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Save the wolves from Donald J Trump

We need to save the wolves from Donald Trump. Wolves have a huge positive impact on our ecosystem. They keep elk, deer and other animal populations at a balance. They don't kill to little and not to much just enough to keep the balance. We need to keep the protection that Barack Obama put on them.

Jennifer Gauge
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Negligent Doctors In Nevada Butchering People, while the laws protect them

Hello my name is Panchitta Crespo. In March 2013 I had Fusion Thoracic surgery of the T7-T8 spine by apparently the top Spine & Neurosurgeon in Nevada. In order to do the surgery the doctor explained to me the only risk was death because the surgery is not performed often. The doctor also explained that their were only two entry point options to conduct the surgery. One was to open the entire chest wall and have to go through all the vital organs. The other was to enter from the side in my back. They had to remove part of my rib (which was not explained prior to surgery) and deflate my left lung (which was not explained prior to surgery). I was actually happy to finally be almost out of back pain if the surgery was a success. But it wasn't. I knew something wasn't right three months into recovery because I was immediately placed on oxygen. I went to the doctor and he said my surgery was a evasive one and I needed to allow more time to recover then the estimated (doctor prediction) three months. Then I went to see a lawyer, who refused the case and told me to allow more time to heal. What I didn't know was that lawyer had ties to the doctor. Here I was 36 years old, unable to breath, take a deep breath, laugh, sleep, or sleep on my left side. That following October 2013, I went to the restroom and lost feeling in my legs when I stood up. I fell and tore the ligaments in my right ankle and broke the calcaneous bone. The orthopedic surgeon said I had nerve damage in my legs from the back surgery. Then I was recommended by one of his doctors to see another great Neurosurgeon that happen to work at the same place with the previous doctor but was told he was different and would fix any mistakes the other doctor made. I still never had my ankle surgery because my back pain is more extensive pain then my ankle. So I went to see the new doctor and he viewed the surgery reports, xrays, MRI's, CT scans and my body itself. He saw that there was a pocket of fluid still there in my lung area which showed a lump, then he felt where my rib was bothering me, which was under my breast bone around to my back where my spine is at. He said I had intercostal nerve damage. He said this could be easily fixed by cutting part of the nerve so it will cause me to feel numbness in the area where my pain was. He assured me that all my pain would be over soon. Well I went in for his surgery August 2014. He said he was only going to cut one nerve right before in went into the operating room. When I was in recovery he told me that they drilled a hole in my sixth rib, shaved my fifth rib, cut some muscle and then cut two nerves instead of one. Not even 8hrs after surgery I was in the hospital bed stuck in a slump (bed ditch), I tried to scoot over to the left and ALL my ribs cracked on my left side causing me to scream in extreme pain. The nurses ran in but wanted to see if I tore my stitches and staples but as they tried to turn me on my side, my ribs cracked even more. I continued to scream and pray in Arabic. Then the nurses would not get me medical attention until the morning after they called the doctors. The surgeon got a CT scan and then asked did I want to go home, not even caring about my new condition. The primary doctor care doctor in charge of me ordered a xray and they both found that my ribs were now fractured. The primary care doctor placed me in a rehabilitation center for a few weeks. I couldn't walk (sometimes still can't), bathe myself (need assistance now), use the restroom by myself, feed myself, twist, turn, bend, and my breathing was worse and worse of all I lost my memory. I underwent physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy for several weeks. I was released because of insurance reasons. I went back to the surgeon and got a new CT scan done and the surgeon said my ribs was worse then before and needed immediate attention of a new surgery to put a new plate on my 5th, 6th & 7th ribs. I had no choice but to go through with it in November 2014 because of the pain I was still in. Well as of June 2015 I had to get a Neurostimulator implanted inside me because pain medications was not working and based on the newest CT scan, my screws in my ribs are loose and that is one of the reasons why I'm still in pain and jot healing. I've gone to see several lawyers and all said I have a case but will not help me based on having a conflict of interest and how the laws are set up. The law states that the patient has a year to file a case against a doctor. The problem is finding a doctor that will go against another doctor without jeopardizing his chances of receiving a referral and his reputation not be ruined in the medical community. I was told this information by a lawyer. I have written the state reps, governor, congress and everyone states I have to go through other people first. There is a chain of command . Each person forwarded my letter and did nothing to help me. Can you all please sign this petition to change this law in Nevada to get people like me a chance to not have their lives ruined by doctors like this. In the beginning i only had back pain and asthma. Now i have serious blood pressure problems, peripheral never damage, intercostal nerve damage, memory loss, edema, hypoxemia, osteoporosis, seizures, depression, anxiety. I cannot work anymore and I was a senior in college for Criminal Justice which I now can't pursue because I can barely get out of bed or help my kids or afford to put them in activities such as sports or dance like they was in before I became disabled by these doctors. Now it is 2017 and I have just had my 9th surgery. Four of my surgeries I've been sliced wide open and 5 of them I've had nerve blocks and epidural pain injections that did not help me one bit. I am on extensive pain medication but due to FDA regulations I cannot get enough to take away my pain at all. I need more then what they give me. I am not a drug addict but I do need more help. I also would like for these doctors licenses revoked and for them to at least help with my living arrangements. I know no money can take away my pain but at lease Ill be comforted that my children are cared for. Due to their negligence I am unable to pay for my children's education as well as provide for them in my home. I do not receive any assistance from the government and because of them I am on 22 medications that I have to pay for because medicare does not pay part D. I have to pay the copay for the insurance as well as the copays in the pharmacy for each medication. Please help me change the law. The doctors responsible for my disability are Dr. Stuart Kaplan and Dr. William Smith. Please help me stop them from hurting others. 

