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Stop criminalising Hackney's rough sleepers

Hackney Council's new "Public Space Protection Orders" will give police and council officers the power to ban "anti-social" activities such as sleeping rough or begging. Those who breach an order could be issued with a £100 fixed penalty notice or a fine of £1,000.  As homeless charities have pointed out, this will criminalise the homeless who are already vulnerable. It is absurd to impose a fine of £1,000 on somebody who is already homeless and struggling. People should not be punished for the "crime" of not having a roof over their head - there is nothing inherently "anti social" or criminal about rough sleeping. Criminalising rough sleeping privileges the appearance of Hackney and the convenience of customers over the damage caused to the vulnerable and homeless.  Note that Kay Zell Huxley, a duty manager at a pub in the area was reported to have admitted that the "vagrants hanging around" do "respect the businesses and the pubs and are generally well behaved." It is completely unjustifiable to criminalise these people simply because they "may be intimidating for people outside." We should not privilege the convenience and desire of customers to have a good night out without having to see any homeless people over the lives and rights of those who are homeless and vulnerable.  We already know that homeless people are amongst the most vulnerable in our society and are already victims of exceptionally high levels of violence, crime and victimisation which is often committed by the general public and largely goes unreported. Researchers at the London School of Economics confirmed this in a study commissioned by Crisis as far back as  2004 and the rate of homelessness has only increased since then.  We should not allow measures which will make the lives of those with nowhere else to go even harder than they already are.  We have seen public pressure stop similar measures when they were proposed by Oxford City Council. Let's make sure we also stop this in Hackney and everywhere else it is proposed - we must force councils and policy makers to deal with the lack of affordable housing and rising levels of homelessness in London as a whole, rather than allow them to get away with shifting the "problem" into another borough.  Please take a moment to sign this petition. Let’s make sure that Hackney Council doesn't make rough sleeping harder than it already is!  

Zahira Patel
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Justice for Delsie Gayle, the elderly lady racially abused on Ryanair flight.

On Friday 19 October, 77-year old Delsie Gayle was physically threatened and left shaken after receiving a horrific torrent of racist abuse on a Ryanair flight. A white male passenger launched a screaming tirade of racism at Delsie on a flight back from Barcelona to Stansted. As shown in this video, he aggressively invades her space, leaning over his seat and pointing his hand so threateningly that another passenger has to intervene to stop him hitting her. His comments include:  “I don’t care whether she’s f****** disabled or not – if I tell her to get out she gets out.” “I will carry on as far as I can with this ugly black bastard.” “If you don’t go to another seat, I’ll push you to another seat.”  “Don’t talk to me in a f****** foreign language you stupid ugly cow.” The incident began when Delsie's arthritis prevented her from moving out of her seat quickly, to let the man into his window seat. Delsie was travelling back from Barcelona with her daughter, who had planned the holiday to try and give her mum something to smile about after losing her husband of 50 years. Since the incident, Delsie has not heard from Ryanair. She has been left feeling so depressed that she 'can't sleep or eat'. “I feel very low, because he pay his fare to go on holiday, I pay mine, so why does he abuse me for that due to the colour of my skin?" ******************************************************************************************* Ryanair's terms and conditions clearly state that: 11.1. If, in our reasonable opinion, you conduct yourself aboard the aircraft so as to endanger any person on board, or obstruct the crew in the performance of their duties, or fail to comply with any instructions of the crew...or behave in a manner which we reasonably believe may cause or does cause discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to other passengers or the crew, we may take such measures as we deem reasonably necessary to prevent continuation of such conduct, including restraint. You may be disembarked and refused onward carriage at any point, and may be prosecuted for offences committed on board the aircraft. This is the airline that turned a flight around after a man drunk too much and fined him £2,500. Yet this perpetrator was allowed to racially attack a vulnerable women and received no restraint from cabin crew - to the point that other passengers had to step in and the women herself had to move. I am therefore calling for the following: A full apology from Ryanair to Delsie Gayle, a refund of her flight and agreed compensation. A full police investigation into the incident; with the aim of bringing judicial action against this man for committing a criminal offence with his threatening behaviour and racist, hateful language. Ryanair to be fined for breaching their terms and conditions, and code of conduct, therefore putting passengers in danger. An explanation from Ryanair as to why the situation was handled so inadequately. It is 60 years since Rosa Parks was forced to give up her seat because of racial discrimination. It is imperative that we refuse to accept such events today. We've come too far to sit back and let anyone be treated in that way, simply because of the colour of their skin. Please share with your networks accordingly.     

