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Petitioning Donald Trump

Don’t make Americans suffer. Keep the pre-existing condition clause for health insurance

In 2017, the future of healthcare in America will be decided by President Trump and Congress. I want to be sure that people like me, those with a chronic illness, have a voice in the path forward.    My name is Linda, and I’m a married mother of two children. My husband is a hard-working, self-employed man who does his best to provide for all of us. Because he’s self-employed and I have a pre-existing health condition, it was virtually impossible to find health insurance coverage before Obamacare came along. Before Obamacare, health insurance companies would reject us outright, or would direct us to a high-risk insurance pool with annual or lifetime caps on coverage due to my pre-existing condition. These high-risk insurance pools were extremely expensive and often provided limited coverage -- which doesn’t guarantee critical care treatment needs for people with chronic health conditions. This was devastating to the chronic care community. Since Trump and the Republicans in Congress announced their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, I have yet to see any plan that ensures people like me will be able to transition into similar care with no coverage gap, or even retain access to affordable, critical ongoing chronic care. If the pre-existing condition clause goes away with an Obamacare repeal, millions of Americans will be impacted. Our emergency rooms will be overrun with individuals who can no longer get regular care for their chronic conditions, and health care costs will spiral out of control once again. I also run a ministry for women with chronic health conditions and hear these same fears from the women I help counsel since the President-elect announced his intention to repeal Obamacare. No one in our great country should ever know the fear and frustration of fighting for every scrap of insurance coverage when you have a chronic, lifelong disease. Please sign this petition today and help make sure that Americans with pre-existing health conditions don’t get left behind. Tell Congress and our new President to protect those with pre-existing conditions.

Linda Morales
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Petitioning Dr. Ben Carson

Puerto Rico Aid

PUERTO RICO AID PACKAGE On Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria, a powerful Category 5 hurricane with 150 mph winds, made direct landfall on the island of Puerto Rico, wiping out its infrastructure. What resulted is the largest catastrophic humanitarian crisis for Puerto Rico and the 3.4 million American inhabitants.Our Congress has the power to effect change. We ask that you step up now and exercise that power. We ask that Congress consider three options for Housing and the Small Businesses. Both needed in order for the island and its people to rebuild. • Please repeal the Jones Act. The rebuilding of any community, city, state or island is a monumental task. This will allow the international community to help as well as help with lowering costs of items needed to rebuild the island. • Section 8 vouchers. We ask for a special waiver to grant Section 8 vouchers for the Puerto Rican impacted families to temporary relocate stateside while Puerto Rico and its infrastructure rebuilds. This will help the children continue their education, stabilize families to begin their own rebuilding process. • Forbearance for mortgage payments for landowners and business owners. Impacted business owners and landowners who are without power, water and/or are unable to generate any or minimal income for a minimum of 6 months will need waivers and mortgage forbearance's while the island rebuilds. The Small Business Administration needs to begin the processing of assessing the damages. THIS IS IMPERATIVE!! Many Puerto Rican's are small business owners who have been financially impacted on two fronts- personally and their businesses. One cannot reopen, nor rebuild a business if the islands basic infrastructure is gone. . Please remember many of these small businesses' main source of income is the tourist industry which does not exist right now and in its current state of curfews will prohibit many of the restaurants and bars to generate income. As Americans, watching this natural disaster occur and leave a path of destruction is a hard pill to swallow. We watched the devastation of Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on August 25, Matthew hit the North Carolina coast in October 2016, and Hurricane Katrina, a Category 3, in 2009 hit New Orleans. All areas still recuperating from these natural disasters. The difference these states are not challenged with access because the only way you can get to Puerto Rico is by plane or water. Please remember that while these 3.4 millions cant vote there are MANY of us in the US that can. Please act NOW!!!

Sara Rodriguez
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Save the wolves from Donald J Trump

We need to save the wolves from Donald Trump. Wolves have a huge positive impact on our ecosystem. They keep elk, deer and other animal populations at a balance. They don't kill to little and not to much just enough to keep the balance. We need to keep the protection that Barack Obama put on them.

Jennifer Gauge
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Petitioning John Kasich, Dr. Ben Carson, Tim Ryan

The real numbers of veteran suicides are 40+ a day! The VA isn't working!

