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Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits is a Southeastern regional chain of fast food restaurants based in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in spicy, "Cajun" fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits.

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Bojangles: Demand better from your chicken suppliers!

Please sign this petition and help me encourage Bojangles to address the extreme animal cruelty happening in its supply chain!For years Bojangles has been my favorite place to go for breakfast. I found their Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit irresistible! Until now, I was under the impression that Bojangles’ was dedicated to serving its customers high-quality, craveable food. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and I will no longer be eating at Bojangles. I stopped eating at Bojangles when I found out that the chickens in its supply chain endure horrific abuse and cruelty. Chickens raised for Bojangles are crammed inside filthy, windowless sheds by the tens of thousands and forced to live for weeks in their own waste and toxic ammonia fumes. They are bred to grow grotesquely large at an unnaturally fast rate, and at the end of their short lives, they are violently shackled, electrocuted, and slit at their throats, some while fully conscious. These abuses are not what you’d expect from a restaurant that prides itself on high food quality, but they’re the sad reality for chickefns raised for Bojangles supply chain. Fortunately, over 180 food companies have adopted the Better Chicken Commitment, a leading set of animal welfare standards that end these horrific abuses. Companies such as Burger King, Subway, Popeye’s, Denny’s, and more have adopted these standards. Why is Bojangles refusing to join them? Until Bojangles joins its competitors and makes any kind of progress toward these standards, I hope you will join me by signing and sharing this petition and demanding that Bojangles’ do the right thing for animals! 

Elizabeth Hammond
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We need Justice for David Dragicevic he was murdered and killed he's parents want Justice.