Candi Williams
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#JusticeForRash - The officer in the case should be suspended or resign!

Rashan Jermaine Charles was a 20 year old young man, born and raised in Hackney. He was someone's father, son, grandson, brother,  nephew and friend. His life was tragically taken away on Saturday 22nd July 2017, following an altercation with the Police. This unexpected tragedy has not only left his family and friends bereft and in total shock and disbelief , it has also left them with a financial burden of having to pay for the funeral cost, in order to lay him to rest, along with the now long and drawn out process of finding out the truth of what happened to their child and their quest for justice. Thousand of community members and people on many social media platforms have been horrified at the CCTV images of the incident and have sent messages of condolences, kindness and support to the family at the horrific way Rashan lost his life. His death echos the increase of police brutality that we are facing especially within the BAME community. The officer who was dealing with the cases is still currently at work 9 days in to the investigation, as you can understand it is causing a great deal of distress for Rashan's family and friends. It will be within the officers and within the public interest for the the officer to be taken away from the force until further notice.  The office in this case insists that Rashan swallowed something which later led to his death, if that is the case then please explain why the force is not abiding by their own rules and regulations stated bellow. College of policing states: Authorised Professional Practice guidance on custody and detention - Alcohol and drugs.   "If officers know or suspect that a detainee has swallowed a or packed drugs, either for the purpose of trafficking or to avoid imminent arrest or detention by the police, they must treat the person as being in need of urgent medical attention and transfer them straight to a hospital. Leakage from a package can prove fatal, if a package is swallowed to avoid detection. It is likely to have been prepared hastily and there is an imminent risk that it may open or burst inside the person. If this happens death can quickly follow." 

Pembe Tokluhan
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Petitioning Hackney Council

Revoke the Hackney Council draft licensing policy for 2016 by implementing a support system solution

This petition has been set up to try to enforce measurements to resolve the proposed Hackney Council draft licensing policy for 2016. As a community, it is critically important to address ways to improve nightlife in Hackney, rather than look for direct ways to revoke the council's propositon, which is a reocurring issue. We have the power to formulate and implement a support system that improves the condition of Hackney's nightlife, for now and the future. This would increasingly improve the area for businesses, owners, promoters and any other group of individuals that play a role in such a vibrant and diverse community. Licensing is a significantly grey area in London and is a complicated issue, which is why it is critical to find a new avenue to oppose the motives of the council, such as a support system which would show a unified solution to what has already become a pressing issue for the council. NTIA chairman Allan Miller is in full support of protecting London's most vibrant area, he said: 'we need to be very mindful and remember bars and clubs are stakeholders in the area, as well as consider the mix between businesses, residents and visitors, and the eco system that comes from the nightlife in Hackney.' 'Hopefully everyone can work together to talk about carrying on to improve the area, with a smart 24 hour strategy, and by keep on providing for the borough and London to keep the talent coming. It is not 1950s or 1980s Britian anymore, we need to move forward as a grown up nation.'    

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Stop the plans to host major events on Hackney Marshes every summer

