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Require all single-use plastics bought and sold in Canada be biodegradable

The problem of plastic pollution is at its worst and is not getting better.  Globally, waterways have become increasingly polluted, strangling marine life and creating garbage dumps of our magnificent oceans and Great Lakes. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Report launched at the World Economic Forum in 2016, by the year 2050 we can expect to have more plastic in the ocean that fish, with an average of one refuse truck of plastic being dumped into the world's seas every minute. Plastic goods are only growing in demand and although many are recyclable, only 5% actually is. Not to mention the fact that unlike glass and other materials, plastic is only able to be recycled a limited number of times and is therefore unsustainable regardless.  The long-term effects of the small fragments of plastic that are beginning to litter the seabed are unknown, however we are already witnessing the presence of these microplastics in marine life, including the fish we consume. Plastics leach harmful chemicals that easily migrate up the food chain, some of which have already found to be present in humans.  The solution to this is for the world's governments to take action and finally put a ban on the use and distribution of single-use plastics that are not biodegradable. Countless options already exist made of various different materials. the UN Environment lists a few: edible cutlery made of sorghum, plates and cutlery made of bamboo or palm leaf, natural packaging foam made of fungus and agricultural waste, expired milk recreated as a natural clothing fiber, and even pineapple pleather as a replacement for shoes and other plastic goods.  Canada can and should be a global leader in the initiative to save the global environment from plastic pollution, beginning in our own backyard with our Great Lakes and long coastlines. Please! The issue grows worse each passing day. Let us help us help ourselves by restoring a clean and livable environment that does not grow sick and polluted by our own hands.   

Isabella Di Federico
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Free Indigenous Labrador Land Protectors James Learning, Marjorie Flowers and Eldred Davis

(Photo:  Marjorie Flowers, James Learning, and Eldred Davis, who have spent years seeking to protect the lands, waters, and people downstream from Muskrat Falls, are now behind bars for their peaceful protection actions because the colonial court system is acting as an agent for a project that will produce methylmercury poisoning and the very real threat of catastrophic dam break and mass drowning.)  Inuk Elder James Learning (aged 79) was jailed indefinitely on Friday, July 21 for refusing to stop his own efforts to protect Labrador residents from poisoning and drowning at the Muskrat Falls project. Also jailed for protecting the land and water July 21 were Indigenous Labrador Land Protectors Marjorie Flowers and Eldred Davis. Learning and Davis (NunatuKavut) and Flowers (Nunatsiavut) are part of a larger group (including a journalist) facing ongoing, serious court proceedings for their nonviolent actions. This new round of jailing Indigenous people and their allies comes on the heels of the incarceration in May of Inuk Grandmother Beatrice Hunter, another Labrador Land Protector thrown in jail for trying to save the future of her land and people from a Trudeau-backed mega hydro project at Muskrat Falls being led by the Newfoundland and Labrador Government and their crown corporation Nalcor. The Muskrat Falls project will poison the water, land, and all life forms with methyl mercury for generations to come. It is built in part on quick clay, which moves, leaving open the possibility of a catastrophic dam collapse. Scores of Indigenous and non-Indigenous land protectors face serious charges for peacefully trying to stop this dangerous, unnecessary project. We are calling on the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador Dwight Ball, who is ALSO Minister of Labrador, Intergovernmental, and Indigenous Affairs, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Minister Carolyn Bennett, to immediately intervene and meet the following demands: 1. Immediate release of James G. Learning, Marjorie Flowers and Eldred Davis. 2. Dropping of all charges against Labrador Land Protectors and lifting of the anti-democratic injunction against land protectors brought by NALCOR Energy 3. Cancel the Muskrat Falls hydro project because it is too dangerous in the short and long term, whether from catastrophic collapse of the North Spur (which is built on quick clay, which moves) or from methyl mercury poisoning. #ShutMuskratDown

Matthew Behrens
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Stop the Rezoning for Condos - Honour the Indigenous Stewardship of the Chaudière Islands

The Chaudière Falls and its islands in Canada's Capital have been a sacred healing and meeting place for Indigenous peoples from the East coast to the Rockies for more than 5,000 years. We ask all Canadians to support our call to keep these islands and waters open to all Canadians under the stewardship of the Indigenous community. This land and water was never ceded by treaty or sold to any government. For the past 65 years many citizens and their elected leaders on both sides of the Ottawa River have lauded the vision of Grandfather William Commanda who lobbied for the creation of a central park for all, and an indigenous national healing and peace centre. For the last thirty years, architect Douglas Cardinal has worked tirelessly to keep that vision alive. He supports the August 2015 statements by four Algonquin chiefs from Quebec and other Indigenous leaders who oppose a condo proposal by Windmill Development Group and Dream Corporation In the spirit of reconciliation, we ask the federal party leaders to respond to the call by Algonquin and other Indigenous communities to honour Indigenous rights, and to restore this unique waterfall and its surrounding islands to the stunning beauty that lies beneath industrial ruins and a ring dam. Useful information can be found at: Our website: Sept 30, 2015 4 Algonquin Chiefs requesting a meeting with all levels of government in opposition to the current Energy Ottawa destructive excavations: August 18, 2015; Four Algonquin First Nations in Quebec call for protection of sacred site: August 19, 2015; Assembly of First Nations Quebec Labrador: B.C. First Nations Leadership: Asinabka: National Historic Centre at the sacred Chaudière site: October 5, 2014; Ottawa Citizen; Fulfill Commanda’s Vision for Chaudière:   (VERSION FRANÇAISE)  

