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Release God Hand HD on PS4/PC/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One

2006 was a year for many new beginnings in the gaming world. But while some journeys were starting, one company's was unfortunately ending: Clover Studio. Created by Capcom, this indie studio made such classics as Okami and Viewtiful Joe. After their closure, their team was merged back into Capcom, while some members left to form PlatinumGames Inc. And while Okami and VJ have both seen support and love by Capcom throughout the years, there's one game that was made by Clover that has barely seen any of either: God Hand. God Hand is a love letter to the beat 'em up genre. It reinvigorated the way they played, while keeping their core mechanics. Mixing surprisingly deep gameplay, over-the-top characters and story, an amazing voice cast (Fred Tatsciore, Sam Riegel, Jamieson Price, etc.), a difficulty that was challenging but fair, amazing music by Masafumi Takada (Killer7, No More Heroes, Danganronpa) and the best end credits to any game released and you have a recipe for a classic. I’m serious, these credits speak for themselves: Being Clover Studio's swan song though, God Hand's success was short lived. Indeed, only two days after being released in the U.S., Clover studio closed its doors. Save for a PSN re-release in 2011, God Hand has been shunned from any sort of sequel or involvement by Capcom, a prime example being its exclusion from Capcom’s crossover fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The other games Clover Studio made have had way more love shown their way. Okami has gotten another HD remaster release, but on PC this time, and Viewtiful Joe has seen love with costumes dedicated to him released in Street Fighter V and Dead Rising 4, while God Hand has been barely -- if ever -- mentioned in any of Capcom’s IPs. While Capcom considered Clover to be a “failure” in terms of their sales, the studio still made games that were, and still are, considered cult classics and remembered fondly by the gaming community. It’s because of us. Through us, it has managed to obtain cult status. It has inspired people to completely dominate and show just how complex the gameplay can be, the best example being Youtube user MikeKob. I feel his gameplay is the best example of how amazing the game can be: It challenges the people who play it to get better. Its easy-to-learn, hard-to-master play-style is what draws many seeking a challenge to it. In my own experiences, I have had this game kick my butt more times than I care to count. But in doing so, it lit a fire in me. I pushed myself to learn, to adapt, to get better. And by doing so, I was able to put my controller down, satisfied and contempt, when the end credits rolled. I have hardly had any games move me like this, to where it could infuriate me so much, but I can still sing its praises. Games have slowly become more and more “cinematic”, there’s no denying this. Despite this, there is still a market for people who play hard and/or challenging games. In this day and age, where games like Dark Souls and Cuphead can be challenging to play but still flourish, it only shows more why bringing back God Hand would be welcomed. Where games are becoming more and more formulaic, God Hand's absurdity is something that needs to shine. But I can't do this by myself though. I'm only one person. It is only with the help of you, you reading this right now, could we make this a reality. Sign this if you care about God Hand and you want to see an HD remaster. Tell your friends about it. If you know people in the Game Industry, share this with them. Let everyone, no matter who they are, know. Share this everywhere you can, no matter the platform. This game deserves to see life on the Playstation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. It shouldn’t be tied down to a single console; this game is a gem that should be experienced by everyone possible. Capcom has said they are interested in revisiting some of their IP's to make games from. They have even gone as far as to tell the gaming community to show interest if they want to see a re-release of God Hand on Steam. Because of this, we will most likely never see one from God Hand unless we show them the demand. But with your help, we will show Capcom that God Hand is a game worth revisiting. That even a HD Remaster holds promise to make, and if we show enough love and support, we might even get to see a Sequel to God Hand in the future. And we will, once again, be able to dragon kick some ass into the milky way (milky way!), act like we don't like the ball-buster (ball-buster!), and through our arm, summon up the power of the God Hand.

