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Petitioning Brian Sandoval

Call a Special Session to Implement Firearm Background Checks in Nevada

In 2013, the Nevada Legislature passed a universal background check bill on all gun sales, which had the support of 87% of Nevada Voters, 75% who said they "strongly favor" the law. When the bill was brought to Governor Sandoval's desk, he caved to the pressure of the NRA and vetoed the bill. Then in 2016, Nevada voters passed Question 1, which would allow for universal background checks, but it was put on a permanent hold by our Republican Attorney General, Adam Laxalt, due to technicalities, subverting the will of the people.  Sign this petition calling for universal background checks for firearm purchases in Nevada! As a resident of Las Vegas, I am overwhelmed with emotion after the massacre that occurred overnight. I am OUTRAGED, UPSET, TERRIFIED, and DISTRAUGHT over what happened. I didn't get any sleep on that tragic night, ultimately staying up to watch the news for updates – waiting to see if I knew anybody who was gunned down. We have had 273 mass shootings in 275 days in our country. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE when we have measures we can put into place to prevent this from happening – measures that Nevada voters have already voiced their support for. Please join me in signing and sharing so that we can send a message to Governor Sandoval that he MUST call a Special Session of our State Legislature to implement universal background checks to help prevent any more tragedies from happening in our great state.  

Justin Bianchini
24,074 supporters
Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives

Impeach Judge Gloria M. Navarro

We the People of the United States petition the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach Judge Gloria M. Navarro of the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada for committing treason and collaborating in the insurrection against the Constitutional authority of the federal government pursuant to Article I Section 8 Clause 15, Article 3 Section 3 and Article 2 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, 18 U.S.C. § 2831 and 18 U.S. § Code 2383. Whereas Judge Navarro, at the direction of the FBI, BLM, and other federal agencies, is unlawfully detaining (Amendment VIII of the Bill of Rights & 18 U.S.C. § 3142), and has been for over nine months, prominent activists within the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom political movement for exercising their First Amendment protected rights—protesting against federal government overreach [the fact it had sold 9,000 acres of public land bordering Bundy Ranch and other people who own grazing rights to the division to a Communist Chinese energy firm represented by Rory Reid (Harry Reid's son), EMM, for $4.5 million, $34.1 million less than its value, and began rounding up the Bundy’s cattle and holding them in inhumane conditions … at least 60 purportedly suffering death or missing]—and, in order to suppress C4CF 's education of the People, they have been charged by the FBI for violating 18 U.S.C. § 371 - Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States; 18 U.S.C. § 372 - Conspiracy to Impede and Injure a Federal Officer; 18 U.S.C. § lll(a)(l) and (b) - Assault on a Federal Officer; 18 U.S.C. § 115(a)(l)(B) - Threatening a Federal Law Enforcement Officer; 18 U.S.C. § 924(c) - Use and Carry of a Firearm in Relation to a Crime of Violence; 18 U.S.C. § 1503 - Obstruction of the Due Administration of Justice; 18 U.S.C. § 1951 - Interference with Interstate Commerce by Extortion; 18 U.S.C. § 1952 - Interstate Travel in Aid of Extortion; 18 U.S.C. § 2 - Aiding and Abetting. Among the political prisoners are Cliven, Ammon, Ryan and Mel Bundy, Peter Santilli (a journalist), Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper, Eric Parker and Jerry DeLumus—all of whom provide C4CF with necessary influence. Whereas the discovery comprises substantial evidence proving the innocence of the defendants but is being concealed from the public at the order of Judge Navarro (in violation of Amendment VI of the Bill of Rights and Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure). These prisoners have also been subjected to mistreatment by the FBI, U.S. Marshall Service and employees of the correctional facilities. Whereas Judge Navarro is consciously proceeding with falsified charges filed by the FBI against C4CF and refusing to grant motions to dismiss after learning that Sheriff Douglas Gillespie and many other local, state and federal officials ordered the BLM to return the cattle to the Bundy’s and withdraw from the land, and being presented with relevant laws [Article I Section 8 Clause 17 & Article IV Section 3 Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, Rule 501 of the Federal Rules of Evidence and Nevada Revised Statute 568.225] were presented to her by the defense. Whereas, after being ordered by Sheriff Gillespie to stand down, Special Agent Dan P. Love of the BLM continued to impede on the rights and jurisdiction of the People of Clark County and all People of Nevada unabated; Committing acts of aggression that should be considered attempts to seriously injure or even kill peaceful protesters, including tazing several individuals and using blunt force (some already challenged by physical disabilities)—an apparent result of its militarization. Sheriff Gillespie stated that "anyone who had been in policing would question their tactics." Whereas Judge Navarro is participating in a cover up of the suppression by the FBI (by way of COINTELPRO tactics) of the right to the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, peaceful assembly, and petition the Government for a redress of grievances. One of the main functions of government is to enforce contracts, and in this case not only is the government failing to enforce a contract but it is also the contractor, and have abridged their obligations in addition to preventing the contractee(s) [Cliven Bundy—We the People] from discharging our duties enumerated in Article I Section 8 Clause 15 & 16 of the U.S. Constitution & 10 U.S.C. § 311 and pursuant to Rule 501 of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Whereas Judge Navarro has proven herself unfit to be an impartial Federal Judge; Consistent to the extreme bias expressed by her assistance given to the federal government and its usurpation of power and by covering up the inhumane treatment of political activists who are being unlawfully detained for exercising their rights protected by the First Amendment to enforce the rule of law—to establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, guarantee a Republican Form of Government, and secure the right to life, liberty and property, as ordained by the Creator in the U.S. Constitution.

