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Petitioning Amtrak, City of Chicago

Save The Chicago Union Station Power House!

Photo Credit: Darris Lee Harris - The iconic Art Deco Chicago Union Station Power House is threatened with demolition. This streamlined architectural masterpiece was designed in 1931 by Graham, Anderson, Probst and White, one of Chicago’s greatest architecture firms. Graham, Anderson, Probst and White designed many of Chicago’s most iconic and beloved landmark buildings including Chicago Union Station, Wrigley Building, Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Lyric Opera House, Merchandise Mart, and the Old Chicago Main Post Office.  The Chicago Union Station Power House should take its honored place among these world-class buildings. To avoid repair costs, Amtrak wants to spend $13 million dollars to demolish it and replace it with a storage shed! But there is a better option....just sell it!   One of Chicago’s most experienced and successful developers wants to buy and restore the long-vacant Chicago Union Station Power House.  Their restoration plans for the historic building include a tech data center and possibly a café along the Chicago River. Its located directly across from the “78”, the largest high-tech R&D development in the Midwest. If sold, it would be a powerful win-win. Amtrak would save $13 million dollars, avoid maintenance, and earn money from the sale. These funds could better be used for true priorities like the long overdue upgrading of train stations to meet ADA requirements.  (Chicago Sun-Times, Amtrak reverses course,1/20/20) But yet Amtrak is still stubbornly pushing hard for demolition.  But there’s a hitch. In order for Amtrak to use federal tax-payer funds to demolish a historic building, they must be able to claim during the Section 106 hearings that they have exhausted all other options to save this significant National Register-eligible and Chicago Landmark-eligible building. Perhaps this helps explains why despite frequent and repeated outreach for over two years, Amtrak has stubbornly refused to consider any purchase offers, hold a meeting or even allow a site visit! Amtrak may be able to ignore a few lonely voices, but they will have no choice but to listen when we all speak together! We urge Amtrak to respect this important historic building and encourage the City of Chicago to designate the Chicago Union Station Power House as a Chicago Landmark to protect it from harm. "Whether its future holds a second life as a data center, an addition to the city’s expanding Riverwalk or something even more distinctive, the building should be saved for future generations to enjoy, Ward Miller said, noting that London’s Tate Modern Museum was once the Bankside Power Station.” (Chicago Sun-Times, Iconic South Loop power station should be saved, 10/9/19) With your help, the voice of the people will be heard. Please support this effort and add your name to the petition!

Preservation Chicago, NFP: Love your City Fiercely!
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Petitioning Amtrak, U.S. House of Representatives

Revoke Ban on Charter Trains and Private Car Movements

On March 28th, 2018, Amtrak released a Special Employee Advisory containing the following text:  “Generally, Amtrak will no longer operate charter services or special trains. These operations caused significant operational distraction, failed to capture fully allocated profitable margins and sometimes delayed our paying customers on our scheduled trains. There may be a few narrow exceptions to this policy in order to support specific strategic initiatives, for example trial service in support of growing new scheduled service. Otherwise, one-time trips and charters are immediately discontinued,” In implementing this policy, we believe that Amtrak may be in violation of 49 US Code 11101. From Cornell University's Legal Information Institution, section A of 49 US Code 11101 states the following:  "A rail carrier providing transportation or service subject to the jurisdiction of the Board under this part shall provide the transportation or service on reasonable request. A rail carrier shall not be found to have violated this section because it fulfills its reasonable commitments under contracts authorized under section 10709 of this title before responding to reasonable requests for service. Commitments which deprive a carrier of its ability to respond to reasonable requests for common carrier service are not reasonable" This one decision has had an instantaneous and far reaching impact on the Heritage Railroading and Historic Preservation Community in one fell swoop, potentially affecting several non-profit organizations. We believe this means the following:  No Steam excursions under the Amtrak Umbrella. - Any steam locomotives who currently run under Amtrak and those who were working towards doing so will no longer be hosted: Southern Pacific 4449, Norfolk & Western 611, Milwaukee Road 261, Santa Fe 3751, and several others. Some of these locomotives do not have the benefit of a regional or tourist railroad nearby willing to host them, let alone possessing infrastructure capable of handling such large engines.  - As an example: when operating under Norfolk Southern's 21st Century Steam Program, the trips run with Norfolk & Western 611 in the year 2015 generated an estimated $4.5-$7 million in local revenue throughout the communities the locomotive visited. This success was repeated during the 2016 and 2017 excursion seasons, drawing visitors from most every state in the union, as well as international visitors from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. No special charter trains using Amtrak equipment, with our without Privately Owned railcars.  - The New River Train in West Virginia, operated by the Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society, has been run continuously for over 50 years between Huntington and Hinton. With two weekends of trips a year, it generates an estimated $4 Million in County and State revenue in only 2 weekends of operation a year.  - Some organizations, such as the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC, have run similar excursions during the fall season.  Restricted movement of Private Railcars: -It is gathered that, unless there is a station dwell time of more than 30 minutes, Private Cars will not be attached or taken off trains mid-route. In the case of the Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society, this means they are no longer able to move their railcars. Freight railroads will often move private cars, but in many cases charge astronomically high rates and do not handle the cars properly, resulting in expensive damage.  In general these are all non-profit organizations whose mission is to preserve and raise awareness of the history of America's railroads, and the revenue from these excursions can often have a huge impact on their earnings.  These organizations pay Amtrak for charter trains and the movement of cars. These trips are run on a limited basis, often one or two weekends a year per organization, and generally at times that are less disruptive to normal operations.  To Amtrak these operations might generate "less than the fully allocated profit margins", but without Amtrak's cooperation, the valuable revenue earned from these trips will be lost, and Locomotives and Railcars that hundreds of everyday American (and International) citizens that have given almost countless volunteer hours and their hard earned money to keep operating. It is also particularly disappointing as these organizations and the people associated with them are often Amtrak's most ardent and vocal supporters.  Though the National Railroad Passenger Corporation is operated as a For-Profit organization, the State and Federal Subsidies that are vital to Amtrak’s continued existence come from the pocket of the American Taxpayers.  As American Taxpayers (and International Visitors who support the USA's tourist economy when visiting for these special excursions) we respectfully request that you carefully reconsider this decision and the devastating impacts to several organizations, communities, and thousands of American citizens in such a short amount of time.  We also hope that this will open the door for closer cooperation between these organizations and Amtrak to work out more efficient and valuable operational plans, and perhaps for Amtrak to more effectively capitalize on the invaluable Public Relations value of Steam Locomotives and Private Railcars.  On a personal note, I should add that I am passionate about this cause as I myself have worked both professionally and voluntarily since 2012 in the Heritage Railroading industry. I have also given many financial contributions via memberships and one off or recurring donations to several other organizations as well.   I have several dear friends who’s very livelihood depends on operations such as these.  My personal plea that I'm sure others will share is this: Please do not let our work go in vain.  - 49 U.S. Code 11101 "Common Carrier Transportation, Service, and Rates" sourced from: - Special thanks to Joe Rosenthal of the Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society for providing some of the information used in this petition.  - 611 Excursion economic impact numbers sourced from WSLS 10 News Roanoke. Visitor statistics from members of the Forward 611 Committee.   - Heading Photograph by Steven Kramer: Southern Pacific 4449 leads an excursion operated under Amtrak's Umbrella, sourced from the Friends of the SP 4449 website. The Friends of SP 4449 and Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation are non-profit organizations based in Portland, Oregon. 

