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Solid waste is a problem that the world is now dealing with since it harms the environment. Not only the environment are affected by this, but also us, humans, and other organisms. The proliferation of dangerous microorganisms and unpleasant aromas, both of which contribute to the contamination of the air, are the results of this kind of pollution. By supporting this petition, we contribute many benefits to our environment and for us as recycling save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Read more

Vinz SaputaloPhilippines
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Created Oct 25, 2022
Petition to White House, Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, U​.​S. Department of State
This is an important immigration topic affecting Legal, Skilled & Tax Paying Employment Based immigrant community. In the immigration fiscal year of 2021, an additional 120,000+ visa numbers have spilled over into the employment based category, not including the annually stipulated 140,000 totaling upwards of 260,000 visa numbers. These could be applied by USCIS against a huge backlog (275,000) of Adjustment of Status applications (I-485), before Sep 30th 2021 else they'd lapse and cannot be used beyond that date and there is no carryover to next year. Almost all of the employment based legal immigrants have been waiting for such numbers to be available for, on an average of, 10 to 15 years already and if this abundance of numbers cannot be utilized properly, they'd continue to wait at least upwards of 40-50 years or may be more and will undergo situations of family separation, aged-out children, inability to seek employment of will, restrictions on travel just to name a few. I'd urge the White House, USCIS, Department of State officials to please treat this issue with the utmost importance & urgency and take the necessary action so there is respite for the thousands of legal immigrants waiting to become permanent residents of this great nation.Read more

K MUnited States
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Created Jul 23, 2021
Petition to President of the United States
Imagine telling Elton John that there is No Rocket Man. Or imagine telling Hulk Hogan to keep his shirt in one piece? Certain things shouldn’t be done. They’re wrong. Keeping Marty in his current semi-vegetative state of watching crime documentaries and the entire Star Wars collection over and over again, is also wrong. Let’s correct this wrong and get Marty and his huge cranium of knowledge to a place where it can be properly utilized. He’s a peacock we’ve got to let him fly! Read more

Kendall FudimFair Oaks, CA, United States
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Created Apr 10, 2020
Petition to Amazon.com
the expense of our planet. With the mass revenue acquired, there must be a way for Amazon to utilizeRead more

Melissa HernandezLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created May 15, 2019
Petition to dgfindia@nic.in , adgwl-mef@nic.in
With the increase in deforestation and encroachment of forests, fragmentation of forests, a declining prey base, trespassing (to collect forest products or cattle grazing etc) human-animal conflict is bound to rise. As a society, we failed to give free space to animals. On the contrary, we are snatching what belongs to them. When the conflict animal is a big cat such as a tiger or a leopard, the magnitude of the problem is huge owing to the lack of tolerance by local villagers on seeing mutilated bodies of their kin which gets compounded with the local political aspirations and lack of awareness. Herbivores such as antelopes and deer, too face the wrath for crop depredation, and are tagged as vermin and culled. The forest department is vested with the rights to tranquilize or shoot and kill the problematic animals but the increasing dependency of state forest departments on private shooter is the cause for concern. Government itself has some very experienced sharp shooters, but the forest department is leaning in favour of private game and trigger-happy shooters, who have their own share of controversies. Such cases are on the rise in Maharashtra, where services of a private shooters, have been sought too often by the state forest department. Earlier all such acts of putting down the animal or tranquillising it were being carried out by sharp-shooters from Government Departments. The instances that have warranted such change are incomprehensible. These private shooters have various cases against them, ranging from running illegal resorts (sealed after SC order) to allegations of supplying arms to Maoists. Even if the PCCF has the authority to award such orders to a private player, under section 11 of the Wildlife (protection) Act 1972, possession and administration of tranquillising agents by a layman is prohibited under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, NDPS Act and Indian Veterinary Council Act-1984; section 30-b. NTCA/PCCF should intervene/ employ government sharpshooters for killing wild animals than employing private shooters and trigger-happy private individuals. This act of employing private shooters not only tarnishes the image of the department (loss of reputation and trust) for colluding with such elements but also paints a bad picture not only among local animal lovers, but also in international media. Citing above reasons, your office is requested to revise the policy for larger interest of wild animals and make it mandatory to use services of Government officers from Police / Army/ Veterinarians to carry out tranquillisation or elimination orders.Read more