On May 22, 2010 I lost my son after he was told there was a waiting list at the Youngstown, OH VA clinic. I made numerous phone calls to the VA begging them for help ( all documented in his records). Years later veterans are still dying from suicide, being lost in the system, poor healthcare.Years of promises and still the problems facing our veterans in need, those that deserve it the most, are just as present as ever. The VA healthcare system has had its chance. If it were a company it would have been out of business and bankrupt from negligent lawsuits. It's time to allow our veterans the same choice we give to those on Medicaid. People on Medicaid have so many options for their medical care decisions. Why is this choice not given to our veterans? Why do we insist on forcing them to go to a VA center when even congress declared them a disaster. The newer guidelines allowing veterans choice if they live a certain distance from a VA is a joke. It's time to end this political monopoly and focus on the needs of our heroes. When a veteran has served his country and was willing to sacrifice both body and mind, we owe them the best. While government continues to "fix" this dinosaur of a VA, 22 veterans die a day from suicide alone. My son is gone. Please read what happened by looking up his story written by New York Times Pulitzer prize winner Nick Kristof, my son's name was Ryan Yurchison. Let's stop the nonsense and demand our veterans receive healthcare choice. Freedom of healthcare choice for veterans! They chose to serve. We must now, as a country, chose to give them choice. Who deserves it more? Take the VA out of the equation! What and why: Provide veterans a medical card similar to the medicare/ medicaid model. This would expand their options immensely, end waiting lists, provide better care, and save lives. Veterans would no longer feel they are held hostage by a single system that has the ability to control their fate and be labeled as aggressive, uncooperative, etc., in medical records. They would have the freedom we all deserve, to speak up or disagree about their care. It would also allow disability claims to made independently and free of the very institution that has been at the heart of so many complaints and called disastrous by congress. The conflict of interest would be eliminated. It would save the government and taxpayers money: The 2006 VHA fiscal report shows a per capita expenditure of $4,557 while Medicare/Medicaid shows per capita expenditure of $7025. While these numbers make it appear that the VA is less costly then medicare/medicaid, they fail to reflect the truth. According to the American Action Forum " most VHA enrollees have other sources of care. According to the VHA's own figure, the average enrollee receives only 36% of his or her healthcare from the VHA." Thus, these numbers are not comparable. VHA is actually more costly. We the people demand that congress take immediate action to allow veterans to freely choose their healthcare. 

Cheryl Debow
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Demand President Trump and his Cabinet fully address their conflicts of interests issues

We have all seen and heard about the ethics and conflicts of interests issues that have been raised with regards to President Trump and his Cabinet picks.   We have seen the President's plan to eliminate his conflicts of interests.  A plan which the Office of Government Ethics has deemed "meaningless".  We have heard of multiple cabinet picks not filing the proper ethics and financial review paperwork with the Office of Government Ethics prior to their confirmation hearings. We have also seen President Trump's claims that no one but the press cares about his tax returns and conflicts of interests. The conflicts of interest issues with President Trump and his Cabinet picks are of paramount concern to all of us.  We want to ensure our expectations as average citizens are heard and understood by the President and his cabinet.  We also want to show our support for the Office of Government Ethics. Please review the linked letter addressed to President Trump and the members of his Cabinet.  If you agree with the letter and the expectations described, we would appreciate your signature.

Rick Bell
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Electoral College: Keep Donald Trump as our President-Elect and make him our President!

On December 19h, the electoral college will cast their ballots. It has come to my attention that the American left-wing hasn't come to terms with facing the reality that Donald J. Trump had won the United States election last Tuesday and are wishing to petition the United States Electoral College to recount the election numbers and elect Hillary R. Clinton as our President-elect. I want all of you to vote on this petition to make sure that doesn't happen. We are countering this petition: We have a similar petition that has recently been created on many of the same ideals that we have. I'd encourage all of you to sign this petition as well to double our efforts: As if the regressive Left-Wing hasn't been up to enough no-good with the mainstreme media and the social justice warrior influx on our society, they're out protesting, rioting and even threatening to sign other petitions for the States of California and Oregon to secede from the Union because of Donald Trumps Presidential win. I am asking all of you to sign this petition as another vote for you the American patriots who cast your votes the last time around for Mr. Trump, now, I ask that y'all do it again. Hillary Clinton mustn't get a second chance at having her power-hungry hands on the White House: She is a corrupt candidate who made speeches for private banks, took private prison money, praised TPP many times, has multiple investigations, and more. The TPP will drag the states into a corporate rule where labor rights, environmental rights, fair use (including video game modeling), and American jobs are eroded. There is something called a Faithless Elector and it's happened more than once. Which is why I kind of wanted to create this petition for the electoral college that states Trump should win and has the electoral college in his favor. Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote but she didn't get the vote of the electoral college and thus she isn't our President. We must not let their ballots be submitted in favor of her over Mr. Trump, our President-elect! Please sign and share this petition, the fate of our the United States hangs in the balance of your signature.

Gregory Lambeth II
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Urge Cabinet members to Resign: Re Trump and Charlottesville

A Petition to Steven Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury), David Shulkin (Secretary of  Veterans Affairs) and the other Trump Cabinet Members:  How can you in good conscience continue to work for and support a President who has now outspokenly defended neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups?  As Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has stated,  "We must be clear.  White Supremacy is repulsive. This bigotry is counter to all this country stands for.  There can be no moral ambiguity." And as Martin Niemoller, the German pastor/poet, so eloquently wrote: First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me. And Secretaries Mnuchin and Shulkin, you are Jewish Americans;   We urge all of you to remember the lessons of the Holocaust (before it is too late)! Thank you.