Panchitta Crespo effected by medical negligence
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Puerto Rico Aid

PUERTO RICO AID PACKAGE On Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria, a powerful Category 5 hurricane with 150 mph winds, made direct landfall on the island of Puerto Rico, wiping out its infrastructure. What resulted is the largest catastrophic humanitarian crisis for Puerto Rico and the 3.4 million American inhabitants.Our Congress has the power to effect change. We ask that you step up now and exercise that power. We ask that Congress consider three options for Housing and the Small Businesses. Both needed in order for the island and its people to rebuild. • Please repeal the Jones Act. The rebuilding of any community, city, state or island is a monumental task. This will allow the international community to help as well as help with lowering costs of items needed to rebuild the island. • Section 8 vouchers. We ask for a special waiver to grant Section 8 vouchers for the Puerto Rican impacted families to temporary relocate stateside while Puerto Rico and its infrastructure rebuilds. This will help the children continue their education, stabilize families to begin their own rebuilding process. • Forbearance for mortgage payments for landowners and business owners. Impacted business owners and landowners who are without power, water and/or are unable to generate any or minimal income for a minimum of 6 months will need waivers and mortgage forbearance's while the island rebuilds. The Small Business Administration needs to begin the processing of assessing the damages. THIS IS IMPERATIVE!! Many Puerto Rican's are small business owners who have been financially impacted on two fronts- personally and their businesses. One cannot reopen, nor rebuild a business if the islands basic infrastructure is gone. . Please remember many of these small businesses' main source of income is the tourist industry which does not exist right now and in its current state of curfews will prohibit many of the restaurants and bars to generate income. As Americans, watching this natural disaster occur and leave a path of destruction is a hard pill to swallow. We watched the devastation of Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on August 25, Matthew hit the North Carolina coast in October 2016, and Hurricane Katrina, a Category 3, in 2009 hit New Orleans. All areas still recuperating from these natural disasters. The difference these states are not challenged with access because the only way you can get to Puerto Rico is by plane or water. Please remember that while these 3.4 millions cant vote there are MANY of us in the US that can. Please act NOW!!!

Sara Rodriguez
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The real numbers of veteran suicides are 40+ a day! The VA isn't working!