Matthew Deatherage
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Petitioning Carolyn Goodman, Scott Adams, Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, Councilman Steven G. Seroka, Councilman Bob Coffin, Councilman Stavros S. Anthony, Councilman Ricki Y. Barlow, Councilwoman Michele Fiore,...

Rename "Giles Street" to "1 October Memorial Way" to Honor Victims of 1 October Shooting

We, the undersigned supporters would like to see the City of Las Vegas and/or Clark County rename Giles Street, adjacent to the Las Vegas Village. We are petitioning the city and/or county to change the name of Giles Street to 1 October Memorial Way in honor of the 58 lives lost during the mass shooting on October 1, 2017 at Mandalay Bay. Giles Street runs North/South between E Reno Ave on the North and Mandalay Bay Rd on the South. A map of the area and street can be found at We would like to see a permanent way of being able to honor the victims from this horrific tragedy. Being able to rename the street that directly wraps around the venue where this incident occurred would provide a great opportunity to continue their legacy. Giles Street was the main street that thousands of people fled to while tying to escape the gunfire. This street was one of the main thoroughfares medical personnel used to evacuate victims and provided access for private citizens to use their vehicles to load victims into their vehicles and rush them to several local hospitals. Renaming this street will not be a constant reminder of what happened on 1 October, but a way for our city and the country to remember the innocent victims and being able to honor them will live on for generations to come. It will also be a way for those that live within our great city to honor the First Responders and private citizens that risked their lives to save the many countless lives. It will also provide the survivors a way to remember and reflect. Thank you for considering our request to rename this street. ** As renaming a street is a very complex and challenging project, many agencies must review and approve the name change. These include, County, City, State or Federal Governments, Police and Fire Departments, the Post Office as well as others. As a result, we're petitioning all those who can make this happen to make them all aware of our intentions to rename this street.

John W
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Petitioning USCIS Public Engagements

Don't deport Gerardo Suarez, father of Afghanistan War Veteran!

