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Show you care about our Aussie Farmers in Drought...

DID YOU EAT TODAY? I HOPE YOU THANKED A FARMER... Did you know that Australia is in the middle of its worst drought ever? Our farmers are crippling under the strain and we need to do more to support them. I see so many community groups joining force to supply donated goods to keep our farmers going but I want to see more from our government.      I understand it's a national problem and it's far and wide, you can't make it rain but our farming community is the backbone to our country.  Right now in some states we have a subsidy for the cost of transporting donated fodder however that is expecting a very proud farmer to ask for help. We all know that our farmers are the most proud people in our country and asking for help is not in their nature. I know that we would get more help to our farmers if we could have farmers buy supplies and our government subsidise the transport. Drought doesn't just have an impact on the livestock, it also impacts the mental health of our farmers, their families and the surrounding community. With stock feed reducing across the country, transport costs are fast becoming the biggest issue impacting farmers trying to stay afloat.  The ask: That we, the public of Australia sign this petition to show you support our Aussie Farmers in Drought and ask our government to do more to support them. Tell our government that we need a NATIONAL DISASTER FUND created to help support our country in crisis because right now our farmers need our help. Let's also get a transport subsidy setup so that farmers don't need to just rely on donations but they can also get purchased stock feed delivered to them and not pay full freight.  It's time we provide support to our own, we can't make it rain but we can help a mate in need. That is the Australian Way...

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Ban Cosmetics Tested on Animals Now

The ugly side of the beauty business… 2019 UPDATE: Last week, 18th February 2019 The Australian Senate has passed the Government’s Industrial Chemicals Bills 2017 banning the testing of cosmetics and their ingredients on animals in Australia. This ban also includes the sale of cosmetics and their ingredients (from overseas) which have been newly tested on animals. The ban will not extend to China's cruel mandatory tests. The commencement date for this bill is set for July 2020. This ban is a huge step in the right direction for Australia and something Choose Cruelty Free has been campaigning for, for over 25 years. Read more here. 2019: Australia has delayed the ban on cosmetics testing on animals for the third time until 1 July 2020. “On 1 June 2017, the Industrial Chemicals Bill (the Bill) was tabled in Parliament. The Bill bans the use of data derived from animal tests conducted after the commencement of the new industrial chemicals scheme on (expected 1 July 2020), to support the introduction of a new chemical intended for use in a cosmetic. The Bill was subject to an inquiry by the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee and passed the House of Representatives on 17 October 2017. The Bill is now before the Senate for consideration.” (14 January 2019) Read the full article here. 2018 - “To assist regulated entities to adequately prepare for compliance with the new Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), the Australian Government has decided to defer commencement of the scheme until 1 July 2019. The new commencement date also means that the aspects of the implementation of the election commitment and the 2017-18 Budget measure to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals that are included in the Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017 will also be delayed until 1 July 2019.” (14 March 2018) Read the full release here. 2017 - The 2017 Federal Budget has revealed that the Coalition Government's promise to save thousands of animal lives starting 1 July 2017 will not eventuate for another 12 months. "Implementation of the ban will start 1 July 2018 to provide industry with a transition period and align with broader industrial chemical reforms." Read the full release here. 2016 - The Coalition Government (Australia) announces that “a re-elected Turnbull Government will ban the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals. The ban will take effect from 1 July 2017, providing industry and retailers with a defined and reasonable transition period.” (June 2016) In Australia we continue to import cosmetics tested on animals, even though such procedures are both cruel and unnecessary.  By allowing these products to be sold in our country we are effectively supporting the animal testing of cosmetics. Testing cosmetics on animals has already been banned in the UK, the EU, India, Israel, Norway, New Zealand and several Brazilian states. Many other countries have pledged to introduce similar legislation in the near future. Come on Australia - we can do it too! With your help, Australia will join the growing list of countries that stop torturing animals for cosmetics. Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), Humane Research Australia (HRA) and Animals Australia are asking members of the public to join us in petitioning the Australian Government to implement a ban on the sale of all cosmetics that are tested on animals. In support, 37 other Australian groups have endorsed the Petition: Adore Animals Animal Justice Party Animal Liberation NSW Animal Liberation Queensland Animal Liberation WA Australian Rabbit Save Australian Rat Fanciers Society Beagle Freedom Australia Beagle Rescue Victoria Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services (BAWCS) Big Ears Animal Sanctuary Brightside Farm Sanctuary C.A.T.S. Cats Assistance To Sterilise Inc Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses DeathRowPets Australia Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary Freedom for Farmed Rabbits Friends of the Animals PERTH Golden Retriever Rescue Halfway Home Animal Rescue Humane Society for Animal Welfare Ingrid's Haven Jane Goodall Institute Australia Melbourne Animal Rescue Melbourne Goat Save Monika's Doggie Rescue National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) Inc Oscar's Law Perth Advocates for the Earth Pound Paws Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics Sydney Pet Rescue The Australian Vegetarian Society (NSW) The Mark's Ark The Winged Horse Equine Welfare ThinkKind Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group  In 2003 the European Parliament and the 15 member states of the EU passed “The 7th Amendment to the Cosmetics Directive” effectively banning the use of animals in cosmetic testing throughout Europe and the import of any cosmetics being tested on animals – regardless of their country of origin. The EU 2013 deadline for a complete ban on testing cosmetics on animals has happened! The ultimate aim being to replace all animals used in testing cosmetics with alternatives that are already available. Under section 81(1) of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 (Cth) (“the Act”), the Minister for Health has the power to determine the standards for cosmetics imported into, or manufactured in, Australia. I call on the Australian government to immediately introduce comprehensive legislation to ensure there is a total ban on the importation and sale of cosmetics tested on animals.  Photo: NZAVS

