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Petition to World Leaders, United States Department of Health and Human Services
viruses. The presence of "wet markets" facilitates this cross-species viral development creating viruses that are then passed on to humans; The Asian Flu, SARS, H7N9, and COVID-19 are just a fewRead more

Luciano VirgilioOakland, CA, United States
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Created Apr 14, 2020
Petition to United Nations Security Council
Governments allow the creation of viruses. It may be due to my own ignorance, but I can't think of results to consider. One of which would be weaponization of viruses which we know is allowed. Indeed mother nursed each and every one of her children through countless natural viruses as all our mothers do manmade virus out of the equation and demand a ban on all manmade weaponised viruses.  Let's do this in the name of all mothers of the World.      I  Read more

Steve PattisonSunderland, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 4, 2020
Petition to Donald J. Trump, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Michael R. Pence
effective against killing viruses. In October 2002, the FDA cleared electrolytically generated it on their website as an effective agent against killing viruses. Instead, the CDC will only list chemists will tell you that hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is more effective at killing viruses than bottled public on the use of HOCl as an effective disinfectant against viruses? Why are we so dependent on effective disinfectant for killing viruses? It is time to educate the American public and to stop being soRead more

Scott HartnettUnited States
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Created Mar 15, 2020
Petition to Cybersecurity odisha, Microsoft, Odisha press, Cyber Crime, Change​.​org, Cyber India
During these data age people is facing problems which are beyond any normal person range .my name is Manish nair .I am facing a ransomeware attack problem. Let me tell you what is ransomeware virus .it is a virus or malware which when enter to your system it automatically try to encrypt or lock your files and genrate a readme.txt file on your system with a message  It locks all your sensitive image " Don't worry your files can be decyrpted or unlocked and don't panic. We have the key to unlock the files.you have to pay 890$ inorder to receive the decryptor.   Here is our email xyzs , videos ,files ,docx and etc.and demand ransome.and there is no way you can return your images ,media if you got attacked by this ransomeware virus. **Risk"* 1 you can loose your old personal photo. 2 no recovery software can recover your files .if your files are locked by online key ransomeware 3 document which contain sensitive information will be lost What you should do? 1 make a backup of all the sensitive files in other hdd ,or pendrive. Don't try to believe on the bait ,there is no guarantee that after giving the money they will give you back . Don't try to contact them because if you support any illegal activity that is also a crime so .don't agree on their terms Better not to give them and don't make them successful in their work . Aim of the petition This petition motive is to spread awareness among user who is victim of any ransomeware attack . Share this petition so that it can reach to the cyber official of every state or country you re living and tag there social media handles in twitter , facebook,their website If you want a person not to lose their precious  data. Come join us sign this petition and spread awareness about this situation.if anyone facing same problem tag me on my social media handles and let's fight this cybercrime togetherRead more

Manish NairIndia
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Created Aug 31, 2021
Petition to SJUSD
Elk Grove Unified School Is closed down for a weak due to a virus going around and spreading. Us people need to stand up for Sanjuan Unified School District for our Health. Also because its not fair that we have to go to school when our health and safety is in danger. Then when people get sick that’s when they want to do something it’s not right it’s very wrong. They should help the students not put them in danger us getting sick then they’ll stop schools. And then when that week is off and someone else gets sick they’ll close all Sanjuan schools down for good. Then there is no education; in my opinion closing down for the week is helping us and helping the community stay safe of Flu,Corona, and more. (By Signing this Petition it will Go out to Sanjuan Unified School District for Our Families Safety) Read more

Safety PersonUnited States
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Created Mar 8, 2020
Petition to Microsoft, Toyota Motor Company, Donald Duck, ricky rat, Michael Mahowald, Malala Yousafzai
make everyone get corona 19 so i dont have to go to school :( i dont like school you should get corona virus 19 so all the poor little children dont have to go to school :( donald duck would want it that way do you suport donald duck? if so, get coronoa virus today!!!Read more

I farted and it was very loud and stinkyMalala Land, Pakistan
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Created Jan 18, 2022
Petition to Onatorio Human Rights Commission
       There has been a significant increase in hate speech, hate crimes, and other forms of harassment directed at members of the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities in the United States in recent years.The cruel and senseless attacks against Asians and members of the Asian American community in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, New York, Atlanta, and elsewhere are only a few examples of hate speech, brutality, and racism.        These words and actions has a huge impact on the members of the Asian American community, but not only them because it also have a profound impact on foreign nationals who are in the United States for work, study, and travel; they also contribute to a larger culture of hate, prejudice, and intolerance. We also strongly opposed to those members of the media and law enforcement who have failed to address the Atlanta murders and other attacks on the Asian community for what they are – hate crimes.  We are committed to ensuring a secure, loving, and supportive environment for all members of the UCLA Asian community, whether students, teachers, staff, or anyone else who walks onto campus; we demand that they be treated with respect and dignity, and that they be free from the fear of hate speech and violence.          We are committed to making society more just and equal, free of prejudice and fear.We recognize that these reforms must begin within, and we will begin this effort as individuals, departments, centers, and programs, one by one, committed to halting the surge of anti-Asian sentiment and taking positive steps toward a more equal society.Read more

Jecell PascuaBangar, La Union, Philippines
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Created May 26, 2021
Petition to Everyone
All bacteria and viruses penetrate your body without your consentRead more

Ayden PictonCanada
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Created Sep 19, 2019
Petition to United Nations, António Guterres
Gain of Function (GoF) research involves manipulations that make certain pathogenic viruses more or published data on the research on genetically modified/chimeric viruses are a cause for concern. We cannot rule out a future possibility of potential laboratory leaks of any of these viruses. There are viruses that are more virulent or more transmissible than their natural counterparts. SARS-CoV-2 may potential for lab manipulations does exist. Covid-19 pandemic taught us the destructive power of virusesRead more

Dr Abdul Ghafur MD MRCP FRCPathChennai, India
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Created Jul 7, 2021
Petition to World Health Organization
number of deadly viruses which include the corona virus COVID-19. Vidoes and picture of recipes which concern over the past few months. It is thought that Bats carry a number of deadly viruses which husbandry of animals that have the potential to carry deadly viruses. SARS was only the beginning mitigate the risks of Bats spreading these deadly viruses that have cost the lives of so many.Read more

Piu LargoUnited Kingdom
994 supporters
Created Feb 24, 2020
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