 _______________________________________________________________ Victory! ALRIGHT EVERYONE! SMALL VICTORY, BUT A VICTORY INDEED! MY father was just released on his Own Recognizance. It's not over, but my father doesn't have to suffer in jail anymore. Now we are awaiting the hearing with the Immigration Judge. CONTINUE TO PRAY STEADFAST. Pray for the softening of the judge's heart. We now have a chance to actually present his case! WOOO! PRAISE GOD! Thank you to all the petition signers, everyone who wrote their Congress, ICE, DHS, Senators, and our Governor. Your support has been paramount, and I'm proud to be an American, standing alongside all of you who helped. THANK YOU! God bless you all!   _______________________________________________________________ ORIGINAL MESSAGE: Hello Everyone, As we all know, our country is in drastic need of Immigration Reform. Immigrants are fighting for their lives to be with their families day and night. As an American Soldier, and U.S. Citizen I have witnessed and experienced the hardship of battle, and separation from family whilst serving a tour overseas in Afghanistan. I have just returned home on January 15th 2012, with no injuries and all thanks to God. As of March 24th 2012, just 69 days after my post-deployment transition, my father, who is a Legal Permanent Resident, was taken by ICE Agents in my living room while I was asleep.  My father has lived in the USA as a Legal Permanent Resident since 1989.  14 Years ago he was convicted of a Class D felony, and was sentenced to Probation which he was discharged Honorably (and early) because of good conduct. Since his conviction, my father has learned his lesson and completely turned his life around. As a child, my father was distant, because of type of lifestyle he was involved in. Yet, I knew he loved me, and his children, and he always took care of me as best he could. His addiction to drugs (which at the time, I was unaware of) was starting to overpower him, and finally our home was raided. After 1998, when my father was honorably discharged, he took proactive steps to make our life better. We went from poverty, to living in a room in a relative's house, to eventually renting our own place. My dad worked painstakingly hard trying to find good work to support me, pay for college, and raise me. For years, nobody would hire him. He worked odd jobs, here and there, but nothing significant enough to really get our own place to live. Finally, in 2007 he got a big break, and was hired by Veolia Transportation, driving and serving the citizens of Las Vegas on the Citizens Area Transit Bus. He was so proud. His pay was finally good enough to start saving, and he did just that. Often times telling me: "Everything I have here is for you, son." He would sacrifice his whole day doing work that very rarely gets recognition. Day in and Day out he'd wake up at 2am, deal with the abuse of the passengers, and the inability to take breaks despite working 14 hour days. He always lived by "Hard work, is good work." He always talked to me about principles of life, teaching me to "obey and submit to authority." "Strive, work hard, make investments and save money." He was really focused on setting me in the right track. In 2008, I enlisted in the Nevada Army National Guard, and 2 years later I was promoted to Sergeant. When I first heard word of my impending deployment, my dad was broken hearted. The look on his face, when I told him that I was leaving to Afghanistan was filled with shock, worry, disdain, and bitter sadness. My father suffered for a year without me in 2011, often times not even knowing if I would make it home, or if the phone would ring again with my voice on the other end. However, he remained so strong, and really played an instrumental role in my service. He would always encourage me, comfort me with scriptures, provide advice on leading my troops, and giving me the strength to move forward day by day waiting for the longest 365 days until I can reunite with him. My father has been an active member of our church, Calvary Chapel Green Valley, where he would attend regular Military Ministry meetings, often times comforting family members of deployed soldiers. While I was gone, he would spend his weekends attending the church's "Downtown Outreach" where he would feed the homeless, give them bibles, support, prayer, and minister to them. When I finally returned him this past January, my father greeted me with tears of joy. He was so happy, and proud of his son's service. He would often brag about the medals I got, my rank, and about the accomplishments during my deployment to his friends, and the cashiers at the local grocery store. It was a bit embarrassing to say the least, but that's how he showed his love and pride. I guess the picture I am trying to paint is that my father, yes he made a mistake 14 years ago, was drastically changed from that.  