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We call on PM Scott Morrison to meet immediately with emergency leaders #attnscottmorrison

Right now across Australia, widespread fires and extreme weather are endangering our people, homes and ecosystems. Nationwide, people’s feelings of fear and anxiety about the future of our country are reaching boiling point. It’s time to get PM Scott Morrison’s attention! Our message is clear: “Dear Prime Minister, we call on you to meet immediately with emergency leaders including Greg Mullins (former Fire & Rescue Chief)”. You can add your voice to this message by taking two simple steps: 1) Sign this petition and hit 'Share' 2) Use the hashtag #attnscottmorrison when you post images of the current fire emergencies across Australian states, along with the petition link. This is how you can tell your Prime Minister that you want him to meet with emergency experts to discuss firefighting resources, climate action and a national emergency summit!  We understand that the priority right now for many Australians is, and must be, to remain vigilant and safe. So this call out is for those of us who have capacity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with affected communities.  As Hon. Jacinda Arden says, “we have to start moving beyond signs of hope, and deliver signs of action”.  Please sign and share today! #attnscottmorrison ----------------------------------- Suggested short Social Media post to accompany images of fire affected areas:  #attnscottmorrison Right now our country is burning. Our home is on fire and only action will put out the flames. As an Australian, I call on you @scottmorrisonmp to meet immediately with emergency leaders, including Greg Mullins. It’s time for leadership and action to keep Australia safe.   -------------------------------------   An additional note on donations made via   The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness and communicate a call to action, not to raise funds. As campaign organisers, we are not collecting funds donated through this portal. We appreciate your support to date and if you're eager to make a financial contribution to affected communities, we suggest that you donate directly to a cause via their website.Below are links to the organisations that we've prioritised throughout the campaign. Read on to find what you're most aligned with as an individual: - Donate to the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action    - Donate Blood to the Australian Red Cross - there is an urgent need due to the fires - Donate to the NSW & QLD fires at the Australia Red Cross - Donate to Koalas In Care - Donate to the Koala Hospital - Donate to the WIRES Emergency Fund - Become a Wildlife Carer  Additional Resources: - Read the Climate Council’s Bushfire Briefing Paper here - Stay up to date on the NSW Fires Near Me site & app and the QLD Rural Fire Service site - Find loved ones at Register.Find.Reunite  - You can talk to someone at any time at Lifeline on 13 11 14 - Resources for Teachers and Parents on how we can talk about emergencies with children and young people are up on the Australian Red Cross site here. A note on campaign privacy:  Your support and your privacy is invaluable to us. We will not share any names of supporters or signatories without your proactive consent and confirmation of your permission. On the campaign website, will share your name and that you have signed if you tick the box allowing them to do so. We welcome you to stand alongside us in putting your name to this call to action. We also are so grateful for the meaningful and personal words people have shared with us and the community within the Reasons For Signing section.    Thank you, we're hearing you...  

