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Petition to Humza Yousaf
uncommon occurrence. Having a defibrillator at his workplace could have saved David's Life.  My aim in please take the time to sign this petition so others have the greatest chance of survival if suffering a cardiac arrest in the workplace. John AirdRead more

John AirdTranent, SCT, United Kingdom
67,554 supporters
Created June 28, 2021
Petition to Professional Teachers, Teachers
A teacher let her learner sit outside their classroom because of a certain situation that a child didn't comply and she (the teacher) believed that the child should learn a lesson. Days passed after the incident, the family of the child went to a certain TV personality and in the program when the latter was anchoring, they narrated the incident particularly about the situation and even talked to the teacher whom they are complaining. The teacher stated the event and defended her side and even asked for an apology to the grandmother but the family refused to forgive the teacher. Thereafter, the grandmother of the learner did not accept the teacher's sorry and was even harder when her child along with her husband came into the scene. They uttered their side as well and that they wanted the teacher to be eliminated and render resignation as soon as possible because they believed that the teacher should now rest at her home and stop teaching anymore, worst is, they even proposed for the license removal of the teacher. The TV personality then said something that humiliates the teacher. Saddest part is that, the said Tv personality didn't even ask responsible agencies based on the occurence and that the decision was made from his orders only. Netizens are now reacting and majority on the side of the teacher. A video is available on YouTube and gaining more dislikes compared to the usual numerous likes he get from his program.Read more

Rye MaxPhilippines
135,400 supporters
Created November 21, 2019
Petition to Mike Hhogan
of the worst workplace bullying and discrimination. She sacrificed so much to provide what we harassment as no one should be judged on there sexuality in the workplace environment or anywhere. So, myRead more

Jacob VanderVeldeMililani, HI, United States
774 supporters
Created April 11, 2018
Petition to Boris Johnson PM
workplace which has now resulted in three other accusations being disclosed when Ms Patel was working in different departments; is it not time to take the whole case of bullying in the workplace seriously into nice individuals?  They do not.  They turn into workplace bullies who damage other peoples lives harassment in the workplace is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010.  It should be made illegal, andRead more

Maddy PennockClevelode, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 4, 2020
Petition to President of the United States
) Americans by signing an executive order to ban federal contractors from engaging in anti-LGBT workplaceRead more

Tico AlmeidaWashington, DC, United States
188,880 supporters
Created February 7, 2012
Petition to 三菱UFJモルガン・スタンレー
English/French/ português/Chinese/Spanish/Deutsch 三菱UFJモルガン・スタンレー証券で、特命部長として日本で30年以上働いてきたグレン・ウッドさんは現在パタハラと闘っています。2015年に息子が早産で生まれ、母親と子どもの命を守るために育児休業の取得を申請しましたが、「母子手帳がない」などの理由で、会社になんども取得を断られました。 その後、3カ月間の育休を取得することはできましたが、復職後は職場で干されてしまいました。グレンさんはそれまでの数年間で会社に何十億もの売上に貢献していました。一生けんめい仕事に打ち込み、社内での評価も高かったのに、従来から任されていた仕事も取り上げられてしまったのです。 職場で仕事をとりあげられたグレンさんはうつ病になり、休職しました。その後、2018年に会社から解雇されました。現在、同社をパタハラ被害で訴え、裁判をしている最中です。 日本の会社では、パワハラ、マタハラ、パタハラなどさまざまな「ハラスメント(不当な扱い)」が存在しています。グレンさんがそれまで積み上げてきたキャリアを失ったのは「育休を取得した」からです。男性の育休取得をきっかけにしたハラスメントはパタハラと呼ばれ、決して許容できるものではありません。 グレンさんのような事例は、きっと氷山の一角でしょう。この署名で三菱UFJモルガン・スタンレー証券には、まずは社内のハラスメントを撲滅するよう求めますが、日本にはもっとたくさんパタハラ被害を受けた人がいると思います。そうした方々のためにも、職場でのパタハラ、そしてあらゆるハラスメントの根絶を目指す活動に賛同をお願いします。Read more

David RussellTokyo, Japan
31,409 supporters
Created July 2, 2019
Petition to Holly Florang
WARREN BUFFETT’S SEE’S CANDIES STILL ALLOWS HARASSMENT. All of you know my Love for See’s Candies. I have worked there for 11 years. I am 6 1/2 months Pregnant & On May 8th 2018 my District Manager told me to go into the bathroom. He had me stand in front of this mirror turn around and read the dress code to him out loud. He told me for the next 10 to 15 minutes that I don’t look appropriate to be working at See’s Candies. I reached out to the company and have actually been treated equally as bad. The higher I go the worse it gets. I have been without this job for a month. It has been one of the most stressful situations & months of my life and I’m worried about this little Babe. Please Help me share this so this type of Harassment will stop.Read more

Kristen SeiboldSan Antonio, TX, United States
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Created June 10, 2018
Petition to Ministry of Labor and Employment
India is growing at a rapid pace. The workforce is aligned to achieve the goals set by the corporate houses. Average working is 9 hours a day and It takes average 1.5 hours to commute which takes away roughly half of the 24 hours and then taking calls from home is also a common practice. I have seen the corporate parks having the capacity of 10000 + workforce without a single gym or fitness centre. These buildings are operating round the clock where employees often overstay. This work style is attracting numerous diseases which is alarming. My petition is about work and health balance. I request the Hon'ble Ministry of Labor and Employment in India to draft and implement the policy to add up the space and time for fitness. There are ways to make it feasible. A company can introduce the cost to fitness in the overall CTC. This will give flexibility to employees to exercise whenever they have time. Govt should enforce all the registered business entities to avail the flexible fitness options within the same building from they operate. Let's do it for us and our future generations.Read more

Sudhir DwivediIndia
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Created May 19, 2019
Petition to Kirklees Council, Neu
Parent, grandparents, community leaders and carers understand that longstanding PE Teacher Louise Lewis who has taught pupils across the local community for over 10 years has been suspended. We demand both an explanation for these actions and her readmission to school pending an independent investigation into the case and school's action - North Huddersfield Trust School.  SAY NO TO WORK PLACE BULLYINGRead more

Peter HoyleHuddersfield, ENG, United Kingdom
1,176 supporters
Created November 26, 2020
Workplace inequality affects citizens every single day. Sexism and racism, taking forms ofRead more

Louisa SArlington, MA, United States
182 supporters
Created June 6, 2022
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