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As we all have seen recently our beloved street vendors are being targeted by violence. This possible to get them the protection they need to be able to work in peace. Buyouts for our vendors. Let’s defend our hard working vendors    Thank you, Tito ( The Hood Santa ) Rodriguez  Local hearts Foundation     Read more

Tito RodriguezUnited States
10,939 supporters
Created July 4, 2022
Petition to Okaloosa County Commissioner’s Office
Okaloosa County Florida Commissioner’s Office wants to ultimately remove the vendors on Crab Island higher. The negative stigma that has been created against Crab Island is not due to the Vendors that are currently working on Crab Island, so removing the vendors does NOT solve any of the problems or anchors don’t move!!  The current political take is to put all the Vendors out of business the 2021 season due to a small portion of local angst that believe the Vendors have “ruined Crab Island andRead more

Crab IslandDestin, FL, United States
1,628 supporters
Created September 12, 2019
Petition to NV Ramana, Hardeep Singh Puri, Dr. Virendra Kumar Khatik
vendors, hawkers in Delhi since last many decades. Hundreds of street vendors earn their livelihood street vendors from the area citing it to be a No Hawking, street vending zone as per an older scheme. Street Vendors Act 2014 clearly states that it has an overriding effect on any such previous scheme and notification. It also says that all the existing street vendors need to be surveyed and vendors have been evicted and the police along with NDMC officials are making sure that no streetRead more

Rahul KapoorNew Delhi, भारत
13,305 supporters
Created October 17, 2021
Petition to Government of India
I think it’s high time to target sugarcane juice vendors,Soda/Lassi sellers who are using plasticRead more

Neeraj RathIndia
50,040 supporters
Created March 25, 2017
Petition to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Honorable Adrian Dix, Honorable Lana Popham
In March 2020 when Covid restrictions first hit BC, non-food vendors such as flower farmers and e-commerce in only a matter of weeks. A second Provincial Health Order banning non-food vendors at person. There is no logical reasoning to disallow flower farmers and artisan vendors from farmers outdoor environment, allowing space for shoppers and vendors to interact safely. To date, there haveRead more

Rose DykstraCanada
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Created February 21, 2021
Petition to City planning commission of West Valley, VAN DAELE HOMES OF UTAH INC., Redwood Swapmeet
On Wednesday, June 9th, the West Valley Planning Commission will have a meeting and review a petition submitted by Van Daele Homes of Utah Inc. that would have apartments/ housing where the Redwood Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet (3886 south Redwood Road) is located If this petition is accepted it would affect many families who depend on the Swapmeet to provide for themselves and their families. Salt Lake County already has an issue with expensive housing, we cannot allow someone to take that space to benefit from the houses that are "expanding into Utah". "The Swap Meet is home to 300 small businesses and the majority is owned by people of color. This would result in an economic decline for many families in the community." ~Luis Garcia  Speak up for our community and the families that will be affected if this comes true, this Sunday, June 06, 2021, at the Redwood Drive-In Theatre located at 3688 S Redwood Rd, West Valley City, UT 84119. We will be passing on this petition for people to sign, and listen to the stories of our Community. The stories will be collected to present to the meeting on Wednesday, June 09, 2021, as well as the petition to prove that West Valley Community DOES NOT WANT housing/apartments located in the Redwood Drive-in Theater/ Swapmeet. They are not building relationships, they are breaking up communities.  #SAVETHESWAPMEET Sign the Petition!!!Read more

Aimee ContrerasWest Valley City, UT, United States
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Created June 4, 2021
Petition to Powerhouse Live
Ticketing has become almost impossible for the normal consumer. There are so few protections and so little enforcement. For a concert at the Hulu Center in NYC, literally a fifth of the entire venue capacity was listed on seatgeek only one day after onsale. This includes over 100 tickets that could only be purchased six at a time from ticketmaster and actual fans could hardly get.   Not to mention, Powerhouse Live, the concert promoter for that particular concert, did not even have a functioning selling platform on their site. As a result, consumer’s credit card information was being input into a page that said “not secure” and despite tickets being shown as available, the site would not let you check out. Fans were literally inputing their information in hundreds of times in the hopes that it might go through, because it did for a few.  To summarize, I want accountability from the ticket venders. As consumers, we deserve to not be ripped off and extorted on resell market places. Read more

Desarae DuongNew Haven, CT, United States
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Created April 1, 2019
On behalf of the Street Vendors Coalition (SVC) in Santa Cruz we want to aid all street vendor families that are dealing with the newly amended ordinance against street vendors selling on Beach month by Santa Cruz city council members that approved a new permit system for vendors on sidewalks out of the year ( half of the year) that street vendors would again be left out from making a living during the summer). Street vendors have been defying the ordinance since April 1st and the city ofRead more

Isaias GebreSanta Cruz, CA, United States
4,460 supporters
Created April 28, 2022
Petition to Mayor Garcetti
During this global pandemic, street vendors have been severely affected economically. With the fear of being exposed to COVID-19, many street vendors have been forced to stay at home causing them to make no money for rent, food, or other necessities. However, there have been many street vendors at vendors have been physically attacked by locals in the street. As of now, over 5 street vendors have the help of Mayor Garcetti and surrounding city mayors to provide help for street vendors. Just asRead more

Arizbeth JimenezLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created July 11, 2020
Petition to Richland Township, PA
Latte Lane Coffee Company is a coffee trailer that has been providing handcrafted coffees to the Richland Township, Pennsylvania community, along with extraordinary top-notch service for the past 6 months.  Latte Lane is owned by a highly educated, well-respected, and dedicated entrepreneur that has a desire to give back and positively impact the local community. Not only does the owner patronize the businesses and establishments in our local area herself, but her business helps to bring a plethora of non-residents into the community that also patronize local businesses and neighboring establishments before and/or after their visit to Latte Lane.  Many customers will share that they travel far and wide to visit Latte Lane in Richland Township. Latte Lane has also paired with another local small business to provide more opportunities for Latte Lane customers to become aware of that small business - something she wishes to continue to do for the community with other local businesses. With that being said, Latte Lane Coffee Company was provided with a letter from Richland Township stating that they are not permitted to operate within Richland Township due to the zoning code and laws.  The township zoning codes are outdated and there is no real definition for a coffee trailer, therefore, the township has chosen to interpret the code in such a way that places Latte Lane in the Residential Use category of "Uses not listed (all other uses)" which prohibits a coffee trailer in Richland Township completely.  The Richland Township Zoning Code strictly minimizes opportunities for businesses like Latte Lane, as well as the businesses and organizations that can and do benefit from their presence. Latte Lane obtains necessary licenses and permits to ensure proper and safe vending. The recent exponential growth and following of Latte Lane within the last 6 months of operating within Richland Township is truth in itself that the coffee trailer is a welcome addition to the community. As a resident of Richland Township myself, pushing out a unique experience like Latte Lane and restricting opportunities for businesses alike only hurts our local community and establishments. The township of Richland needs to be made aware of the amount of support that Latte Lane has from it's community members and this petition can provide one way to start. Read more

Rachel JohnsonGibsonia, PA, United States
4,318 supporters
Created June 27, 2022
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