Gita Baack
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Halt to the Land Development on Disputed Kanien'kehá:ka Territory

On July 11, 1990, the people of Kanehsatà:ke endured a 78 day siege known as the "Oka Crisis" in order to protect their land from a 9 hole golf course expansion by the Municipalitié d'Oka and private developers. The development would also see the removal of Kanien'kehá:ka burial ground and condominium development. At the same time, the community of Kahnawake blocked the busy Mercier bridge on the south shore of Montreal in support of their sister community of Kanehsatà:ke. While the construction the golf course expansion and condominium development was prevented, the long standing historical land dispute was never settled. Today a new land development is taking place at the edge of the Pines area on traditional Kanien'kehá:ka territory, commonly referred to as Les Collines d'Oka.  So continues the 300 year old land dispute of the ancestral lands of the Kanien'kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke. Since the siege of 1990, more land has been lost due to Bill S-24, an act of Parliament called the "Interim Kanesatake Land Management Act". This has perpetuated the 300 year old land fraud as more land has been illegally sold without the free prior and informed consent of the Kanien'kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke. In spite of peaceful efforts to INAC Minister Carolyn Bennett to have the development halted and intervene on behalf of the Kanien'kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke, Canada refuses to intervene and bring about a peaceful resolution to the contested lands. We therefore demand that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intervene in the land dispute in Kanehsatà:ke (OKA) in order to uphold Canada's domestic and international legal obligations to defend the human rights of the Kanien'kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke. We the signatories of this petition demand the following: - That any activities on Kanehsatà:ke Kanien'kehá:ka ancestral lands require the Free Prior and Informed consent of the Kanehsatà:ke Kanien'kehá:ka as per Kaianera'kó:wa (the Great Law of Peace) and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.- Cease all illegal development on the ancestral lands of the Kanien'kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke. Moreover, for Canada to settle the long standing historical land dispute with the Haudenosaunee Longhouse people of Kanehsatà:ke, we demand the following:- The immediate cease to any archeological digs in Parc Nationale d'Oka- The immediate repeal of Bill S-24 the "Kanesatake Interim Land Management Act"- Urge Canada and Quebec to denounce the Doctrine of Discovery and Terra Nullius- Urge the government of Canada and Quebec to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to be included as part of the framework to settle this land dispute.We ask for support of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Le 11 juillet 1990, les gens de Kanehsatà:ke ont subi un siège de 78 jours connu sous le nom de Crise d'Oka afin de protéger leurs terres d'une extension d'un parcours de golf de 9 trous par la municipalité d'Oka et les promoteurs privés. Ce développement voulait supprimer une partie du cimetière Kanien'kehá:ka et permettre le développement de condominiums. Dans la même période, la communauté de Kahnawake a bloqué le pont Mercier sur la rive sud de Montréal pour appuyer leur communauté soeur de Kanehsatà:ke. Bien que l'expansion du parcours de golf et la construction de condominiums aient été empêchées, le conflit territorial de longue date n'a jamais été réglé. Aujourd'hui, un nouveau développement de maisons a lieu au bord de la pinède sur le territoire traditionnel Kanien'kehá:ka, communément appelé Les Collines d'Oka. Ainsi persiste le conflit de territoire vieux de 300 ans sur les terres ancestrales des Kanien'kehá:ka de Kanehsatà:ke. Depuis le siège de 1990, plusieurs terres ont été perdues en raison de la loi S-24, une loi du Parlement intitulée Loi sur le gouvernement du territoire provisoire de Kanesatake. Cela a perpétué l'injustice et la fraude foncière des 300 dernières années alors que plusieurs terres ont été vendues illégalement sans le consentement préalable et éclairé des Kanien'kehá:ka de Kanehsatà:ke. Malgré les efforts pacifiques envers la ministre Carolyn Bennett des Affaires autochtones et du Nord Canada pour que le développement s'arrête et qu'elle intervienne au nom des Kanien'kehá:ka de Kanehsatà':ke, le Canada refuse d'intervenir et d'apporter une résolution pacifique aux terres contestées. Nous demandons donc que le Premier ministre Justin Trudeau intervienne dans le conflit territorial de Kanehsatà:ke (Oka) afin de respecter les obligations légales du Canada et de defender à l'échelle internationale les droits de l'homme des Kanien'kehá:ka de Kanehsatà:ke. Nous, les signataires de cette pétition, demandons ce qui suit :- Que toutes les activités sur les terres ancestrales des Kanien'kehá:ka de Kanehsatà:ke requièrent leur consentement préalable et informé en vertu de Kaianera'kó:wa (la Grande Loi de la Paix) et de la Déclaration sur les droits des peuples autochtones de l'ONU ;- De cesser tout développement illégal sur les terres ancestrales des Kanien'kehá:ka de Kanehsatà:ke ; De plus, pour que le Canada règle le conflit territorial de longue date qui perdure avec le Peuple de la Maison Longue de Kanehsatà:ke, nous demandons :- De cesser immédiatement les fouilles archéologiques dans le parc national d'Oka ;- D'abroger immédiatement la loi S-24, la Loi sur le gouvernement du territoire provisoire de Kanesatake ;- Que le Canada et le Québec dénoncent la Doctrine de la découverte et Terra Nullius ;- Que les gouvernements du Canada et le Québec mettent en oeuvre la Déclaration des Nations Unies sur les droits des peuples autochtones pour régler cette négociation territorial. Nous demandons un soutien aux peuples autochtones et non autochtones de l'île de la Tortue.      