This petition to Hackney Council calls upon them to preserve Hackney Marshes as common land with unfettered access throughout the year for sport, leisure and appreciation of nature for all the residents of Hackney to enjoy, regardless of income. This petition opposes in the strongest possible terms the plan to make Hackney Marshes available as an events space for the whole summer, every summer, from 1st May to 31st August. There are several reasons why this move to commercialise and privatise this ancient common land for any length of time should be opposed: Last year’s Radio 1 Weekender caused significant damage to Hackney Marshes; including increased littering of wildlife areas and the river, caused serious noise pollution (especially to residents living in Leyton) and degradation of many football, cricket and rugby pitches through the rutting and compacting caused by heavy vehicles being driven across the land. This damage has been well documented by Hackney Gazette Residents of Hackney and the wider area have already suffered the loss of East Marsh, including 11 football and 3 rugby pitches, previously available to all people for leisure and recreation all year round. East Marsh has still not been restored to public use and even when it is eventually returned, it will not be close to its original condition, due to the excavation of the area for the Olympics. Hackney Council made many promises about the Radio 1 Weekender that it did not keep. Firstly, that the area affected would only be inaccessible to the public for just two weeks, whilst it was in fact inaccessible for one whole month. Secondly, that the area would only be a small section of the Marsh, leaving the vast majority of the Marshes accessible for public enjoyment. As local residents who regularly walk the Marshes will know, the whole Marshes were enclosed by opaque fencing, several metres high, also blocking the popular river paths from use by cyclists and pedestrians. During the concert itself, access was blocked, not just to the entire marshes but also to the surrounding bridges and Middlesex Filter Beds, preventing public enjoyment of a far larger area. As a result of a festival just one weekend in duration, the cricket club had to cancel their entire season due to the damage incurred to the marshes. Some of the brand new cricket pitches, costing £750,000, were completely destroyed by the festival. The three teams of the local rugby club had to play all their games away for three months of the season due to the damage. The start of the football season was delayed from August until the end of September and match schedules have been disrupted for six months because there have been so many unusable pitches most weekends, as many as 30 have been out of use some weeks. The visible scars from the festival can still be witnessed now, eight months later. A huge body of evidence related to the impact of what we were told was a 'one-off' festival can be found here: and the reaction to the Council's proposals from grassroots sports clubs can be read in The Evening Standard here: The Council should be making it their priority to remediate the damaged areas for the local sports clubs who faced many losses during the Olympic period, rather than be planning more events of a similar kind and with undoubtedly worse consequences for the environment since the duration of intense use will be far greater. Hackney Marshes is an important area for people to follow the Council’s advice and ‘get fit and healthy’ all year round for free. They are also a unique habitat for wildlife. Whilst 17% of London’s green spaces have been paved in recent years, the Marshes provide a haven for many species that it should be our concern to protect. Loud events involving many thousands of people disturb wildlife, including rare species. The Marshes are not a municipal park and should not be managed for income generation purposes for the Council but for the good of all, including all residents and for nature. These proposals indicate that Hackney Council are not aware of the unique character and value of our common land and we ask them to halt their plans. Entertainment events should be held in suitable venues, such as the recently developed Olympic Park, where there will not be the same adverse impact on the environment and will not entail a restriction in people’s ancient right to enjoy their common land, which does not belong to the Council, but to all people under law.

Save Lea Marshes
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Calling Haringey, Hackney and Islington: SORT OUT FINSBURY PARK

Finsbury Park is a diverse and historic hub in the middle of North London straddling the borders of three local authorities.  Over the past three years, due to chronic mismanagement of the local area by the three responsible councils, Finsbury Park has become dangerous, dirty and a dumping ground for festivals put on by Haringey Council in the park to make profit from the area.  Local residents and our vulnerable community are now faced with open drug dealing, chronic homelessness, dirty streets strewn with rubbish and a park that has become so dangerous that tragically a woman was murdered there at Christmas and last week a woman was sexually assaulted.  It is an outrage that in the last six months since the murder, Haringey have been able to host multiple large scale festivals in the park but they haven't been able to make the park safe for vulnerable residents.  Even worse, over the Wireless weekend, there were two separate deaths of festival attendees.   This petition calls on Haringey, Hackney and Islington to work together as a matter of urgency to work together invest in shared services that cross borough boundaries to: Invest in a shared service for managing commercial waste and litter collection Prevent homelessness and support people who are homelesss Create a designated youth outreach team to work with young people in or at risk of joining gangs Improve community facilities in the park for local people Tackle open drug dealing, criminality and anti social behaviour Reduce the number of events held in the park and invest all profits back into the local area Residents from all sides of the Finsbury Park area want the area to be safe, thriving and inclusive which requires joined up working from the council far beyond the initiatives in scope with the tri-borough agreement.  We call for action and a response now before more people are hurt.

