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Passport for my daughter with mother´s name

I am a single parent. My Husband abandoned my daughter and me when she was born just because she was a girl. He never looked back and doesn’t even care whether we’re dead or alive.  Recently, I applied for the passport of my daughter. My daughter doesn’t want her father’s name on the document. Our application was denied and we were told that both names are required. My daughter did her schooling with my name only. Her voter ID card, Aadhar card and bank account have my name. Why was only the passport denied?  My daughter and I were forced to go through mental agony and torture. We tried to convince the passport officer, wrote letters, met senior officers but our request was denied. In the end we were forced to include his name. Every time my daughter looks at her Passport, she sees the name of a person who hurt her, who abandoned her. Single fathers and mothers face several hardships. Often there is a traumatic story behind the reason we are single. We have to work extra-hard to support our children and be there for them. The judiciary has given progressive judgments that say that the Father’s name is not required. My humble request is for the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Home Affairs to look into this matter and help single parents - fathers and mothers, so that they don’t have to go through this agony.

Priyanka Gupta
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.@SushmaSwaraj @MEAQuery @passportsevamea: Help me get a passport for my minor son

Dear Madam, After a lot of failed attempts since past 3 years consistently; I have decided to write this petition in order to get permission granted to acquire a passport for my son. I am a single parent of a 10 year old boy. I was married to an abusive man who did not spare me even during my pregnancy. I some how managed to come back to my parents home after 3 months while pregnant with my unborn child and firmly opted not to go to that man ever again. To which he retaliated by filing for the custody of my baby and harassed me for 6 years. Despite all his slanders and attempts to harass me I won the case since I was abused and also because my ex had not given any child support, maintenance or alimony. The man I was married to lives in Dubai currently. Its been 4 years now, he has not gained access to visit my son. Now he is married for the 3rd time and has a family of his own. He has no contact with my son what so ever, nor does he make any effort to visit him. Kindly consider my petition to help me get a passport for my son, it would mean a lot to the little one. Thank You. 

Juveria Patni
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Help my disabled daughters get passports

For 40 years we have been taking care of our disabled daughters. I am 70 and my husband is 75. We don’t know how much longer we can take care of them. My younger daughter R. Sarvani  is 90% disabled and cannot move. The elder daughter R. Gayathridevi is 72% disabled, when she walks, she often slips and falls and needs constant assistance. Our sons are settled in the US and Canada. They would like to take care of their sisters when we cannot. Unfortunately we have not been able to apply for a passport due to my daughters’ severe physical disabilities..   The nearest Passport Seva Kendra is 110 km away from our residence and my daughters have to be personally present in order to apply. Travelling by bus or train is very hard for them. Due to our old age, my husband and me are also not able to help them travel. It is our humble and earnest appeal to Smt Sushma Swaraj and the Ministry of External Affairs to help us get passports for our daughters without insisting their physical presence at Passport Seva Centre distantly located. I have faith that Smt Sushma Swaraj and the Ministry of External Affairs will listen to our request and help us get passports. Sign our petition and help us get the passports for our daughters. - Subbalakshmi & RS Rallapalli

Ramasubbarao Rallapalli
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Reservation for children of military martyrs-Marriage of Martyr' daughters-Value Education

