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  • Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs

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Officially Declare Pakistan as a Terrorist State

Ever since the birth of Pakistan, it has been creating a mess for all of its neighboring countries; be it Afghanistan, Iran or most importantly India. A country that can't feed its own people due to lack of funds but always has money for Nuclear warheads and sponsoring terrorism. A country where UN-designated terrorist lives lavishly and even try to fight elections. A country which took billions of dollars from the United States to counter Terrorism but was a safe haven for the worlds most wanted terrorist as he was shielded by their own army. A country that shields worlds well-known, terrorists ... A country that is not safe for its citizens but its a heaven for Terrorists. Its high time we realize the facts and stop doing the mistakes we have been doing for over 70 years. India foolishly offered Pakistan the status of Most Favored Nation for over 20+ years, while in return we were backstabbed on multiple occasions. America offered Pakistan a huge amount of money and weapons to counter Terrorism but instead, they shielded worlds most wanted, terrorists. We need to take Actions, and the Action Begins here. I request the Indian and American Governments along with the UN and UNSC to take these major steps. Terrorism has to end. Sign this petition and share it with your friends and families to make the world a safer place.

Nikhil Singh
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Fight Against Injustice- Stand With Ritu Jaiswal

In a series of unprecedented events- the iron lady of our Bihar who lately gained immense recognition for leaving behind the fine luxuries of city life and decided to dedicate her life towards the upliftment of Singhwahini Panchayat, Sitamarhi Bihar- Ritu Jaiswal (Mukhiya) has been wrongly accused of the Prevention of Atrocities SC/ST Act. Considering the unfairly stringent provisions which follow under the law- she along with her team will be facing imprisonment or legal custody very soon. Ritu Jaiswal is widely recognised for the extra ordinary work she has done towards the betterment of Singhwahini Panchayat. Be it from bringing electricity to the place back in 2016 to declaring the entire Panchayat Open Defecation Free in the same year.   We present this news with the utmost sadness that such selflessness and dedication towards social betterment is met unfairly. The accusations are briefly wrong and serve as a tool towards the benefit of corrupt local politicians and goons. Here’s a series of events which took place. RItu Jaiswal received a complaint for harassment against a local goon- Virendra Ram (who’s infamous for drug peddling and Sand Trafficking). When she arrived at the spot along with her team- she was mobbed and threatened with unlicensed arms and weapons. The notorious goon along with his accomplices threatened her to leave the spot immediately stating that otherwise he will (taking advantage of his caste) book her under the SC/ST or Dalit Act. After suppressing the matter, Ritu had to flee the place considering the threat to her life. Later on, the goons proceeded to the local Dalit Station and accused her of violating the status of Dalits. The accusation under SC/ST act leads to direct arrest i.e. without any substantial evidence. Hence, it proves to be a sure shot method to defame any individual without considering the seriousness of their offence.   Ritu’s work clearly suggest that her efforts are for the poor and un-prejudiced. Now be it for the Dalits or General. She believes in equality and her work clearly glorifies the same. She’s highly vocal about the Rights for Minorities and believes that their upliftment can be brought through working on Education and Job Opportunities rather than creating such laws which only proceed to create more unequality and tension in the society. Though we never present our statistics based on caste or religion, such events force us to do so. Therefore- last year she has educated over 500 students from minorities, has planted over 53 solar water pumps, constructed over 2000 toilets, skill training and job opportunites for over 20 girls. As a society, it’s our core responsibility that we raise our voices against such injustice and show our support to people who work on ground level and depict an infinite sense of selflessness and hope.

