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Petition to Slough Council, James Swindlehurst
Simon Dudley's proposed economic cleanse in preparation of Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle will need SHOC and other local facilities to care for them. As a wedding present for Harry and Meghan and being the perfect wedding present for a cool couple. Let's face it, what else can we give them? They must have enough toasters. Sign the wedding card to show your support and to get SHOC and Slough'sRead more

Russell BrandUnited Kingdom
157,061 supporters
Created Jan 18, 2018
Petition to Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander
visa to visit Canada, so she won’t be able to come to our wedding, and we are heartbroken. My motherRead more

Doaa Mohamedvancouver, Canada
19,628 supporters
Created Jul 7, 2015
Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Joseph P. Addabbo Jr, Frederick Akshar, George A. Amedore, Jr., Alessandra Biaggi, Phillip M. Boyle, John E. Brooks, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Charles E. Schumer...
As the fall season approaches, wedding venues and vendors, cannot afford to lose another season with no wedding business. With 12 million event industry workers currently unemployed, our government officials must recognize the need to reopen the wedding industry in compliance with government you are a business owner in New York State, who operates in the wedding industry, you are impacted by the state’s current 50% occupancy limitations. Reopen New York Wedding Venues supports bringingRead more

Lauren GrechUnited States
8,626 supporters
Created Sep 9, 2020
Petition to Shoalhaven Council
drawing cards to the area for tourism is The Wedding Industry. Over the past 15yrs the industry has CALENDAR YEAR for these venues as it will have a huge impact on the wedding and tourist industry in the attending weddings.  DON'T LET THIS SLIDE - if you know of any Shoalhaven businesses from shops to wedding Wedding Industry are invited to attend a meeting held by the council at The Shoalhaven Council Chambers on Monday, 11th November, 2019 at 5.30pm.   Read more

Cath PhilpottBerry, Australia
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Created Nov 10, 2019
Petition to The State of Alabama
this problem by replacing the Alabama state flag with a glorious image of Mr Ratburn's gay wedding, soRead more

Alex HirschLos Angeles, CA, United States
29,936 supporters
Created May 21, 2019
Petition to Fans/Supporters
demanding a Wedding Special, and we just might get that. Help us convince Mona Scott & Vh1 to televise the wedding of the millennium as our favorite couple Jessica & Shawne get married. PleaseRead more

Robert LeviBlack / African descent, TX, United States
1,298 supporters
Created Sep 19, 2017
Petition to Boris Johnson
are being told to have a wedding service and then cut the celebrations short by everyone going home. The rules contradict themselves here, as then the wedding party could go to a restaurant or a pub there too.  Arguably, it would be a lot safer to attend a wedding reception with friends and family different to hosting a wedding, providing safety guidelines are followed? Restaurants are allowed to open, yet wedding caterers are not allowed to host a meal. Further still, studies have shown, ifRead more

Jayde GlavocihHuntington, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 24, 2020
Petition to COGTA AND THE MINISTERS OF NCCC, Wedding Venues, Wedding Vendors, Restaurants, Photographers, Make
the total collapse of the Wedding Industry in South Africa which contributes massively to the GDP out of business by the time of their rescheduled wedding date. This will almost certainly lead toRead more

Tracy BranfordCape Town, South Africa
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Created Apr 29, 2020
Petition to Government, Boris Johnson
I want to make a petition about wedding receptions, I believe that if pubs and restaurants are allowed to re open with new rules then wedding receptions should go ahead. People can stay in there bubbles and write down contact information. I believe that you should be able to enjoy your wedding day wedding reception. If needs be there could be a rule put in place for all guests to have a test 48hours bubbles. I strongly believe that wedding receptions should be allowed after all this is the biggest DayRead more

Charlotte SmithHalifax, United Kingdom
244 supporters
Created Jul 3, 2020
Petition to Any Wedding Venue or Vendor not able to provide services during the COVID-19 Pandemic
the United States for eight weeks, or until mid-May. Most Wedding Venues and Vendors don't offer many couples being forced to cancel or postpone their wedding, it is not ethical for vendors and venues year. Wedding Venues & Vendors, (who have not provided any service thus far), should offer refunds in addition to postponements for couples whose original wedding date was not able to happen due "fairly earned revenue" of wedding venues & vendors; but simply to bring justice for those who haveRead more

Katie LazarSacramento, United States
11,486 supporters
Created Mar 22, 2020
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