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Petition to Albert Fritz WC Minister: Community Safety
The Western Cape Government must add Community Police Forum (CPF) and the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) to the list of Essential Service. The CPF in normal circumstances is the essential link between Saps and the community , they are constituted to improve communication between the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the community, to promote transparency, and to foster joint problem-solving and co-operation with a view to improving service delivery by the SAPS , to help combat crime and inforce the lock down rules as pre scribed . In conjunction with the CPF, all NHW must be re called and permitted to operate under the Lock down rule. The CPF will guide and co ordinate all NHW members. There Essential Service will help to clamp down on the influx of crime, promote safety and security of all neighbourhoods and give SAPS and Security Services more time to help in the hot spot areas. The NHW will include the following rules to their patrols. 1. All NHW's will be guided and in communication with their CPF. 2. The NHW will only patrol in their registered areas. 3. Each NHW patroller will patrol with the 1.5 meters apart. 4. Each NHW patroller will wear the necessary safety equipment.Please sign up to our petition to add the CPF and combined NHW as an Essential Service to help threw these uncertain times.Read more

Donovan GultigSouth Africa
70,587 supporters
Created April 2, 2020
My daughter wears a watch to school that is connected to my phone so I know where she is at all times, it has no screen, it doesn't make noise, it doesn't text and she can only call me. She got this watch after being lost 3 times, once she was on a different bus, once she went to the wrong bus stop and once she walked across the street to the car wash and another parent found her. After having this for 2 years with no issues whatsoever her new superintendent and new principal won't allow her to wear it, for absolutely no reason other than we're taking a stance on social media. A GPS watch is NOT social media, she doesn't even have social media in any form. Maybe if enough parents support this petition we can change things at Claymont schools. Parents should be allowed to know where their kids are!  The school board email is schoolboard@claymontschools.org if you want to contact the members as well! Thanks for your support. Read more

Jemma HarigUhrichsville, OH, United States
358 supporters
Created October 3, 2018
Petition to Prime Minister of India , Shri Narendra Modi
Dear People of India, HMT watches has been a ornament for every wrist for almost last 50 years. It very long running watch segment. Unfortunately our Government has decided to shut down HMT watchesRead more

Adhiraaj GhoshIndia
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Created March 20, 2017
Petition to Kzn Government
NHW will only patrol in their registered areas. 3. Neighborhood watches and CPF patrollers will notRead more

8,825 supporters
Created April 5, 2020
Petition to Mark Zuckerberg
I had recently purchased two watches for my little brother and I from https://lorettiwatches.com/ . The watches were supposedly “tracked” yet I received no notifications at all. Then they arrived. One of the watches was the incorrect watch, the other the strap was not attached to the body, with no watch. In which I was swiftly blocked. Many of my friends also spoke out about their watches andRead more

Josh TatemGosport, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 10, 2017
Petition to Christopher R. Becker
"A Grand Rapids police officer's job is hanging in the balance after video surfaced of him repeatedly punching a man during a March traffic stop.Grand Rapids Police Department officials announced Tuesday that Drew Rau has been moved from paid leave to unpaid suspension after Internal Affairs found he violated policies.In video of the March 17 stop, Rau and other officers can be seen pulling Bronquel Brown out of his car when he disobeyed orders to exit the vehicle. Officers used a Taser and pepper spray. Rau is seen punching Brown nearly 30 times. He is also heard using profanity.In the GRPD body camera footage 24 Hour News 8 obtained, Brown can be heard yelling "I'm not doing nothing" as Rau continues throwing punches.GRPD officials say Rau violated several policies. The Kent County prosecutor reviewed the case but no charges were filed." Kent County Commissioner Robert S.Womack stated: "The prosecutor did not charge the police officer for hitting this man over 21 times while he's being held down. Prosecutor did not prosecute that police officer for that, but I guarantee this young man is probably going to be prosecuted for being afraid of getting out of the car" "Brown still faces a felony charge of resisting and obstructing officers." "Womack said Brown's young son was in the back seat during the nightmare that unfolded: When you got a 6-year-old son in the backseat and you're telling an officer, 'Hey I got my son in the backseat' and he's only responding with profanity ... a lot of people say follow instructions, but when someone's yelling at you using profanity it's very hard to understand those instructions and exactly what they mean," Womack said. "You could tell somebody the nicest thing in the world but if you put F-bombs in there, how serious are you about this? Some of these officers that commit these heinous crimes -- and they are crimes whether he gets charged or not; I believe that he should've been charged -- those that commit these crimes are now knowing that the police department will not be able to stand up for them," he said. -Originally posted by WOODTV8  Article link:https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/-he-s-a-bad-cop-commissioner-wants-officer-fired/2053359079Read more

Zoe GibsonGrand Rapids, MI, United States
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Created June 5, 2019
Petition to Pebble
The past timeline had many uses, but in OS 4.0 they removed it. Some uses were:  1) Quickly viewing missed calls 2) Storing timestamp information (app, "Timestamp") 3) Checking on recent news events 4) Checking on game scores of a game which just ended 5) Keeping an automated log of events which happened (such as during testing at work) 6) Quickly checking on meetings you may have missed 7) Checking on Sunrise time 8) Server outage notifications 9) Daily server stats pin 10) Purchase notifications 11) Seeing which "Habits" I've missed and need to complete 12) Seeing when my Smart Alarm went off 13) Checking notifications from other apps 14) Checking notes left to yourself ("Note To Self") 15) Use with the app "Timeline Tag" 16) Use with the app "8-A-Day" 17) Use with the app "The Day Today" 18) Use with the app "Feed My Timeline" 19) Use with the app "The Day today" 20) Use with the apps "Boopy" and "Watchie-Talkie" 21) Without the past, there's no place to see "all day" calendar entries! 22) Dropping GPS pins with "Get Back To" From https://mischievous.us/wiki/pages/f4r8h5f/Pebble_past_timeline_uses.html  And many others. Please sign to bring the timeline backRead more

Anthony FCalifornia, United States
270 supporters
Created August 30, 2016
Petition to Chat
We need TWD98 to watch the clip of him on Maple Treeway having afk Daisy hit the boost panel and the mushroom.Read more

Combos Is BotChicago, IL, United States
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Created June 17, 2019
Petition to Community
patrol once again.  Neighbourhood watches have proven to decrease crime and deter unwanted persons also a key player to keeping the suburbs safe. Neighbourhood watches work closely with them too and this allows effective crime control.  Let our neighbourhood watches and patrollers keep us and ourRead more

Nicole MascisPort elizabeth, South Africa
180 supporters
Created April 28, 2020
Teachers are giving out strikes if they see someone with a apple watch. School mode or not and it is not fair that they do not trust us.Read more

Caroline HandyFayetteville, GA, United States
14 supporters
Created March 31, 2022
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