broadcast of The Tragically Hip's final show at the K-Rock centre in Kingston on August 20th 2016, with proceeds from advertising, media coverage etc. to be donated to the Sunnybrook Foundation as The Hip intended with their ticket sales. Perhaps viewers (who cannot afford Ticketmaster's gouging prices) can access this coverage by making a SMALL donation (under $10) to the Sunnybrook Foundation as well. If you build it, your fellow Canadians will come. Sincerely, Kelly McAlpine, Orillia ON

Kelly McAlpine
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Petitioning The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, CBC/Radio-Canada

Open Letter to the Media about the Death of Dr. Elana Fric and Violence Against Women

In the past week the Canadian medical community has been mourning the cruel murder of a respected colleague, Dr. Elana Fric, taken from her three young children and the rest of her family allegedly by her husband. She was a family physician in Scarborough and assistant professor at the University of Toronto, a colleague, mentor, tutor, health care advocate and friend to those of us fortunate enough to have known and worked with her. In reading the news coverage of her untimely and tragic death we are shocked and offended at how it is being written about, although unfortunately this is nothing new in terms of how violence against women is often portrayed. In one article her work and achievements are absent while her husband is presented as a "Yale-educated medical star" and his TV work and place of employment are all noted. In many others we are confronted with headlines like “Toronto neurosurgeon charged with the death of his wife,” reducing this accomplished woman to simply a victim in a story where her husband is the protagonist. Why not instead: “Respected family doctor and health care advocate found dead, husband charged with her murder”? Humanizing the (usually) male predators and murderers of women while the achievements and life stories of their victims are ignored only contributes to the epidemic of violence against women. It is in fact another act of misogynistic violence to reduce women in this way. We should not be reading interviews with this accused murderer's co-workers and patients that paint an image of a dedicated, hard-working, talented surgeon. Lamenting the loss of his surgical skills and the gap he leaves behind glamorizes him and feeds into the idea that the only men who abuse are unsuccessful degenerates. His work should be a footnote in these stories, if it is even mentioned at all. Where are the stories about Dr. Fric's patients? About the gap left behind by losing HER? On a broader scale, the simple fact is that prominent men can be abusers too. A culture wherein we display surprise and disbelief when we learn that someone successful and accomplished has also been violent and degrading towards women simply perpetuates the problem of gender-based violence. It makes it difficult for women to speak out about abuse at the hands of a prominent man if the default cultural view is that these types of men never abuse. And when we prioritize men's stories over women's in how we report on these events, reducing women to bodies, to mere objects, we further jeopardize the women who remain in dangerous situations with an intimate male partner. We demand the media acknowledge that there is a journalistic responsibility to society at large in how these cases are reported on. Media outlets need to own up to their role in perpetuating a culture of violence against women and stop humanizing and glamourizing male abusers simply to sensationalize a tragic story. Switch the focus to all the achievements and successes in the life of Dr. Fric, who will be greatly missed by all, and think carefully in the future about how other such stories will be presented to the public. Click here to share on Facebook: Click to Tweet:

Michelle Cohen
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Petitioning Mitzie Hunter, Rhonda Lenton, Justin Trudeau, CBC/Radio-Canada, FOX News, CNN, Mayor's Office, City of Toronto


PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES. #WEPAYYORKTOLEARN   <-- use the # to BOARD CAST the issue   WE WANT TO BOARD CAST THIS TIME TO GET THE MONEY BACK    York University students will now have the option to drop course but what about the money that went toward courses this year? in 2009, a letter sent by the university 50,000 undergraduates stated that students may get back their paid tuition fees to courses taught during the Strike. Tuesdays, so many student work everyday to earn a little bit of money. York university charges student to provide the best education but learning at York is a hassle.    I have had petition a course almost 2 years ago, I got  a email today from the Health department of York stating that they had not have received it yet. After emailing back and forth they were able to find my files. I already got 70 in my course without writing the exam. I spent a lot of time studying and doing assignment. I spend a lot of money for the courses and doctor notes to differ and petition it. Now, after a while they emailed me back and told me me I have an option to CANCEL my petition. This is ridiculous since she thinks it is better for me to cancel and take another course since now they do not offer the course anymore.  I said the story to emphasize the fact that York does not want to be responsible for anything. It is important to know if you make an institution in which you charge high fees, you feel responsible.   And now, that York was on strike again, we as student, all know how professors only try to finish the course by reading off the slides. Lets tell everyone where is out money. What happen to high quality education.    there are a lot of international student who spends big big money to get a better education. But unfortunately we have been fooled by big NAMES and big SLOGANS.   PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES. PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES.  