He is a completely different man! Gone are the days where he'd be cooped up in his room with his "friends". Gone are the days, where we would barely even talk because he was too doped up. In fact, my father is a proud patriot, parent of a soldier, a productive member of society, a servant of the public sector, a tax payer and an amazing, christian father. He has taught me so much, and honestly even now, as I face his incarceration and possible deportation proceedings, all of his training that he has instilled in me is kicking in. Without it, I would have been an unorganized mess. I owe everything to my father, and even as a soldier, my performance in duty, and decorations are a direct result of his input. My father has been instrumental in my morale, my troop's morale and most importantly my re-integration into society after experiencing war. My whole family is full of Servicemen, U.S. Citizens, and law enforcement. To strip him away from me is both shattering to my morale, well-being, and inspiration to strive. This year, when I returned we were already planning to buy a house, and have signed our paperwork. I was planning to fulfill my lifelong dream of taking care of him. He is a 54 year old man, and he's turning 55 this year. He's a frail image of what he used to be in his younger days, and as his son, I've always wanted to care for him.   The Arrest: The sad morning transpired as my father responded to knocks on the door by ICE Agents.  My father, being as docile as he is opened the door.  He was under the impression that they were just "policemen."  They began asking him questions about his truck that he owned.  Worried, my father opened the door a little more and started asking if everything was alright.  One ICE agent already put his foot in the door.  Well, noticing that, my father asked them "Who are you?" To which only a badge was shown, but no positive Identification from the agents.  Nothing stating that they were ICE or anything like that.  Well, a little confused, he said "come in the living room, I will brush my teeth.  I just woke up."  My dad ran upstairs, brushed his teeth and came back down.  They began interviewing him, asking questions about his prior conviction.  Moments later, they said "We have to take you in for questioning" and without a warrant of any sort, they started to cuff him.  My dad submitted, as he felt it was the right thing to do (and it was).  As they took him out of the house, he said "My son just returned from Afghanistan.  Please let me say goodbye to him" to which they replied "No."   My dad called my name, in hopes I'd awake so he can say goodbye.  Sadly, I didn't hear him.  The ICE Officer then walked upstairs, rummaged through my dad's belongings to get his Green Card, Wallet and House Keys.  I woke up that morning thinking he was kidnapped, when I then received a call from ICE saying they had my father in custody.   As a veteran who fought to protect the freedoms, and defend the constitution of this great nation this situation poses questions: Was my fight in vain? Why serve a federal duty, protect freedom, if my family will get immediately separated? I am proud of my service this great country.  I know my sacrifice will not be in vain, because of everyone here that makes this place so great!   I am urging anyone who sees this petition to please help me. My father is all I have. He is my motivation, my inspiration, my best friend, and most of all: MY HERO!  A great man.  He's a father of four, a grandfather, an Uncle, and a brother and a friend to many.  A 55 year old man, that just wants to love his family, and is loved very much by them. If he is deported to the Philippines, there is no life there for him.  He doesn't have the protections of Equal Employment Opportunity in a country where age discrimination is so rampant; Therefore, he wont be able to support himself.  All of his brothers, sisters, friends, and most of his children are here.  There is nobody there to take care of him.   His life is here in America.  He has nothing there.  It is an old country that he left 24 years ago. My father has already done his time, and he is now a contributing member of society.  He pays his taxes, he loves his family, he gives to his church, ministers to members of his community, and lives his life just.  He should be allowed to stay, because he has earned that right.  I hope my sacrifice has helped earn his right as well.   Thank you for your consideration,  Sincerely,  Sergeant Marc-Johann Suarez  B 422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion  