Jay Sweets
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New Evil Dead Game 2020 (Ps4/Xbox1/Pc)

New Evil Dead Game 2020 [WARNING: the year i set is for what was hoping the game would be out but it clould take a while to create a game like this, so keep in mind the year is a hopeful estimate of when the game could be in production by!] So it has finally happened.. AVED is done, bruce is retireing the roll! And while all of you will automatically think that im trying to get him out of retirement thats not the case! Altho a project like this would be great with his involvement. But the facts being that bruce is done, dosent sound like hes having second thoughts! So with that being said, i had started this petition before season 3 of AVED started! Tho it feels like a lost cause im not giving up on the franchise, Bruce has said himself the franchise can go on, just without him! So lets respect his wishes! Im still hoping to feature ash in this game maybe recreate the trilogy in video game format! PS4,Xbox1,PC! The cabin is where the action is at! With todays graphics this game could be the scariest survival horror/adventure game ever! With lots of blood and Wise cracking jokes! The only thing is they would most probably have to change the look of ash slightly and find another voice actor! But if the fans really love the franchise, and this game does happen and is made strictly horror survival im sure this game has potential!

Antoni Leretz
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Unhomeless the Homeless in California

Declare Homelessness State of Emergency in California L.A. County Homeless On any given night, there are over 148,000 homeless people in California - 23% of the entire nation’s homeless population.  This year’s Count revealed that 23% of the unsheltered people experiencing homelessness—more than 9,200 people—were homeless for the first time last year. The majority (53%) cited economic hardship as the cause.  Los Angeles County has the second largest population of homeless people of any region in the United States, according to a government report released Wednesday. In Los Angeles, 600,000 people are considered "severely rent burdened," which means they spend half their income on rent. More than 8,000 people became homeless here for the first time last year, according to the 2017 Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority report. "We are reaching levels of inequality that we have not seen since the Gilded Age," said Tracy Rosenthal of the Los Angeles Tenants Union. The union helps organize tenant boycotts against things like rent increases and gentrification. Los Angeles County's total — 55,188 — was behind only New York City's 76,501, according to the 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. However, 95 percent of people experiencing homelessness in New York City were sheltered, the report found, while only 25 percent of those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles were sheltered in 2017. The HUD report findings were similar to the results of the 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count released in June by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, which put the county's homeless total at 57,794 — an increase of 23 percent over the previous count. The HUD report found that on one night in January, nearly one of every four people experiencing homelessness in the United States was in New York City or Los Angeles. According to the report, overall homelessness increased nationwide this year for the first time in seven years, by slightly under 1 percent compared to 2016. On a given night across the country, 553,742 people were homeless, with nearly two-thirds housed in shelters or transitional housing programs and one- third living on the streets, according to the report L.A.'s big increase in homelessness had a significant impact on the national numbers. Between 2016 and 2017, individual homelessness increased by 9 percent (15,540 people) in the nation's major cities. Los Angeles accounted for 60 percent of this increase. According to the report, Los Angeles County ranked: - second nationally in the percent of unsheltered homeless, at 84.3 percent; - first in the number of individuals who are homeless, at 47,082; - first in the number of unaccompanied homeless youth at 5,163; and first in the number of homeless veterans (4,476) and percentage of unsheltered veterans (76.1 percent). California had 134,278 homeless people, and while the Golden State has the nation's largest population, the rate of 34 homeless residents per 10,000 people was twice the national average, according to the report. Of those, 68 percent were living on the streets, by far the worst percentage. The report said half the nation's homeless live in California, New York, Florida, Texas or Washington. Counties across the state are facing a pervasive and deepening homeless crisis that imminently endangers the health and safety of tens of thousands of residents, including veterans, women, children, LGBT, youth, persons with disabilities and seniors.  Nowhere is this more evident than in Los Angeles County at least  134,278 men, women and children -- 10,000 to 12,000 in Downtown, including more than 8,000 parents and children in the San Fernando Valley alone -- are without homes.More than 53,000 homeless people, or 40 percent of the state’s total, live in Los Angeles County. That number is up from about 36,000 just six years ago. There are beds for less than one third of the homeless in Los Angeles county, comprehensive services are available to far fewer than half, and the county jails are routinely used as a substitution for mental health facilities.  In Los Angeles county the tremendous scale of homelessness threatens the economic stability of the entire region by burdening emergency medical services and the social services infrastructure. It is time to treat this crisis like the emergency it truly is.  The increasing numbers of displaced homeless people and the lack of ongoing resources to stably re-house them require immediate and extraordinary action. That is why We in LA County are taking the lead in a statewide effort to ask Governor Brown to declare a state of emergency in California to address this growing humanitarian crisis. Please join us! Sign our petition urging to declare the homeless crisis a state of emergency and bring the concerted effort and resources needed to tackle this crisis in a meaningful way.  Homelessness, Humanitarianism, Social justice, Human Rights, Economic Justice, Homeless crisis, Affordable housing, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and the Right to Live Free of prejudice. No human in our country should be homeless. Let's take the first step together. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.  Then Share this petition with your friends on social media to spread the word even further. Thank you for your support.

