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Petition to Gavin Newsom, CA CDCR Board of Parole Hearings
We’ve all heard this saying, “Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned”.In April 1989, when Olyric was 19 years old he was convicted of a crime. As a result, Olyric was sentenced to 27 years to Life. He served 31 years of that sentence, the CA Board of Parole Hearings found him suitable for Parole 02/2020 and he was finally released. At the age of 49. Olyric came from a very small family, he is an only child. His grandma only had 3 girls, each girl had one child. Before Olyric's release, sadly, his mother died from cancer. His other maternal aunt died as well. Only one aunt is left and a couple of cousins. He tried his best to adjust to society after serving 31 years, he managed to get a job, a car, etc, etc. Normal things we need in life to be productive. He met a love interest along the way. (name withheld) Call her "Rae". They dated, Olyric realized it was best for them to remain friends and go their separate ways. Rae could not accept the Rejection. She called Olyric's Parole Officer and Alleged that while they were out on a date (a month prior), he was driving her Jeep, and that he ran her leg over with the tire of that truck. Rae did not call 911 or seek immediate medical care. She never went to a hospital for her alleged scrape and bruise injuries. She waited a month to report such an incident to his PO. She also sent texts to his family members saying "He's acting like a wild animal who needs to be Tamed', "He will answer to someone", and "Why Me???". The PO immediately arrested Olyric based on Rae's hearsay (no evidence, no investigation). He was charged with a Hit & Run- Person charge. There is a mandatory law that needs to be followed with Lifers, use of the Parole Violation Decision Making Instrument  (CA Law), when this alleged incident was entered into that system, it gave the recommendation that Olyric serves "0" days in custody and to remain on parole. This was covered up. Also the PO went up 2 levels on the PVDMI system to revoke Olyric's parole. This was illegal. It clearly states 'At no time, should a Parolee's level exceed more than one level'. He was also deemed a Level 1 Low Risk to Re-Offend. This was covered up as well. Since Olyric is a Lifer parolee, he had a parole revocation hearing. The judge said he violated his parole, (based on Rae's hearsay) and he was sent back to prison to have a Parole Reconsideration Hearing. Olyric had the Reconsideration Hearing and the CA Board of Parole Denied his Parole, and ordered him to wait for one whole year (Feb 2023) before he can be reconsidered for another Parole hearing. Each year, he will go in front of the parole board until they decide if they want to Reinstate his Parole. If not, he remains in prison, for something he did not do. This is not Justice, this is clearly a woman scorned. To date, she has all of Olyric's heirlooms, his mother's belongings, all of his family's albums and refuses to release these last memories to his family. Please help Olyric get Clemency. Only you can help. PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY. Thank You. ( you can also email emmercado1620@gmail.com for any updates). Read more

Michelle MercadoSanta Monica, CA, United States
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Created Jan 8, 2022
Petition to Citizens of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf
our police are trained, hired, and utilized. I am urging Governor Wolf to be the first governor toRead more

Aidan CarrRomansville, PA, United States
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Created May 31, 2020
Petition to Government of India
Now Sonia & Rahul are Simple MP of Congress. Why can't we shift them to MP House & Vacate 10 Janpath. I don't want to Spend My Tax Money to be Spent on these Idiots. Can we pass on this Message to many People to Generate a Movement for this Mission. Please share every 15 days till this turns into a reality.Read more

Gampa Nageshwer RaoHyderabad, भारत
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Created May 30, 2019
Petition to Kevin Faulconer
protesters exercising our first amendment right resulting in violence and harm. SDPD utilized tearRead more

