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Petitioning Amazon, Amazon​.​com, Jeff Bezos

Amazon Prime Discount for Teachers

Amazon offers a Prime membership discount of half price fo students. While that is fabulous, I also think they should offer this incredible deal to teachers.  Students must verify eligibility with their school email so it would not be hard for teachers to do the same.  Teachers use Amazon in many different ways. It’s great to create wish lists to get out to parents, to order supplies and other things you need quickly without having to go out, and even on those days you watch a movie for whatever special reason, Prime Video is awesome.  Amazon is a great company and since they offer students (who are usually on a budget) a great discount, why not offer it to teachers who are also usually on a budget as well. Especially since the membership price comes out of our pockets and not the schools.  Of course not every item a teacher buys off of Amazon is for their class. Some teachers with Amazon Prime may not order anything for their students or classroom. I still think it would be great for Amazon to offer, as appreciation, a teacher discount equivalent to the discount they offer students.  I think all businesses should offer a teacher discount, but I am starting with a company that could set a great example for others to follow.  While this isn’t a pressing life or death matter, it’s important all the same.  Please help me get Amazon’s Jeff Bezos attention. Back me up in trying to get Amazon to offer a teacher Prime Membership discount.   

Erica Powell
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Petitioning Amazon​.​com, Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Kara Hurst

Get Amazon to Offer Plastic-Free Packaging Options

Thousands of the products on Amazon are shipped with plastic wrapping and cushioning materials unnecessarily.  We are petitioning for a ‘Plastic-free’ option at checkout and ‘Plastic-free’ labeling available for sellers who already choose eco alternatives. It’s unfair that so much plastic is being put into the world when it is avoidable and safe eco options to replace bubble wrap, shrink wrap and styrofoam are available. Much of the plastic included in e-commerce shipping is not recyclable at all or is very difficult to recycle given the lack of facilities. 91% of all plastic ends up as litter, in landfills or incinerated. Paper and other biodegradable materials are as effective and similar in price to plastic and bubble-wrap, which Amazon requires from it's marketplace sellers. It's time they updated both their checkout options and their marketplace requirements to remove the 'bubble-wrap non-compliance' penalties. Since Amazon ships over 50% of the packages in many countries, we are asking them to set an example and offer materials that are more easily recycled and reused so consumers can feel better about the need to shop online and gain more control over what arrives on their doorstep. According to scientists, about 17.6 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean annually and there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans.  This plastic enters from all nations, including the US and European countries by way of waste export. Why add more?  Please grant consumers the choice to go ‘Plastic-free’. It’s not acceptable for major businesses to leave consumers with so few choices and we are fed plastic we didn’t ask for that later ends up in landfills or in our rivers and oceans. Plastic-free choices should be accessible and plentiful if we want to see lasting change and a dramatic decrease in plastic waste.  Let’s take a big step forward and make ‘Plastic-free’ a regular option on all checkout forms. Amazon has an opportunity to set a GREAT example. 

Nicole Delma at FOND Group
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Petitioning Google, Inc

Call on Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook to save Net Neutrality!

