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Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad.

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Petitioning Apple, Google, Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Inman Grant, Google, Inc, Snapchat Inc., Sarahah

Ban apps like Sarahah where my daughter was told to “KILL HERSELF”

I have been scared, broken and sick to my stomach ever since I read messages about my 13-year-old daughter including, “I hope SHE KILLS HERSELF. Seriously nobody will care”. No one, especially our youth, should have to read messages like this about them. These messages were sent through an app called Sarahah, which can be downloaded for free on both the App Store and on Google Play. Sarahah is an app where people can make anonymous accounts and send anonymous messages to and about others. Because of the anonymous nature of the app, Sarahah has become what users describe as “an app breeding suicides” and “a breeding ground for hate”. My daughter and I have been shattered by this app, and tragically another teenager, in the UK, was found hanged early in 2017 after allegedly being bullied on a similar app called Sayat.Me, which was shut down in May. Both the App Store and Google Play have policies against apps that facilitate bullying, harassment or self harm. Why then is Sarahah still available on these platforms? No parent can stomach this abuse of their children and I cannot even imagine losing my beautiful, sweet girl to suicide. This is why we need to protect our children. I read an article on ‘Dolly’, a 14 year old, who after so much bullying, took her life just after the New Year. Dolly felt that her only way out was suicide. I do not want my daughter or any other to become the next Dolly. App Store and Google Play - help us protect our most vulnerable and ban bullying apps like Sarahah now. #speakevenifyourvoiceshakes #doitfordolly  

Katrina _
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Petitioning Google, Inc, Google, Facebook,, Apple

Call on Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook to save Net Neutrality!

On December 14th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to take up a proposal to repeal Net Neutrality. The plan the repeal Net Neutrality is expected to be successful.                      As such, we'd like to extend this opportunity to                Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook to do something great...Save The Internet!   As the information and business backbone of our society, this decision would be nothing short of horrendous - imagine what your cable company will do when they can treat the internet like cable.    This attack on the free and open internet, one that has allowed the US to lead global information and tech innovation,  will suffocate US innovation and seriously damage the economy.    Therefore we humbly call on Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook to pull all their services - Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, GSuite, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, etc.; Amazon, Zappos, Amazon Web Services, Audible; iTunes, iDrive, Apple Music, etc.; Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc from any ISP that takes advantage of any rule weakening or destroying Net Neutrality.   We also call on Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook to vigorously oppose any government to allow ISPs to block, slow, or otherwise discriminate against certain content or applications.                              Imagine a world where we're still all using AOL on dial-up.   Changes to the new rules include any changes to network access or speed, either to the benefit of those who can pay more to have their content move faster than others through the network of an ISP, or to the detriment of those who do not, in effect forcing ISPs to treat themselves as "common carriers".                                                    _______ If Net Neutrality is not upheld, internet service providers (ISPs), generally your cable company, will be able to decide which websites you can see, prevent you from accessing any website they see fit, charge you extra for access to certain pages or services (think $5/mo for Facebook!), and destroy new innovations. Additional materials "See what no net neutrality looks like": neutrality-important-look-to- portugal-and-spain-to- understand/ "FCC plan would give Internet providers power to choose the sites customers see and use": "Net Neutrality, The Smart People's Guide": https://www. neutrality-the-smart-persons- guide/ ISP Lobbyist Talking Points:    https://www.documentcloud. org/documents/3728775-GOP- Member-Toolkit-FCC-Open- Internet-Order-5-2017.html

Walter Kawecki
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Petitioning Apple, Inc.

