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Petition to Donald Trump, Dylan Ross, Environmental Protection Agency
down its webpage about climate change, in one of its numerous acts to resist the inconvenient truth of environmental turmoil.  This webpage was an informative guide for citizens about the science imposing climate change denial on their constituents. We deserve to know the science about our own climate. Restore the EPA's webpage on climate change now.  Read more

T GAlabama, United States
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Created Jan 25, 2017
Petition to https://www.facebook.com/patricia.houston.370 , https://www.facebook.com/marionp.candles?fref=ts , https://www.facebook.com/groups/whitneywarriors/?fref=ts
and we think that she deserves a better official webpage on the Internet. During years we have seen working or updating Whitney's webpage since her tragic and unexpected passing. We, as devoted Whitney Houston's fans, request an extreme makeover of the entire official webpage, in order to captivateRead more

Carlos Sebastián Vera ÁlvarezConcepción, Chile
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Created Jun 1, 2016
removed from the Unresolved Cases section in the Worcester Police Department webpage. This does notRead more

Rosa JimenezUnited States
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Created Feb 12, 2023
Petition to Vice Chancellor of ANU Brian Schmidt
University’s Programs and Courses webpage. I started my postgraduate degree expecting internships andRead more

Olivia PereiraFadden, Australia
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Created May 27, 2023
Petition to Oregon School, Oregon School District
The Oregon School District webpage is about 132% worse without Brayden Fry and his winning smileRead more

Evan BurmeisterUnited States
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Created Dec 18, 2018
Petition to Dr. Julio D. Maglione
Elham Asghari is an Iranian swimmer who began swimming at the age of five. She holds several national open-water swimming records. Elham swims wearing a full-body swimsuit she designed that fully adheres to Iran’s Islamic dress code for women. She says the suit hinders her performance and causes her pain, adding a hefty six kilograms to her weight in water. Still she wears it in order to pursue her lifelong dream of being an open-water swimmer. Achieving that dream has not been without its challenges for Elham. In Iran women are only allowed to swim in gender-segregated pools and are banned from participating in international swimming competitions. During a previous open-water record-attempt, Iranian police chased Elham in a boat in order to stop her from swimming. The propellers on the police boat sliced her legs and hip. Elham broke her previous 20km open-water record, in June of 2013, by completing a swim in the Caspian Sea in just over eight hours. She swam in a private, women-only beach to avoid another run in with the police. Yet, Iranian officials have refused to recognize her record, stating that her swimming costume, which she had worn when setting her previous records, was illegal because “the feminine characteristics of her body were visible when she came out of the water.” As an Iranian-American woman living in the United States, I feel it is my duty to raise the publics’ awareness on the issue at hand. I’m asking the International Swimming Federation (FINA) to require the Iranian Swimming Federation to register the record Elham Asghari rightfully earned. Elham Asghari is a talented, accomplished athlete who has worked tirelessly as an open-water swimmer. She continues to face obstacles and challenges that most athletes would never have to deal with on a daily basis. Like any other athlete she deserves to be recognized for her accomplishments. Please join me in asking FINA to help get Elham’s record recognized.Read more

Yassmin ManauchehriNewport Coast, CA, United States
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Created Aug 3, 2013
Petition to Josh Shapiro
contact him include: Webpage: https://www.attorneygeneral.gov/contact/ Email: info@joshshapiro.orgRead more

Ellen WatchUnited States
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Created Mar 15, 2019
and for all. For more info: Instagram Facebook Webpage Íslenska:   Í nýútkominni skýrslu MASTRead more

Hvalavinir Stop whaling in IcelandReykjavík, Iceland
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Created May 10, 2023
Petition to home office, Priti Patel
are interested in Bhavani's work visit her webpage: https://www.theonlybe.com. You can also donateRead more

Martin ManglerLondon, United Kingdom
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Created May 13, 2019
Petition to California State Senate, California State Assembly, Californians
publicly viewable at this webpage [Link]. We strongly urge you to vote No on this bill! To understandRead more

Chunhua LiaoDublin, CA, United States
143,008 supporters
Created Mar 16, 2020
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