Rithwik Aryan
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Petitioning General VK Singh

Builders of Dwarakamai layout forcefully depriving basic amenities to Villa owners

We are residents of Dwarakamai Layout at ECC Road Whitefield, Bangalore. We have spent all our lifetime saving to buy a villa in Dwarakamai Layout, but have been staying in this layout with no peace of mind. Due to the feudalistic mindset of the builder, we residents are being put to immense hardship for no faults of ours. Even after 8 years of selling the first villa, the builder has not formed the Association. Fed up with harassment and illegitimate claim for money from the builder, all the 14 owners who bought the villas from builder got together and formed Dwarakamai Home Owners Association. After that, the builder forcefully locked the common area Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Street lights, Diesel Generator, Intercom with the motive to harass the residents and we are without water for more than a month. The builder has already collected money from us during Sale of Villa for construction of the common area amenities like WTP, Street Lights, Diesel Generator, Children Park and now forcefully denying us access by locking it. Infact, as per Sale Deed, they should have constructed Swimming Pool and Clubhouse, that is non-existent till date. Jatti Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. (JEIPL, the builder, represented by its director Mr. D. B. Jatti and Smt. Lakshmi D. Jatti) is the builder for Dwarakamai Layout, Sy. No. 51, ECC Road, Whitefield. The builder got Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) approval for the layout bearing no. BDA/TPM/PL-24/04-05 on 18/05/2005 and BDA also issued an Endorsement dated 06/09/2006. The first Villa was sold in Mar 2009. Ever since the builder JEIPL has been maintaining it. The builder has never been transparent with respect to maintenance charge, recruitment of maintenance staff and their operation. Builder has been harassing each Villa Owner, their kids, their parents individually. Some owners were not allowed to walk or jog in the internal road, kids are not allowed to cycle. They put autocratic rules like Utility vehicles like Gas, airport Taxi are not allowed inside the premises, car lights should be switched OFF while entering the premises, fees to be paid to use the park, internal road for parking. The builder had even cut DG, water of few Villa owners for not following these autocratic rules, even though the residents have been regularly paying maintenance. They claim to hail from prestigious and reputed family and are proud to have us stay on their Eco-Friendly property but they enjoy creating social divides and misunderstandings between the owners. It’s not at all congenial to live and there is no positive energy being enthused from builders. They are manipulative and play one owner against the other. Builder stays in the layout and is illegally claiming ownership of the common area, they have illegally encroached the internal road between Villa 7 and Villa 8 and built a private garden for their exclusive usage. They have dumped construction material between Villa 12 and Villa 14 that is causing lot of inconvenience to the residents. The builder is badly maintaining the sewerage, garbage disposal area, park causing bad smell and has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, snakes. Even after 8 years of sale of first villa, the builder is not cooperating to form Association. Builder has never shared with us the audited account report for the maintenance. When we asked them regarding association formation, instead of cooperating, they sent us illegal demand notice for maintenance payment dated back to 2012, even though residents has paid maintenance regularly.  Fed up with these autocratic and authoritative style of functioning of the builder, all the Villa owners joined together and formed Dwarakamai Home Owners Association (DHOA) on 22nd July 2017 with Registration no. SOR-3/294/2017-18. The builder has been dead against it and has illegally locked the Water plant, Diesel Generator, Intercom and Street Light power. Builder threatens to De-register the association and even brought rowdies to scare us (we have CCTV footage of the same). Association has raised a complaint with BBMP Joint Commissioner, Mahadevpura Zone on 07/08/2017.  The association have got an injunction order from the Honorable Civil Court (Filing No. – OS/739/2017 and Registration No. – OS/712/2017 dated 04/08/2017) against the builder, JEIPL for not interfering and disrupting the basic amenities like electricity, water, sewerage, DG etc. Still the builder is not cooperating to connect water, DG, intercom. Association has sent the builder multiple request for discussion on the issue, but the builder didn’t bother to cooperate. Fed up, Association has filed a harassment complaint with Whitefield Police Station  on 12/08/2017 for disobeying the orders for the Honorable High Court and the builder still continues to disrupt water, DG, intercom,common area street lights. The builder is not even cooperating with police.Builder is creating problem with security agency who have been legally appointed by the Association to maintain the layout.  We want Builder should not disrupt Association's work on maintaining the amenities and common area facilities and stop harassing each villa owners mentally. Please join us and support this case else we common people will loose faith from the legal system of India and our hard earn money will go in vain. Regards, Dwarakamai Home Owners Association Sy 51 & 51/1 ECC Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru 560066  

Dwarakamai Home owners Association
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