Marc Suarez
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Petitioning CNN, Dina Titus, Joe Heck, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, President of the United States,, Brian Sandoval, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Ben Carson, MSNBC, Facebook

Negligent Doctors In Nevada Butchering People, while the laws protect them

Hello my name is Panchitta Crespo. In March 2013 I had Fusion Thoracic surgery of the T7-T8 spine by apparently the top Spine & Neurosurgeon in Nevada. In order to do the surgery the doctor explained to me the only risk was death because the surgery is not performed often. The doctor also explained that their were only two entry point options to conduct the surgery. One was to open the entire chest wall and have to go through all the vital organs. The other was to enter from the side in my back. They had to remove part of my rib (which was not explained prior to surgery) and deflate my left lung (which was not explained prior to surgery). I was actually happy to finally be almost out of back pain if the surgery was a success. But it wasn't. I knew something wasn't right three months into recovery because I was immediately placed on oxygen. I went to the doctor and he said my surgery was a evasive one and I needed to allow more time to recover then the estimated (doctor prediction) three months. Then I went to see a lawyer, who refused the case and told me to allow more time to heal. What I didn't know was that lawyer had ties to the doctor. Here I was 36 years old, unable to breath, take a deep breath, laugh, sleep, or sleep on my left side. That following October 2013, I went to the restroom and lost feeling in my legs when I stood up. I fell and tore the ligaments in my right ankle and broke the calcaneous bone. The orthopedic surgeon said I had nerve damage in my legs from the back surgery. Then I was recommended by one of his doctors to see another great Neurosurgeon that happen to work at the same place with the previous doctor but was told he was different and would fix any mistakes the other doctor made. I still never had my ankle surgery because my back pain is more extensive pain then my ankle. So I went to see the new doctor and he viewed the surgery reports, xrays, MRI's, CT scans and my body itself. He saw that there was a pocket of fluid still there in my lung area which showed a lump, then he felt where my rib was bothering me, which was under my breast bone around to my back where my spine is at. He said I had intercostal nerve damage. He said this could be easily fixed by cutting part of the nerve so it will cause me to feel numbness in the area where my pain was. He assured me that all my pain would be over soon. Well I went in for his surgery August 2014. He said he was only going to cut one nerve right before in went into the operating room. When I was in recovery he told me that they drilled a hole in my sixth rib, shaved my fifth rib, cut some muscle and then cut two nerves instead of one. Not even 8hrs after surgery I was in the hospital bed stuck in a slump (bed ditch), I tried to scoot over to the left and ALL my ribs cracked on my left side causing me to scream in extreme pain. The nurses ran in but wanted to see if I tore my stitches and staples but as they tried to turn me on my side, my ribs cracked even more. I continued to scream and pray in Arabic. Then the nurses would not get me medical attention until the morning after they called the doctors. The surgeon got a CT scan and then asked did I want to go home, not even caring about my new condition. The primary doctor care doctor in charge of me ordered a xray and they both found that my ribs were now fractured. The primary care doctor placed me in a rehabilitation center for a few weeks. I couldn't walk (sometimes still can't), bathe myself (need assistance now), use the restroom by myself, feed myself, twist, turn, bend, and my breathing was worse and worse of all I lost my memory. I underwent physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy for several weeks. I was released because of insurance reasons. I went back to the surgeon and got a new CT scan done and the surgeon said my ribs was worse then before and needed immediate attention of a new surgery to put a new plate on my 5th, 6th & 7th ribs. I had no choice but to go through with it in November 2014 because of the pain I was still in. Well as of June 2015 I had to get a Neurostimulator implanted inside me because pain medications was not working and based on the newest CT scan, my screws in my ribs are loose and that is one of the reasons why I'm still in pain and jot healing. I've gone to see several lawyers and all said I have a case but will not help me based on having a conflict of interest and how the laws are set up. The law states that the patient has a year to file a case against a doctor. The problem is finding a doctor that will go against another doctor without jeopardizing his chances of receiving a referral and his reputation not be ruined in the medical community. I was told this information by a lawyer. I have written the state reps, governor, congress and everyone states I have to go through other people first. There is a chain of command . Each person forwarded my letter and did nothing to help me. Can you all please sign this petition to change this law in Nevada to get people like me a chance to not have their lives ruined by doctors like this. In the beginning i only had back pain and asthma. Now i have serious blood pressure problems, peripheral never damage, intercostal nerve damage, memory loss, edema, hypoxemia, osteoporosis, seizures, depression, anxiety. I cannot work anymore and I was a senior in college for Criminal Justice which I now can't pursue because I can barely get out of bed or help my kids or afford to put them in activities such as sports or dance like they was in before I became disabled by these doctors. Now it is 2017 and I have just had my 9th surgery. Four of my surgeries I've been sliced wide open and 5 of them I've had nerve blocks and epidural pain injections that did not help me one bit. I am on extensive pain medication but due to FDA regulations I cannot get enough to take away my pain at all. I need more then what they give me. I am not a drug addict but I do need more help. I also would like for these doctors licenses revoked and for them to at least help with my living arrangements. I know no money can take away my pain but at lease Ill be comforted that my children are cared for. Due to their negligence I am unable to pay for my children's education as well as provide for them in my home. I do not receive any assistance from the government and because of them I am on 22 medications that I have to pay for because medicare does not pay part D. I have to pay the copay for the insurance as well as the copays in the pharmacy for each medication. Please help me change the law. The doctors responsible for my disability are Dr. Stuart Kaplan and Dr. William Smith. Please help me stop them from hurting others. 