Apple: Protect Workers Making iPhones in Chinese Factories

Update: Major media outlets from around the world have reported on the terrible quality of life for the workers in these factories.  Apple has clearly taken the reports seriously - because they're taking action on them.  So, while This American Life may be retracting 'Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory,' it seems like the issues and facts at the core of this story are still the same. As an Apple customer, I'm glad to have had my eyes opened to these issues, and to have had a chance to do something about them.  My sincere hope is that everyone stays focused on what's important here - which is protecting the well-being of these factory workers. Dear Apple, You know what’s awesome? Listening to NPR podcasts through an Apple Airport, playing through a Mac laptop, while puttering about the kitchen. Do you know the fastest way to replace awesome with a terrible knot in your stomach? Learning that your beloved Apple products are made in factories where conditions are so bad, it’s not uncommon for workers to permanently lose the use of their hands. Last week’s This American Life shined a spotlight on the working conditions in the Chinese factories where iPhones are made. Just one example of the hardships there: the men and women in these factories work very long days spent repeating the same motions over and over, which creates amped-up carpal tunnel syndrome in their wrists and hands. This often results in them losing the use of their hands for the rest of their lives. This condition could be easily prevented if the workers were rotated through different positions in the factory, but they are not. Why? Because there are no labor laws in China to protect these people. Here’s the thing: you’re Apple. You’re supposed to think different. I want to continue to use and love the products you make, because they’re changing the world, and have already changed my life. But I also want to know that when I buy products from you, it’s not at the cost of horrible human suffering. Here are two simple asks (basically taken from the end of the TAL report) that could make a profound difference in the lives of the men and women in your factories and others like them: First, in regards to the worker traumas described in the story, ranging from suicide attempts to the people losing the use of their hands from repetitive motion injuries, we ask that Apple release a worker protection strategy for new product releases, which are the instances when injuries and suicides typically spike because of the incredible pressure to meet quotas timed to releases. Second, since the TAL story aired, Apple has announced that the Fair Labor Association will be monitoring its suppliers. Awesome step. Please publish the results of FLA's monitoring, including the NAMES of the suppliers found to have violations and WHAT those violations are, so that there is transparency around the monitoring effort. Please make these changes immediately, so that each of us can once again hold our heads high and say, “I’m a Mac person.” Your own ads say that “the people who think they are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Please get to it.

Mark Shields
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Petitioning Apple, Google, Inc, Unicode Consortium

Add the open eyed laughing crying emoji to the emoji keyboard

This is an emoji that I personally want to use quite a lot. I think if we have emojis like molester moon, we can just as well have the open eyed crying laughing emoji.

Jusha Dann
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Petitioning Apple, Phil Schiller, Dan Riccio, Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue, Jony Ive, Tim Cook

Apple: Recall MacBook Pro w/ Defective Keyboard, Replace with DIFFERENT Working Keyboard

