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Petition to Purdue College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University
We, the members of the Purdue University Creative Writing Program, are asking for your help in preventing the inevitable destruction of the Creative Writing program, both graduate and undergraduate survival of Purdue’s Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing, one of the top fully-funded College of Liberal Arts and the Dean's enforced moratorium on graduate admissions to the Creative WritingRead more

Katie McMorrisWest Lafayette, IN, United States
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Created Dec 10, 2021
Petition to Sec. Leonor Briones, Comm. Virgilio Almario, President Rodrigo Duterte
Chairman, Virgilio Almario, is intent on promoting a unified, standardized orthography (writing system writing systems from above, and even to use divisive politics in each ethnic region to achieve writing systems of Philippine languages which have already been developed by the native speakers currently making efforts to develop their writing systems, and protection from intervention by outside Philippine languages to take and maintain the lead in developing their own writing systems where noneRead more

J. RamSan Pedro, Philippines
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Created Jun 29, 2018
Petition to Keir Starmer MP, Cherylin Mackrory MP, Scott mann, oliver dowden
The media has been allowed free reign when it comes to reporting deaths for hundreds of years. This is due to our democratic government and the freedom of press, which entails that communication and expression though various media outlets should be considered a right to be exercised freely. A recent example of where this has caused damage is the way the press reported on Caroline Flacks death. They did this in such an intrusive and critical way that Keir Starmer amongst other politicians condemned the way the media wrote about her. Sadly this condemnation did not follow through to reports written for people out of the public eye. Insensitive articles the same as these are still published meaning the press can still cause unnecessary trauma for families and friends of the deceased, who are already dealing with a great deal of stress and grief.  The guidelines set for journalists when reporting on bereavements, in particular suicide should be touched upon and changed by the government. As of now there are  guidelines in place to tell journalists what to do when reporting on suicide respectfully including; avoiding listing the method of which was used to prevent other people using this same method, avoiding excessive amounts of detailed coverage on the death, avoiding dramatic headlines and to avoid speculation of the trigger causing the death. Regardless these guidelines are not being followed correctly. Suicide is a different type of grief to deal with, with guilt and blame being major differentiating factors from other reasons of death. This should mean that journalists show more respect towards families, friends and victims during these difficult times. This sadly isn’t the case with many reports being publicised fabricating the truth and pointing blame towards the families, loved ones and even the victims themselves which causes massive destruction.   Freedom of speech is a right. However suicide is one of the biggest public health issues this country faces. It should be addressed by the media in a way to raise awareness of charities and resources created to help people in that frame of mind and to pay respects to the deceased and their families. It should not be used to dishonour the deceased or those close to them in any way. The guidelines which are already in place should be turned into law to force journalists to show sensitivity towards people in a state of grief after losing a loved one. My passion for this force of change has come from my recent loss of a loved one and the way the press covered her death. The press’ lack of sensitivity, privacy and factual detail has left her family and loved ones in a state of distress and disbelief. The Daily Mail completely incriminated my friend Martha Jarvis and her boyfriend Redley Flowerdew using fallacious information. Journalists doing this to these already vulnerable people is a sure way of deteriorating the mental health of those left behind. Whilst showing no respect or consideration for the deceased or the people left behind at a time when they so urgently need and deserve it. Something needs to change before more lives are lost, no one should have to go through this encroachment especially in a time which is already so difficult.  I have attached a link to the daily mail article to show to you how impertinent and indecorous it was.  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9223885/Cornwall-woman-18-tormented-jealously-fears-boyfriend-hanged-herself.html  Read more

tallulah poustiepadstow, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 10, 2021
Petition to Nursing and midwifery Council
As of the beginning of December 2018, the NMC decided to decrease the IELTS writing score for contacted me, Swoosh English and OET World to ask why the OET writing exam hadn’t followed suit in the overriding feeling was that it was totally unfair that a 6.5 in IELTS writing was now accepted but a C+ in OET writing wasn’t. When asked the question ‘Should OET writing be decreased to C+, more than 99% of protection but a C+ in OET writing is equivalent to 6.5 in IELTS writing. Decreasing OET writing to CRead more

Febin CyriacAberdeen, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 20, 2019
Petition to University of Wyoming, UWYO Board of Trustees, President Ed Seidel
comments and stories directed to progrevw@uwyo.edu: We, the students of the MFA in Creative Writing University of Wyoming is considering eliminating the MFA in Creative Writing in the next fiscal year. We reverberates throughout the writing community as we worry for the positions of our beloved faculty and Wyoming MFA in Creative Writing attracts, on average, 200 applicants every year. This is the highest Writing Program. Students and alumni from the program are also published in The New Yorker, The AtlanticRead more

Birch MalotkyUnited States
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Created Nov 9, 2020
Petition to Headmaster of Cats College and Program Directors
room, when there are students writing exams in their rooms or in their hometowns. FurthermoreRead more

Виолетта УдовеняMogilev, Беларусь
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Created Apr 14, 2021
Petition to ABC
directed at ABC Network and the request is to please hire a better writing staff for General HospitalRead more