On December 14th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to take up a proposal to repeal Net Neutrality. The plan the repeal Net Neutrality is expected to be successful.                      As such, we'd like to extend this opportunity to                Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook to do something great...Save The Internet!   As the information and business backbone of our society, this decision would be nothing short of horrendous - imagine what your cable company will do when they can treat the internet like cable.    This attack on the free and open internet, one that has allowed the US to lead global information and tech innovation,  will suffocate US innovation and seriously damage the economy.    Therefore we humbly call on Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook to pull all their services - Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, GSuite, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, etc.; Amazon, Zappos, Amazon Web Services, Audible; iTunes, iDrive, Apple Music, etc.; Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc from any ISP that takes advantage of any rule weakening or destroying Net Neutrality.   We also call on Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook to vigorously oppose any government to allow ISPs to block, slow, or otherwise discriminate against certain content or applications.                              Imagine a world where we're still all using AOL on dial-up.   Changes to the new rules include any changes to network access or speed, either to the benefit of those who can pay more to have their content move faster than others through the network of an ISP, or to the detriment of those who do not, in effect forcing ISPs to treat themselves as "common carriers".                                                    _______ If Net Neutrality is not upheld, internet service providers (ISPs), generally your cable company, will be able to decide which websites you can see, prevent you from accessing any website they see fit, charge you extra for access to certain pages or services (think $5/mo for Facebook!), and destroy new innovations. Additional materials "See what no net neutrality looks like": neutrality-important-look-to- portugal-and-spain-to- understand/ "FCC plan would give Internet providers power to choose the sites customers see and use": "Net Neutrality, The Smart People's Guide": https://www. neutrality-the-smart-persons- guide/ ISP Lobbyist Talking Points:    https://www.documentcloud. org/documents/3728775-GOP- Member-Toolkit-FCC-Open- Internet-Order-5-2017.html

Walter Kawecki
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Amazon Stop insulting Hindus with Floor Mats and Toilet Mats with Hindu Gods. have insulted the Hindus across the globe by allowing sellers to sell Kitchen rugs, Door mats and Toilet covers showing HINDU GODS. Demanding that Amazon issue a Apology immediately and remove / blacklist these sellers ASAP. Listed below are the links with 2 categories(updated on 5/17)   Category 1: No action taken yet by Amazon against Product / Seller (updated as on 5/17) Category 2: Product removed by Amazon after petition on (updated as on 5/17)            

Ankur tuteja
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Petitioning Jeff Bezos, Amazon,

Remove NRA TV from Amazon's Streaming Service & Website

My oldest friend (for nearly 20 years) has a son who attends Marjory Stoneman Douglas and was there last year, huddling and hiding for his life. For 30 anxious minutes, we knew there was a school shooting but had no word on his safety. We learned he was okay fairly quickly, but too many others weren't so lucky. After seeing 17 young people lose their lives, I was angered to see the defensive reaction from the National Rifle Association - and upset when I saw that Amazon hosts NRAtv, a channel with the slogan “America’s Most Patriotic Team on a Mission to Take Back The Truth." It’s a 24-hour streaming service with 22 original series that promote the NRA's propaganda, and there’s even an entire segment devoted to how it should be easier to purchase an AR15. Amazon needs to remove from their services, sites and offerings immediately. The NRA has long ignored its role in promoting gun violence and betrayed the names of good and responsible gun owners. It’s time to hold it, and its partners, accountable. The NRA represents millions of gun owners BUT nowhere near all or a majority of U.S. gun owners. In fact, less than 10 percent of gun owners belong to the NRA. We need to include gun owners in this fight - responsible people who don't feel that the NRA speaks for them - so let's keep this fight focused. The NRA is a group that's rotten to the core and a company like Amazon should not be spreading its message. Not anymore. We must remember to respect the First Amendment above all else. If NRA members want to watch NRA TV, they can find it without Amazon's promotion. There is no place in your home for brands that earn money through the NRA. Sign this petition, then flood Amazon's Legal Department with calls at 206-266-4064. We already shook up their PR Department and got their long-running media hotline to temporarily shut down (206-266-7180), although it’s still worth a try during business hours, since they’ll likely put it back up again at some point.

Brad Chase
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Petitioning Amazon & all other book retailers,