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Petitioning Hackney Council

No mobile phone mast near primary schools

This petition is calling for Hackney Council to block plans to upgrade the 4G mast to 5G on Lister Court in Stoke Newington. The mast, owned by o2 and Vodafone, is located less than 100m from Grazebrook Primary School with one antenna directly tilted down at our children’s playground! This mast will soon be upgraded with 5G antennas. The shocking fact is that no health assessment has been done before the 5G rollout!  Scientists are referring to the roll-out as a “Human experiment”. The consequences of these radiations on our health, especially children’s, will only be known years, if not decades, from now.  Despite all the warnings from an increasingly high number of scientists and international research bodies, the council has recently granted Telefonica (aka 02) a planning permit to install TWELVE 5G antennas and FOUR dishes on Barrie House situated on Albion Road and in close proximity of the Stoke Newington School and Sixth form.  Lister Court, where the mast we are referring to is located, will be next to be upgraded with this untested technology. As parents and residents we have a responsibility to try to stop these irresponsible plans by pushing the council and 02/Vodafone to apply precautionary measures and not to allow any mobile phone masts near our primary school. We are calling for the council to block any upgrade and push this mast further away.  What is the status of the latest independent scientific studies? It is now known that Mobile masts (5G or others)  expose people living and working in proximity to level of radiation that are potentially hazardous for their long term health. Not too long ago it was believed that only ionizing radiations were harmful and non ionizing radiations were safe but recent findings are putting this belief in question. Studies are starting to show that DNA damage and oxidative stress leading to severe health conditions can also be caused by long term exposure to non-ionizing radiations. (Dr Goldberg testimony  to Michigan Senate ) This has led the WHO to classify these radiations as “possibly carcinogenic” and to admit that there are still many gaps in the current research to fully understand the potential risks especially when it comes to children. In 2018, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority concluded that “there is need for more research covering the novel frequency domains, used for 5G.” Following additional peer reviews showing adverse effects, The WHO is now under mounting pressure to increase the classification to “Probably Carcinogenic”.  Even defendants of this technology ( mainly lobbies and governments admit that we just don’t know the health consequences in the long term and more research have become  a priority) What we do know for sure is that if these radiations (EMF) are indeed harmful, Children will be the first victims of our carelessness.  Children are particularly at risks because of their size, thin skull, underdeveloped immune system and rapid cell development but also their life-long exposure and the accumulative effects of these radiations on their organism. A child absorbs EMF radiations twice as much as an adult. In April 2019, a 5G mobile phone mast was removed after four children and 3 teachers were diagnosed with cancer at Weston Elementary School in Ripon, California. In April 2019, the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said EMF radiation was a high priority for further study. Scientists at the Swiss IT’IS institute also advised that the ICNIRP guidelines should be reviewed urgently. These guidelines are increasingly considered obsolete and not fit for purposes. This is also the stand of  numerous scientists and searchers who have been voicing their concerns via the prestigious and world renowned scientific publications The Lancet In addition, 253 scientists (and counting) have recently  signed the 5G Appeal ( )recommending a “moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G… until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated.” In a few years, studies such as COSMOS ( should give us a clearer picture of the health implications of 5G.  Until then, precautionary measures are a must! Several European countries (Belgium, Sweden, and Switzerland) have stopped the 5G roll out because of these unknown factors. Others like Israel, India and Chile are forbidding the installation of masts near “sensitive places” such as schools and hospitals. It is astonishing that the levels of public exposure to EMF have never been properly surveyed. Italy, Belgium, India and cities such as Paris have adopted lower limits for all EMF radiations on precautionary grounds. Unfortunately our government  isn’t following the same path and seems only interested in making the UK one of the leading countries when it comes to the 5G and the connected economy whilst pushing aside any health concerns and discrediting any warning signs. We need to let the council know that Hackney school children are not guinea pigs. Their health should come before business interests. Help us stop these irresponsible plans by signing this petition. Every signature will count.  We need you! Concerned Hackney Parents

Elo Meyer
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Save Britannia Leisure Centre

The last thing Hackney Council wants to do is to remove leisure facilities from the Britannia site – in fact, we want to build a new leisure centre with better facilities. We also need to provide 1,650 new secondary school places by 2020. We have to make the most of the limited land we own, so we want to find out if it would be possible to build a new secondary school and new leisure centre on the Britannia site. The Council does not have the money to fund a new school and new leisure centre, so we would need to build housing too. The money we make from the housing would go directly into building a new leisure centre and school. We are currently carrying out a feasibility study to see what would be viable. The feasibility study will focus on options that involve keeping the existing leisure centre open whilst the new facilities are built. Britannia Leisure Centre’s facilities are old, reaching the end of their life and are not cost effective to operate. As an absolute minimum we would want a new leisure centre to include: a 25m main swimming pool, a new learner pool, an introduction to water area, a children’s soft play area, two squash courts, a 140 station fitness suite, a spinning studio, two exercise studios, a sports hall, five-a-side pitches and a café and toilets that can be used by park users as well. When we have the results of the feasibility study, we will share them with residents and leisure centre users and hold open drop-in sessions for people to find out more and feedback their initial thoughts. There would be further opportunities for people to have their say if plans progress. Find out more about the plans here:

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