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Bruce Vincent Rauner is an American businessman, philanthropist, and politician. He is the 42nd and current Governor of Illinois, serving since January 12, 2015.

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Prevent Illinois from killing their police dogs.

In Illinois, a police dog trainer is threatening that legalizing marijuana in the state will lead to the euthanization of police K9 dogs — and an Illinois Sheriff is agreeing with him. This is a horrible attempt to use animal cruelty to stop marijuana legalization. In March, voters in Cook County, Illinois where Chicago is located passed a measure in support of legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is now legal in nine states and Washington, D.C. and 61% of Americans now favor of legalization. For Illinois law enforcement to say that they will kill dogs they no longer need for smelling marijuana is awful. No other state has done this and it is completely cruel and unnecessary. They are using these dogs as a scare tactic for the public so they won’t have legal marijuana. Join in me in calling on Illinois Governor and lawmakers to stop any attempt to kill police K9 dogs. These police dogs can absolutely be retired or trained of focus on more harmful drugs.

Amanda Quinonez
185,816 supporters
Petitioning Joe Kennedy, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Department of Justice, Bruce Rauner, Tammy Duckworth

Help Us Save Mikey

STOP CHILD ABUSE! Since infancy, Mikey was abused and neglected "allegedly" at the hands of his mother and her paramours. He was frequently subjected to criminal activity, trauma, and violence on a daily basis. Reports to DCFS were not properly investigated, so it went ignored even though there was substantial proof within police and medical reports. Mikey had been burned, beaten, thrown, and tied up so tightly he had rope burns. Close to twelve complaints had been relayed to DCFS concerning Mikey’s care; and yet, those investigations were all deemed “unfounded”. Shortly thereafter, however, Mikey’s mother was arrested for manufacturing a meth lab in her home and Mikey was removed on an emergency order. Since, four year old Mikey has been living in a loving, structured and supportive environment with his father.  But this home is now being threatened. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? The judicial system in McClean County Illinois failed to protect him. They barred testimony from crucial witnesses in his custody battle, citing that the “case is not about the best interest of the child”, and ordered the father who had previously been awarded sole physical and legal custody to return to the state with the boy or face contempt of court. This order came two years after Michael Cadena Sr. and his son relocated to Massachusetts due to numerous threats of physical harm by the maternal grandfather and male friends of the mother in Illinois as allowed by the UCCJA and PKPA laws. The court did this knowing that returning the child could re-traumatize him and went against the recommendations of Mikey’s pediatrician, psychologist, and play therapist combined. This is not the first time the McClean County judicial system or Illinois DCFS have failed to protect children in these circumstances. In March of 2009, Amy Leichtberg lost her two young children after the same State’s Attorney and judges ignored her continual pleas for help. Similarly with Mikey’s mother, they instead aided Amy’s ex-husband as he worked toward supposed redemption. Despite his odd behavior and criminal record, her husband received the benefit of the doubt from police, prosecutors and a family court judge. Her husband, (a man who vowed often to harm her, himself, and violated a protective order 56 times) killed himself and the children while out on a court ordered unsupervised visit.  In April of 2017, 17 month old Semaj Crosby was found dead under a couch in her home hours after a DCFS well-being check. Semaj and others within the home were subjects of half a dozen Illinois DCFS investigations, some in relation to drug abuse or corporal punishment. Like in many of Mikey’s investigations, hers were also deemed “unfounded”. It was later discovered by the Chicago Tribune that the agency purposefully filed delayed reports related to Semaj’s case to make it appear as though they had been actively investigating claims of child abuse and neglect all along. In addition to Semaj’s case, then Illinois DCFS director George Sheldon came under fire for controversial contracts and hires. Also that year, a state child welfare probe uncovered that Illinois DCFS investigators had launched contests that awarded $100 gift card to workers who closed the most cases in a month. Most often it was discovered that these cases would be closed without basic information being gathered leaving the children involved in dangerous situations. George Sheldon has since resigned. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Currently, Mikey’s case is under review by Chief Justice Judge Casey of Norfolk County, Massachusetts and he has a chance for a fair hearing in a state that is known to always look out for a child’s well-being. Child abuse should not be tolerated. The system failed Mikey once and we can’t let them do it again. Now more than ever, Mikey’s story needs to be told. We need the public to see the injustice this poor boy has endured and continues to face. No child should ever be forced back into the arms of their abuser. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR CAUSE! While we wait for a ruling, we are fighting to give Mikey a voice. Please sign our petition to help keep Mikey safe in his father’s care and raise awareness of child abuse. To learn more about his story or to follow our campaign, click the Mikey's Story link below or visit us at Help Us Save Mikey on Facebook.  Mikey's Story