Linda Fairstein Central Park five book removal

Linda Fairstein achieved her fame & fortune through her wild imagination & at the expense of five INNOCENT children’s pain... let’s start off with why this petition was started , Linda Fairstein led a witch hunt against five teenage boys even though the physical evidence didn’t support her theory she raged on with one goal in mind & that was to get a conviction at any expense even the lives of teenage boys... she led the hunt that fundamentally changed these men’s lives forever & unfairly tarnished their reputation , you could almost say she hunted these boys for their lives & after securing the conviction she wanted & the spotlight being off the case Linda decided to do what she does best tell story’s , she became a fictional true crime writer once again using that imagination. I believe it to be fact that she’s led this whole entire crusade out of the aspiration of financial gain knowing the media coverage the case would generate & knowing if she secured a conviction regardless of the evidence her book career on true crime ( her career field ) would flourish... I believe her actions were led by her greed & desire to relevant maybe even famous & I believe these character flaws of hers led her to KNOWINGLY & WRONGFULLY hunt these boys into a conviction & because of her shameful past I am starting a petition to ask ALL retailers & book publishers to stop selling Linda Fairstein books or any product that has ties to her ... 

Ryan Swink
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Petitioning, United States Congress, state legislators

Stop the sales of foot hold/leg hold traps and snares in the United States

Amazon, Federal Officials, and State Officials: Stop the sales of steel-jaw leg hold/foothold traps and snare traps.  Please sign & share this petition. This is a request to Jeff Bezos, CEO of, to immediately cease the sales of steel-jaw leg hold/foot hold traps, snare traps, and attractants on, as these are used in poaching and the maiming of bears and other wildlife. Amazon’s outreach and large selection of such traps put wildlife in danger everywhere. The enormous amount of leg hold/ foot hold traps for sale on Amazon makes it incredibly easy for a person, anytime and anywhere, to begin trapping wildlife, resulting in the maiming and killing of the animals.  The easy obtainability of these traps has already resulted in this, based on the number of traps Amazon sells online along with attractants for bears. The use of leg hold/ foot hold traps for bears is illegal in the United States.  Bear traps are illegal to use but are not illegal to sell.  Many types of steel jaw traps are legal for use on other wildlife such as foxes, wolves, and coyotes. Selling items illegal for bears is propagating illegal acts and causes horrific impacts on bears along with all wildlife and Amazon should not want to be part of this. These leg hold/ foot hold traps maim wildlife, as has been seen in the historic tragedy in the Asheville, NC area where there are 12+ bears missing limbs. These bears with missing limbs might have suffered this fate because of products sold by Amazon.  In addition, our pets and children are at risk-as they could easily step into a trap. With Amazon’s customer outreach, anyone can be trapping within days near you and hurting the things you love. Please sign and share this petition to persuade Amazon to urgently stop the sales of these traps.   The listing of prohibited items on Amazon includes, “Products intended to be used to produce an illegal product or undertake an illegal activity.” Therefore, per Amazon’s OWN policy, the sales of such traps should be banned on and the signers of this petition are asking for that. This is also a request to state and federal officials to ban the use and sale of steel-jaw leg hold/ foot hold traps and snare traps in the United States. According to the Library of Congress, steel-jaw leg hold traps are banned in over 100 countries including China. Tragically however, they are not banned in the US and are for sale on large sites such as Asheville, NC has 12+ bears missing limbs from trap escapes. This could be your city or town next! These maimed bears and their struggles are shown on this video, along with traps sold easily in stores and on Amazon.  We hope the video will help convince you to both sign this petition and convince others to sign as well. With your efforts, we can stop this cruel trapping and prevent the horrific death and maiming of wildlife that occurs with steel-jaw traps and snare traps. The questions to ask yourself when deciding if to sign this petition are simple:   Should kids, pets, bears, and other wildlife be safe living their lives in nature without the threat of stepping into traps like these?     Do I want these traps around my home and family or in places of nature we might visit? All signatures and comments will be sent weekly to the Amazon head office and to Federal and State officials. Your comments will mean a lot! “Steel-jaw traps work by slamming shut on the paw or leg of an animal and holding it until a trapper arrives. The devices are outlawed in more than 100 nations, but not in the U.S....Iraq bans them. So do China, Somalia and Sudan....But in the United States, steel-jaw traps are not only legal, they are the go-to tool for trappers who capture and kill millions of wild animals a year for the global fur market.”        Credit: Tom Knudson/

Carol Morgan
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