Lori Jean Siebers
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Petitioning Capcom, Hideaki Itsuno, Katsuhiko Ichii

Development of Dragon's Dogma 2 by Hideaki Itsuno

Dragon's Dogma is an action-RPG developed by Capcom and released in 2012, set in the fictional land of Gransys, the player character known as Arisen is forced to leave his hometown on a quest to slay a Dragon that not only destroyed his village, but stole his heart and is feared to raze the entire nation. Ever since the succesful release, fans all over the globe have been asking for a sequel, including a few failed petitions, e-mails, fan letters and more. Considering that Hideaki Itsuno, game director of the game and first concept creator of this IP had been working on a secret project and how Capcom released a MMO videogame set in the same universe, many of us thought he was working on a sequel already and the MMO was the way the company was trying to raise funds for it, now that it is confirmed Itsuno was actually developing Devil May Cry 5 instead, many fans have asked about the sequel and Itsuno himself has said that it all depends on Capcom's response, and that their response depends on us, as fans. So I've made this petition. The arguments: First and foremost, Dragon's Dogma first release was outstanding. Selling 300.000 copies in PS3 and 29.000 on XBOX360 upon release, making it the fastest selling new IP of the 7th generation consoles. Additionally the game kept selling itself, being able to reach 1.5 million sales worldwide by the following month, exceeding the expectations of Capcom. The re-relase, Dark Arisen, still kept itself within world rankings, by being second place in Japan with a debut of 125.000 in Playstation 3 and 9000 copies and a 13th place on XBOX360. A PC release of this version of the game was launched in 2016 and despite the fact that it had less marketing it sold the whooping number of one million copies as of today, making it Capcom's fastest selling PC game ever until the arrival of Monster Hunter World. The 8th generation release on PS4 and XBOX ONE sold enough to make it into the rankings as well, despite being the third re-release of a 5 year old game at the time. As of today Dragon's Dogma sits at 4.3 million copies sold worldwide according to Capcom. The MMO Dragon's Dogma Online (only available in Japan) also did really good, reaching one million downloads in the first 10 days, showing that this game has grown quite a stable fanbase.  The game's reception was wonderful, enough to make it to a solid score of 8/10 in Metacritic despite the game being unpolished, making us wonder what would happen if a sequel was made now using everything from Itsuno's original vision.   Why do we want a Dragon's Dogma sequel? Dragon's Dogma is special to many of us because it has many traits that in their simplicity, make it special. You are given some starting gear, they tell you to slay a dragon and you set out on a quest to do it, having to face goblins, bandits and all kinds of classical monsters in order to progress, each and every one of them with their own weaknesses, considering how well Monster Hunter World has been able to make monster behaviour, I'm sure the new monsters of a possible Dragon's Dogma sequel would have very interesting interactions with not only us, but the world. Not to mention, the pawn system, unique in it's entirety I can't wait to see how it would expand itself on a sequel.   TL;DR  All in all, I consider Dragon's Dogma one of my favorite games ever made, a game with a soul of it's own thanks to the kind love the developers put in it, a sequel could only make things better for the videogame community and Capcom. So if there's aught to be done to get things in motion, tis' the moment to act.

Lazaro Aught
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