On May 22, 2010 I lost my son after he was told there was a waiting list at the Youngstown, OH VA clinic. I made numerous phone calls to the VA begging them for help ( all documented in his records). Years later veterans are still dying from suicide, being lost in the system, poor healthcare.Years of promises and still the problems facing our veterans in need, those that deserve it the most, are just as present as ever. The VA healthcare system has had its chance. If it were a company it would have been out of business and bankrupt from negligent lawsuits. It's time to allow our veterans the same choice we give to those on Medicaid. People on Medicaid have so many options for their medical care decisions. Why is this choice not given to our veterans? Why do we insist on forcing them to go to a VA center when even congress declared them a disaster. The newer guidelines allowing veterans choice if they live a certain distance from a VA is a joke. It's time to end this political monopoly and focus on the needs of our heroes. When a veteran has served his country and was willing to sacrifice both body and mind, we owe them the best. While government continues to "fix" this dinosaur of a VA, 22 veterans die a day from suicide alone. My son is gone. Please read what happened by looking up his story written by New York Times Pulitzer prize winner Nick Kristof, my son's name was Ryan Yurchison. Let's stop the nonsense and demand our veterans receive healthcare choice. Freedom of healthcare choice for veterans! They chose to serve. We must now, as a country, chose to give them choice. Who deserves it more? Take the VA out of the equation! What and why: Provide veterans a medical card similar to the medicare/ medicaid model. This would expand their options immensely, end waiting lists, provide better care, and save lives. Veterans would no longer feel they are held hostage by a single system that has the ability to control their fate and be labeled as aggressive, uncooperative, etc., in medical records. They would have the freedom we all deserve, to speak up or disagree about their care. It would also allow disability claims to made independently and free of the very institution that has been at the heart of so many complaints and called disastrous by congress. The conflict of interest would be eliminated. It would save the government and taxpayers money: The 2006 VHA fiscal report shows a per capita expenditure of $4,557 while Medicare/Medicaid shows per capita expenditure of $7025. While these numbers make it appear that the VA is less costly then medicare/medicaid, they fail to reflect the truth. According to the American Action Forum " most VHA enrollees have other sources of care. According to the VHA's own figure, the average enrollee receives only 36% of his or her healthcare from the VHA." Thus, these numbers are not comparable. VHA is actually more costly. We the people demand that congress take immediate action to allow veterans to freely choose their healthcare. 

Cheryl Debow
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Demand President Trump and his Cabinet fully address their conflicts of interests issues

We have all seen and heard about the ethics and conflicts of interests issues that have been raised with regards to President Trump and his Cabinet picks.   We have seen the President's plan to eliminate his conflicts of interests.  A plan which the Office of Government Ethics has deemed "meaningless".  We have heard of multiple cabinet picks not filing the proper ethics and financial review paperwork with the Office of Government Ethics prior to their confirmation hearings. We have also seen President Trump's claims that no one but the press cares about his tax returns and conflicts of interests. The conflicts of interest issues with President Trump and his Cabinet picks are of paramount concern to all of us.  We want to ensure our expectations as average citizens are heard and understood by the President and his cabinet.  We also want to show our support for the Office of Government Ethics. Please review the linked letter addressed to President Trump and the members of his Cabinet.  If you agree with the letter and the expectations described, we would appreciate your signature.

Rick Bell
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We want to get the federal government to write legislation to make schools safer

We have a group that has researched multiple ways that if implemented could help reduce the number of school shooting and reduce the effect of school shootings through reducing the number of lives lost. We are tired of seeing innocent students and staff killed in these meaningless shootings. We have many things in mind and all are valuable options. We need your help to get the governments attention so that we can help them resolve this issue through our research. please help us protect America’s future by pledging your support. In case you are wondering here are just some of the things we have come up with. We are looking at both physical security for school and psychological safeguards to prevent shooter from getting to this point. Here are just a few 1. Require a law that mandates every campus across America must have and practice an active shooter drill at least once a semester 2. Train staff members to be aware of behavior from students that show potential threats to school safety such as a constant bully/bullying victim, or someone who purposely distances themselves from others/has a dramatic change in behavior, or someone who is reading and researching questionable topics 3. Make sure that school counselors do more than just help people set schedules; make sure the students know that they are also there to help them get through personal issues 4. Make psychiatric hospitals a priority and allow payment for the services a secondary priority. Lives matter more than one persons' mental health treatment cost. Right now, they treat patients as a money source instead of a patient that needs their immediate help. 5. Look at placing metal detectors in schools because while it may not stop all shooings it could definitely stop some such as the times guns accidentally went off or were snuck into school and then used by students. 6. Require at least two armed resources officers at every school and add more as the size of the campus grows because patrolling the school grounds could possibly  stop shooting from happening when they try but it may also deter the shooter from attempting the shooting at all 7. Add a mental health check to the list of requirements one needs to meet, to not only purchase a gun, but to also keep their permit to carry as well as the gun they bought and then retest them every 2-3 months These are just a few of our solutions. We have two news stations that want to do a story over the work we’re doing and also the research that we have done is going to end up published because they believe every school should look at and implement to the best of their ability the plan we created from research. But as you can see the things we have come up with are no longer limited to schools because if we get enough support the government could turn our plan into a bill that becomes law.  