Panchitta Crespo effected by medical negligence
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Petitioning Donald Trump, Brian Sandoval, Department of Energy, Nevada State Senate, Nevada State House, Gobierno de España

Stop Potential Nuclear Disaster in Nevada

          As a state which doesn’t have any nuclear power plants, Nevada should be the last state that needs a nuclear waste dump. Yet, the Department of Energy and Congress are trying to screw up Nevada again. In 1987, Congress directed the Energy Department to build a single dump in Nevada to hold the nuclear waste produced by the entire nation. The site was chosen at Yucca Mountain, which was about 90 miles away from Las Vegas. Shocked by the legislation, the state of Nevada successfully fought back the first several attempts at bringing the construction into action. However, the Trump administration has proposed spending 120 million dollars to restart the process. As residents of Nevada, we have to stand up and say no to this legislation.           Even though scientists and lobbyists claim that the nuclear waste dump facility is absolutely safe for the surrounding area, it is not entirely true. In February 2014, a radiation leak was spotted in a waste isolation pilot plant located in New Mexico. Although no personal or environmental damage was caused, the clean-up work now ranks one of the most expensive projects in U.S. history. Besides, Nevada ranks fourth in the nation for current seismic activity. Six hundred and twenty-one seismic events with a magnitude greater than 2.5 were spotted within a 50-mile radius of Yucca Mountain since 1976. In other words, potential earthquakes could seriously threaten the safety of the nuclear waste storage in the planned site.            Not only the storage site could cause a potential risk, transportation of spent nuclear fuel to the dump site could also cause a huge problem to Nevada. Although rather unlikely, should a contamination happen, it can cause unrepairable damage to the state. Nevada, as a state, relies heavily on her tourism industries. More than 50% of her state tax income is from sales taxes and gaming taxes, which mostly are contributed by the tourists. Nevada learned her lesson in 2008 about how fragile this type of economic system could be. We certainly do not need another recession in our tourism economy.           Nevada has given her fair contribution to American’s nuclear development. She was the nuclear weapon test ground during the World War II and the Cold War Era. Nevada does not need to be the “trash can” for the rest of the United States. While the state legislature needs to take a stronger stance, we, as residents of Nevada, need to unite together and let the elites in Washington D.C. hear our voice. Besides helping me signing this petition, there are several other ways you can help to save Nevada from getting screwed: Senator Dean Heller Senator Catherine Cortez Masto Governor Brian Sandoval President Donald Trump Twitter: @realDonaldTrump (yes, this might actually work for this president)

Jing Wang
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Petitioning Ruben Kihuen, Dean Heller, Dina Titus, Jacklyn Rosen, Nevada State Senate, Harry Reid, Brian Sandoval, Catherine Cortez Masto, Joe Heck, Joseph Hardy

Help Keep Foster Kids SAFE!

