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Reduce speeds and have some type of signal, horn, or bell.

I lost a brother recently by a passing Amtrak more lives might be saved if speeds were reduced and they were more visual and audible from a distance.

Margo Hunt Locklear
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Petitioning Amtrak

Restore Full Service to the Sunset Limited and Other Discontinued Amtrak Trains and Destinations.

Railroads, both freight and passenger are an integral part of the Nation’s transportation infrastructure network and vital to our economic competitiveness. Passenger rail service provides both a vital and necessary link between cities across the U.S. both far and wide. Intercity passenger rail service is primarily provided by Amtrak. After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and left the area devasted; Amtrak rail service from New Orleans east to Florida was disrupted and suspended to this day. However, CSX whose tracks they run on were up and running in months. Amtrak made a decision not to resume service to Orlando, Florida. Other cities that also have not seen passenger service since, include Tallahassee and Pensacola FL, Mobile AL and Biloxi, MS to name a few. We call upon Amtrak to restore full service back to The Sunset Limited. Eight (8) years is long enough, the people want the service back. During FY2011, the Sunset Limited carried nearly 100,000 passengers, an increase of 8.8% over FY2010, and the train had a total revenue of $11,138,286, an 11.8% increase over FY2010.

Gene Arenson
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