H VUnited States
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Created Sep 28, 2020
Petition to UNIVERSITIES, Schools, Colleges
applicants to submit at least one private job. Knowledge is fundamentally important, writing an essay, especially in the humanities. There are also limited deadlines for writing a work as part of the getting into the college of their choice. Because, first of all, the writing of this kind of learning to write short stories in addition to writing descriptive essays, students can be betterRead more

Roxie MichaelУкраина
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Created Aug 6, 2020
Petition to Students, Bloggers, people
How to present good counter arguments in essays When you write an academic essay, you make an argument: you propose a thesis and offer some reasoning, using evidence, that suggests why the thesis is true. When you counter-argue, you think about a workable contention against your proposal alternately a portion angle about your thinking. This will be a great manner will test your thoughts The point when drafting, same time you still bring time to update them. What's more in the completed essay, it camwood a chance to be a convincing What's more (in both faculties of the word) incapacitating strategy. It permits you on suspect doubts Furthermore pre-empt protests that An distrustful onlooker might have; it displays you Likewise those sort of representative who weighs plan B in the recent past contending to one, who confronts challenges opposed to clearing them under those rug, who will be additional intrigued by finding the truth over winning purpose. How to write the introduction? Many people believe that introduction will be a standout amongst significant parts of the exposition – your topical if a chance to be well-considered and clear. Despite the fact that scholar need to utilize contradicting contention. Your unique postulation must backing your position. Make the primary sentence of your essay; after that you will start composing the contentious and only those fill in you need aid provided for. What is next? After you wrote your thesis part, begin thinking about the statements which can show that your opinion matters. Remember, discovering the truth is your main goal. Try to create reasonable long and argumentative statements, think how you can express your thoughts in persuasive manner – any weak argument can derail job you did. Use counter argument to support your position It might have been specified that article could show up smarter In you utilization side the contention. Assuming that you don’t exhibit restricting viewpoints, article will make powerless. Person might start sentence utilizing such expressions Concerning illustration “one might potentially argue”, “however, it will be noticed/mentioned/said/claimed/argued that”, and so on – it will be not convoluted. Attempt not on make these asserts gaze foolish– you must deference inverse assumption. Scholar ought not to promptly arrange statement: attempt to figure out the reason numerous individuals may contend that your first position might have been bad. Show spectator that you took under account at parts about problem, reasons the reason individuals accept to two distinctive positions. Verify that you heartless polite, regardless Assuming that they are bad. The point when particular case puts stock your perspective for view, it will be convoluted for him alternately her should be objective, you ought to attempt will do your best Furthermore get most elevated mark. How can I rebut it? You have to show that point is faulty. Try to find out and describe why they are fault, analyze facts, values, and moral aspect – anything which helps you to prove that opponent is wrong. Remember, counter argument can strengthen your position if rebutted in valid, proper manner. Wrong fact. Use data from academic sources to show that opponent’s claim is not fact, but faulty hypothesis. Disputable analytical statement. You need to prove that analysis in opposite claim is unreliable and questionable analyzing it by yourself. Faulty moral and other values. Counter arguments can rely on disputable values, try to use these mistakes to prove that you were rightful, polite and thoughful, and they were wrong. Irrelevant, even if true. Claim may be partially true, you have to confirm that the argument makes sense, but contains a faulty statement. Reasonable doubts. When particular case start dissecting counter contention one, he or she might believe that it resonances Indeed going more dependable over as much identity or cases. In this circumstances scholar doesn't must relinquish as much position, Be that as change it. Remember, this is best approach on prosperity. You if aggravate by any means profound analysis, you camwood change a portion parts about exposition Furthermore actually proposal same time composing Furthermore speculation of the issue. You ought make calm, unprejudiced, aggravate individuals accept specified position. There need aid no doubts showing up towards the end for fill in.   Source: https://argumentpaper.com/how-to-present-good-counter-arguments-in-essays/Read more

N AПольша
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Created Nov 19, 2017
Petition to U.S. House of Representatives
I have cerebral palsy that causes muscle and speech spasms that make me stutter severely. Without medical marijuana, I can barely speak and simply would not be able to be the mother I am to my four children.  Out of fear of arrest and that my children would be taken away from me because I used medical marijuana, I moved from Missouri to California. But even though medical marijuana is legal in California, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) still uses your tax dollars to arrest patients like me and our providers.  That's why Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Rand Paul (R-KY) have just introduced a bipartisan bill that would prevent the DEA from spending tax dollars raiding and arresting medical marijuana patients in states where it’s legal. The House approved a similar measure on May 29th so now we need the Senate to take action! They could vote any day.  Not only will this bill help protect patients with serious diseases like cancer, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and many others, it will save a significant amount of tax dollars that the DEA would waste to go after people who are using marijuana for medical purposes.  Please join me in telling your Senator to support the Paul/Booker Medical Marijuana Amendment so that patients like me can live without fear of being arrested.  Read more

Jacqueline Pattersonbolinas, CA, United States
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Created Jun 19, 2014
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