Pedram AHD
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Petitioning Donald Trump, Theresa May MP, CNN, BBC, Justin Trudeau, CBC/Radio-Canada, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel (CDU), Human Rights Campaign, United Nations


It is a shame that World Leaders and Mainstream Media are turning a blind eye to the atrocities being committed by Erdogan of Turkey first against his own people and now against its neighbors. Erdogan has started killing innocent children and civilians in Afrin in the guise of fighting Terrorist. Killing the children of the very Kurds who helped the West in the fight against ISIS. As rightly analyzed in Al-Monitor (January 26, 2018) Erdogan is engineering an Ethnic Cleansing of the Kurds from its borders, Ottoman style. We demand that World Leaders and the Mainstream Media work towards bringing these atrocities to an end at once. History will never forgive any of you for sitting quite. Finally, when you are no longer in power to manipulate the facts, history will catch up with you. Just like history is catching up with President Jimmy Carter, for turning a stable Iran into a theocratic rouge state. WE THE UNDERSIGNED demand of all World Leaders to take action to stop Erdogan in his path of reviving the Ottoman Caliphate by Ethnic Cleansing of the Kurds in Afrin. WE THE UNDERSIGNED demand of Mainstream Media to report the facts in Afrin before we decide to boycott Mainstream Media and the companies that Advertise through them.

Good Thoughts Good Words, Good Deeds
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Petitioning CBC/Radio-Canada

Élections : Nous demandons qu'un débat des chefs en français soit offert par Radio-Canada.

Au nom de la Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick (SANB), des organismes communautaires et des citoyens signataires, nous tenons à vous faire part de notre profonde déception, pour ne pas dire stupéfaction, à l’égard de la décision de Radio-Canada Acadie de ne pas tenir un débat en langue française dans le cadre de la présente campagne électorale provinciale.  À la lumière des récentes nouvelles concernant le format bilingue du débat des chefs qui sera présenté par Radio-Canada/CBC lors de la prochaine période électorale, les soussignés désirent exprimer auprès de notre diffuseur national et auprès du public leur profond désaccord avec la décision d’abolir les débats de langue française et de langue anglaise au profit d’un forum citoyen bilingue.  En tant que membres de la Concertation des organismes acadiens du Nouveau-Brunswick (COANB), et à titre de citoyennes et citoyens de l’Acadie, nous nous préoccupons énormément de l’effet néfaste que pourrait avoir un tel forum bilingue sur la capacité des francophones de recevoir une présentation adéquate des enjeux qui les préoccupent directement. L’interprétation simultanée n’est pas acceptable à l’égard de la prestation d’un service et l’est encore moins dans le contexte d’un débat des chefs, lors duquel le peuple forme son opinion au sujet de son prochain leader politique.  Comme vous le savez très bien, la langue française est une langue officielle au Nouveau‑Brunswick. Radio-Canada, en tant société de la Couronne et diffuseur public, se doit donc de respecter cette réalité et de tenir compte de la spécificité de la communauté acadienne et francophone dans sa programmation électorale. Les francophones de cette province méritent un espace où seront débattus les enjeux qui touchent directement à leur réalité, et méritent d’entendre les points de vue des différents partis dans leur langue maternelle.  Un débat en français permet également aux électeurs d’évaluer la capacité des différents chefs de parti de s’exprimer dans cette langue; une compétence révélatrice du degré de leur engagement envers le respect des droits linguistiques et des enjeux de la communauté acadienne et francophone de la province. La tradition du débat des chefs en français doit être préservée.  Après 50 ans de bilinguisme officiel au Nouveau-Brunswick, il est inadmissible que notre diffuseur national prenne une pareille décision aux dépens du respect de la communauté acadienne et francophone de notre province. Permettez-nous d’être très clairs : cette décision est inacceptable pour les Acadiennes et les Acadiens de notre province et nous exhortons Radio-Canada/CBC de revenir immédiatement sur sa décision d’offrir un seul forum citoyen bilingue lors de la prochaine période électorale.                                                                                                                     Certes, les partis politiques ont le choix de participer à tout événement du genre ou non. Cela dit, Radio-Canada doit à tout prix demeurer fidèle à son mandat et s’assurer que le droit de la communauté acadienne d’être bien informée dans sa langue soit respecté.  Radio-Canada doit également s’assurer que les questions posées, dans le cadre d’un débat des chefs, correspondent à la spécificité de cette communauté, ses enjeux et ses réalités.    Espérant que vous reviendrez sur votre décision, qui fait rupture avec la tradition et l’état du développement de l’Acadie de 2018, nous vous prions d’agréer, Madame Francoeur, l’expression de nos meilleurs sentiments. Si la question des langues officielles vous est importante, vous pouvez gratuitement devenir membre de la SANB au lien suivant : Nous vous encourageons à signer la demande et à laisser vos commentaires face à cette situation.