  PUBLIC CALL TO ALL DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES, ESPECIALLY TO THE DAYTON PEACE AGREEMENT SIGNATORIES.More than seven months ago a young man was brutally murdered in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Youth was killed, a young man just turned 21. David Dragičević. Parents and David's friends were devastated to find out that after six days of search David was found dead at the confluence of Crkvena stream and Vrbas river. Shock, disbelief and then identification, his father confirming that was David’s body. Father Davor was aware at that point that his child was murdered but bigger shock followed next day when police chiefs, together with pathologist Željko Karan, held press conference at which they said monstrous lies about David. They stated that David was drug addict that robbed a house in Banja Luka and after that incidentally fell in sewage stream close to the house he “robbed”. Those lies were so obvious to every person that watched the conference because body language of people that were present there spelled PANIC. Behind the panic they hid a lie about child’s murder. They expected that their lies will have an effect and will stop citizens from gathering and looking for justice but all they achieved was counter effect and that just got worse with every subsequent statement they issued. First gathering of citizens on Banja Luka main square, Trg Krajine, happened on March 26th, 2018 at 6 p.m. Initiators of this gathering were David’s friends that stood by David’s parents to say loud and clear: “You are lying, who are you hiding who killed David?” Since that day those words were said many times, mother and fathers’ cries broke many people’s hearts but the institutions stayed silent. First big gathering of people happened on April 21st, 2018 when around 10000 people came to give their support to grieving parents. No political party ever brought together so many people in this country. People recognized sincerity in Davor and Suzana and other people who stood around them to support them. Sincerity was showing in every single word they said. Until the beginning of May father Davor invited everyone who may have seen or heard something that can help in investigation to come forward and that he and people around him will protect them; all he wanted was to discover main executors of this crime. Nobody came forward. Davor was even then pointing out that executors will not be found before October elections by saying that “the truth will be discovered when first quince falls”. He knew that people who killed David were protected by people high up in Republika Srpska institutions and that snake will not bite other snake’s head off whatever we did and no matter how much pressure we applied on them. Davor Dragičević spoke in front of RS National Assembly on May 10th, 2018 and all he asked from Assembly members was to find the truth about his son’s murder and to punish perpetrators but also accomplices in concealing the crime with maximum penalty that is possible under RS Law. He asked institutions to work by the Law and not in favour of privileged individuals. At that point ruling party suggested forming Polling Board that was supposed to question all people involved in doing (or not doing) everything that was supposed to be done, right or wrong, in investigation. They appointed a politician from opposition party which gave us false hope that everyone might be ready to investigate facts and find the truth. That hope died soon because, as soon as Polling Board finished their work – which was professional and correct - news cam that RS President, Milorad Dodik, said that “ruling coalition will not accept report by Polling board and that opposition parties showed their incapability during this process”. We think that this was first step in politicization of this monstrous crime against a child where ruling party used young man’s death to show that “opposition was incapable”. Fight before start of pre-election campaign started on David Dragičević’s grave. We are all aware of the story that was aired later in which they said that all this fight for truth about David’s death was political manipulation and that their “works” were transferred to someone else. And that is exactly what happened; National Assembly voted against Polling Board findings but on the same day Prosecutor’s office issued an order to officially start investigation of David Dragičević’s murder. For 100 days David’s father Davor and other citizens stood at the square and claimed that his son was murdered only for institutions to admit that after 100 days. Even before then parents have, thanks to foreign countries experts proved that their son was not drug addict as they got forensic-toxicologic findings from examination of David’s hair. Same report that was made by Forensic institute in Zagreb, Croatia was delivered to prosecutor’s office. But even after that some people kept on calling David a junkie and they claimed that everything that happened is family’s fault because, according to them, that family was dysfunctional. Second big gathering happened on July 7th, 2018 and it was attended by around 20000 people. People started awakening and realizing that every child in this and other cities in RS and BiH could be next. In the house in which David apparently was according to police chiefs and their press conference from March 26th, 2018, David’s DNA was not found or any other evidence that David was in that house. Only “proof” that police used was recording of security camera from the apartment across the street. A person who tampered with those recordings was arrested in September 2018 for, in Prosecutor’s office words, “obstructing investigation”. Person that did that was doing it under the command of Đorđe Rađen, owner of the house that was apparently robbed by David, and who is suspected to be a part of this murder from the beginning. So those recording were not excluded by the police but by an individual who had no right to do so, which also leads to the fact that police did not have right to present that as evidence. Nobody apologized to the family for all lies that were presented to public about their dead child let alone the lack of will from institutions to move forward in this case. Prosecutors’ office had number of blunders during the investigation such as, e.g. disappearance of some proofs – David’s underwear – prosecutor Želimir Lepir in one of TV shows in which he was a guest when journalist asked him about it said that it was “irrelevant for investigation”. Later on two crime technicians were accused of losing this evidence but it was obvious that they were scapegoats and that they were covering for someone. All officials that were directly involved in investigation and the case itself kept on contradicting themselves in which they not only negated each other but very often the negated their previous statements. There are audio and video recordings of those statements. All of that created vast mistrust with citizens which became aware that state institutions are not just lying to them but that they are also accomplices in crime and according to all proofs presented to public that they are also executors of this crime. People did not want to wait to find out whose child is going to be next victim of people who work in institutions and have started ever more loudly to protest and go out into the street asking for truth and justice. Citizens were very hopeful of October elections, hoping for change in power which would then start investigation against all those responsible and eventually capture and prosecute the killers. Just before the election, on October 5th, 2018) we had a third big gathering called Justice for David. That gathering showed the immensity of people’s dissatisfaction as close to 40000 people gathered at the square. Two days later, parliamentary elections which were brutally stolen by the ruling party, were held. This just showed that citizens in this country do not have any rights and that their will is completely degraded. Regime has done everything they could to make citizens vote worthless and bought/stole elections with all methods they could think of and they declared themselves as winners. Citizens were in shock, disbelief, tears, nobody could believe what happened. One thing was clear though and that was that killers will stay free and at large. Large number of citizens said after the “elections” that they will leave RS with their families as soon as possible because they do not want to be terrorized by the still ruling party. Citizens gathered around “Justice for David” have decided to carry on their fight on a higher level and that meant registering as NGO, Citizen’s Association “Movement Justice for David”. Their idea is to have large number of citizens start the fight in accordance with Laws and Constitution and to influence changing laws, regulations and everything that collapses state system and to fight together against all illegalities in institutions’ work. Pressure on citizens still carries on. In order to kill this idea many of citizens that have supported Justice for David by coming to Square have been penalized/downgraded at their workplaces in state institutions but also private sector that has strong ties with the regime. Punishments are usually relocations to places few hundred kilometres from their place of living and downgrading to a lower position in institution. They aimed at endangered categories of workers such as single mothers and children of war veterans. But the citizens did not scare that easily, not as they expected and the way it has worked up to now. Joined around same idea, stronger than ever, together with attorneys that stood by their people they have decided to legally fight those regime orders. Dragičević family will never give up finding the truth about their murdered child as well as asking for punishment for murderers and accomplices and the citizens around Davor and Suzana will also persevere in this fight for the future of their children and all people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

David Dragicevic was murdered and killed his parents want Justice for he's death
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Stop Using Styrofoam

We demand that McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, Sonic, & Bojangles STOP SERVING IN STYROFOAM BEFORE 2021. The convenience of Styrofoam does not outweigh the health and environmental risks. Styrofoam is made of known hazardous materials that can leach into food and beverages, especially when heated (1). It is made from styrene, and people who live and work in environments with high concentrations of styrene have higher instances of cancer, neurological issues, headaches, depression, fatigue, and more, according to research from the EPA (2). Styrofoam will break down into microscopic toxic particles and will linger in the soil and water for centuries. It’s a serious problem in the world’s oceans because its consumed by marine life. New York recently banned polystyrene. "These products cause real environmental harm and have no place in New York City. We have better options," said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. (3) Is it worth it to keep our drinks cold in a soft container for the many years of environmental pollution Styrofoam causes our planet? "In the U.S. alone, the amount of polystyrene cups used each year would circle the Earth 426 times… that's almost 18 million miles of Styrofoam cups!"(4) Sources: 1) 2)  3)  4)    

Katie Williams
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