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Ban Greyhound Racing in VICTORIA

There is lots of controversy about whether or not Greyhound Racing should exist. But I'm going to break it down to you on why it should be banned completely in Victoria and why I need YOUR help to end the cruelty. Australia represents the 3rd largest greyhound racing industry in the world. The Victorian Government is expressing that they have no plans on banning greyhound racing in Victoria - but we want to change that. The industry is responsible for animal cruelty, corruption, over-breeding, and the use of illegal drugs.  Between 13,000 and 17,000 healthy young dogs are killed each year by the greyhound racing industry in Australia. And the industry ADMITTED this themselves. The industry has failed to reform a way to stop the constant mistreatment of these beautiful animals. This is not something you can improve by legislation; it has to be removed completely for the sake of all animals. Most racing greyhounds will die before their 5th birthday. Piglets, possums and rabbits are used as LIVE baiting. Don't believe this? Watch Four Corners: Making A Killing. You will be shocked. Greyhounds are at risk of broken legs and severe head injuries while on the track and when they are training. Some ex-racers go into breeding programs, but will usually be killed when they are just 5-6 years old. Animals Australia reported in January 2015 that WA trainer Linda Britton was suspended for 18 months after doping dogs with anabolic steroids. But she was then given the WA's Number 1 Trainer just a few days after her suspension.  Approximately 200 dogs are reported injured during races every week in Australia. Animals Australia stated that on average around 5 dogs are killed at official races each week as a result of greyhound racing. To find more information and facts, please visit these What you can do to help:Don't bet on the greyhounds at any venue or online. Sign this petition so I can send it off to the Minister of Racing and our Premier of Victoria.

Jemma C
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Australian National Health Record

National heath records will be created for all Australian by November 2018.  Recently, Australians have been advised via the media that there is an My Health Record "opt out" date announced - for those who do not wish to participate. For many Australians, this is the first time they have heard about the National My Health Record. Considering health records contain very private and personally identifiable information which could be open to abuse and hacking, it is vitally important that Australians have been communicated to and provided with all legislation and security controls around the new My Heath Record data. So far - the Government has done a poor job of this communication and has sticky taped an "opt out" mechanism for those who do not wish to take part in the scheme.  By signing this petition, you are telling the Government of Australia, the Minister for Health Mr Greg Hunt and the Australian Digital Health Agency that you want more open, partisan and multi-way discussion about the My Health Record platform and the implications of security and controls of these digital records.  Also, we want to understand precisely, the benefits of this to us - the Australian Public. Questions that need to be answered might be: 1) What gives the government the right to control my personally identifiable health records ? 2) How do I know that my records are safe and secure ?  3) Who has access to what information - and under what circumstance can my health record be accessed ? 3) Why not an "opt in" mechanism , so that Australians can understand the benefits and are comfortable with security, before they sign up for this scheme ? An opt out mechanism may leave many Australians' records open to abuse when first launched. 4) What controls are in place ? How will we know if there is any breaches of confidential information 5) What national and international penalties are in place for people, organisations or governments who may breach the conditions of use of the My Health Record systems ?  6) Provided there are adequate security and controls around the My Health Record data, what benefit is this scheme to the Australian Public ?   

Brendan Faulds
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Petitioning Hon Bridget McKenzie, Scott Morrison PM

Kill the Kill List - no more dogs dying in Council pounds

Summary: I have learned about the killing of dogs in Mildura pound for excessive barking. This is no reason to kill. 1. The law needs to change. 2. Can we repurpose greyhound industry resources for rehoming? Personal story: I am a huge supporter of animal welfare services like monika’s doggy rescue, Pound Patrol and the RSPCA. I rescued my 14 y.o Jack x Beagle called Charlie 4 years ago - he was on the Blacktown, NSW Kill List. I also know that the greyhound racing industry is dying. New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian has been sponsoring this industry to keep people gainfully employed. He’s an idea - why don’t we repurpose all the people and all the facilities from the greyhound racing industry to create dog rehoming facilities all over Australia? Surely this is a better use of taxpayer dollars then promoting a $1 million prize for greyhound races, as happened last weekend (27 October 2018). The people of Australia do not want to have greyhounds racing - this industry is dying. We also do not want dogs dying or being mistreated in council pounds (looking at you Mildura, Campbelltown and Hawkesbury). We want all local counsel pounds to be resourced and staff up-skilled  to look after dogs (cats, livestock, birds too!). The issue: There is a Kill List only because of capacity issues. We have greyhound racing facilities everywhere that have plenty of capacity. It seems fairly obvious to me what the solution is - turn our greyhound racing industry into a world-first dog rehoming industry.  1.The Excessive Barking law means dogs in pounds can be killed for being noisy.  Dogs will bark when they’re locked up, I’m sure you would be vocal if you were locked in a cage - dogs feel the same as we do. We want this law to be changed as a matter of urgency.  2. Local councils do not have the funding or the right approaches for the people employed to look after dogs properly. This petition is to ask the Australian government to consider repurposing all greyhound racing facilities and people to br re-trained into dog rehoming facilities.  Take action! Dogs will continue to be killed - simple as that. Thousands per year dumped in rubbish bags at the council tip. NO MORE! It’s 2018 - time for change! 

