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Reopen Burnley A&E Or Increase funding for Urgent Care

Burnley A&E was closed down and the people from Burnley, Nelson,Colne, Padiham, Clitheroe, Whalley, Cliviger and Sabden now have to use Blackburn A&E. The time it takes to get to Hospital has quadrupled.  Waiting times have increased and nurses, doctors and staff are overworked.  Every day we are hearing about people who have lost loved one to mistakes made at Blackburn and the horror stories about people waiting on gurneys in corridors (some having suffered heart attacks or strokes) still not getting to see a doctor. The people of Burnley and surrounding towns deserve better. and who ever is in charge needs to find out why Burnley A&E was closed down, Where have the funds gone and what if anything can be done to either.1) Open up A&E2) Fund and improve facilities at Urgent Care to help ease the pressure at Blackburn A&E

Amjad Ali
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No More Plastic Straws in McDonalds

Plastic pollution is a growing problem in the world. By 2050 it is estimated that, by weight, there is going to be more plastic than fish in the world. And, in recent years it has also started to make its way into the food-chain. Whales are known to have eaten plastic bags, so too have Sea Turtles. Whilst, fish have succumbed to eating polyethyelene microplastics. However, in recent years a new problem has come to the attention of the public: Plastic Straws. They are known to have caused the drowning of turtles  as they get stuck in their nostrils. This is needless and inhumane. Especially when an easy alternative is already readily available worldwide. Paper straws do exactly the same, except when they have been used they biodegrade. McDonalds, one of the largest Transnational Corporations in every country is one of the front-runners in their production of plastic straws, if they can stop, why can't many others follow their lead?! When we, as a nation, signed up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals we pledged to help life under water- this could be one of the biggest steps in helping us achieve this. Please sign...#PlasticStrawsSuck 

Sam Street
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Vehicle thieves need to suffer as much as the victims do!

Too many vehicles are stolen without "Just" consequences! I propose that we change the way this is dealt with. Firstly all of the financial hardship that the victim suffers should be passed onto the one who has caused it. Nobody should have to suffer due to the actions of others Any rise in insurance premiums should be passed on to the convicted thief and paid back via forced labour where they will be able to pay back their debt and also learn valuable skills that may even reduce the chances of reoffending. If somebody steals a vehicle belonging to someone else they should be solely responsible for the replacement or repair including any recovery costs suffered. Any property in the vehicle at the time should be replaced by the offender to the full value.  Prison does not help it makes people worse. I propose that forced work with full time hours (or a heavy deduction in wages from their current employment) would be a more appropriate consequence until the victim is payed back in full. Too many people can pick out their local bike or car thief in the area. The police have lost touch with the community and need to re-establish this as in some cases they have even been contacted advising of "the local thief's" current location and cannot do anything due to "lack of resources". They have taken possession of something, that somebody else. Had to work for; and make sacrifices in their own lives! just to have it taken away? I would like to call for the UK Parliament, The Sentencing Guidelines Council and the Ministry of Justice to look into changing the way theft is treated universally and take these points into consideration for each crime committed while they revisit their procedures on this crime that has destroyed so many lives.

Martin Flowers
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Change the law as to when and to whom fireworks can be sold.

Shops and supermarkets are selling fireworks far too early. Fireworks in this country are a tradition of November 5th to celebrate guy Fawkes. Many areas of this country are experiencing fireworks as early as September continuing through to November. For people with pets, farm animals, small children and also wildlife this is very distressing. I believe that sales of fireworks for this purpose should be limited to maximum 5 days prior to the event by law. Also if fireworks are to be purchased for any other event then permission should be granted by a local council or police, and local communities informed. As a pet owner I feel very strongly on this issue, and also for parents of small children, or children with a disability who this constant barrage of fireworks affects greatly.

friends of animals
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changes for special needs children

Hi all i am from the westmidlands UK and im a mother  to a 5 year old sweet boy with complex learning difficulties, We need loads more funding and understanding for children with all different special needs. More time in mainstream schools & more teachers training on special needs kids! We need more special school opening and time spent on our children just like the rest do, im so saddened by this it breaks my heart to know our children are suffering how about in 5-10 years time the next generation of children are going to suffer immensly due to this something has to be done NOW. Nevermind trying to pass our children off as naughty or cant be bothered to teach them so they end up in limbo like a pru with no formal education again due to no special school placement for children with no formal diagnosis, i am a mother of a special 5 year old boy whos going through hell with himself trying to get him where he needs to be! Like many others we need extra funding in order for our children to get the education they all deserve. Its been going on too long now something needs to be done i want to get as many signatures as i can to forward to the SEN department and above goverment for there understanding that us as parents simply cant keep going through hell all at the mercy of endless paperwork. We need them to listen to us parents as we know what's best for OUR CHILDREN not them! We need more special schools opening and training as theres a big rise in new cases and nowhere to place our children, please help by signing lets get our childrens voices heard Thankyou

sarah brownhill
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Stop Scotland having another referendum against the will of the majority

Sturgeon will not accept the majority of voters in Scotland wish to stay part of the U.K. Help stop us being dragged against the will of the majority into another referendum. We voted 55% to 45% to remain in the UK. The debate is settled. It was a once in a lifetime referendum.

Chloe Davies
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To hold a snap election we want to choose our own leader

We the leave campaigners have no confidence in Theresa may taking this country forward this is what we are entitled to and may is not the person to do this she has to many irresponsible decisions in her recent role and this will not sit we'll! With the leave campaigners it will cause riots we need someone we can trust and the only way we can have that is for a fair election

Jean Simons
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Get my disability needs children home

My 3 kids have different disability needs and they were taken from me in may this year and I have seen cuts bruises black eye on my kids they stop my husband's​ from seeing out middle child  I have to listen to my kids cry saying that they want to come home with me it because I have a disability needs myself and the social worker used it against me in court to win the case against me I know how to be a good mum and look after my kids with their own disability my youngest son has he been moved 5 times he has not been able to settle down this is why I need everyone to help me with this and get my kids back home sw has lied about us he bullied used threaten behaviour to me ,my husband and my middle son has wet himself because he was so scared of the sw and the sw said​when my kids say they want to come home it because they want me to be happy bullshit i am their mum and i know how much my kids wants to come home with me and their dad

Michelle Bottley
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Parole hearings for IPP prisoners who are over tariff!

To start the process of giving those inmates who are over tarriff by 2years to have an automatic review to loom at release. There are numerous cases of people getting 1year in prison for a minor offence and still being in prison 5years later. We need these people to be assessed as most of them would have been rehabilitated. They release so many other people who are dangerous why not give some of these shoplifters or arsonists or fighters a second chance

Ash Ealson
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