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Petition to Instagram
are being erased and deplatformed. Particularly during a global pandemic that forced many people to. Instagram users who share content featuring some form of nudity - whether that’s through sex work, art, fitness or education - are concerned that they are being unfairly targeted while celebrities are other platforms such as OnlyFans - do not facilitate sexual encounters. They are merely self-expression during the pandemic, to educate young people and to allow self-expression.  Signed  Carolina AreRead more

Carolina AreLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
122,755 supporters
Created Nov 30, 2020
petition to help all those Ukrainian people in the UK, (who are either now British citizens or UKIt is a terrifying moment for people across the world! My wife (who was born in Ukraine with immediate family there), and I, are extremely shocked, saddened and worried about the devastating and the situation is escalating quickly. Cyber attacks are stopping people getting access to money, electricity is being cut, and deadly weapons are being used. It is a terrible situation. This is aRead more

Ben FarrinUnited Kingdom
223,684 supporters
Created Feb 24, 2022
Petition to PM Narendra Modi
prostitution. But what makes me angry is that there are men in the country who go to brothels and seek sex this horrific crime and save lakhs of children across the country who are being sexually exploitedMen are paying money to have sex with children. It is happening across the country, in big cities and small towns. These young children are repeatedly sexually assaulted and this serial rape of go missing every hour. 3-4 month old babies are being kidnapped and trafficked, and raised byRead more

Rajeev ChandrasekharBangalore, KA, India
233,030 supporters
Created Oct 12, 2017
Petition to Department of Homeland Security
forward, are now being deported.  A few weeks ago, six women who alleged abuse from the doctor were deported. The remaining women who courageously came forward, are now facing the same imminent threat forms. In response to the allegations, public support was joined with the support of lawmakers, who Justice Department, and the DHS inspector general’s office, however, the women who have bravely come. These women are vital witnesses and evidence to the investigation, and we cannot allow ICE or DrRead more

Lindsay A.Chicago, IL, United States
56,654 supporters
Created Dec 10, 2020
Petition to Government of Karnataka.
college in Udupi has stopped Muslim girl's from attending their classes because they are practising there 1st thing to be noted is being a government college they are violating the constitution, which is together are being separated and becoming rude to each other by these kind of small activities which if 3rd thing is the innocent students are being deprived of there basic requirement which is Education. Due to others mistakes the innocent are suffering, this according to Indian constitution and lawRead more

Mohammed SadiqBengaluru, India
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Created Feb 3, 2022
was SA her. They took justice for their nine year old sister, and are now facing capital murder. Texas are currently being held at Hidalgo county, Edinburg Texas. Read more

Lizzet LopezChicago, IL, United States
714,059 supporters
Created Jan 25, 2022
Petition to Matteo Salvini, United Nations, Council of the European Union
those who are responsible for this situation will get away without punishment. It is the EU's been aboard rescue boats five times, treating the torture wounds of people who had just escaped from proceedings. Because ultimately it should not be about us, but about the people on seeking refuge. They are being denied help. But we will stop that. We are more! With this petition we send an appeal to Italy'sRead more

Lea & Iuventa10Deutschland
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Created Jun 12, 2019
Petition to Boris Johnson
and even after shielding officially ended we were advised to live 'extremely cautiously'. We are CEV and those who provide them support. As a sibling carer I need to know any friends I meet with have a clear LFT. Please don't shut us away again. We are unseen and isolated.  Dan has support workers wear a mask. It is irresponsible for the Government to forget about those who have been hit hardestRead more

Sarah WalkerNorthwich, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 22, 2022
Petition to President of United States, United Nations, European Council, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Council of the European Union, European Court of Human Rights
imprisoned my father, threatened my family, and put in prison everyone who got in touch with me. Death don't know the story of Berk, the 12-year old who couldn't take it any longer and died of cancer the dire circumstances. You don't know Gokhan, the teacher who was tortured to death, and in an know Ahmet Altan, 69, one of the best-selling authors in Turkey whose novels are published in dozens of countries, including the United States, who is sentenced to life for criticizing the governmentRead more

Enes KanterBoston, MA, United States
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Created Nov 8, 2019
Petition to Attorney General Barr
who are at higher risk with underlying issues are becoming sick and there is a lack of healthcare that they are able to receive in these facilities. Michelle is suffering as her health is NOT at all in, sleep apnea which requires a CPAP machine, heart problems and anemia. The odds are stacked up against expressed the overwhelming concern that needs the attention of the world to know that people are suffering and dying and there is no help in sight and people are feeling hopeless. She says her faith isRead more

Tiara FieldsUnited States
26,419 supporters
Created Apr 10, 2020
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