We students, representing the concerned youth of India would like to bring to your notice that an immediate action should be taken on the following issues concerning the beloved army men of our country :- 1)   Reservation and direct admission for children of war heroes and martyrs. It is the responsibility of us, the nation of India to look after the family of those fallen ones who have given life for the cause of the country. It should be the absolute duty of the state to look after the wellbeing of their family, instilling a sense of belief amongst our brave soldiers that once they are in line of duty, the nation would take care of their family like they are protecting ours. Hence the Government should provide children of such fallen soldier compensation beyond the financial alternatives provided at present. They should have the minimum eligibility criteria of the lowest marks required for any reserve category student of SC/ST/OBC/PHE background. Also the State shall bear the complete expenses free of cost including lodging for education from Primary to Higher Education levels(including masters) for such children. All private institutions should too follow the example as it is their duty too to think above profit motive. The soldiers are sacrificing their lives for their protection too. 2)   It should be the duty of us citizens to ensure that the daughters of such martyrs are married with full prompt and joy where they haven’t just lost a father in active line of duty but have gained the whole nation as a family. Hence it is proposed that the marriage of such daughters should be organized at the Officers Club no matter what rank the martyr was serving as. Where the expenses are bore completely by the State, with Army Officers Wives Association being the entity responsible for overlooking the entire function irrespective of religion or caste. It should be made a public policy and should be advertised around. Such an action would boost the morale of our soldiers in active line of duty, giving them a consolation that if they are martyred, the state shall protect their family and carry on their family responsibility. 3)   In India we don’t have the system of military conscription. Also joining the NCC or Territorial Army is a voluntary act. Hence it is proposed that in order to inculcate an act of benevolence and respect towards the army, every Indian kid post the age of 16 years after appearing for their high school matriculation should be given a brief 1-month training within their schools for active self-defense, disaster management and relief, while teaching them stories of great valor and sacrifices of our military martyrs. After matriculation, every student has to wait for at least 1-2 months for results and the new term to begin. Hence it is prescribed that in order to use this time period fruitfully; we should make them attend a camp around an army base or army veterans should be sent to such schools to give out this course. Such a course should be non-graded but its attendance shall be compulsory to attain the High School Leaving Certificate. This would create a positive impact and sense of encouragement for our veterans where they are actually motivating the youngsters at grass root level. 4) At present, a Param Vir Chakra recipient receives a full pension of his last drawn salary + Rs 20,000 along with add on benefits from state government subject to each state. Similarly an Ashok Chakra Recipient receives last drawn salary+ Rs 10,000 along with add on benefits. At present, there are 21 Param Vir Chakra recipients of whom 3 are living while we have 83 awardees of Ashok Chakra of which 26 are living. It is a disdain that the Chief of Staffs receive a salary of Rs. 2.5 lakh rupees per month while our President, the Commander in Chief of all forces receives a salary of Rs 1.5 Lakh while an average sepoy earns around Rs 50,000 on retirement. Hence to give these brave hearts a sense of achievement and acknowledgement, it is proposed that the Param Vir Chakra recipients be at least given a pension equivalent to their Commander in Chief i.e. the President while the Ashok Chakra recipient be given a pension equivalent to that of a Member of Parliament. This would give out an example that the nation values their sacrifice equivalent to that of the highest decision makers and that they are no less than legends to the nation. I request you to kindly endorse this petition and ensure that prompt action is taken to implement it at the soonest possible timeframe. Please spread the word amongst your friends and loved ones so more people join this petition. We must think beyond our idealistic beliefs and endorse this noble idea. This is the least we could do for the plethoric sacrifice of our brave army men. Chief Co-ordinator & Lead In-charge                                Satyam Singh                                                               +91 96503 00297   Co-Incharge & IT Head Reetam Singh +917576026976   Co-CoordinatorShakti SinghCo-CoordinatorPriyanka Sharma

Satyam Singh Rajput
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Indian Nationals who die abroad, their mortal remains to be carried back to India for free

Mortal remains of Indian Nationals who die outside India should be bought back to India by Indian carriers, free of charge. (All airlines operating from India or atleast the National Carriers.) Currently the charge to send a dead body from the UAE to India is AED 18 per Kilo. Ticket cost to send a dead body is more than five times the regular fare. Usually if the relatives of the dead do not have funds then the Indian Community raises the required funds to send the body back to India. However, chances are that there could be a delay if necessary funds are not arranged on time. There is a large number of Indian labor force working in the Middle East region. These people do not have any relatives in the country they work and cannot afford a regular airline ticket. God forbid if anyone die's, then the mortal remains are sent to India, subject to collection of funds from company mates or Indian Community. This is an appeal to all Indians to come sign this petition to help families who have lost their loved one. Together we can made a difference  

Human First
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Petitioning General VK Singh

Builders of Dwarakamai layout forcefully depriving basic amenities to Villa owners