Christopher Thomas
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Police officers and security guards mandatory in all scools

Mass School shootings have been rampant the last few years and they need to stop. I, and I'm sure several thousands of parents do not feel comfortable taking and leaving our kids in school. This petition is to move our local, state and federal government officials to make it a mandate that each and every public school in the nation must have a minimum of 1 armed police officer and 2 security guards on site at all times. Our children and their futures need to be protected and they should feel safe going to school.

Omar Betancourt
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Civil Law USA needs your help - Update "SPOUSAL MAINTENANCE" statute. SIGN & SHARE

LIKE & SHARE    The current statute for review - The story behind the statute:       In the past, most alimony awards provided for payments to former wives by breadwinning former husbands. As the culture has changed, so that now most marriages include two wage earners, women are viewed as less dependent, and yet the courts have failed to update outdated laws and merely rule based on "suggested formulas" and "statutes" that actually do more harm then good, for both parties and the family as a whole.                  If you are seeking a divorce in Colorado or another "statute" state and you are going for "spousal maintenance" the court webpage provides you and your legal council with calculators to help prove your need in numbers prior to trial.  With our courts taking 9 - 18 months to even go to trial or before a judge you will have plenty of time to secure your "calculated financial revenge".  Both men and women fall victim to these court rulings. (Although more often then not it's men who receive the order to pay)  This suggested statute leaves no recourse when the ex-spouse decides to move forward in cohabitation, or conceals income  from the courts.  Even with proof the courts in Colorado turn a blind eye and default to the "original order".   - Cohabitation is a living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage. Couples cohabit, rather than marry, for a variety of reasons.  Top reason to keep their ex-spouse making payments. -  Great Article that aligns with others having the same opinion, and what they did to create change and equal rights- Here are the stats-        Re-marriage after divorce has declined more then 40% across all states and the rate is even higher in Colorado since this statue has been introduced. Reason for the decline is because this is only one of two ways that the payer can stop "payments".  This proves that is not just a personal problem, this is becoming an epidemic that many people and families face.         The increase in self inflected death, more commonly known as suicide has increased more then 25% among male payers that have high dollar payments and long term payment obligation.   Leaving the "receiver" without any support and many children fatherless.  This has to be stopped.           The children of divorce already suffer the most as they are the innocent parties, often caught in the middle of it all.  Studies show where there are long term payments (beyond 3 years) ordered,  the division amongst one parent and the child actually occurs.  Children are often caught in the middle of a "never ending" divorce/financial war.  Generally,  it is the payer who also suffers this loss. The receiver is known to play the victim and the payer is painted as the bully.   The resentment caused for the long term financial punishment awarded by the courts aids in painting this picture of the payer.  Children tend to err to the side of the protecting the "victim" parent that paints themselves always in need, ultimately  cutting ties with the payer "bully" parent.  This is not putting "families" first.  About Me -     Myself, the author of this petition am a woman. I have suffered through divorce, like many others in this country.  I was a single mom of two for almost four years. During that time, I never asked for "spousal maintenance" and rarely received ordered child support from my ex-husband to support our kids. I personally struggled through every level of heartache one can imagine.  I could not afford and attorney and had to do all my filings, pleading etc on my own. Walking through those first few years I thought somedays I would literally die from a broken heart or stress. Looking back, I would not have changed a thing. It made me stronger, a better mother, and a better wife now to my current husband.  I want to make one thing very clear on my position.  I am not arguing or minimizing that support when needed should be ordered. There are many situations that this does apply and is fair.  Families that choose for one spouse or the other to stay home recognize that it is a job often more challenging than going to work outside the home daily, and that the need to provide updated training or work skills should be awarded.  Or the spouse that is disabled.  I am speaking to a much larger problem in my home state of Colorado and across our country.  Our Personal Story-   My husband was ordered and pays his ex-wife 40% of his income for 12 years, (some get this order for life). In addition, he is also paying 33% of military retirement to for life.   During marriage ex-wife worked full time and was the primary bread winner.  Ex-husband was active duty Army. Both always worked full time, and had only one minor child together.  This spouse while active duty having served 20 years, did less then 2 years deployed. They were married 13 years of his military career, and only one year during the marriage was he deployed.  Ex-wife had an affair, which lead to the separation/ then ultimately divorce. In 2011, the couple separated. Neither party filed for legal separation. The reason for divorce is not accounted for in Colorado, because it is a no-fault state.   During the 4-year separation ex-husband left ex-wife all assets (cars, 401K, furniture, house) ex-husband voluntarily paid bills for the ex-wife and minor child without a court order. Little did he know he was committing financial suicide. He also worked diligently to paid off all joint marital debts totaling close to $80,000.00. While making his own major lifestyle sacrifices, living in a friend’s basement driving a 21-year-old car. During this time, his ex-wife manipulated the child and played the victim, refused to work to her full potential.   Ex-husband filed for divorce in the mid-year of 2014.  This was the year that the court adopted the new "statue/guidelines" for all spousal maintenance as a formula. So, the above facts, including the reason for divorce were all ignored during the hearing and "suggested statute formula" is now in place.     