Nicholas Parker
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Petitioning Amtrak, Richard H. Anderson

Save the Coast Starlight Pacific Parlour Cars

Amtrak continues to cut passenger amenities on the Coast Starlight, leading RailPAC to believe that the new Amtrak management does not believe in the long distance western trains.  While Amtrak management has demonstrated that they plan to cut service and amenities in order to "save money", RailPAC continues to support the long distance trains and believes they can be successful. I also believe in long distance trains, and feel that the Pacific Parlour Cars are a key part of this premium train.  While "tough decisions” are sometimes necessary, removing these cars from service will ultimately affect ticket revenue and yield implications. For years, loyal riders have gladly paid a premium fare for sleeping car accommodations on the Coast Starlight. Higher sleeping car supplements are embedded in current sleeping car fares (which are generally higher than for other routes, often by a significant margin).  In addition, revenue is generated from the car's bar service and the potential for souvenir sales.  The additional dining option in the Pacific Parlour car frees up tables in the Dining Car, adding 50% capacity to each seating. I have no doubt that removing the Pacific Parlour Cars will result in loss of ridership and revenue for the Coast Starlight.  Any accounting of the cost of operating the Pacific Parlour Cars should be balanced against the total sleeping car revenue.   While it is understood that these cars are older than most of the fleet, we ask that the Pacific Parlour Cars remain in service during the 2018 summer season while Amtrak explores alternatives to maintaining premium service and the ticket revenues associated with it. Furthermore, I support RailPAC's campaign for new locomotives and rolling stock for the Coast Starlight, California Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Empire Builder and Sunset Limited.  Expanded service on these routes means jobs are created to staff and support these trains.

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Petitioning Amtrak, President of the United States, United States Supreme Court, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United States Department of Transportation, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy

End Mandates for forced Covid vaccinations and forced testing!

