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UPDATE: DECEPTION HAS BEEN CANCELLED - BUT WE'RE STILL FIGHTING.  Use #SaveDeception when tweeting.  Email/tweet other networks + abc, so that it can be either renewed or picked up.  Get publicity! Tweet about Deception to news-sites, like Deadline and TV Line.  Share the petition, and sign the petition.    On March 11th, the show Deception premiered on ABC. It's a show that's been received very well by those who've seen it - but sadly, that's not as many as we would've liked. The numbers aren't high enough and Deception is predicted to get canceled.  But we can't have that, can we? We fans have become a family - we Deceptioners, Deceptors, whatever you want to call us. So now we have to try to get ABC to listen. Here's how. Use #RenewDeception and tag @ABCNetwork whenever you tweet about the show.  Watch the remaining episodes live if you can! You can also stream them on ABC's website.  Sign this petition and share it, wherever you can. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. You name it. Let's get ABC to #RenewDeception. Instagram: deception.daily | Twitter: deceptiondaily

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Sack Yassmin Abdel-Magied for mocking our Anzacs

Yassmin has shown us her true colours. And we know she loves to dress brightly, to stand out, like any true narcissist. But her political true colours, they are exposed: there is no special place in her heart for Anzac Day, for our Diggers. For her, their sacrifice is an opportunity for her to bleat about her pet political causes. On this day most Australians think about sacrifice, bravery and mateship. Clearly, she thinks about none of that. And in so doing she shows us who she is -- but more importantly, what she's not: an Australian. The Australian tax payer is no longer willing to foot her bill.  So, Yassmin: bye bye. You can piss off now. Move to Manus or Nauru or Syria or non-existent Palestine. You're not welcome here.

Avi Yemini
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Cattedre di Musica e Strumento nella Scuola dell'Infanzia e Primaria.

Il Decreto Ministeriale 382 dell'11 maggio 2018, disattende le aspettative di una formazione di base, pur proponendosi tale Decreto come ottimizzatore della filiera formativa musicale. Al momento resta quale unico riferimento per la Scuola Primaria il Decreto Ministeriale 8/11, anche se riferimento che non può creare i presupposti per una pianificazione strutturata dell'educazione alla Musica, allo Strumento e al Canto nella Scuola dell'Infanzia e Primaria.  Per tale motivo, chiediamo di:1) Proporre l'attivazione di classi di concorso specifiche per lo studio della Musica e dello Strumento (o Canto) nella Scuola dell'Infanzia e Primaria; 2) definire il Diploma Accademico di Primo Livello in Didattica della Musica e dello Strumento quale titolo abilitante di accesso per l'insegnamento della Musica nella Scuola dell'Infanzia; 3) definire il Diploma Accademico di Primo Livello in Didattica della Musica e dello Strumento, congiuntamente al Diploma Accademico di Primo Livello in Strumento (o Canto), quale titolo abilitante di accesso per l'insegnamento dello Strumento nella Scuola Primaria.  

CNSDM - Coordinamento Nazionale Studenti Didattica della Musica
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Bring Back Roseanne!

"Roseanne" is hit reboot-TV show run by ABC. Recently, Roseanne Barr made "controversial" statements on Twitter, which she later recanted, and apologized for her "racist" joke simply saying it was made in "bad taste." This is not the first time Roseanne has spoken in ill-manner of Democrats, nor is it the first of snarky comments in the quoted form of bad taste, but I find that is what I like most about her. I support Roseanne 100%: she has done nothing wrong, in the juxtaposition of other celebrities who support the blue-tainted agenda, and what those same nasty things those celebrities said about other more prominent members of Congress, who also happen to be Republicans. If "Roseanne" was truly cancelled because of her "offensive" tweet about a former White House representative, why hasn't Jimmy Kimmel been cancelled as well? The answer is simple: they were both on ABC, but Kimmel's jokes have been swept under the rug because he supports the agenda that ABC wants him to press on. Barr, on the otherhand, thinks and speaks for herself, which clearly did not earn her any brownie points with ABC.  I have always admired Roseanne's openness and free-thought process, and I strongly believe that is one of many things that set her aside from all the majority of today's celebrities. She bites back. Roseanne Barr has been especially outspoken against the leftist media and Democratic party, contributing to the abrupt cancellation of the series reboot, which was launched Tuesday, March 27th of this year. Barr is best known for her alt-right views, as well as giving a voice for Americans that share similar standpoints, which is being steadily and very obviously stripped from mainstream media outlets as increasingly leftist views become the standard for misled, uninformed Americans, and freedom of the press is, sadly, enforced only via propaganda and blue-colored bias. LETS BRING BACK ROSEANNE AND FIGHT BACK IN THE NAME OF FREE-THINKERS EVERYWHERE!

