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Buffalo Wild Wings stop selling eggs from battery cages

As a die-hard sports fan, one of my favorite things to do is to watch my Philadelphia Flyers defeat their opponents on the ice. If I’m not at the game itself, I am definitely watching on television. In the last few years, my friends and I have made Buffalo Wild Wings one of our most preferred sports-bars to check out the games. Although, this is no longer the case after recently learning Buffalo Wild Wings supports animal cruelty for no apparent reason. I recently learned about how Buffalo Wild Wings confines its egg-laying chickens to battery cages. I was shocked to learn of this practice and how awful it is for egg-laying hens. These birds are actually confined so tight in a cage where they are not afforded enough space to even extend their own limbs. I’m not cool with supporting such abuse to animals and I don’t know anyone else who is either. After learning of Buffalo Wild Wing’s support for battery-cages, I did some clicking around online, and I learned most major franchises around the United States are phasing out these cages from their supply chains. A few examples are: McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Denny’s, TGI Friday’s, and Subway. So what makes Buffalo Wild Wings any different than these other power-house corporations? I’m a normal guy and like any other normal guy, I eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. But not anymore. Not after learning Buffalo Wild Wings’ gross method of how it gets its eggs! This franchise is literally supporting the caging of animals, and if I wouldn’t let it happen to my dog Sophie, then I’m not going to support it with my money. Please sign my petition urging Buffalo Wild Wings to end its support of farms that cage egg-laying hens.

Patrick Voorhees
64,856 supporters
Petitioning Buffalo Wild Wings

Bring Back The Jammin' Jalapeño Sauce

There are many Buffalo Wild Wings customers who are extremely upset that Jammin' Jalapeño has been taken off the menu. We want it back!  Join the movement over on Facebook as well!

Nate Razzano
1,445 supporters
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Jairo Rivero piña
957 supporters
Petitioning Buffalo Wild Wings

Bring back pita chips at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Buffalo Wild Wings recently got rid of pita chips in exchange for tortilla chips when ordering the Spinach Artichoke Dip. I like to come to this restaurant to have a good time with my friends while enjoying Spinach dip before I eat my wings. However, it is impossible to enjoy the spinach dip with tortilla chips instead of pita chips. I've spoken with many people about this and they are also outraged and disappointed about this. If this petition fails, the good spinach dip lovers will continue to be forced to eat their spinach dip with tortilla chips. Please, people. Let's help bring back pita chips at your local Buffalo Wild Wings.

Robert Medina
372 supporters