Team CLaWIndia
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Created Sep 12, 2018
Petition to Roxboro Police Department, City of Roxboro
by Chief David Hess that the Roxboro Police Department does not utilize body cameras. The onlyRead more

Anonymous !Roxboro, NC, United States
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Created Jul 27, 2020
Petition to Democratic National Committee
The National Democratic Committee should host political rallies in every state, and in several cities in some states, utilizing local, state and national leaders as spokespersons. At these rallies, leaders would articulate a counter Trump/Right-wing, finely-crafted, inclusive vision for America. Leading up the mid-term election in November, these rallies would help spotlight on a national level, the groundswell of resistance to 45’s “Make American Great Again” and what it means to the majority of Americans. Tens of thousands of people rallying in state after state would send a powerful message and would augment the grassroot organizing that’s taking place all over the country as witnessed in VA and AL. Let’s go to the people rather than delivering speeches from the steps of the Capitol. The RESISTANCE is a national movement! Let’s do it DNC!Read more

Wade HudsonEast Orange, NJ, United States
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Created Dec 21, 2017
Petition to Humber College
Humber nursing students have a heavy course load and are required to achieve a high average in order to complete the program. The introduction of e-learning has proven to be instrumental in helping us achieve that goal and has become an innovative method of education. Online learning options have become vital to our success as students. E-learning saves students time, money, it provides unlimited access to course content regardless of location or time, students are able to learn at their own pace, we are given much more time to study or complete assignments rather than using that time to commute, and lectures can be re-watched or paused for maximum absorbency. In addition to the scholarly benefits e-learning has lessened students impact on the environment, allowed for greater accessibility of education to parents, full time workers and other students whose commitments or economic situations would prevent them from attending higher education. We understand that online learning was necessitated to halt the spread of COVID-19 however, we ask that the positive outcomes and beneficial aspects that came along with those measures not be ignored. We request that theory-based classes and those that don’t require student’s to be physically present continue to be offered virtually.Read more

Jordan Stripe-LangilleBrampton, Canada
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Created Oct 27, 2021
Petition to Millard West Seniors
. Millard west seniors, we NEED to be at the forefront of change. Please utilize these platforms for progressive change instead of taking steps backwards. Read more

Emma CavalierOmaha, NE, United States
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Created Aug 29, 2020
Since 1994 - As the Basotho - Mahlubi community in Cape Town  and the Stellenbosch area , we have been utilizing The Stellenbosch mountain to practice our initiation process. It is our human right to practice the initiation process. Male initiation in South Africa refers to a cultural practice that marks the transformation of young men to adulthood. This process is crucial, because the male initiation prepares young men to be responsible men in society.  The Stellenbosch Mountain area is very confidential and also is suitable for the use of our initiation school. This process takes place every year,  it happens over  the summer season from November until January. We have received reports from the Municipal offices in Stellenbosch that prevent us from utilizing the Nature reserve, due to fires caused by this process. It has come to us a surprise, because we are only left with 3 weeks to commence with the initiation season and also we are very responsible when it comes to fire and over the past years, we never had any fire - related reported cases. This petition is it to help the Basotho - Mahlubi community in Cape Town and other surrounding areas to continue utilizing the Stellenbosch Mountain to practice our initiation program as it forms part of who we are.  If this area remains closed, we won't have a convenient area to practice this process and that means our values as the Basotho - Mahlubi community are compromised.   Read more

Thabiso MokomeleSouth Africa
507 supporters
Created Nov 2, 2022
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