Caitlyn Richard
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A Call to Action to End Gender Discrimination in the Indian Act Now

Please support the immediate implementation of the amendments to Bill S-3 that have been adopted by the Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples (‘the 6(1)(a) all the way amendment), which were passed by the Senate of Canada on June 1st, 2017. The time for engagement has passed; we cannot debate any longer as human rights violations continue. It is now time to act and rectify the gender-based inequalities in the Indian Act. Upon the implementation of Bill S-3 amendments to eliminate gender-based inequalities in the Indian Act, we can collectively begin to right the wrong of this 100 year old human rights violation. ONWA will continue empowering and supporting all Indigenous women and their families through cultural restoration, regardless of status under the Indian Act.  However, we know that without formal recognition through these amendments, many Indigenous women will continue to be discriminated against. Until the rights of Indigenous women are recognized and respected they will continue to be dehumanized thus increasing the risk that they go missing, be murdered, sexually exploited, and/or human trafficked. ONWA’s position and advocacy is to immediately implement the amendments to Bill S-3, and remove the two-tier hierarchy of status which is the central problem in the registration provision. We look forward to achieving justice for Indigenous women, and believe this will be a foundational step taken on the journey towards healing and reconciliation. As the Government of Canada we ask that you support ONWA in fulfilling your responsibilities to Indigenous women across Ontario by following “the dictates of your conscience, to set our sisters free” (Mary Two-Axe Early). For more information: 

Ontario Native Women's Association
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Support the Indigenous Theatre Program at the National Arts Centre

We as Indigenous people do not separate arts and culture. They are one and the same. They are part of our DNA. On April 30, 2019, the National Arts Centre - Indigenous Theatre – the first national Indigenous theatre in the world – will announce its first season. Our Stories are Medicine: the driving theme behind the programming that offers a diversity of work featuring a diversity of languages and cultures, that celebrates the strength, beauty and resilience of Indigenous women. The NAC supported the creation of the department in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions seminal Calls to Action in order to offer a national platform to preserve, promote and revitalize Indigenous languages and culture. The announced programming offers tangible evidence of what ongoing financial support from the federal government could mean in terms of creating a dedicated place on the national stage for Indigenous voices and experiences: transformative for Indigenous People and Canadian society as a whole. As Indigenous artists and allies we believe that reparations must be made for serious lack of support for Indigenous artistic initiatives, knowledges and dialogues. Financial support must be ongoing, sustaining and reflect the high calibre of Indigenous performance and programming at the NAC under the leadership of Artistic Director Kevin Loring and Managing Director Lori Marchand; work that is recognized nationally and internationally. Support for this programming must not come in the form of a superficial, one-shot deal to repair the relationships between our Nations, but must encompass an immediate and meaningful level of funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage and other National funding organizations.   We deserve more than a financial band-aid, given the nature of ongoing, systematic denial of rights and the legacy of colonialism on our territories and in our everyday lives.  We are all treaty people, Indigenous peoples living in this part of Turtle Island deserve to be heard, to activate deep-seated conversations towards a future that includes our voices in the artistic and cultural heritage of this country. To watch the inaugural Indigenous Theatre Programming announcement on Tuesday, April 30 @ 3:30pm EST: Livestream Programming announcement Click here to donate to the National Arts Center’s - Indigenous Theatre program. Email addresses to share your opinion: Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau - Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez - Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, The Honourable Carolyn Bennett

Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
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Help Wakaliwood Get a Visa!