Apple, it's time: recall every MacBook Pro released since Late 2016, and replace the keyboards on all of them with new, redesigned keyboards that just work. Because, these keyboards don't work. Every one of Apple's current-gen MacBook Pro models, 13" and 15", is sold with a keyboard that can become defective at any moment due to a design failure. The problems are widespread, consistent, and infuriating. Casey Johnston:“My one-year-old MacBook Pro's keyboard keys stopped working if a single piece of dust slipped under there, and more importantly, neither Apple nor its Geniuses would acknowledge that this was actually a problem…. Since I wrote about my experience, many have asked me what happened with the new top half of the computer that the Apple Geniuses installed, with its pristine keyboard and maybe-different key switches. The answer is that after a couple of months, I started to get temporarily dead keys for seemingly no reason. Again.”Jason Snell:“Apple’s relative silence on this issue for existing customers is deafening. If these problems are remotely as common as they seem to be, this is an altogether defective product that should be recalled.”John Gruber:“This keyboard has to be one of the biggest design screwups in Apple history. Everyone who buys a MacBook depends upon the keyboard and this keyboard is undependable.” Jonathan Mann:“I’m pressing the spacebar and nothing is happening!” Marco Arment:“Butterfly keyswitches are a design failure…. they are fatally unreliable.” Mike Wuerthele:“The failure rate of the keyboard in the first year on the 2016 MacBook Pro is a ticking time bomb for users.” I'm writing this petition on a Late 2016 13" MBP keyboard with a defective L key and a defective Shift Key. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Oh boy, do I just ove proofreading my text to find missing Ls. Not. And, I meant 'love.' L key didn’t work there. Yes, I took this machine to a Genius Bar. They replaced the L key. The replacement L key failed. Then the Shift key failed. If you, Apple, want to continue to pretend this isn’t a problem, your head is buried deep in the silicon. “Design is how it works.” These don’t. Everyone who bought this computer bought a Lemon, or at the least, a potential Lemon when one speck of dust gets under the keys. There should be a Lemon Law for laptops. Appe, (yup - the L key failed again), I am tempted to write a bunch of stuff about how I’ve been using Apple computers since 1981, how I’ve purchased tens of thousands of dollars of your gear, how I’ve recommended you to all of my friends and colleagues. But, I really shouldn’t have to say all of that because this issue should matter to you whether I’m a long-term Apple customer, or this MacBook Pro was my first-ever purchase. This should matter to you because you should care about Apple products working. Given the denial and obfuscation with which your customer service team has handled this issue, I have lost a lot of faith. Recalling all of these MBPs would be costly. Billions? It would be a recall of perhaps unprecedented size, implications, and complexity.And, it’s the right thing to do. If you can incinerate tens of billions on a stock repurchase program that creates nothing of real value, surely you can deploy some of your cash hoard for replacement laptop keyboards that work.To be clear: we don’t want another of the same keyboard, which is going to fail again, as Casey Johnston’s replacement did. We want a redesigned keyboard, that works reliably. Stand behind your signature. P.S. - And no, we don’t want a can of compressed air. The fact that you have a support page about that is not only perplexing — we never had to use compressed air on past MacBook Pro keyboards — it's a sign of Big Problems in Cupertino. P.P.S. - For the Jim Dalrympes of the world who like this keyboard and have been lucky enough not to experience key failures, we are not proposing a forcible recall. If those folks, with full awareness of this problem, want to play Russian Roulette and hope their keyboards don't fail later, let them. We are requesting a recall program to provide redesigned, replacement keyboards for those of us who want our keyboards to work reliably, and for consumers who may not even be aware of the 'ticking time bomb' they own. Sorry I misspelled your, surname, Jim. The L key failed. Again.

Matthew Taylor
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Petitioning Unicode Consortium

Unicode Consortium, please release a beard emoji

Beards have been grown in many lengths, shapes and colours since the existence of man. We have a Santa and moustache emoji (not to mention a bunch of useless ones too). So close, yet so far.  For all those beard wearers and pogonophiles, we would like to see a #BeardEmoji released into the digital world.  

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Petitioning Google

Google & Apple: stop road deaths and injury from mobile phones

Pictured is my cycling teammate Graham. He was a paramedic and a cyclist. Our team would go cycling every Sunday. Recently, that all changed forever. On one of those cycle trips, a driver became distracted using her mobile. Graham was as far left to the shoulder as he could safely be. But her four wheel drive catapulted him off his bike from behind almost killing him. Graham is now a lifelong paraplegic. This picture is the day he was released from hospital 6 months after the accident. He is devastated. It’s heartbreaking. He recently said: "It's the simple things in my life that I miss the most, like holding my wife's hand when we go for a walk. I miss a full body hug.” His life had changed forever. All because the driver was distracted while using their mobile phone. 70% of drivers now admit to using their mobile phone while driving. Distracted drivers from mobile phone use is now regarded as the #1 safety issue on our roads globally. These accidents are completely preventable. Apple and Google have the power and the technology to change this. They could auto-enable their existing “Do Not Disturb” function on their smartphones, which can activate as soon as a vehicle starts moving. You could still use maps and Bluetooth. You just wouldn’t be distracted by notifications or text messages. The current "opt-in" setting isn’t working due to our severe addiction to these devices - so it needs to be opt out, or people won’t use it. If users opt out, then cause death or serious injury, this could then be logged in court. Smartphone distraction on our roads is killing people and ruining lives like Graham’s. We take drink driving seriously. It’s time for our technology companies, Apple and Google, to take responsibility and stop causing deaths and injury by not acting on this.

