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Garment Workers on Hunger Strike in India!

We are workers at Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd in, and also members of Garment and Textile workers Union (GATWU) Bangalore, India, and we are now on a hunger strike to protest the inhumane behavior of our management, and also violation of various Indian labour laws!! It's a multimillion dollar operation which produces products for brand giants such as H&M, Adidas, Zara, Levi's, Gap, Marks & Spencer, Nike, and many others. For many years, Avery Dennison has been paying us differing wages for the same amount of work, through subcontracting out some of us but not others. They have used this as an excuse to pay UNDER the already-low minimum wage for the work we do! Several of our colleagues have been forced to work back-to-back short-term contracts for the same amount of work, with no stoppage, just like permanent employees, but with none of the benefits, some for over 10 years. This is completely unacceptable; we have the right to provide for our families just like any other worker. When we see the CEOs and owners of some of these firms making the list of richest billionaires in the world, we know that it is our labor that creates their profits, yet our factory refuses to respect our basic rights or the rule of law. This is why we decided to form a union. With the support of Garment and Textile Workers' Union, we organized to tell our employer that we deserve our basic rights. The employer, instead of respectfully negotiating with us, decided to retaliate. They illegally dismissed 44 of our colleagues for daring to stand up for our rights and to scare us into submission. But we will not be intimidated! We are now on our 5th day of our hunger strike to demand that they: Reinstate ALL terminated workers Make contract workers permanent Provide equal pay for equal work Stop worker discrimination Stop union busting! Join us to demand that Avery Dennison, and the brands that work with them, do the right thing!  Signed,  Avery Dennison Pvt. Ltd. Workers Bangalore, India

International Union League for Brand Responsibility
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FIFA UEFA Sanction Azerbeijan Football club Qarabag

Nurlan Ibrahimov, head of the press service of Qarabag football club of Azerbaijan wrote on Facebook:  “We [Azerbaijanis] must kill all Armenians – children, women, the elderly. [We] need to kill [them] without [making a] distinction. No regrets, no compassion.” The Armenian Football Federation’s call for sanctions against Azerbaijani Club Qarabag, “we call on FIFA and UEFA to denounce this hate speech and incitement to violence and sanction Club Qarabag. There must be zero tolerance for hate speech, calls for murder, and xenophobia in football.” We call on Adidas, official uniform brand of Azerbaijani Club FK Qarabag, to sever all ties with the club and say NO to hate speech, terrorism, and calls for ethnic cleansing and genocide. Ibrahimov’s statement comes in the wake of war between Azerbaijan and Armenia on September 27, 2020. To date, Azerbaijan (backed by Turkey and Syrian mercenaries) continues bombing civilians, targeting churches, schools, and hospitals.  Usint cluster munitions and most recently, it is using white phosphorus bombs to burn the forests in Artsakh, near civilian communities. These war crimes are a violation of international law and constitute crimes against humanity. Azerbaijan and Turkey are carrying out a second Armenian Genocide in Artsakh after their fascist dictators called to “finish” what their “ancestors started”, referring to the Armenian Genocide of 1915 where 1.5 million Armenians were massacred by the Ottoman Empire, now modern day Turkey. Ibrahimov’s statements confirm Azerbaijan and Turkey’s intent to destroy all Armenians by inciting the murder of all Armenians - women, children, and the elderly - without regrets.

liza Y
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Create Vegan Friendly Footwear Options with Faux Leather

The production of real leather requires the death and suffering of cows. Everyone knows this. So why do mainstream shoe companies still not carry faux leather options? Faux leather is cheaper to produce, lasts longer, and most importantly, does not harm animals. That's why it's absurd that a shoe company as successful and popular as Adidas does not carry vegan (faux leather) options in any of its styles. Not only does this prevent vegan and ethical shoppers from being able to purchase their shoes, but it perpetuates the idea that we as a society need to use leather. Would Adidas signature styles such as the Superstar and Stan Smith still be as stylish and highly sought-after if they were made with faux leather? I dare say they would. However, I recognize that making the leap from using real cow leather to using solely faux leather is a difficult process. Therefore, I propose a solution. Would it not be absolutely fantastic -- for both humans and animals- if Adidas was to come out with a line of faux leather versions of its most popular styles? This would be an idea that benefits everyone involved. Adidas would open up their market to vegan customers, vegan customers would be able to purchase a pair or two (or twenty) of fashionable new cruelty-free shoes, and fewer cows would have their lives taken for a fashion material that already has a cheaper, more durable alternative. Sign this petition if you agree that everyone would benefit from Adidas coming out with vegan/faux leather versions of their most popular styles. Signing won’t cost you a thing, but if we are successful, your signature may just save the life of an innocent animal.

Kayla Tuchler
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100+ Historically Black Colleges & Universities, 0 have gymnastics. It's time for change.