Kathryn Rutkowski
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STOP the mass murder of 10,000 camels in Australia

From Wednesday, 8th January 2020, professional shooters from helicopters will shoot and kill more than 10,000 camels, after an order from Aboriginal leaders in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands (AYP) region of Australia. First, these humans imported some camels in Australia, then left them in the wild to breed themselves for decades, and since the bushfires in Australia have started now, these humans needed someone on whom they can point at. Yes, they found these camels responsible for the bushfires, and these camels cannot protest for which they are held responsible. Some chief executive of carbon farming specialist said, 'one million feral camels emitting the effect of a tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, an equivalent of an additional 400,000 petrol cars on the road.' One fact I want to add is that each human being emits the equivalent of approximately 2 tonnes of  CO2 per year. So, how much CO2 do 7 billion people on earth emit? That's roughly 2.8 billion cars on road. (If each car emit 5 tonnes of CO2 each year). So, is this a valid reason to kill those camels? Absolutely not. One day when there will be nothing else for humans to kill, we will end up having killing ourself. So it can never be a valid reason to kill more than 10,000 camels. In the deadliest attack till now, i.e., 9/11 (on World Trade Centre), nearly 3000 humans died. That's tragic. Imagine how much 10,000 camels are. It's humongous. Humans have not found any other solution other than this to rectify climate control. And the authorities are thinking that killing 10,000 camels will stop the bushfires, and they will never happen again. It's stupidity.  Those camels can be relocated somewhere or can be sold to other countries, or birth control methods may be used to control the population. Has science only progressed in the warfare sector, for taking lives? Why science is not used to save lives instead? Or it is just the human lust, be it gas chambers, nuclear bombing, shooting, etc., to prove that humans are the most powerful and most superior. Superiority doesn't come via this way. It comes by showing empathy to all other creatures and growing together. Humans have evolved most advanced, not to diminish other creatures. We evolved most superiorly so that we can take care of other creatures. These camels too have a family, like us. They too want to live. They too feel pain. They too fear death. This mass murder must be stopped.   References,000_Camels

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Rural Mental Health - Don't Forget Us

Imagine you've just witnessed your 3 year old son in a horrific accident and you're on the phone with emergency services hoping they get there in time...  Imagine you've just gone to the bank to withdraw money and you have insufficient funds. You've got mouths to feed, family to support and bills to pay. Hope is fading...  Imagine you've just lost your partner. They were the breadwinner, paid all the bills and you don't know any of the passwords. Where do you turn?  Imagine the results of your test has come back and it's terminal. Who do you talk to? Where do you go to for help? Now imagine you live in rural Australia, 100kms to the closest town. A 5 hour drive to a capital city. Where is the help you desperately need? There is currently only 2 mental health psychologists per 100,000 people in regional Australia. There is an 8 month wait list to see someone. The mental health plan requires an initial visit to a GP which will cost you $74, a tank of fuel to get there and a 3 day wait just to see the GP before anything else.  The system is failing in regional Australia and this is why rural mental health needs change . What is the value of a person's life when the specialist requires a certain number of people before they warrant travelling to regional Australia to see them all? This could take months. In the interim what do they do? Where do they go to for mental health services? In regional Australia we dont need a phone call and we dont need a Skype session. We need to see someone face to face. "Meeting face-to-face is strong preventive medicine for depression." Alan Teo, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Oregon Health & Science University. Helps us bring awareness to the powers that be to make changes for rural mental health. We can't be forgotten any longer. We desperately need these services in the bush and we can't keep losing our friends.   

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