Ashley Díaz
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To keep last man standing on the TV.

My problem is one of my favoriate TV show is being canceled because of conservative views. It's not fair that we have to have liberal and progressive views shoved in our face and except it but we can't have our shows it's not right. I understand being tolerant but when you stop a show because of the views it shares is not right. Let's save this show!!!! 

Jeff Larson
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DO NOT CANCEL MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. you people made the horrible show inhumans, the least you can do is renew agents of shield for season 6. this show is currently one of the last good shows on the air and it would suck if you cancelled it especially since we are all still trying to get over the mess that was "inhumans". marvels agents of shields manages to top itself every season and that is hard and rare for a show, especially these days. these days shows decline every season but SHIELDS excels. it would be a mistake to not renew it 

Faraz Eslami
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Bring Back Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing was the network's second-highest comedy this season and averaged 8.1 million viewers, just behind "Modern Family," which averaged 8.7 million viewers this season and was recently renewed for two more seasons. ABC NEEDS to remove themselves from politics and give this show back to the people who love it. A boycott of all programming until this matter is resolved would send a clear message to ABC and it's associates.

Rushford Don
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Retract Cruel Rabbit Video & Promote Responsible Rabbit Care

What kind of message is Nat Geo showing their viewers?  There is nothing cute about this video and it is not an adorable game of hide and seek. In our opinion, sadly many rabbits will suffer and die because of this misleading message being promoted. What the story failed to mention is that setting domestic rabbits loose is a Death Sentence, and encouraging a predator to hunt and chase a prey animal is Cruel, Inhumane and Terrorizing.  A knowledgeable bunny person would know that Petey's posture in the video tells he is defending his claimed territory and his life while displaying excitement and agitation.   Some rabbits are more territorial than others, but many rabbits will be very angry if you reach into their homes.  If you do so, anticipate getting charged at, pounded hard with pointy-tipped paws, and even bitten.  It is stated the rabbit has bitten Ellie and shown Ellie's mouth grabbing the rabbit.  Ellie and Petey's videos are posted on Youtube, one especially appalling and cruel video named "Ellie enlists Charlie to help take on Petey".  Here people "Laugh" while Two dogs team up barking and chasing Petey, a prey animal who is running Terrified for his life. According to this article The family set rabbits loose on their farm while stating they had concerns the dog would hurt them; that the biggest threat to the dog and rabbits friendship was when Petey chose another rabbit, Darla, as his mate.  Darla and Petey had babies, then the article mentioned that Darla died. The article goes on to state that they thought Petey had died from dehydration once and they do not expect him to live much longer and hopes one of the baby rabbits will take his place with Ellie.  Is this entire rabbit family being hunted and chased in fear for their lives for human amusement?   How did Darla die, are any of her babies still alive?  Although there can be friendships between dogs and domestic rabbits, this happens under close supervision.  With many dogs, the hunting instinct is buried deep below generations of domestication.  After being harassed by a playful dog  a rabbit can go into a terminal state of shock and symptoms may not show up for several hours, and by then it may be too late.   Rabbits also have small, fragile bones and can be severely injured by unintentional mishandling and have been known to break their backs struggling to escape predators or inexperienced caretakers. It is nothing short of a Miracle that Petey survived this type of cruelty. Reports of stray rabbits are increasing and the stories are horrifying.In reality, a prey animal such as a helpless domestic rabbit lacks the wild instincts of their cousins and become sitting targets when "set free" or allowed to "free roam" in a family yard where predators may have no fear of humans when hungry. There are many dangers for domestic rabbits outdoors, disease, toxins, pests, human predators and weather. If stray rabbits live long enough to breed many of the babies are killed or eaten alive and for the one's that survive, the cruel cycle continues.  If the rabbits populate and become a nuisance they are then poisoned or otherwise killed by humans. Nat Geo Wild’s David Mizejewski makes monthly appearances on various TV shows and has participated as a wildlife expert in press events, is a media personality, author, blogger and a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation, however, he seems to have no education on domestic rabbit care and is teaching a cruel and inhumane practice to the entire world. National Geographic claims to be one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world. The Rabbit Community is outraged at the thought that others will imitate this irresponsible practice of setting their domestic rabbits loose.  We the Petitioners respectfully request a retraction of this program.  We further request that they contact the President of the House Rabbit Society to offer education on proper care of domesticated rabbits.  It is especially important at this time when so many people are being misled to buy live Easter Bunnies for their children. We also hope the family will educate themselves on proper care for their rabbits and provide them with a safe living area and necessities; instead of believing prey animals are playing, being cute or entertaining when being terrorized by a predator. Nat Geo Facebook Post Domestic Rabbits Loose Is Cruel and Inhumane The Reality of Abandoning a Rabbit Outdoors Stray Rabbits Rabbit Society    

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