The court systems made it very easy for her to calculate her new. "spousal maintenance" income prior to the hearing. At the time of hearing the ex-wife made sure to be unemployed "but looking” claiming to be in a destitute financial situation, stating she should be able to work and be on her feet within the year”. During the trial and months prior her boyfriend at the time and "now fiancé" was contributing more than $5,000.00 per month into her bank account. That money along with her ex-husbands total debt payoff, his asset relinquishment, and payments made for 4 years of separation were NOT accounted as income but as “gifts” to the ex-wife.  As of today, (almost 3 years later) she does co-habituate in TX. To friends, family and her ex-husband claiming to be "engaged" To the court "single and in need".  She stated to the ex-husband that she would continue to do so until the money runs out, at which time then she will remarry.  Unfortunately, this is the case for many families in Colorado and across the USA.       Fast forward today Oct 16th, 2017. Ex-husband filed modification for spousal maintenance based on the, lack of need for support and co habitation in Feb 2017.  The ex-wife waited more than 6.5 months to comply with supplying documents required by the court, (she has an attorney, and docs were to be completed within 30days) thus allowing her time to paint the picture of "single/ in need" again. Although, nothing she submitted is worth any value of actual bills, etc. The court has failed in holding its own deadline dates / discovery documentation seriously for accurate and fair trials.        In August of 2017, 7 months after filed for modification, (has yet to see a judge or have a trial) he is now been diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer,  and is undergoing treatment. The ex-wife has been relentless through this process filing after filing.   The most recent filing she stated, " from what she has been told, his cancer is not that serious".   He is undergoing chemo weekly and radiation daily.  Has lost over 30 lbs and has not been able to eat even soft foods in over 35days. She is also filing to "rebuttal" any and all documentation of his caner, the severity. Trying to minimize the long term impact this will have on is health and ability to earn "her money".      Per the current statute and court order, the ex-husband has no relief to this continued abuse from what spousal support is causing. Even if he fully recovers he has to suffer 10 more years working a high stress job,  he does not have the same rights and privileges as the ex-wife.  Unable to move on with his life, he is bound by earning potential, not quality of life.   This is so far from that which maintenance was designed to do.  Help the spouse in need, allowing them time to get on their feet. He has now paying ex-spouse (already 8 years,  10 more to go), has been stripped of the rights to focus on his own health, right to privacy without fighting the ex-spouse for relief from monies he is not currently earning, and is unable to pay. While racking up major medical bills now suffers hefty attorney fees along this already difficult journey.  Adding more financial stress and harm to the payer.      The ex-wife has had more than enough time and money to get back on her feet, she is also in good health. In fact, she travels regularly, despite being so destitute.  Their child is now grown, no longer a minor and ex-wife has been engaged and living with her significant other for last 2 years.  The ex-wife has made no effort to support herself or earn more money, because when she does the "payments stop". Thus holding the payer financially hostage.  UNEMPLOYMENT DOES NOT ALLOW THIS TO TAKE PLACE. TO RECEIVE PAYMENT BENEFITS YOU MUST BE ACTIVELY SEARCHING FOR A JOB, DOCUMENT PROOF AND BENEFITS ARE TIME RESTRICTIVE.            I am petitioning the court change the, "suggested statute “surrounding spousal maintenance to align with the intent for which is was designed.  To help families dissolve the marriage and give both parties a chance to recover, and to rise to each parties’ full potential for being self-supporting.  To be held harmless of the marriage obligations to a party they are no longer married too.                                       The current laws "statutes" are limiting and harmful at best.    THE SOLUTION-   - There should be a short-term limit on which a one ex-spouse is obligated to pay the other ex-spouse.  Three-year max payable term, is enough time for any persons to receive skills and training necessary to support one’s self.  This should be based on case by case, not a "one size fits all statute" Taking into consideration documented facts, joint debt, physical health, child support, ability to work, division of marital assets, skills needed to obtain more or current training to aid in full earning potential.  One former spouse should not be a financial slave to the other. Three year term stops the abuse.  - The "lifestyle of the marriage" should be removed and not considered, when ruling. It is divorce, each party should be held responsible and accountable to adjust as necessary to becoming a single person. Working towards self-sufficiency in meeting their own needs, holding the other party harmless for their needs.  No one should be forced to support a former spouse for long term. Dissolution by definition is the act of officially ending a marriage, organization, or agreement. The process of making something end or disappear.    - The "until death or remarriage" clause be removed. The traditional institution of marriage has changed drastically over the last 5 years.  We need to protect ALL parties through divorce and separation.  If the parties in the case are deemed in need of support they should not lose support for cohabitation or remarriage.  This will also aid in the ability of all parties to move forward freely in their own lives.  This will solve the problem within the civil courts being "bogged down" by filings trying to prove cohabitation in order to terminate maintenance. Allowing the court spend its time being more effective in its use of time.  *** The receiver should not be punished for getting remarried because the ruling was based on true need, not a standard formula of "one size fits all". Likewise, the payer should not be punished for long term payments when the receiver is co-habituating, and the courts continue to fail to recognize this as the “new way around", termination of maintenance.  This statue is simply outdated, bias and harmful to all parties.  With a max term of 3 years the court can rule in favor of what support was deigned to do, enable all parties to recover from divorce and become self-sufficient.       Thank you for taking the time to read this, share this and sign this... It takes all of us to make a change.  It's time to stop the injustice, stop allowing people to take advantage of the system. Let's help create laws that support Equal rights for all!      

