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SHUT DOWN PUPPY ZONE ***IF you still need some convincing or want to be more involved with our fight, please follow this link and you will see tons of articles, posts, etc to further show the INJUSTICE these animals are enduring.. Also find the headquarters for what we are doing next and event information!*** I'll start this by posting a link of a story that has ALREADY made it to our local news channel about this place. Then I will post ANOTHER article that furthers my point. For YEARS, I have heard negative story after negative story. I have never, not ONCE hear a positive outcome from Puppy Zone in Knoxville, Tennessee. Former employees and volunteers have told countless HORROR stories of feeding puppies bleach, puppies being drugged, improper care or puppies, etc.. on top of the fact that these dogs are the products of puppy mills and are sold at an outstanding rate. The percentage of survival for adopted puppies at Puppy Zone is somewhere south of 50%. YET SOMEHOW, this business is STILL running. You walk in to lethargic puppies who are barely responsive in cribs with cage floors. One woman walked in with her daughter to find a DEAD PUPPY recently. This was the final straw. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE. This is inhumane and sickening. Please help me in shutting down the worst excuse of a business I have ever seen. Help me save these puppies and pray that God will save their souls. 

Caitlin White
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We need to hear and see people who stammer on TV & radio all year round, not just a day.

Imagine growing up in a world where stammering voices are frequently heard on the TV and radio. Where people who stammer and those who don't are used to hearing stammering voices and aren't surprised by it. That won’t happen unless and until all our media embrace the fact that stammering voices, like different accents, need to be heard on TV and on the radio. We call upon all of our media channels to ensure that people who stammer are represented in our media spaces. To commit to ensuring that you have the policies, procedures and messages in place to encourage those who stammer to take a full part in producing and appearing on your programmes. On the news, in soaps, in chat shows, as experts. All you need to do is actively encourage and platform our voices and allow extra time for us to finish. Stammering is how some people talk. It has nothing to do with intelligence or articulacy. Between 50-70 million people around the world stammer, from the President of the USA down. 8% of children will stammer at some point, and between 1-3% of adults say that they stammer. Stammering isn’t that unusual, but you wouldn’t know that based on how few people we hear stammer on the radio or television. Indeed for many, the only time they see people stammering on TV is Joe Biden, A Fish Called Wanda, The King’s Speech and Open All Hours. This is unacceptable. It doesn’t reflect the real world where so many people stammer. It makes people who stammer feel isolated and unseen, or even ashamed and feeling the need to hide their stammer. It also  means that people who don’t stammer don’t know what to do or how to react when they meet someone who does. This stigma, impacting people from the very start of their lives, affects mental health and career prospects, and results in a real loss of talent on every career path, every industry. End this and include people who stammer routinely in your programming, because diversity includes disfluency.

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Michael Vick should remain on list of Captains at the 2020 Pro bowl

Hello, I stand with Michael Vick and he deserves to remain on and be honored in the 2020 pro bowl. How long must one continue to suffer at the hands of unforgiving people whom act like they do no wrong? Michael Vick was sentenced, served his sentence, yet is still persecuted daily for his actions.  Michael Vick has to constantly deal with scrutiny and bullying, when will it end? There is a petition being signed asking that he is removed and not honored at this 2020 pro bowl and it's not right. We are standing with whomever felt him worthy enough to add him to this honorary list first hand. I am absolutely disgusted that people feel they have so much influence on how a person should live their life, feed their families and support their families. If you leave it up to people such as these, people would be unemployed, homeless and forever nailed to the cross for a foolish mistake. Please take careful consideration when people feel that they can bully you into siding with them on a matter that really should not even still be a topic of discussion. Michael Vick is very deserving of being honored, he has done a lot while playing in the league and doing even more for the communities now that he is no longer playing.  The ones asking that he not be honored probably never bought a ticket to a game nor watch it. I on the other hand am a avid Football fan and will be overly excited to see Michael Vick honored in 2020, he deserves it.  Removing him will take away the built up excitement that his loyal fanbase has from anticipation of the 2020 bowl. Please keep him on the list. Thank you for your time in this sensitive matter. Monica Jackson

Monica Jackson
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#AskAboutSkills at the 2020 Debates!

We’re calling on debate moderators to ask 2020 candidates about skills training and their plans for the 21st century economy. We hear a lot about their commitments to college affordability; will they make skills and technical training an equal priority? And if so, how? Our economy is at a crossroads, and automation is at the wheel. At least 60% of today’s jobs will be impacted by rapidly advancing technologies such as digitalization and AI, meaning 90 million American workers will have to acquire new skills just to stay in their industries. 85% of voters think we should provide free skills and technical training to anyone who wants it. It's no wonder - skills training is central to the biggest issues of our time: Automation – as technology evolves, so too must the training and skills of those who build and maintain it Climate – green jobs today and of the future require a skilled workforce Infrastructure – fixing America’s roads, bridges, and utility infrastructure will depend on skilled workers from multiple industries Veterans – skills training programs can connect veterans with good-paying jobs after their service ends Aging – access to skills training should not be a barrier to career growth or economic security, at any age Education and Student Debt – skills training leads to good-paying jobs that help workers pay off debts – and provides alternatives to expensive 2 and 4-year degrees Health Care – the industry is growing and looking for an increasingly skilled workforce Immigration – immigrants represent 1 in 6 American workers and they play a crucial role in our economy Skills training is wildly popular — 93% of likely voters agree that we should increase investment in skills and technical training. But very little time this campaign season has been dedicated to hearing candidates’ plans for skills training in our changing economy. And while policymakers are eager to invest in people who want to go to college, there’s less help for people who want to learn a skill or trade. We spend $139 billion every year on federal student aid, but only 14% of that goes to fund skills and technical training programs. 86% of voters say we should invest in skills at the same level we invest in college. If the U.S. wants to continue to be competitive in the 21st century economy, our focus and investment in skills and technical training will need to increase to meet growing, rapidly changing demand. Debate moderators: Ask the 2020 candidates about skills!

Voices for Skills
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I authorize The Ambassador of Sudan at USA to be Deputy Prime Minister (with Full Powers)

أفوض سفير السودان بالولايات المتحدة الأمريكية في منصب نائب رئيس الوزراء (بصلاحيات كاملة) من المواطن السوداني / .............................. إلى السفير السوداني/ نور الدين ساتي (سفير جمهورية السودان لدى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية)، في ظل الظروف الاستثنائية التي تمر بها البلاد، أفوضك أن تكون نائب رئيس الوزراء (بصلاحيات كاملة) لاتخاذ كافة الإجراءات اللازمة لتنفيذ التحول الديمقراطي لجمهورية السودان في المحافل الدولية على جميع المستويات. I authorize The Ambassador of Sudan at USA to be Deputy Prime Minister (with Full Powers) From The Sudanese citizen\ .............................. To The Sudanese Ambassador\ Noureddin Sati (The Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan to the United States of America), in light of the exceptional circumstances the country is going through, I authorize you to be the Deputy Prime Minister (with Full Powers) to take All necessary measures to implement the democratic transformation of the Republic of Sudan in international forums at all levels.  

Aziz Abdalla
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