Klaus Bartosch
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Petitioning Apple

Save Networking Tools on iOS 11

Petition Apple to allow approved network utility apps to access MAC address information on iOS 11 Apple made a change to iOS 11 which has impacted millions of iPhone users’ who use mobile apps to secure and troubleshoot their network. With iOS 11, Apple has blocked third-party developer access to MAC addresses. Network utility apps such as Fing, NetAnalyzer, iNet and IP scanner used this information to let users see all the devices connected to a WiFi network. On iOS 11 users can no longer use a third-party app to identify and recognize which devices are connected to their network. They can also no longer easily detect a device's online/offline status. Millions of professionals and home users have been impacted: No access to MAC addresses affects a variety of different people and industries. Networking Apps: Free network tools which have been available on iPhones for a decade, are now much less effective on iOS 11. These tools have been the product of years of development aimed at advancing the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Millions of homes, small businesses and network professionals who use these tools daily are impacted. Homes: Home networks can no longer see all the device’s connected to their OWN home network using a free application. This reduces a home owner’s ability to keep their network secure. IT Professionals: Networking professionals can no longer use their iPhones to troubleshoot a network. To troubleshoot like they could using a free app, they are now forced to purchase an additional piece of hardware running locally on a network. No access to MAC addresses also creates countless hours of manual work inputting a device’s details and MAC address information. Join our cause - Petition Apple Sign this petition, to ask Apple to allow approved networking tools and apps to access MAC address information via an app entitlement program or by allowing users a choice. Thanks for your support to #savenetworktools

Network Tools Alliance
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Petitioning Steve Jobs

Stop raising money for anti-gay hate groups

Did you know that dozens of major brands, including Target, Macy’s, USA Today, Netflix, Apple, Dell, and even Sesame Street are supporting known hate groups through the link referral service know as the Christian Values Network (CVN)? According to CVN, there are more than 170,000 charities that benefit from the CVN’s service by receiving donations through purchases made through the site. For example, someone could buy airline tickets from Delta, and the airline would make a donation to the charity of the customer’s choice through CVN. Unfortunately, there are several organizations included on CVN’s service that support discrimination. In addition to Focus on the Family's anti-gay agenda, the Southern Poverty Law Center has declared organizations like the Family Research Council as known a “hate group,” for their blatant and repeated homophobic lies about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. These organizations receive donations through CVN when customers buy products through CVN stores. Corporations that are typically strong on LGBT rights like Apple, Wells Fargo, Macy’s and others, are allowing their brands to be used to raise money for organizations whose major focus of work is hurting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. This has to stop. Call on Apple to insist CVN stop using their brand to raise money for hate.  

Ben Crowther
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Petitioning Apple