If you or anyone you know is thinking about becoming a foster parent in Clark County, Nevada ... read and sign this petition first! In August 2017, I became a foster parent. I opened my heart and home to a 9 month old baby boy, who I treated as my own child. During the time this child was in my home, I had to fight with DFS about multiple safety issues. I went to bat for this child on multiple occasions. In May 2018, this child was reunified with his birth parents, even though there were multiple signs of abuse and neglect during visitation, as well as a 25 year history of drug abuse. The foster care system in Clark County, Nevada is broken. I created this petition so no other child has to endure what our baby will have to endure.  As of May 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada is home to 3022 foster children. Many of these children will be reunified to unsafe conditions. In 2013, Nevada adopted a policy called SIPS (Safety Intervention and Permanency System). This policy was put into effect in 2016. SIPS allows foster children to be removed from safe foster homes and returned to dangerous situations! Many of these children are healthy, happy, and thriving in their foster homes, but will be returned to situations where they could be exposed to drugs, alcohol, and abuse. "...There are multiple hoops that one must jump through in order to become a foster parent. For instance, pet food must be kept away from where a child's meals are prepared. Cabinets must be locked. The presence of water in a home – even a birdbath – requires a foster parent be certified in CPR. The anonymous foster parent wonders why she is held to those standards when biological parents can get away with abusing drugs." [ABC News, 2016] Please read this article for more information: New Foster Child Policy Pits Risk Against Reward This petition was created so that birth families would be held to the same standards as foster families. We would like the SIPS policy to be repealed! PLEASE sign this petition if you believe foster children have the right to be in a healthy, safe home. Birth families should not be allowed to continue to do drugs or participate in unsafe behavior while the child is in their home. If we can get enough signatures on this petition, we might be able to get Clark County Family Services to change their policy.  PLEASE share this petition with as many people as possible so we can give these foster children a fighting chance.

Lauren Jarvis
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My family is a victim of judicial corruption please help me fight to get my children back