Judith Natkins
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We're bound to our Lease Agreements, but not to our Civil Rights?!

Friends, Neighbors, Fellow Community Members & Leaders, I am sharing my story with you in hopes to support the movement to end ALL discrimination, bullying, negligence, and unlawful acts that exist in our modern world.  I was a ghost. Dead but alive at the same time; I couldn't even recognize myself. I had to make the decision to either continue dwelling and digging deeper into a world that was not life, or get up and challenge myself.  And so I did.  I took the challenge and decided to move to Austin where I would embark on the journey of my healing process for PTSD, one of my many diagnoses that resulted from aggravated  sexual assault. Immediately, I was drawn the safety feature Tree Apartments offered as a gated community. Feeling safe is imperative in the process of my healing.  However, I was not aware that Tree Apartments would be whom I would have to protect myself against. In good faith, I reached out for their support by submitting a "reasonable request for accommodation" that would alleviate stressors that contribute to my diagnosis.  The Fair Housing Act 42 U.S.C. §§ 3601 - 3619 states that requested accommodations must be approved to allow individuals with a disability an equal opportunity to live in their homes UNLESS it causes:  -Fundamental alterations of the provider's operations -Financial / Administrative Burdens The denial by Tree Apartments was for neither of these reasons, but for insufficient information that was never requested nor brought to my attention was required. No interactive process, required by law, was initiated in regards to my request. These violations of The Fair Housing Act have placed me in a condition far worse than I was before making Tree Apartments my home. Fact: Tree Apartments is a Greystar Property who proudly supports Camp Hope – a nonprofit organization for individuals with PTSD. Fact: Tree, a Greystar Property, has discriminated against an individual with PTSD.  Fact: Tree, a Greystar Property is in Violation of The Fair Housing Act and their own Lease (paragraph 25.3)   Follow my Story: #BoundToMyRights     Please see the following links for supporting documents,  to support me in trial, and for additional information: Googe Drive - Access to Supporting Documents  US Dept of Justice: Fair Housing Act  

Amina Palivan
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Petitioning Donald Trump

Demand that Donald Trump publicly denounce the Alt-right and all other hate groups.

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." - Albert Einstein. When Donald trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, he gave a speech to America and to the World.  In it he said: 'I will be president for all Americans'.  It is time for him to prove that he actually meant that statement. Please join me in demanding that President-elect Trump and ALL of his staff, family, and associates publicly and loudly denounce White Supremacists (aka the Alt-right), Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and all other hate groups that have stepped out of the shadows since his election victory.  He cannot be the President of all Americans if he and his associates stand by and do nothing while these hate groups gain momentum and power. Hate crimes have spiked dramatically since the election, and by not coming out to publicly denounce and condemn these vicious acts and hateful rallies, they are all but endorsing them.  Silence will not work here, and we The American People demand that the Trump team take action to prove that he meant what he said to the country when he won the election. If Trump, Pence, and the rest of his staff truly want all of America to give them a chance, then they need to prove that they are truly in it for everyone.  That starts by denouncing and condemning White Supremacists (aka the Alt-right), Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and all other hate groups that are claiming victory alongside Trump. The longer he waits the worse it will get, and this issue alone can and will truly divide this nation.  Please don't let this happen to our great nation and ALL of our great people.  Please prove that you are truly trying to be the President for ALL Americans. Please do this for our citizens, and for our children!  The critical divide in America cannot be healed if these groups are allowed to thrive.  This is the first step in bringing the country together.  We are ALL counting on you, please don't let us down. Thank you, One of the many deeply concerned citizens of the United States.

Brendan Lamb
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Petitioning Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Ben Carson, Donald Trump

Peek spinal implants off the market

I had a cage that is made of peek implanted in July 2016 it failed to fuse causing 3 additional surgeries until cage was finally removed! There are no allergy tests for peek! At your local allergist office you must get a sample of the peek cage or spacer from the company i was denied this or you can pay $500 for a melissa test from another country! People have had allergic reaction to it! Peek does not grow bone scientifically proven! This cage has caused unnecessary suffering countless surgeries! I will now have pain for the rest of my life like many others that were never told peek was implanted into them! Doctors need to provide patients with pamphlets on what is being used prior to surgery! I was never told even asked doctor and was not provided the information! An allergy test needs to be done prior to these devices being used! No one should suffer like many of us have! And we have reported to FDA and nothing has been done! I urge you to sign this petition so we can stop the suffering these doctors and manufacturing companies are getting rich while our lives get ripped away! Peek is used in many things dental implants, joint replacement, bladder mesh many other medical devices! The FDA knows peek is a problem they told me its being under reported so there isn't enough complaints to pull it off the market simply because people don't know that peek has caused them to not fuse or other problems! Many people have no idea its in there bodies! Doctors are not reporting it either this needs to change no more suffering and pain due to negligence from FDA the doctors the companies making these products! No one is being held responsible for the problems occurring please sign and share we can make a difference on what is put in our bodies!  

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