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MP for Broxtowe and Minister of State for Defence

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Save Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick

SAVE SYDNEY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL RANDWICK Cooper was 10 days old when we brought him to hospital with a viral illness. Transferred to Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH) Randwick, it was unknown that his heart was suffering from myocarditis. Soon after arrival, he went into cardiac arrest needing CPR for 26minutes. If not for the presence of the SCH Cardiac Surgical Team, Cooper would not have survived. Cardiac Surgical services at SCH are essential for the safety of all children being cared for at Randwick. SCH has provided safe cardiac surgery for decades. The State Government is proposing to close the SCH cardiac surgical service. Critically ill babies and children will face life threatening delays in receiving treatment if our service closes. Cooper would not have survived waiting for a Westmead Team to mobilise & travel 43 km down the M4 to Randwick. SCH provides comprehensive health care to 40% of the children of NSW, and receives 75% of state-wideemergency retrievals of critically ill children. Complex surgeries and treatments, including comprehensive cancer care, required by children at SCH need on-site cardiac surgery for support. Please sign our petition to instruct the NSW State Government to maintain an appropriately funded cardiac surgical program at SCH Randwick.

Peter Low
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Petitioning The All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims, Anna Soubry MP, Naz Shah MP, Afzal Khan MP, Wes Streeting MP, Tan Dhesi MP, Eleanor Smith MP

UK Border stop powers are Islamophobic: Home Office and Police must be investigated

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims must investigate the discrimination of Muslims travelling through UK Borders and ensure that Islamophobia at all levels of society is challenged. More than half a million people have been stopped and interrogated under Schedule 7 powers since their introduction. The Guardian newspaper recently ran a headline describing these powers as ‘structural Islamophobia’. It followed a new report by CAGE which compiled evidence supporting this claim.   A Cambridge based research found that 88% of people stopped at a particular airport were Muslims. In 2016 the Home Office itself admitted that 78% of those stopped were of ethnic minorities.   What happens during a Schedule 7 stop: The Police can detain you without suspicion for up to 6 hours. You do not have the right to remain silent  The Police can search you and seize your possessions. The Police can confiscate your electronic devices for up to seven days, and they can coerce you to disclose your passwords. The Police can collect and retain your data. The Police can force you to surrender your DNA and fingerprints. The Police can strip search you.  All this without the suspicion of any crime.  Women have had their Hijabs removed. Pilgrims have missed their flights.  Children and elders have been detained.  Enough is enough. It is the duty of the APPG on British Muslims to investigate prejudice, discrimination and hatred against Muslims in the UK. We urge them to investigate the Home Office and Police on the Islamophobic nature of Schedule 7 powers. Islamophobia at all levels of society must be challenged. SIGN NOW. For more on this story read here: The Guardian: Detention of Muslims at UK ports and airports 'structural Islamophobia'.  5 Pillars: CAGE calls for repeal of “Islamophobic” Schedule 7 laws The Metro: Muslim couple held by terror cops at Heathrow on return from Hajj. Middle East Eye: UK authorities log religion of people stopped on country's borders, form reveals TRT World: Azad Ali Speaks to TRT about the Structural Islamophobia faced by Muslims at UK Borders CAGE releases first-ever Schedule 7 report evidencing Islamophobia at UK borders, and calls for APPG on British Muslims to investigate the Home Office 

Cerie Bullivant
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FINAL BREXIT VOTE for THE PEOPLE: It's the only way to get a result that people will trust

Whereas today's "lovable?" geniuses like Mogg (quite happy to invest abroad), Johnson (who quite happily gets Brits locked up abroad e.g. Iran) and Gove (with a smile/ facial expression that would be gold to any comedian) and dozens of dastardly Brexiteers ... only want to lock themselves away with you in the cupboard.  People, we are now almost 11.000 strong (and that's just this petition) ... and growing. There are tens of thousands that agree and millions around  2/3, that don't believe we can end up with any sort of beneficial agreement if we leave it to the politicians.  A Twitter poll I conducted had almost 30.000 responders, and the overwhelming majority 65% want to cancel Brexit. The first step is to force the government to give back the final vote to the people.  We need to pick up the pace. Time is running out (To the hardline Brexiteer advantage). We see what is happening. The hardline Brexiteers are forcing May to behave in such a way that there is no fall-back position except a cliff-edge Brexit. They are the smallest group, and now the tail is wagging the dog. In many ways, I blame Corbyn. Whereas Labour should be miles ahead in the polls, his refusal to accept reality, presenting his own version of unicorns and cake is making the distinction between Tories and Labour on Brexit, virtually indistinguishable.  We need to stop the government behaving like hooligans, trying to drive wedges between the members of the EU. The more we do that, the harder their stand will be.  We need to take back the final decision. We need to force parliament to listen. 