Michael Cadena
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Petitioning Kim Foxx

New trial for an innocent man

Detective Richard Zuley may be most famous for his notorious interrogations at Guantanamo Bay, but he first learned his torture techniques in the interrogation rooms of Chicago. Now, this 30-year veteran of the Chicago PD is under investigation for using illegal methods to coerce confessions that have put several possibly innocent people behind bars. One of his cases has already been overturned, and a man who spent 23 years in prison is now finally free. But while officials slowly make their way through the pages of evidence against this corrupt cop, my friend Lee Harris -- another of Zuley’s many victims -- still wastes away in prison.   My name is Robert. From 2000-2001, I shared a cell with Lee. We became good friends. Like a lot of people in prison, he would go on about how he was innocent and how he had been wrongly accused, but I never knew what to believe. However, when I received letters from the “witness” who put him away, apologizing for lying on the stand, I started digging: Lee’s conviction doesn’t add up. And now that I am on the outside, I am doing everything I can to get him a new trial so he can prove his innocence. I am asking Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to grant my friend Lee Harris a new trial, so he can prove his innocence. He shouldn’t spend one more day behind bars while the true criminal is allowed to walk free. At first, Lee collaborated with Detective Zuley to help him find the real killer in the crime he is doing time for. Facing public pressure to find the killer, they pressed Lee for information using both threats and rewards. In one instance, Zuley offered him a $20,000 reward, and in another, he threatened to stop providing protection for his family, exposing them to retaliation. When they couldn’t find the real killer, they turned on their informant and charged him with the crime. They had no murder weapon or evidence connecting Lee to the crime. Yet, even with all these legal missteps and the lack of evidence, they still threw Lee behind bars for 90 years. He remains in jail to this day for a crime I am sure he didn’t commit. And I am not the only one: Chicago attorney Jennifer Blagg, who has won many exonerations in the US, is now taking a closer look at Harris’ conviction. It’s time to grant my friend Lee Harris a new trial and let true justice be served. We cannot continue to keep this man behind bars while the real killer could be walking the streets. Please sign my petition and help me fight for justice for Lee Harris.

Robert Chattler
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Petitioning Illinois State Senate, Illinois State House, Bruce Rauner

Dog Protection Act - Illinois

A horrifying headline as written in December 2016 by Fox News in Denver after two companion animals were shot in Battle Creek, Michigan: Federal court rules police can shoot a dog if it moves or barks when officers enter a home.  The Department of Justice estimates that nearly 25 dogs are killed by law enforcement every day in the United States, which makes a total of 10,000 per year. It is as simple as this - in Illinois there is currently no means to protect companion dogs, including in your very own home, from being shot and killed if local law enforcement, in any way, deems your dog a threat to their safety. This is a petition to Illinois State Senate and House to put forward legislation that protects dogs from this possible fate. The statute would require local law enforcement to undergo training in order to prevent the shooting of dogs by local law enforcement officers in the line of duty. Specifically, this statute would put forth assistance in the training of law enforcement officers so that they can differentiate between threatening and non-threatening dog behaviors, as well as to employ non-lethal means whenever possible.  I urge you to read Colorado's new legislation, Dog Protection Act, which was developed for exactly this reason: Colorado's Dog Protection Act. I am asking for replication of these efforts in Illinois and, eventually, U.S. wide. I have a Boxer who loves to bark and even run at the door. She would rather lick you to death than harm you, but it is a huge fear that if law enforcement needed to enter my home and my dog ran at them or barked that she could be killed for it. It is for this reason, and for all of the other dogs out there, that I propose this legislation.

Laurie Krook
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Petitioning Bruce Rauner, Lisa Madigan

Action Alert: Illinois, Say "No" to toxic air.