I am a single mother of three children. I do not have a criminal record, I do not do drugs and I do not have a DUI.  I have worked with a reputable company for over 12 years without incident.  I graduated from Macalester College with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and I have a Master's Degree in Criminalistics from Cal State LA.  I have been divorced for over 11 years and have had primary custody of my two older children, ages 14 and 10 for over 11 years. I share joint custody with my three year old son's father.   I have two different Judges for each custody case; one Judge has jurisdiction of my two older children and the other Judge has jurisdiction of my three year old and currently presides on the Standing Committee of Judicial Ethics.  Both of my cases are sealed.  Both Judges have been presented with the same evidence and both Judges have had vastly different orders and interpretations of the law.   In one case I represented myself against an attorney who is friends with the Judge's wife, in the other case attorney's were not involved.  One Judge chose to willfully alter the facts on a confidential CPS document that requires a court order to review to gain his desired results and chose to ignore the undisputed facts of the case, the other Judge read each report in its entirety and interpreted the facts based on the law.  One Judge has essentially terminated my fundamental parental rights of my two older children of which have a voice, the other Judge has deemed that a three year old who does not have a voice is safe in my care and custody.  One Judge has continued this case for almost two years, the other Judge immediately closed my case pursuant to Rooney vs. Rooney and stated that there has been no substantial change of circumstance.  One Judge has forced me to pay four evaluators at my own expense, the other Judge does not use evaluators.  One Judge accepts electoral campaign contributions, the other Judge does not.  One Judge writes minute orders to change custody and fails to have hearings violating due process rights, the other Judge schedules hearings for each motion and grants due process rights.  The disparity between these two Judges stemming from the same incident, the same evidence and the same reports questions the uniformity, impartiality and fairness within the Judiciary.  The Public as a whole deserves consistency within our courts and is entitled to confidence in the judiciary to abide by the governing constitutional and state laws.   Children should not be held as collateral to pad Judges, evaluators and attorneys' pockets.  The psychological, physical and emotional damage that our family courts are imposing on our innocent children needs to stop. Prior to my litigious custody battle, all three of my children were thriving in life.  My oldest son wanted to become a Veterinarian and go to Stanford, he was in the magnet program for high school and getting A's and B's.  He is now receiving D's and F's. He is also no longer playing soccer, even though he was the only freshman to start on the varsity high school team.   My 10 year old daughter is wetting the bed, has gained 15 lbs., complains of migraine headaches and has lost her best friend.  She is also no longer playing soccer and is not involved in extracurricular activities.  She has not made the honor roll since her father has retained custody and she is receiving C's.  I have been blocked from all of the children's school programs and websites so that I can no longer monitor their progress. The courts have denied all therapy with the children and their father has refused to take the children to any doctor's appointments. The children have been threatened by the evaluators that if they don't abide by court orders that they will be forced to go to Child Haven and be raped.  They have also been told they cannot speak of what is going on in their lives because they are being watched.  My three year old son is being forced to be raised without his siblings.  My children are terrified and confused and do not know what to believe or who to trust.  Although my children cannot speak of the "legalized child abuse" that is being inflicted upon them, their silent cries are visibly seen and are being ignored. At a time in their lives when their development and relationships will shape them as adults, the vicious and relentless court system grasps tightly and is suffocating their future selves. As of today I have not had contact with my two older children in over 8 months.  My custodial rights have been terminated by two custody evaluators, an attorney, the children's father and the Judge.  Due to the collusion between my two exes and their false allegations, on October 4 I was ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet for 90 days ($1305), submit to a full substance abuse evaluation ($1500), pay a custody evaluator ($4000), my child support ceased and desisted ($1100) and I lost visitation and contact with my children.  My families lives changed in a matter of minutes while my ex-husband proudly displayed a smile on his face regarding his success in "beating" me.  Both custody evaluators have recommended that my fundamental parental rights be terminated for failure to pay their fees and the Judge repeatedly orders that I must pay his "list" of evaluators prior to having any contact or visitation with my children.  Please know that ALL of the evaluations and tests that I have been subjected to have ALL returned in my favor and found no fault, addictions or incidences to report; legally, there is no factual basis to withhold my children from me. My ex-husband currently owes $8100 in child support arrears and the Judge refuses to hear my contempt of court actions because he rejected and logged my custody decree out of his department. He continues to state that he will deal with the arrears at another time.  The Judge, the attorney and the evaluators continue to ignore the validity of the case and the laws regarding the issues presented before them and rather than focusing on the best interest of the children or even the children at all, the courts continue to afford the opposing counsel and evaluators the plight of a frivolous custody action at the children's expense. The nightmare appears to have no end in sight.  I have filed two writs of mandamus in hope that the Judge ceases his unconstitutional and unlawful orders (Supreme court case #71823 and #72668).  The Supreme Court recently denied my writ for failure to meet the burden of proof. I have filed complaints with the judicial committee, the state bar, the attorney general, the governor, the legislature, the senate, the health and human services, the boards of the state of Nevada for licensed marriage and family therapist and alcohol and drug counselors and ALL of my complaints have been ignored. I currently do not have a hearing to get my children back due to the violation of my 14th amendment due process rights and I have been forced by the Supreme Court to face my corrupt, impartial, unethical and unconstitutional Judge. I will never have a fair trial and me and my children are continuing to suffer at his and the evaluators hands.  Financially I have lost all of my savings and cannot afford an attorney and if this continues I will lose my home and car. Family Court needs to change. I understand that my case is like most other cases, however, I have two different judges who have contradicting rulings based on the same evidence.  One Judge alters the facts and the other does not.  Custody evaluators, attorneys and judges need to be held accountable for their actions. Fees and rates should be determined based on financial ability to pay and parental rights should not be terminated pending payments. Judges should be responsible for rulings and not allow evaluators absolute power. Immunity should not exist when laws are violated. Custody evaluators should not be allowed to walk away and accept payments without providing reports and they should be responsible for providing an in depth evaluation with substantiated findings and evidence to support their recommendations. Licenses need to be enforced and updated and the public should be aware of the unethical and unconstitutional antics of these evaluators, attorneys and judges. The children of our future and the public depend on a just, fair and impartial judiciary. 

Monique Epperson
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