Brexit Revisited
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'Virtual Fences' in the UK to Lessen Roadkill and Road Traffic Accidents

ProblemIn 2016-2017 it was reported that more than 3900 animals were killed on the roads in the United Kingdom (, 2018). This is 3900 too many. Even more so when you take into account that this only the animals which are reported as roadkill. Have you ever reported roadkill which you've seen? No. Therefore, this number is likely to be much, much larger. Road signs such as, "Animals Crossing" are not effective- drivers simply ignore them. Speed bumps don't work either as they disrupt traffic and result in NIMBYist feelings. However, there is a solution, and it comes from Tasmania...SolutionIn Tasmania, on one stretch of road, there are 'virtual fences', which detect car movement, and animal movement, and when they correspond to one-another, lets out a high frequency sound and flashing lights- which is completely inaudible, and invisible to the driver. This results in the animal being "spooked", and not crossing the road, or it does cross, just when it is safe to do so.Too many people have crashed, or died, in their cars by trying to avoiding wildlife. This simple tool will help to reduce this. In Tasmania this device reduced roadkill by 50%- so fewer animals died, fewer cars were crashed, and fewer people died- a mutually beneficial device to prevent unnecessary deaths.#DontBeOnTheFence Please Share this petition in whatever way you can: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, word of mouth, so that one day this will become commonplace in the UK. If you want to learn more about the 'virtual fences' information can be found at:   or... Fox, et al., (2018), Roadkill mitigation: trialing virtual fence devices on the west coast of Tasmania, Australian Mammalogy, Personal storyMy name is Sam, I am 20 years old, and am currently studying Geography at university. I wanted to set up this petition because when I saw this idea I thought that it should be utilised everywhere- not just hidden away in Tasmania. If it can reduce road traffic accidents, or roadkill even slightly then surely it would be a success?

Sam Street
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changes for special needs children

Hi all i am from the westmidlands UK and im a mother  to a 5 year old sweet boy with complex learning difficulties, We need loads more funding and understanding for children with all different special needs. More time in mainstream schools & more teachers training on special needs kids! We need more special school opening and time spent on our children just like the rest do, im so saddened by this it breaks my heart to know our children are suffering how about in 5-10 years time the next generation of children are going to suffer immensly due to this something has to be done NOW. Nevermind trying to pass our children off as naughty or cant be bothered to teach them so they end up in limbo like a pru with no formal education again due to no special school placement for children with no formal diagnosis, i am a mother of a special 5 year old boy whos going through hell with himself trying to get him where he needs to be! Like many others we need extra funding in order for our children to get the education they all deserve. Its been going on too long now something needs to be done i want to get as many signatures as i can to forward to the SEN department and above goverment for there understanding that us as parents simply cant keep going through hell all at the mercy of endless paperwork. We need them to listen to us parents as we know what's best for OUR CHILDREN not them! We need more special schools opening and training as theres a big rise in new cases and nowhere to place our children, please help by signing lets get our childrens voices heard Thankyou

sarah brownhill
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Petitioning Anna Soubry MP, Dr James Logan

Treatment for Lyme’s Disease in the UK for free on the NHS

Heidi Luckraft is a 40 year old female, in the later stages of Lyme’s disease and we are desperate for UK help, as we can’t find the money to continuously send her to Germany for the life saving treatment she so desperately needs..  Heidi’s story went viral in 2015 so can be found on google, but here goes; Before Heidi was struck down with Lyme’s Disease, she Owned and Ran (then) Nottingham’s number one Children’s Entertainment Company, Dazzle Entertainment. Bringing so much joy to so many children’s faces; she played all different characters including Elsa, SuperGirl, Tinkerbell & many more - running and jumping around with the kids for 2 hours at a time and loving every minute, including a lot of charity work. Which is why we knew something was wrong straight away! Heidi was bit by a tic on Wollaton Park in Nottingham whilst walking her dog 2012 when she arrived at the hospital and told them, they dismissed it! In fact, all medical personnel dismissed this information for Four years and even made her see a psychologist! Heidi was misdiagnosed with a whole host of Chronic Pain Conditions including; Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fitigue Syndrome. But Heidi and we all knew there was more to this. This nightmare carried on until Heidi happened to get bit by another Tic - went straight to the Hospital and the Junior Dr that examined her that day saw the bullseye mark - Heidi explained all that was happening and after a few blood tests and a Senior Dr double checked Lymes Disease was finally diagnosed. Then the bad news “because we are now 4 years on, the NHS/UK do not treat Lyme’s Disease!” We were all so gutted! By now Lyme’s was affecting Heidi’s major organs including her Heart and Brain; causes seizures and causing her to have cardiac arrest’s and heartbeats upto 170bpm at times.. We started raising money and found a clinic in Beverly Hills which would start with Stem Cell Treatment and also Stem Neuro Repair for the Brain just to start with - we were at £16,000 when Heidi was getting worse and worse - she was in talks with the Dr from America and we were doing everything possible to raise funds.. eventually the Dr suggested flying to Germany and meeting Heidi there in January 2016 as it was obv she would not be able to make the whole flight to USA without issues. She felt so much better after being in Germany and even improved... But the Lyme’s has now come back with avengence and spread to Heidi’s Lungs and Kidneys - causing her to have a battle just to breath. Also her Nerves from the Stem Neuro repair have over reacted causing Main nerves to over drive - mass histamine issues.She has also become allergic of pretty much most food and drink items to the point she could have an anaphylactic shock from just about anything.. The clinic in Germany want her back over as their not happy with her latest blood work - we’ve managed to scape the funds together this time and she will fly out Sunday.. but I’m scared if this happens again.. I’m reaching out to you Anna Soubry & Dr Logan and praying you can and are willing to try and help get these treatments available - as they are throughout the rest of the world - into the UK/NHS... Just seems so unfair that because Heidi was misdiagnosed for over 4 years she’s now suffering so much and penilised money wise, etc. Too. I am certain Heidi is not the only person out there in this position - This needs to change, how can we not treat a certain Disease in 2018??!! Seems crazy to me?! Please help us and sign this petition. Thank you NB: This is in no way slating or looking at the care from the NHS in a Negative way - we’d be lost without them.     