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services (Federal agency) notified the village of Willowbrook on August 21st, 2018 that the company "Sterigenics" has been emitting a toxic gas called Ethylene Oxide. Sterigenics has been operating since 1984 at Willowbrook, IL locations.  “These elevated risks present a public health hazard to these populations, It is difficult to assess long-term public health implications from facility emissions because there has been no historical air monitoring in the community.” the report stated. The company is located in Willowbrook near many schools, and neighborhoods. Sterigenics International is located at 7775 S Quincy St, Willowbrook, IL 60527.  Ethylene oxide has been classified as a "carcinogenic(cancer-causing) to humans" by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2016, State of California 1987.  Effect on society: 1. Ethylene Oxide has been associated with breast cancer among women (US EPA 6 studies). 2. About 20,000 community members live around this facility and are directly impacted by this toxic gas (parts or all of Willowbrook, Hinsdale, Darien, Burr Ridge, 6 schools, 4 house of worships and 2 daycares) 3. Mild to moderate amount of chronic pollution of ethylene oxide is known to cause respiratory irritation and lung injury, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, an occurrence of cancer, reproductive effects, mutagenic changes, neurotoxicity, and sensitization. As a community, we care about our children's health and their future. What do we demand?:  -Complete shut down of Sterigenics, Willowbrook facility until we have a full understanding of the impact of "Ethylene Oxide" on the community for past 34 years. -Monitoring of air quality throughout Dupage County. This facility does not belong in the neighborhood. This facility maybe giving people cancer. Let's put people before profits. Let's set the correct example for the next generation. Everyone deserves clean air. Thank you, The People of The State of Illinois Source:

Irfan Ibrahim
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Petitioning Rosemont Police Department , Dick Durbin, Bruce Rauner

Get Justice for Kenneka Jenkins  I believe this girl was intentionally murdered by her friends the night before she was pronounced dead. They are not being charged with murder and should be investigated and charged. 

Jasmine Gibson
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Petitioning Bruce Rauner, Joelle Marasco

Don't let my sisters killer be released on parole.

One of the satanic group that killed my sister (and others) is getting out of jail, serving only half of his sentence. Read this and you'll question why on earth our government would let this happen:

Matt Borowski
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Petitioning Don Orseno


For all of the commuter students who have been taking the Metra to get downtown from the Rock Island District, Electric Line, Southwest Corridor, etc. who are tired of increased ticket prices each year. I understand fully that public transportation in Chicago needs appropriate funding in order to continue to provide round the clock transportation via bus, train, or subway train. But it is inappropriate to continue to charge these commuting students, and in some cases the family of these students, higher and higher fare cost simply because Metra has a monopoly on train transportation. This petition is for a reduced fare cost (-$3.00) off of Chicago Metra Train tickets for qualifying students who are taking classes full time at a University within the Chicago metropolitan area. So if a ticket is $6.75, you should be able to show your ID, give your UPASS for scanning, or show your student status through the Metra App to the train Attendant for the discount and only pay $3.75. If you are a part-time student, the same rules will apply as for full time students only you will receive a discount of (-$1.50) off of tickets. The students of Chicago, as well as suburbanite students who frequent Chicago for college classes are fed up with this borderline coercive monopoly called the Metra. We need change and now! - Cedric Ngwa

Cedric Ngwa
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Petitioning Bruce Rauner

Require ISP's with Illinois state contracts to abide by net neutrality principles.

I'm calling on Governor Bruce Rauner to issue an executive order requiring internet service providers with state contracts to abide by net neutrality principles. This would mean that in order to receive a contract with the state of Illinois government, internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast must not block or throttle web content or create internet fast lanes. State governments can be some of the biggest consumers of internet services so this will send a strong message. Furthermore, this can be done. In January of 2018, Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D) signed an executive order to do just this, explaining “This is a simple step states can take to preserve and protect net neutrality. We can’t wait for folks in Washington DC to come to their senses and reinstate these rules.” Please sign my petition asking Governor Bruce Rauner to require all internet service providers with state contracts to abide by net neutrality rules.    

Michael Owens
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Petitioning Illinois Governor, Illinois State Senate, Illinois State House, Bruce Rauner

Death penalty for hate crimes and torture

Brittany Covington, Tesfaye Cooper Jordan Hill, Tanishia Covington.  These are the names of the 4 who kidnapped a handicapped man.. tortured him yelled f**k white people and f**k donald trump.. these people are to dangerous to be on the streets. They shouls not be allowed to live after there violent actions. So i believe that the state of Illinois should open up the death penalty option for this case..

Travis Bruns
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