La Société de L'Acadie du N.B.
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Petitioning canadian broadcasting corporation

Dragon Booster TV series: Campaign for more Episodes

The fans of the TV series Dragon Booster would like to show their enthusiastic support for the show and encourage the broadcasters to order more episodes to keep the series going. This ground-breaking series has been honoured with a Gemini award for Best Animated Program or Series, and this is a testament to the quality of the program. And the series has only continued to improve since it has been in production. Shows like Dragon Booster don't come along very often. Not only does it have a unique visual style, but there are few western-made animated series that provide the level of depth with a continuing story line and actual character development as Dragon Booster does. This has spurred a loyal fan following that encompasses a wide range of viewers. Few animated shows have appeal outside a limited target audience, yet Dragon Booster appeals to both boys and girls, men and women, in countries all around the world. These are people who want something more than the usual banal cartoon where the episodes are all unrelated and the characters never evolve. Because of this, Dragon Booster brings in viewers to your networks who might not otherwise watch. And with the rich setting that has been created, there are a great many avenues that the show can explore to keep it interesting and fresh- another aspect to the show that has attracted so many viewers, is this great depth of lore that comes with the series. Among the possibilities are episodes going back to the first Dragon-Human war, more stories involving some of the other crews such as the Prophets and the Mechanists, developing personalities of the dragons to a greater extent and having them participate in even more of the sotires, uncovering the fate of characters like Zulay, and so on. We also encourage Jetix, Toon Disney and the ABC Family Channel to begin airing the show in widescreen. Dragon Booster is produced in widescreen and that is how it is meant to look its best. The show is aired in Canada and Australia in widescreen and there is no reason it can't be aired that way in the US as well. DVDs of the series should also be released in widescreen as well. We wholeheartedly encourage the broadcasters to order more episodes to put this great series back on air with new episodes. Despite being such a long time, there are still many fans of this show still around and hoping against all odds for the return of this amazing series. There is a large Wiki dedicated to the series, various large forums and websites as well, with people still actively campaigning for new episodes in the series. This campaign was originally started a long while ago on a site that recently shut down; a screenshot from the original campaign, with 14,000+ signatures is included here: Please bring back Dragon Booster!!

Blue Sonic1
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Petitioning Justin Trudeau

Canada's Boiling Point: Where has our water gone, Trudeau!?