Clare Leivers
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Comprehensive education in school of the female menstrual cycle

I was on the contraceptive pill from the age of 15 or 16 (now 16 years ago), and from then I got put on the implant. I have since come off all forms of contraception because of the effect it was having on me. To put this in to perspective, the pill made me angry/depressed/uncontrollable/anxious, and it's hard to work out at a young age whether these are just your hormones (ie. you), or whether it's down to the hormones you are pumping your body full of. With the implant, which I was on for 7 years, I ended up a zombie. I felt nothing. No highs or lows. Just existing. This last year I have come off all forms of contraception and I have taken to researching and educating myself on my own body. I think this is necessary in school. I didn't have any education on how your menstrual cycle works, the 5 day period where you are highly fertile and the symptoms of that, and also how it affects your mood- so I can actually tell it's me who is slightly psychotic or if it's hormones.  At school my only education on the subject was in Biology. I think the country would save thousands in the cost of pills, you'd have less girls suffering from depression (known to be linked to the pill), and we would all be more aware of our bodies, also meaning we can spot when something is wrong. It has been far too easy for the pill to be prescribed to girls, yes it may be necessary in some cases, but we are being handed it out for everything- skin conditions, anxiety, depression, to control weight...I can go on and on. It's scary really. Pumping out bodies full of chemicals should not be the solution to so many problems. In fact it's creating more issues.  In an era where women are starting to take back control of themselves, I think this is a vital step to ensuring we have control and knowledge of how our bodies work (because they are amazing), and start opening our eyes to the dangers of the pill/implant.        

Holly Perkins
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Prohibit in UK the practice of (Metzitza) Oral Suction Circumcision on 8 day old babies!

TOTAL BAN on the practice of Oral Suction Circumcision (Metzitza) Oral Suction Circumcision (Metzitza) is the ancient barbaric practice of, circumcising 8 day old babies with no anaesthetic and the orally sucking blood from the open wound in the penis. Unbelievably it is still legal in the UK! With all the work and money going into battling FGM, no one seems to raise a whimper in regard to the obvious "sick" factor. The concerns go much deeper  BROOKLYN, NY — The city's health department this week confirmed the first case in 2017 of a baby getting neonatal herpes following a controversial Jewish circumcision process. Metzitzah b'peh was performed on the baby, which is a ritual where a mohel, or trusted religious circumciser, uses his mouth to suck blood away from the circumcision wound on the infant's penis, the department said. The health department calls metzitzah b'peh "direct orogenital suction," or DOS, and said it can transmit herpes to newborn males.Since 2000, there have been 24 confirmed cases of herpes infection following DOS, according to the health department. Two of the 24 babies died, and at least two others suffered brain damage.In 2016, there were two confirmed herpes cases following DOS, and in 2015 there were three, according to the health department. This is the first confirmed case of herpes following DOS in 2017. The baby was put on an intravenous antiviral for 14 days. (Source:  

William Smith
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Stop umbrella companies double charging, temporary workers.

Temporary staff working on public sector are going to be affected by this . Especially with the new IR35 legalisation coming in force on 6 April . Umbrella companies are holding agency staff hostages. Some agencies are forcing their staff to join umbrella companies. I guess those agencies have shares with those umbrella companies. I understand a smilar petition was done six months ago. It never got enough attention because most agency staff were not aware of this .An estimated 430,000 people in the UK are paid through such firms. Temporary workers we are losing thousands of pounds in wages because we are being exploited by so-called umbrella companies. These companies act as middlemen between contractors and employees, and are forcing staff to pay extra tax and administration fees.Payslips for temporary workers now looks like a shopping catalogue, there are so many procedures and deductions.Disadvantages of an Umbrella Company 1. It's too Expensive as they charge more than Accountancyfees, without giving you any further help.2.You won't get any Tax Advice from them3. If they make a mistake with your tax calculations you will pay for their mistake 4 If they go out of business you may loose your money. 5. Your Tax Code may be messed up resulting in additional unexpected tax at the end of the year. 6. Also they are usually very difficult to deal with *In some cases the umbrella companies has gone into bankruptcy and resurface under a different name. Leaving temporary workers vulnerable, paying all the charges to Hmr revenue. Which those umbrella companies were deceiving temporary workers.Families has been torn apart , some temporary workers has end up in mental health institutions. Some temporary workers has committed suicide , because they were left with huge bills to pay caused by failures of the umbrella companies.

Sam Muringai
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