Supa Fans!  Wakaliwood needs you! As many of you know, we are just a small village in Wakaliga, Uganda making action movies. Yet our films and spirit have become loved around da world. Some have called us The Best Emergent Cinema on the Planet, and named our film Who Killed Captain Alex, The Most Important African Film of the 21st Century.Fans and journalists have traveled from all over the world to meet us, sharing our story in CNN, Wall Street Journal, Vice, Playboy, Paris Match, Zeit, and BBC, among many others.Our new action film, Bad Black, has won awards all over the world including the United States, where we won both the Audience Award and Best Action Director at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX.  And now, incredibly, the theatrical premiere of Bad Black will be held at the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART in NYC on May 13, 2019, followed by a US Tour to promote the DVD/Blu-ray and digital release, thanks to our friends at Alamo Drafthouse and AGFA, the American Genre Film Archive. Filmmaker Nabwana IGG has been rejected 3 times for a US VisaWe understand the approval process is difficult, and that this situation is unusual. It is IGG's dream (and perhaps the dream of some of you) to present his films in person and exchange experiences and ideas with audiences around the world. The premiere of Bad Black at MoMA and the supporting US Tour is the perfect place to start. IGG has never been to a movie theater - what better 1st film than his own?Perhaps this petition can help. And it doesn't matter where you live. If you are in Estonia, Peru, Spain, Canada, or South Korea, sign the petition. Tell your Embassy that Wakaliwood is loved. And let us know where to visit next!If Wakaliwood proves anything, it's that anything is possibleWebale nnyo mukwano gwange ne Supa Action!Signed Bruce U, Ebola Hunter, Steven Senegal, Van Dammage, Jackie Chad, Choppa Li (brother to Jet Li), and everyone here in Wakaliga, Uganda

Wakaliwood Official
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Stop the Petronas LNG project on Lelu Island

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister McKenna, I stand with Hereditary Chief Yahaan (Donald Wesley) of the Tsimshian First Nation and 70+ First Nations leaders, prominent scientists, businesses, faith groups, unions, environmental organizations, and university groups across BC calling on you to reject the Petronas (Pacific Northwest) LNG plant proposed for Lelu Island and Flora Bank, and to cancel ongoing test-drilling at the site.   I ask that you consider the catastrophic impact this project will have on the Skeena salmon, the second largest wild salmon run in Canada. 10 First Nations and 60,000 people in the Skeena watershed rely on these fish for food, commercial/sport fishing and culture.  Lelu Island and Flora Bank are the worst possible spots on the north coast to site an LNG facility. Research conducted as far back as the 1970’s by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans clearly shows that this location should never be industrially developed. Recent studies conclusively show that 88% of all Skeena salmon, approximately 330 million out-migrating smolts per year, rely on Flora Bank for shelter, food and protection as they adjust from fresh water to salt water. A massive LNG terminal with super tankers could disrupt the balance of complex river and tidal currents that hold the relic sediments of Flora Bank in place, eventually degrading and destroying this critically important habitat. I urge you to respect the decision of the Lax Kw'alaams First Nation, who despite being offered over $1 billion dollars by PNW LNG to support the project, voted 100% unanimously against this project on their traditional territory. They stated clearly that Flora Banks is off-limits to industrial development.  The Federal Government has promised to renew Canada’s relationship with First Nations and protect northern BC’s irreplaceable marine resources. If you stand by these commitments, you will reject the pending approval of the Pacific Northwest LNG project by CEAA, and you will direct the test drilling on Flora Bank to cease. Finally, please read the following letter from Hereditary Chief Yahaan and view the list of signatories:!letter-to-prime-minister-trudeau-pnw-lng/n76zu  

Lelu Island
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Call a public inquiry into hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women like my cousin Loretta Saunders

I wish to extend my sincere condolences to the friends and family of Loretta Saunders. I want them to know that Canadians stand shoulder to shoulder with them and share in their grief and outrage. Her family and friends have been very clear that they want their terrible loss to catalyze the changes necessary to stop the ongoing tragedy of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada. I am adding my name to this petition because I believe that it is a truly important way to focus the attention all Canadians and the world about the need to fully identify the deep-seated causes such as racism and sexism and the need to fully implement the solutions that will finally be able to prevent the loss of any more indigenous mothers, daughters or sisters. This is not a women's issue, not an indigenous issue, this is a Canadian tragedy. The time for action on this has long since passed. I’m adding my voice to the thousands across Canada, including the friends and family of Loretta Saunders, the provincial and territorial premiers and the affiliated organizations, in demanding the government call a national inquiry and develop a meaningful action plan to end this Canadian tragedy. - Carolyn Bennett, MP for Toronto-St.Paul's, Liberal Aboriginal Affairs Critic

6 years ago