As Canadians, as humans our bodies are made up of  50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. For infants, their bodies are made up of  75-78% water, when a infant reaches one year of ages it drops to 65%. When we get lost or stranded without water our bodies can live for about 3 days until we become dehydrated.  The summers in Canada get hotter each year- which is no surprise to anyone, hitting a record breaking 43 degrees this summer 2016 in Ontario.   We can agree  that no matter where we are from, what are our ethics are, religion or race we all need water to survive.   So, think about this... what happens when we run out of water!? Your possibly thinking no, we cannot run out! Water is limitless.   The harsh reality of it is... we can run out.  Millions of liters a day are being drained from our natural springs, and lakes by corporate companies looking for the money to "flow" in. We purchase bottle water (which is drained from our "true north, strong and FREE" land) then  we toss out the plastic bottle which then ends up in our landfill or even our lakes! Maude Barlow wrote a book called, "Boiling Point:Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis" - which i recommend everyone to read; "We are complacent. We bask in the idea that Canada holds 20% of the world’s fresh water — water crises face other countries, but not ours. We could not be more wrong. In Boiling Point, bestselling author and activist Maude Barlow lays bare the issues facing Canada’s water reserves, including long-outdated water laws, unmapped and unprotected groundwater reserves, agricultural pollution, industrial-waste dumping, boil-water advisories, and the effects of deforestation and climate change. This will be the defining issue of the coming decade, and most of us have no idea that it is on our very own doorstep". Our water is drained by these corporate companies, and is not just sold back to us Canadians but sold to the rest of the world as well. We need to think ... would the rest of the world give us water if we ran out!? If so, would there be enough for all of us!? "From the beginning, free trade has threatened Canada's water in many ways, allowing American corporations to challenge water protection laws, and making federal and provincial governments to ban bulk exports of water more difficult (Barlow). " Canada also gave up control of its energy sector, leading to a dramatic increase in energy exports to the U.S and a growth in water-destructive tar sands. The same 'proportionality clause' that would impact Canada's water If bulk water exports were ever to commence has facilitated trade in enviromentaly dangerous fossils fuels by obligating Canada to maintain a fixed share of energy exports to the U.S.  The more we export, the more we are obliged to export. This NAFTA rule has not only expanded the trade in fossil fuels it has compromised Canada's energy security and restricted Canada's legal capacity to regulate the extraction and trade in tar sands oil, and thus to protect water (Barlow)." As humans, we tend to get caught up in the world around us, living our day to day life.  We worry about own problems like sickness, relationships, debt, job lost, school work, social media likes, shares etc. Nonetheless, a lot of us do not take the time to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.  We never think it will happen to us,  we think we will never run out of food or water, well at least not while we are on this earth. Nevertheless, what we don't realize that it could happen any time; now or in the future.   What about the future; what about your children's future!?  How are you suppose to know about the Canada's future, if your not educated about this.. but now you are!  I read an article from NOW magazine: Which includes Questions answered by Maude Barlow. It also has the top corporate companies that drain millions of liters of water A DAY!  Examples :  1. Nestle Canada is allowed to drain 8.3 millions of liters daily! 2. Golden Mountain Springs Inc. is allowed to drain 3.4 Million liters of water daily. and there's many more that are ALLOWED to do the same by permit. Let's stop this or at least get the allowed liters a day changed! Visit T.Vincent's Facebook post for pictures:   It does not stop there! Read the report on Nestle outbidding a small Ontario municipality for their safe and clean water supply: Be sure to read my updates as well. Why is it we are selling our clean, fresh water to companies while our own Canadians bathe and drink in dirty water... Somethings is not right here! Water is a human right and should not be sold! I created this petition to ask the Canadian Government to put an end to bottle water or to at least only have bottled Water for emergencies!  Water should not be sold!   Please help make this change by signings this petition.  I may not be able to get it to Trudeau but i can get it the North York, Ontario MP Michael Levitt who is apart of the  Trudeau team.  

Where Is The Love . CDN
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Request for live broadcast of The Tragically Hip's final show in Kingston on August 20/16

We're thrilled to be presenting this concert to as many Canadians as possible; it really will be a national celebration! The show starts at 8:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 20th and will air live across the country. Here’s how you can watch: • CBC Television (check your local listings) • • The CBC Music app (for Apple and Android devices) • CBC Music on New Apple TV • • Or listen on: • CBC Radio One (local frequencies) • CBC Radio 2 • CBC Radio One on Sirius XM Channel 169 Viewing parties are also being held across the country - click on the link to see if there’s a celebration being held in your neighbourhood: And for all you Hip fans outside of Canada, the web streams on CBC Music, Facebook and YouTube will be available worldwide. Sirius XM is available across North America. Enjoy the show!

3 years ago