As a high school student-athlete looking at prospective colleges, there are many decisions to be made: finding the best fit for your academic studies and finding the best fit for your athletic career. For a Black gymnast, there is even more to consider. Do you attend an HBCU or go to a school that offers your sport. Why should you have to make that choice? Can’t you have both? Unfortunately, there are no HBCUs that have a gymnastics program. Gymnasts at high levels often train between 20-30 hours per week. They start gymnastics at a young age and dedicate their time, and train to perfect a craft they hope will help secure a spot on an NCAA gymnastics team. HBCUs are automatically scratched off that list.  Athletes like Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas have done an outstanding job of representing Brown Girls in gymnastics. Their success opened doors for young Black girls to participate in a sport that had low representation of women who look like us at elite levels. Today we see how much of a significant impact young Black athletes are making in the sport. Each week in the world of collegiate gymnastics, Black athletes achieve top scores and show their dominance. They should be able to perform at that level at their family's alma mater. Join Brown Girls Do Gymnastics in promoting this proposal by: signing this petition bringing awareness to establishing gymnastics in HBCUs. following our social media platforms for updates: writing your local HBCU’s athletic department; let them know the time is now to bring gymnastics to Historically Black Colleges & Universities  

derrin moore
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Sostituzione della toppa sponsor Jeep sulla prima maglia della Juventus

Sembrava che, con la maglia Home 17/18, l'utilizzo della toppa sponsor sui kit della Juventus fosse finalmente stato abbandonato; ebbene, da quelli che sembrano essere i leaks ufficiali della maglia del prossimo anno, pare che Adidas e Juventus abbiano deciso inspiegabilmente di tornare sui loro passi, riproponendola per la prossima stagione. Il malcontento generale non ha tardato ad arrivare e la maggior parte dei feedback tende ad essere negativa. Chiediamo ad Adidas e Juventus di rivedere la Loro idea  e di utilizzare per le maglie la stessa tipologia di applicazione dello sponsor utilizzata su quelle della attuale stagione 17/18, onde evitare l'eccessiva perdita di potenziali acquirenti della stessa. #noToppa Ps: l'immagine in copertina è stata inserita semplicemente per rendere l'idea, ovviamente nella versione reale sarebbe previsto l'inserimento del logo del marchio registrato (R) . // It seemed that, with the 2017/18 home jersey, the use of the sponsor patch on Juventus kits had finally been abandoned. Well, from what seem to be the official leaks of the shirt for next year, it seems that Adidas and Juventus have decided inexplicably to retrace their steps, proposing it for the next season. The general discontent has not been slow to arrive and most of the feedback tends to be negative. We ask Adidas and Juventus to review their idea and to use for the shirts the same type of application of the sponsor used on those of the current 2017/18 shirt, to avoid the excessive loss of potential buyers of the same. #noBoxLogo

Marco Pravettoni
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Boycott Kanye West: He Will Never Be My President

UPDATE: THIS LUNATIC IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT NOW. We the people feel it's necessary to put Kanye West in timeout until he gets a thorough mental evaluation and help. I'm not talking about this overnight rush Kanye away to make the public think he's getting help, damage control stunt arranged by the Kardashian's... I'm talking real Iyanla Vanzant "Fix Kanye's Life" help. I think Donda West would appreciate us not condoning his buffoonery, which seems to have worsened during his marriage to Kim Kardashian. The Harriet Tubman disrespect, "slavery was a choice" comment on TMZ, childish Jay Z and Beyonce rants, reckless tweets supporting Donald Trump... and Oval Office rambling (calling the MAGA hat, his Superman cape) are more than enough reasons to Boycott Kanye. "This Kanye moment might be entertaining if the logic that he is endorsing and that Trump espouses wasn’t the foundation for real-life damage to millions of poor & black/brown folks. Ideas matter." -DeRay McKesson WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR KANYE WEST & we will no longer tolerate his unbalanced thought process contaminating the energy of America. I ask all concerned and bothered Americans to boycott Kanye West music, fashion, merchandise, shows, & campaign rallies until his weirdo episodes are nonexistent and West brings the old Kanye back. Kanye West graduated from music asset, to a perfect example of how fame and wealth can make you forget your blackness and corrupt your basic moral values... Long story short, "Kanye West doesn't care about black people."  Sincerely, The People #NeverKanye #BoycottKanye #MuteKanye #TheResistance #BlackLivesMatter #YeVsThePeople   

Lance Cooper
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Urge Companies to Ditch Plastic and Find Alternatives

Plastic is the number one trash problem we have been faced with in our generation. It is in our oceans, landfills, lakes, it blows around our land and is being found in almost all living creatures. It is nearly impossible to go shopping and not buy plastic of some sort. It is time for things to change on a corporate level, it is time for companies to start switching over to other alternatives. There is technology that exists that give us alternatives and it is time for these large companies to start utilizing these technologies. In signing this petition you are making a stand to demand that companies find new solutions and stop being part of the problem. You are also stating that you yourself are going to look for alternatives to plastic and try to work toward a solution as well. We are all affected by the over use of plastic in our world. In a study commissioned by data journalism outlet Orb, 83% of tap water samples collected from over a dozen countries on five continents tested positive for microplastic. In a US study they found microplastic in 94% of tap water.  There are about 300 million tons of plastic produced annually. There are studies that are researching the effect on marine life and birds like this one, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. They said "So much plastic trash is flowing into the oceans that 90 percent of seabirds eat it now and virtually every one will be consuming it by 2050." In 1960 plastic was found in only 5% of birds. During this study the plastic found inside birds includes bags, bottle caps, synthetic fibers from clothing, and tiny rice-sized bits that have been broken down by the sun and waves. Tipa is an Israeli company that produce plastic alternative packaging. Nature works a company in Nebraska creates a plastic alternative made from corn. Biome Bioplastics is one of the UK’s leading developers of natural plastics. We are demanding change! Big companies, its time to get on board and ditch the plastic!  

keila theiss
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