Many of us have worked diligently and faithfully for our perspective agencies for many years. During COVID some of us were forced to come to work and others were forced to stay home. Now we are all being told " you will be vaccinated or tested weekly" by our companies. We no longer have the freedom of choice and are being forced to take an experimental vaccine or be subject to an invasive test that was just recently recalled by the CDC (weekly possibly on our own time). Currently , the testing offered CANNOT differentiate between the  COVID virus and the regular flu. The fallout from the recent federal mandates may have detrimental side effects on an individuals own health as well as ability to retain his/her employment.  Our constitutional rights and religious freedoms are being robbed. Not to mention the enormous amounts of side effects from these vaccines. Our own livelihoods are now being threatened for not agreeing with the heavy overreaching hands of the government entities and employers who are supposed to protect us. Our goal is to compile the necessary resources and acquire legal representation and have our voices heard . Regardless of political affiliation, race, religion, color ,creed or vaccination status this is about freedom of choice, for us and our future generations.We must be represented and our voices MUST be heard ! We are not going by the actual science. First, federal law prohibits any mandate of the Covid-19 vaccines as unlicensed, emergency-use-authorization-only vaccines. Subsection bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) of section 360 of Title 21 of the United States Code, otherwise known as the Emergency Use Authorization section of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, demands that everyone give employees the “option to accept or refuse administration” of the Covid-19 vaccine. This right to refuse emergency, experimental vaccines, such as the Covid-19 vaccine, implements the internationally agreed legal requirement of Informed Consent established in the Nuremberg Code of 1947.As the Nuremberg Code established, every person must “be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision” for any medical experimental drug, as the Covid-19 vaccine currently is. The Nuremberg Code prohibited even the military from requiring such experimental vaccines. (Doe #1 v. Rumsfeld, 297 F.Supp.2d 119 (D.D.C. 2003).Secondly, demanding employees divulge their personal medical information invades their protected right to privacy, and discriminates against them based on their perceived medical status, in contravention of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (42 USC §12112(a).)Third, conditioning continued employment upon participating in a medical experiment and demanding disclosure of private, personal medical information, may also create employer liability under other federal and state laws, including HIPAA, FMLA, and applicable state tort law principles, including torts prohibiting and proscribing invasions of privacy and battery. Indeed, any employer mandating a vaccine is liable to their employee for any adverse event suffered by that employee.The CDC records reports of the adverse events already reported to date concerning the current Covid-19 vaccine.

Mr. Anonymous
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Petitioning Mayor Bill de Blasio, Senator Chuck Schumer, STATE OF NEW YORK, James A. Farley Building, Amtrak, NJ transit, Long Island Rail Road, Governor Andrew Cuomo

Rename Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station for racist namesake and recent hate crime

On March 14th, Maria Ha and her husband were victims of a hate crime in NYC where Maura Moynihan told the Asian American couple to "go back to China" (Sources: Gothamist names masked woman, Ha's original video of perpetrator). Maura is the daughter of the late New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, whose namesake was recently added to Penn Station which sees over 650,000 daily commuters across NY, NJ and Long Island (Source: Architectural Record announcement). The new train hall was erected on January 1, 2021.  Here we are, living in this moment, in REAL TIME, letting racist people perpetuate stereotypes and putting them on a pedestal. The history ahead of us is being written right now. In NYC, the most diverse place on Earth, my and many others' home.  It's too easy to point at the person who is so obviously racist with malicious intention, beating and killing innocents (Sources: NYT on Atlanta Spa Shooting, NPR on Bay Area attacks). Hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased 150% in 2020 - and that is likely still under reported (Sources: CSUSB report, CNN on under reported hate crime data). What is even more sinister is what hides in plain sight, every day. Some times it's as big as the Moynihan Train Hall. I cannot, as a proud Asian American New Yorker, walk by or participate in such a landmark knowing that it's named history is unfolding in front of us as we reassess some of the older racist scars from outdated symbols, statues, and flags. Daniel Patrick Moynihan marketed the Asian American model minority at a gathering with policymakers and blamed Black poverty on ghetto culture in his 1965 Moynihan Report (Sources: Washington Post on Moynihan's comments, The Atlantic's annotated summary of the report). He not only influenced his peers in public office, he passed that lesser than perspective to his own daughter. We must rename the Moynihan Train Hall immediately so our children don't have to look at an insensitive relic celebrating racists, rip it down in disgust, and suffer dissociative shame at our ignorance. We can't be the generation that KNOWS and not ACT. Please sign the petition to rewrite NYC history before it stains the fabric of what makes this city beautiful.   

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Petitioning Amtrak, Peter A. DeFazio

Restore Full Service To Amtrak's Sunset Limited Between NOLO & Florida

Railroads, both freight and passenger are an integral part of the nation’s transportation infrastructure network and vital to our economic competitiveness. Passenger rail service provides both a vital and necessary link between cities across the U.S. both far and wide. Intercity passenger rail service is primarily provided by Amtrak. After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and left the area around New Orleans devasted; Amtrak rail service from New Orleans east to Florida was disrupted and suspended to this day. However, CSX whose tracks they run on were up and running in months. Amtrak made a decision not to resume service to Orlando, Florida via Tallahassee and Jacksonville. Other cities that also have not seen passenger service since, include Tallahassee and Pensacola FL, Mobile AL and Biloxi, MS to name a few. Although there is an initiative to bring service back to Biloxi in process. Orlando at the time was the last terminus in Florida; however Miami and Jacksonville also served as the terminus at one time or another. We call upon Amtrak to restore full service back to The Sunset Limited into Florida. Fifteen (15) years is long enough, the people want the service back. During FY2011, the Sunset Limited carried nearly 100,000 passengers, an increase of 8.8% over FY2010, and the train had a total revenue of $11,138,286, an 11.8% increase over FY2010. Gene Arenson Passenger Rail Advocate Member of NARP the Association of Railroad Passengers

Gene Arenson
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