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Petition to DHFS
Since college students that live on campus have the most access to campus food. The food should consists of healthy options, and there should be more variety in healthy fruits and vegetables. Read more

Dominique BaiKaty, TX, United States
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Created Apr 2, 2016
Petition to Tesco
Christmas wrapping paper non-recyclable ‘foil’ (plastic coated)? There are only a few varieties of clearly as non-recyclable and promote their pure paper varieties. In the picture, one roll is markedRead more

Joseph ShimminSnodland, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 27, 2019
Petition to Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt
solutions for the young and elders as soon as possible. More varieties, more technologies, more resourcesRead more

May LiuSydney, Australia
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Created Aug 22, 2021
Petition to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
The 'tactics' Julien and his team teach include 'choking' women and calling them 'deadbeat whores' in order to shock them into submitting to his dominance. Now Julien Blanc's associate, RSD instructor Jeff (Jeffy) Allen has been granted a visa and is back in Australia to teach men this disgusting, vile violence against women. They call themselves "pick up artists", but are nothing more than promoters of sexism and violence against women. Julien Blanc tried to preach these tactics at ticketed events around Australia in 2014. Fortunately you all stood up and said "hell no" – Australia very loudly said no to violence against women. Then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison revoked Blanc’s visa. This was great news! But now Julien Blanc's bro Jeff Allen from "Pimp by RSD" is back – running events which promote and profit from violence. He’s touring Australia right now teaching young Aussie men to choke women and treat them like garbage to assert dominance over women and essentially psychologically abuse women until they submit to these men. Even though RSD has been very secretive about who they were bringing over this time, this picture posted on Instagram after the first event in Sydney last week shows it is him. https://www.instagram.com/p/BAg6wR3u9z8/(also here if removed from above link) Here’s video which shows Allen driving around in his ‘rape van’ and making fun of rape in a ditty he sings to an audience: https://youtu.be/iJY9XGJcuqM?t=438 And here’s Allen making fun of people with disabilities by impersonating a ‘retarded’ man to trick women into engaging with him. There are more videos in this link to an article by Dr. Matthew Berryman which demonstrate the culture of objectification in the movement. – including co-founder Owen Cook basically admitting to rape. http://melindatankardreist.com/2014/11/australian-pick-up-artist-accused-of-sexual-harassing-exposing-himself-to-women-why-i-reported-him-to-crimestoppers/Jeff Allen represents Real Social Dynamics. This quote is from a RSD forum: “They dream about this. They wanna be tied up and fully succumb to your aggressive masculinity. They want you to push them against the wall, rip their clothes off, put her in a submissive position and call her bitch, slut, whore until their skull can’t take it anymore…” “See as much as women wanna be raped, they also want to be made feel beautiful.” This is abhorrent. I've witnessed many women in my life be mistreated by men who claimed to care about them – many who are trapped in abuse by the exact tactics promoted by Julien Blanc, RSD co-founder Owen Cook and RSD instructor Jeff Allen. These tactics represent a very real danger to the community and serious, often life threatening danger to individuals. I have created this petition because it is inconceivably sickening that we would allow people to not only promote domestic violence and sexism, but also to profit from it.  If you think Jeff Allen needs to be deported like his 'colleague' Julien Blanc was, please sign & share this petition.(This petition text was updated 16/01/16 in light of new information regarding the specific RSD representatives currently in Australia)Read more

Matt JowettSouth Yarra, VIC, Australia
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Created Jan 14, 2016
Petition to Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat, Shri Pradeep Singh Rawat, Shri Arun Singh Rawat, Shri Ajay Kumar, Hon’ble Mr Justice Adarsh Kumar, National Tribunal, Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, Shri DJK Sharma
),sagon(185), Gulmohar (120) including 25 other varieties of 10000 Timber trees which are from the of different varieties of birds living in the very Thano forest.  Already so much deforestation hasRead more

Aanchal SharmaDehradun, India
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Created Oct 7, 2020
Petition to California Legislature
countless varieties of fabric and fur alternatives. There is no need for this brutal industry, andRead more

Animal Hope and Wellness FoundationSherman Oaks, CA, United States
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Created Jun 13, 2018
Petition to Florida Department of Environmental protection
It's July 31, 2018. Checking social media and my friends in Florida have just shared the most heartbreaking images of dead, coastal wildlife. Everything from manatees, to turtles, stingrays,  dolphins suffocating under blooms of toxic algae. According to the Miami Herald Newsource article written by Jenny Staletovich, " microcystins that are, between 172 parts per billion and 1,970 parts per billion,  many times higher than the 4 parts per billion the EPA considers safe."  This comes after releases were made to the Caloosahatchee, Lake Okeechobee community where residents have become ill, and photos abound online of an epidemic of dying wildlife that residents fear are being deliberately disregarded.  Areas like St. Lucie and neighboring communities have watched their turquoise waters vanish, replaced by kelly green murky waters, and wildlife suffocating demise beneath  the algae. The community is requesting immediate action and honest discussion to implement immediate action and care for Florida's ecosystems,  residents and all who are concerned by the faulty infrastructure,  lack of planning and prevention to protect the areas from septic tanks that are leaking and other water runoff, and or dumping of waters from the dike that are full of these kinds of harmful algae, and are concerned for long-term effects of what this means for the estuary,  why the topic isn't a point of discussion for politicians who want favorable election results,  but seem unconcerned for contaminated waters, sick residents,  and dying wildlife. We would be honored if you would consider signing this petition to show your support for Florida, the Everglades and all who live there,  regardless of whether you reside in Florida,  or not. FLORIDA leadership,  please consider efficacy and ethics, and protect this heritage the next generation is set to inherit, aside from profiteering.  Read more

Audra HughesSan Bernardino, CA, United States
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Created Aug 1, 2018
Petition to National Highway Authority of India, Govt of Telangana, Ministry of Environment and Forest India, Conservator Of Forests Hyderabad, Mr V Krishna
The last remaining 80+ yr old banyan trees on our highways are under threat of development. Over 900+ fully grown majestic Banyans need to be saved. While we ask where our birds are disappearing or why monkeys are invading our cities or towns, we do not stand up to protect their environments. We have lost thousands of these "TREES OF LIFE" and if we do not act now, we will lose the few remaining ones. Vata Foundation with experience of translocating over 2000+ trees, hopes to convince NHAI and TS Govt to give it permission to translocate these trees to the side of the widened road where they will continue supporting the local eco system. Similar trees have been lost across the country and this is not an issue confined to Hyderabad, We appeal to all citizens across India to support us by signing this petition to make authorities save these trees.Read more

Uday PeddireddiIndia
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Created Apr 23, 2019
Petition to Hamilton City Council, Paula Southgate
and multiple varieties of birds.  Murray and Margaret bought this property when it was a gully fullRead more

Murray ShawNew Zealand
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Created Nov 28, 2018
Petition to Cowichan Valley Regional District, Honourable George Heyman, BC Minister of Environment
, Blue Herons, as s many varieties of ducks, geese and song birds. Some birds such as Trumpeter SwansRead more

Laurie ArbuthnotCowichan Bay, Canada
42,231 supporters
Created Nov 15, 2020
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