We, iPhone users, started this direction because we feel that Apple’s involvement with the product should end in the moment when we buy it. Instead of this, Apple is forcing its customers to update to newer iOS firmware even if the customer doesn’t want to. Quick search through the internet reveals the dirty tactics Apple is using, it keeps displaying annoying prompts about updating, they can be dismissed, but it will only make them appear later or even install new software in the night when you are asleep. This is not pro-customer behavior. It is a well known fact that every iPhone is being slowed down with new iOS releases, of course the logical explanation says that that is because of new features that every new iOS release brings, but why is user deprived of the choice to go back to the iOS version his device was running very smoothly on? If, for example you own iPhone 5S and you are curious about iOS11 and you update, you will be surprised by terrible performance of the UI (UI, not benchmarks, benchmarks don’t mean a thing in real world usage) and you will have no choice but to stay on this firmware and „enjoy” your phone. YOUR phone. Recently it became even bigger issue after the CPU throttling scandal in iOS post-10.2.1. Customer should be allowed to downgrade if he/she chooses so. Of course there are counter-arguments, for example the one saying that by downgrading you are exposing your device to viruses and other exploits. That is true, but that is customer responsibility, if he/she cares about security, stay on newest firmware. If not, feel free to downgrade, even if it voids warranty. We know that Apple likes to show the statistics for every iOS update, how many people installed it, etc. but it would be very interesting to see a real satisfaction rate for those updates, because after every iOS update, there appear many threads on many forums about dissatisfaction after updating. We want Apple to give its customers control over their devices, for which they paid even 1000$ per device and not using dirty tactics to force customers to update. Thank you very much. —————————————-      “You know, what if we were able to start a petition to send apple requesting to open the signing window for older firmwares? I mean we are all Apple costumers and feel like we should be able to use the software that suits our individual devices best. It really is unfair for those of us who pay hundreds of dollars if not over a thousand to be stuck on a software that is problematic and unsatisfactory. Just as we are able to choose in our household computers, we should absolutely be able to choose the software we run on our mobile computers! I mean you can see the amount of interest and demand for earlier software versions not only for the jailbreak community but elseware. It is simply unfair and unacceptable from Apple to withhold our ability to choose. If it’s a security issue pute it in the fine print like you do your terms and conditions Apple. We are adults and we can make our own decisions.”                                            - @Spark3y   “Yes it does? Most people don't even know how to downgrade to signed firmware and they wouldn't care, but thise who decide to do it would be informed that downgrading can be dangerous and they should make the decision, not Apple. I don't recall anybody suing any Apple for some security issues on older versions of OS X despite the fact that many users choose to stay on them or install them instead of the new buggy releases. And speaking as a developer, it would help me test my apps on older firmwares, testing on Simulator doesn't solve all problems“                                            - @wiencheck   “Agreed. Apple should use the signing only to prevent installation of corrupted it tampered firmware. This should be part of the right to repair our devices to install any firmware released during the lifetime of a device. New version running too slow? Downgrade. New version has annoying bug or feature? Downgrade. Want to test an app you are writing on old version? Downgrade.“                                           - @tk_ios   “I think that this could workout if and only if the people that are suing Apple know that this is the main cause of the low performance.Not being able to downgrade = slow performance on older devicesThe suing right now is for making devices slower without Apple telling us "telling us" because you need to be blind if you don't realize this.The main reason of the slow performance is not being able to downgrade. “                                            - @OERIVERS   ''I'm signing this campaign because not all of us have latest and greatest iPhone's like X, 8 and 8+ or else. Therefore, forcing us to install latest iOS version isn't always pleasant. Like using iOS 11 on 5s, or iOS 9.3.5 on 4s etc. I understand that Apple is trying to achieve best user experince and make our phones more secure, but forcing to the latest iOS isn't the right way to do this. Well, even if Apple doesn't sign all versions, at least they can sign every last version of iOS's. Like signing iOS 7.1.2, 8.4.1, 9.3.5 or 10.3.3. Maybe they are not up to date for security reasons or for apps from App Store, but they are most bug free versions for every iOS releases (I mean, I'm pretty sure that a lot of bug fixes is included in 8.4.1 but not in 8.0). I think Apple, at least should consider this; signing every last and stable version of iOS.''                                               - Türkay Leblebicioğlu   ''We need to downgrade, there is no reason to force to stay on lastest firmware, I know that there are a lot of security patches, but if they could slow down perfomance, I prefer to stay where I am''                                              - Santiago Falquet   ''We need to install a iOS that works for all devices and not recommended security and performance updates to the point that your devices are unresponsive. If we spend money on these expensive devices, we need to install a iOS that is responsive to our liking.''                                           - J G   ''I paid over 3K total on 3 devices, if I want to be on 10.1.1 or 11.1.2 on any of does devices I should be allowed to, I shouldn’t be tricked into updating, or forced to update by tricking me with ‘update later’ notifications. I pay big money so I can own my devices, I should have access to something I won and not crontolled.''                                          - Christian Oropeza   ''I find it stupid that they are allowed to hinder the performance of devices and pretty much spam users to update to get it that way. I also don't understand why it's a big deal for them to sign IOS firmwares considering not everyone in the world jailbreaks their idevices, and I doubt they are losing any money because of it.''                                           - Matthew Doyle   ''To be honest I’m an Apple fan for years now, but seeing the iOS updates go wrong every time again, well it’s unacceptable. I know the iOS updates get bigger and more functions are demanded, but they’re also issues like rotation issues on iOS 11 and stuff not to mention a respring bug the worst of its kind. So yeah I would like to downgrade my devices too whenever I want! Not for jailbreaking just for stability, and or iOS research as I’m an iOS developer.''                                          - Bas van Turnhout    

Ezequiel M
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