We are residents of Dwarakamai Layout at ECC Road Whitefield, Bangalore. We have spent all our lifetime saving to buy a villa in Dwarakamai Layout, but have been staying in this layout with no peace of mind. Due to the feudalistic mindset of the builder, we residents are being put to immense hardship for no faults of ours. Even after 8 years of selling the first villa, the builder has not formed the Association. Fed up with harassment and illegitimate claim for money from the builder, all the 14 owners who bought the villas from builder got together and formed Dwarakamai Home Owners Association. After that, the builder forcefully locked the common area Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Street lights, Diesel Generator, Intercom with the motive to harass the residents and we are without water for more than a month. The builder has already collected money from us during Sale of Villa for construction of the common area amenities like WTP, Street Lights, Diesel Generator, Children Park and now forcefully denying us access by locking it. Infact, as per Sale Deed, they should have constructed Swimming Pool and Clubhouse, that is non-existent till date. Jatti Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. (JEIPL, the builder, represented by its director Mr. D. B. Jatti and Smt. Lakshmi D. Jatti) is the builder for Dwarakamai Layout, Sy. No. 51, ECC Road, Whitefield. The builder got Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) approval for the layout bearing no. BDA/TPM/PL-24/04-05 on 18/05/2005 and BDA also issued an Endorsement dated 06/09/2006. The first Villa was sold in Mar 2009. Ever since the builder JEIPL has been maintaining it. The builder has never been transparent with respect to maintenance charge, recruitment of maintenance staff and their operation. Builder has been harassing each Villa Owner, their kids, their parents individually. Some owners were not allowed to walk or jog in the internal road, kids are not allowed to cycle. They put autocratic rules like Utility vehicles like Gas, airport Taxi are not allowed inside the premises, car lights should be switched OFF while entering the premises, fees to be paid to use the park, internal road for parking. The builder had even cut DG, water of few Villa owners for not following these autocratic rules, even though the residents have been regularly paying maintenance. They claim to hail from prestigious and reputed family and are proud to have us stay on their Eco-Friendly property but they enjoy creating social divides and misunderstandings between the owners. It’s not at all congenial to live and there is no positive energy being enthused from builders. They are manipulative and play one owner against the other. Builder stays in the layout and is illegally claiming ownership of the common area, they have illegally encroached the internal road between Villa 7 and Villa 8 and built a private garden for their exclusive usage. They have dumped construction material between Villa 12 and Villa 14 that is causing lot of inconvenience to the residents. The builder is badly maintaining the sewerage, garbage disposal area, park causing bad smell and has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, snakes. Even after 8 years of sale of first villa, the builder is not cooperating to form Association. Builder has never shared with us the audited account report for the maintenance. When we asked them regarding association formation, instead of cooperating, they sent us illegal demand notice for maintenance payment dated back to 2012, even though residents has paid maintenance regularly.  Fed up with these autocratic and authoritative style of functioning of the builder, all the Villa owners joined together and formed Dwarakamai Home Owners Association (DHOA) on 22nd July 2017 with Registration no. SOR-3/294/2017-18. The builder has been dead against it and has illegally locked the Water plant, Diesel Generator, Intercom and Street Light power. Builder threatens to De-register the association and even brought rowdies to scare us (we have CCTV footage of the same). Association has raised a complaint with BBMP Joint Commissioner, Mahadevpura Zone on 07/08/2017.  The association have got an injunction order from the Honorable Civil Court (Filing No. – OS/739/2017 and Registration No. – OS/712/2017 dated 04/08/2017) against the builder, JEIPL for not interfering and disrupting the basic amenities like electricity, water, sewerage, DG etc. Still the builder is not cooperating to connect water, DG, intercom. Association has sent the builder multiple request for discussion on the issue, but the builder didn’t bother to cooperate. Fed up, Association has filed a harassment complaint with Whitefield Police Station  on 12/08/2017 for disobeying the orders for the Honorable High Court and the builder still continues to disrupt water, DG, intercom,common area street lights. The builder is not even cooperating with police.Builder is creating problem with security agency who have been legally appointed by the Association to maintain the layout.  We want Builder should not disrupt Association's work on maintaining the amenities and common area facilities and stop harassing each villa owners mentally. Please join us and support this case else we common people will loose faith from the legal system of India and our hard earn money will go in vain. Regards, Dwarakamai Home Owners Association Sy 51 & 51/1 ECC Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru 560066  

Dwarakamai Home owners Association
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I Love my country and I Love my Indian Army. I am 25 years old and I want UPSC should extend the age of CDS and CAPF Examinations to 27 years because many worthy candidates or aspirants will be benefited from this decision. When UPSC can extend the age of civil services examination to 32 years and SSC can do upto 30 years, then why not UPSC CDS and CAPF ? Indian Armed forces has entry up to 27 years for TGC(technical graduate scheme), AEC(Army education corp) and JAG. There are thousands of youngsters like me, who wants to serve the Armed Forces with great honesty and loyalty but due to age factor we cannot apply anymore. Yes, we did faced SSB many times but still the feeling is same as it was in childhood of wearing the uniform and to serve my great nation. Please feel the passion which we Youths have for country. Please sign my petition. Make it happen. JAI HIND TO ALL THE VETERANS AND MY FELLOW COUNTRYMEN

Saurav Chakraborty
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मंदिर-मस्जिद-गिरिजाघर-गुरुद्वारा : चारधाम- चार दानपेटी : जवान-किसान-बालशिक्षा-भगवान

There should be 4 collection boxes in every Holy places in India. And there should be CCTV on it. All the devotees are free to donate as per their wisdom. 1st for God Allah Bhagwan or whomever almighty places is belongs to. 2nd for free education to needy child "no cast base donation" 3rd for Jawan's family pension after his shahidi (not to all natural cause of death) 4th for Kisan loan interest "to be centralized distribution across the country" RBI to make wings for collection of 3 boxes except 4th which will be with trust of that place. Government should make the body of non-political people to design the whole system. Mera Bharat - khushal Bharat

Ashishkumar Gandhi
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मंदिर-मस्जिद-गिरिजाघर-गुरुद्वारा : चारधाम- चार दानपेटी : जवान-किसान-बालशिक्षा-भगवान

There should be 4 collection boxes in every Holy places in India. And there should be CCTV on it. All the devotees are free to donate as per their wisdom. 1st for God Allah Bhagwan or whomever almighty places is belongs to. 2nd for free education to needy child "no cast base donation" 3rd for Jawan's family pension after his shahidi (not to all natural cause of death) 4th for Kisan loan interest "to be centralized distribution across the country" RBI to make wings for collection of 3 boxes except 4th which will be with trust of that place. Government should make the body of non-political people to design the whole system. Mera Bharat - khushal Bharat

Ashishkumar Gandhi
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