San Diego ResidentsSan Diego, CA, United States
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Created Jun 2, 2020
Petition to Government of India, PRIME MINISTER INDIA, Prime Minister Office India, ICSI, ICAI, Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, CA, CS, ACA, ACS, fca, FC...
To, The Honorable Prime Minister PMO Office New Delhi Subject: Application to introduce amendment in the Act dealing for NGO’s like Society Registration Act 1860, Indian Trust Act 1882 and Companies Act 2013 and provide provision for certification of funds received by NGO as Donation and compliance check on the utilization by Chartered Accountant / Company Secretary in Annual returns. Sir, We convey our greetings to you as members on behalf of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, Institute of Company Secretaries of India. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for the ample improvements already extended by you in Indian Legal system and laws. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) refer to highly diverse groups of enterprises engaged in a wide spectrum of non-profit activities. The focus of NGOs can range from humanitarian and rural development to assisting local startups and businesses. There are roughly 3.7 million NGOs worldwide with an estimated 2 million of them in India. We would like to draw your kind attention to the point that the most of NGO’s are functioning under conditions of inadequate physical infrastructure, non complaint working, non maintenance of accounts and proper records. What Are the Main Challenges NGOs Face Today? The main challenges to the missions of most NGOs are as follows: 1.  Lack of Funds Many NGOs find it difficult to garner sufficient and continuous funding for their work. Gaining access to appropriate donors is a major component of this challenge.  2.  Absence of Strategic Planning Many NGOs suffer from the lack of a cohesive, strategic plan that would facilitate success in their activities and mission. This renders them unable to effectively raise and capitalize on financial support. 3.  Poor Governance and Networking A lack of effective governance is all too common in NGOs. Many have a deficit of understanding as to why they must have a Board and how to set one up. A founder may be too focused on running the NGO for their own purposes; however, governance is foundational to transparency. All The above challenges is primarily due to trust factor which NGO’s do not hold due to non compliance and non financial check. I would like to quote a data here, more than 1000 companies are spending their CSR budgets and they are one or way confused in spending this budget with the NGO’s having operations less than 50 lacs. However they might be putting better and good value addition then the NGO’s who already achieved large scale and therefore they use their inhouse NGO’s or associated NGO’s only for spending their CSR activities. In the absence of a proper policy towards keeping a check on the financial as well as operations from legal and compliance prospective, this trend is likely to continue unabated. It is therefore arguably necessary that the government should evolve a policy of Compliance and Financial check for NGO’s receiving donation more than 10 lacs in a year either from inner sources by way of donation from trustee or outer sources by way of getting donation from government as well as private bodies by introducing annual certification by employed chartered accountant or company secretary or Practising chartered accountant/ Practising company secretary. Most of NGO’s are applying for various license and approvals under Section 80g and 12A of Income tax act as well as FCRA for recieving foreign donations , where as the application require lot of verification of 3 to 5 year of their operations and activity proof and checking of financials, but no certification is prescribed to be attached. This provision of requiring certificate from the professionals would ensure the applications be resolved in less and timely manner as the professionals would play important role in checking the genuiness of affairs of ngo. In this connection, we propose that government should set up committee to look into matter with the representatives from Institute of Chartered accountants of India as well as Institute of company secretaries of India.  In your earlier speeches, you had quoted CA;s to be financial gatekeeper and CS’s to be Compliance custodian. Now is the time, the CA and CS fraternity would like to take up the responsibility in collaboration with government to improve legal system. NGO Board and NGO Council: Many NGO’s were poorly informed of the difference between these two institutions, NGO Coordination Board and the National Council of NGOs; and unaware of their roles and responsibilities in relation to them. Most NGO’s expressed the opinion that the NGO Code of Conduct is outdated and needed updating soon. They are well aware that the NGO sector has a very poor public profile which they see as mainly due to the leadership wrangles, politics and infighting at the Council and among NGOs. Also introduce participation of professionals at independent level say NGO’s having corpus of funds more than 2 crore. Same the way of Independent directors on board of the listed company make them strict disciplined more organized in terms of corporate governance. Atleast some code is required for governance of NGO’s too and that mostly feel now. Apart from this, we further request you to personally and kindly extend your good office for this matter to be taken up with all necessary concerned departments in view of the necessity of the situation. We firmly believe that this is a sector or an area from which we can bring about progress and development for society as a whole. We, therefore, earnestly request you to take the necessary steps in this direction, for which we shall remain grateful. Yours faithfully,  CA Paras Mittal Mb: 8506916129 Email: parascs@gmail.com  Read more

paras mittalNew Delhi, India
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Created Jul 26, 2018
Petition to IMF EXECUTIVE BOARD, IMF board
Kenya government have not been prudently utilized and have often ended up in mega corruptionRead more

Jefferson MurreyNairobi, Kenya
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Created Apr 4, 2021
Petition to Hardeep Singh Puri
a confirmation letter for the same, he continued working. Air India utilized his services in theRead more

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Created Aug 21, 2020
Petition to Jonathan Halloway, Mark A. Angelson, John L. Oliver, William E. Best, Kimberlee M. Pastva, Rutgers University
utilized to the fullest extent. How will 70,000 students be expected to study in libraries or classroomsRead more

Shreya PatelNew Brunswick, NJ, United States
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Created Jul 6, 2020
Petition to G. Kishan Reddy
that most states in India have not utilized the Nirbhaya Fund which is meant for women’s safetyRead more

Harsha BhatlapenumarthyIreland
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Created Dec 3, 2019
Petition to Barack Obama
case to a jury who would likely favor his conviction. Jeffrey utilized proper channels and informedRead more

Holly SterlingSt. Louis, MO, United States
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Created Dec 3, 2015
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