Niki Davis
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Electoral College: Keep Donald Trump as our President-Elect and make him our President!

On December 19h, the electoral college will cast their ballots. It has come to my attention that the American left-wing hasn't come to terms with facing the reality that Donald J. Trump had won the United States election last Tuesday and are wishing to petition the United States Electoral College to recount the election numbers and elect Hillary R. Clinton as our President-elect. I want all of you to vote on this petition to make sure that doesn't happen. We are countering this petition: We have a similar petition that has recently been created on many of the same ideals that we have. I'd encourage all of you to sign this petition as well to double our efforts: As if the regressive Left-Wing hasn't been up to enough no-good with the mainstreme media and the social justice warrior influx on our society, they're out protesting, rioting and even threatening to sign other petitions for the States of California and Oregon to secede from the Union because of Donald Trumps Presidential win. I am asking all of you to sign this petition as another vote for you the American patriots who cast your votes the last time around for Mr. Trump, now, I ask that y'all do it again. Hillary Clinton mustn't get a second chance at having her power-hungry hands on the White House: She is a corrupt candidate who made speeches for private banks, took private prison money, praised TPP many times, has multiple investigations, and more. The TPP will drag the states into a corporate rule where labor rights, environmental rights, fair use (including video game modeling), and American jobs are eroded. There is something called a Faithless Elector and it's happened more than once. Which is why I kind of wanted to create this petition for the electoral college that states Trump should win and has the electoral college in his favor. Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote but she didn't get the vote of the electoral college and thus she isn't our President. We must not let their ballots be submitted in favor of her over Mr. Trump, our President-elect! Please sign and share this petition, the fate of our the United States hangs in the balance of your signature.

Gregory Lambeth II
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Urge Cabinet members to Resign: Re Trump and Charlottesville

A Petition to Steven Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury), David Shulkin (Secretary of  Veterans Affairs) and the other Trump Cabinet Members:  How can you in good conscience continue to work for and support a President who has now outspokenly defended neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups?  As Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has stated,  "We must be clear.  White Supremacy is repulsive. This bigotry is counter to all this country stands for.  There can be no moral ambiguity." And as Martin Niemoller, the German pastor/poet, so eloquently wrote: First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me. And Secretaries Mnuchin and Shulkin, you are Jewish Americans;   We urge all of you to remember the lessons of the Holocaust (before it is too late)! Thank you.

Judith Natkins
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